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Tales of Zestiria Mutant Hellion Stheno

Location: Horsa Village. It’s located at the Northwest part of the Zaphgott Moor. If you can’t find her on the village, then you may need to do things described below.

  1. Go to the Great Camelot Bridge and talk to a merchant. He will say that he had sold an iris gem to someone at Horsa Village.Tales of Zestiria Iris Gem Merchant on Camelot
  2. Speak to the other people nearby as well. They will talk about the stone disease on Horsa.Tales of Zestiria Stone Disease news

Recommended Level: 50-55

Recommended time frame: After meeting with Mayvin on Lohgrin

Property: Apodous and Fiend

Weakness: none

Recommended attack:

Tips: Try to set your AI partner to not armatize automatically. The boss is smart, if your partner is on armatize form and petrified, she won’t attack them. Since you can’t un-armatize or cure them, then it will be hard to fight the boss with only 2 people.

At the beginning of battle armatize with Lailah, and keep using normal hidden arte (it’s strong against Apodous). At the beginning of the battle she won’t use the Gorgon eyes frequently, so it’s still safe to attack her on the close range.

Below 50%, she will start to use Gorgon Frenzy and eyes more frequently. To be safe on this phase, armatize with Mikleo, so you’re able to attack her from range (Binding Vortex is also strong against fiend attribute).

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