Posted on Nov 15, 2015

Tales of Zestiria Mutant Hellion Location: Phantom

Tales of Zestiria Kylfe Quest

You can find this on Kylfe Village (located on Lakehaven Height). Northeast part of the area. To trigger this mutant hellion, you may need to speak with a guard who stands in front of ladylake inn.

Recommended Level: 35-40

Recommended time frame: When you revisit Hyland to enter the water trial. You can try to defeat it before going to Glaievend, but it’s very hard, so I suggest you to come back later :).

Property: Undead and Amorphous

Weakness: Wind

Recommended attack:

Don’t armatize on this battle! There are 3 of them and they’re caster, hidden art will speed up their casting time. Dezel is very good on this battle because his “early” attack have undead attribute. For Sorey use Severing wind while the enemies are not casting any spells.

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