Posted on Dec 6, 2015

Tales of Zestiria Mutant Hellion Odin

Location: Camlann Village, located north of the dark turtlez shop (on the dead end).

Recommended Level: 75- 80

Recommended time frame: Before the final battle

Property: Armored

Weakness: none


Start the battle by hitting him with Sorey’s sword (square button).

You want to armatize with Mikleo, most of his attack is straightforward, so you can evade it easily by side stepping. My pattern is

side step x2 => azure assault (strong against armored)

When you see Lightning Bolt word appear on the screen immediately step back and command other to spread out. For the Gungnir attack, attack him when you see the word Gungnir appear, it can be easily canceled. It will deal huge damage if it’s not canceled.

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