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Tales of Zestiria Mutant Hellion Legendary Wyvern

Location: Plitzerback Wetland, you need to do following things to make it appear.

Tales of Zestiria Great Camelot Bridge wyvern info

Talk to a seraphim who stands on Great Camelot Bridge – Central Camp (“!” on his head). He will say something about Wyvern at the Plitzerback Wetland.

Note: I can talk to this seraphim while searching all iris gems.

Tales of Zestiria Legendary Wyvern Location Plitzerback Wetland

Now head to Plitzerback Wetland to fight the dragon.

Recommended Level:71 – 75

Recommended time frame: Before the final battle

Property: Winged, Dragon, Armored

Weakness: none


THe only thing that dangerous from this Wyvern is its “Shadow Eye” attack. It will starts to use it when  its HP drops below 50%. However, you can cancel this attack. Make sure your SC is always above 50% and then attack it immediately once you see shadow eye pop out on the screen. I suggest you to armatize with Mikleo, and use these following attacks

Saint’s arrow => Blistering Fang (winged) => Six Falling Stars (Dragon)

You will obtain Zaveid’s 2nd mystic arte from this battle.

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  1. Tanno says:

    Another tip for this boss: This boss can also be defeated with Mystic Artes. You’ll need to hold up the BGs for the right time to gawk him with the Mystic Artes. Use Edna’s Mystic Arte for higher damage, since he’s a winged creature.

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