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Tales of Zestiria Mutant Hellion Orc Kong

Location: Dummonia Museum, you need to do a series of quest to fight this hellion.

[1] Defeat Dryad.

Tales of Zestiria Rose Kong Event

[2] Wait until late game (reach Artorius Throne). Talk to Rose (you can talk to her anywhere, because she always following you in the game). Ask about the kid on the dryad event. She will tell you to go to Falkewin Hillside.

Tales of Zestiria Falkewin before Kong

[3] Go to Falkewin Hillside and then speak to Sparrow Feather members (“!” should appear on the bridge).

[4] Now go to Dummonia Museum to fight it.

Recommended Level: 75- 80

Recommended time frame: Before the final battle

Property: Therian

Weakness: Wind


The battle is hard, there are 2 Orc Kong on this battle. They have high physical damage and once their Hp drop below 50%, they will start to use “Royal Majesty“. This attack is a trouble, it has a huge area of damage, and it will stun-lock you. My advice is to simply guard when you see “Royal majesty” pop out on your screen.

Set your AI to attack other Kong. If both Kong attack you then command your partner to charge forward, but if only one Kong that’s chasing you, then tell them to go defensive, so they can distract the Kong from you. Make sure you and your partner are armatized on this battle.

Tales of Zestiria Rose Costume Sparrow

After the battle see the event and the talk to Rose again. She will ask you to visit the kids at the Tintagel Ruins. Now go to Volgran Forest, you should see “!” on the entrance that leads to Tintagel Ruins. Go there and see an event, you will get a new costume for Rose.

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