Posted on Oct 29, 2015

Tales of Zestiria Side Boss Managarmr

You can find this boss in Lakehaven Height, south of the the Galahad Ruins.

Recommended Level: 17 – 20 (or immediately after you get Edna)

Recommended time frame: Before you go to war. You already have Edna and your level is already quite high on this timeframe.

Property: Beast and Earth

Recommended attack: All your attacks are power hit when you armatize with Edna

The boss is not hard, because it’s only able to do a physical attack. Armatize on the beginning of the battle, keep guarding until you see it attacks, then immediately step right or left and then counter his attack, repeat until you win. When its HP drop below 20%, it will start to use “deadly roll”, the attack probably gonna kill your in one hit if you don’t guard it or evade. So, make sure you always guarding, and only attack after you manage to evade his attack.

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