Posted on Nov 9, 2015

Tales of Zestiria Mutant Hellion Millionpede

You can find this enemy on Biroclef Ridge. On the middle of the area (near Malevolence Crucible: Samgatha)

Recommended Level: 36-40

Recommended time frame: After you reach recommended level :).

Property: Crustacean

Weakness: Wind

Recommended attack:

It’s quite hard since its damage is quite high. Try not to attack it from the frontside. Early battle is not that hard, but once you have lowered more than 50% of its HP, it will start to use “!!” attack (millionaire). Millionaire can kill all your party members who stays on its range. Step back once you see “!!” flashing on the screen (spread out command). It also can summon centipede which will disturb you … kill it first before focusing on Millionpede again.

Sorey’s attack order: Severing Wind (wind) =>Shatterfang (crustaceans) => anything =>Sword rain (crustaceans)

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