Posted on Nov 24, 2015

Tales of Zestiria Mutant Hellion Titan

Location: Lhitwerg Woods, you may need to do things below to be able to encounter this M.Hellion

Finish Lohgrin Lord of the Land quest (visit THIS PAGE).

Tales of Zestiria Eugille Titan

Go back to Lohgrin and speak to Eugille, he will tell you about a man who run away to Lhitwerg Woods. Go to Lhitwerg Woods and defeat Mutant Hellion Titan.

Recommended Level: 50-55

Recommended time frame: After meeting with Mayvin at Lohgrin

Property: Armored

Weakness: none

Recommended attack:

Another slow and melee mutant hellion, simply armatize with Mikleo and then

Anything => Anything => Azure Assault (Strong against armored)

Tales of Zestiria Guide Main Page

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