Posted on Dec 13, 2015

Tales of Zestiria Mythril Equipments Quest

Tales of Zestiria Mythirl Lohgrin

You can begin this side quest when you reach Lohgrin, First you need to make all shops on every city have 3 stars or above. After all of them reach lvl 3 or above, simply talk to the man beside the shop who will tell you about the Mythril. He will give you Tough Axe.

Tales of Zestiria Aroundight Mythril

Now go to Aroundight Forest, and then go to “!” location on your map.  Examine the stone and you will get the Myhtril. Now go back to Lohgrin and talk again to the man who gave you the sidequest. You can buy Mythril equipment now.

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6 Responses to “Tales of Zestiria Mythril Equipments Quest”

  1. Maxwell says:

    where do I find dark turtlez?

  2. warchant1981 says:

    Which shops are required? I have all of the town shops at 3 stars but the quest isn’t activating. Is dark turtlez imporium required? what about Katz Korner? If not, then I dont know why it won’t activate

  3. Goncialo says:

    Where is the Aroundight Forest?

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