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Tales of Zestiria Side Quest Guide Iris Gems

Tales of Zesritia Iris Gem

Obtaining these gems will reveal the event of the past. There are Iris gems which not listed page, because you won’t miss them through the story of this game.

==Green Iris Gem: Eins==

Tales of Zestiria Agatha on Cemetery

Phase 1: After meeting with the drake on Marlind, you will run away to the Sanctuary. Now you should see 2 star marks on your map, Go to the star mark near the save point first (South of the inn and equipment shop). You will meet with Agatha, follow her to the cemetery to trigger another event. After an event, you will get “Library Key“.

Tales of Zestiria Neif Library Key

Phase 2: Before going to war, speak to Neif who stand near the house where you shot the drake down (marlind). He will tell you about the Iris gems on the sanctuary, so go to the sanctuary to obtain the Green Iris Gem: Eins (on the altar).

==Green Iris Gem: Zwei==

Tales of Zestiria Green Iris Gem Zwei

You need to speak with Seraph in Lastonbell (visit THIS PAGE for more info about it), go to Cambria Caverns and then head to the northeastern area to get the orb.

==Green Iris Gem: Drei==

Tales of Zestiria Green Iris Drei

Defeat Mutant Hellion: Stheno. Visit THIS PAGE for the guide.

==Green Iris Gem: Vier==

Tales of Zestiria Green Iris Gem Vier

Defeat Mutant Hellion: Goblin Lord. Visit THIS PAGE for the guide. See the map on the screenshot above to know the location :).

==Green Iris Gems: Sechs==

Tales of Zestiria Green Iris Gems Sechs

Defeat Mutant Hellion Titan, visit THIS PAGE for more info about the mutant hellion.

==Green Iris Gems: Funf==

(I do this quest after meeting with Mayvin on Lohgrin, you may be able to do it sooner).

Tales of Zestiria Iris gem funf 1

Go to Pendrago – Knight’s tower. You should see Sergei and townspeople there. Talk to Sergei and then talk to the man on the north (near the gate) to learn about the murderer.

Tales of Zestiria Iris gem funf 2

Go to the inn and rest. At night, go to Pendrago Church, see the event and you will get the iris gem.

==Red Iris Gem: Ett==

You can begin this quest, after meeting with Alisha on Griflet Bridge (the bridge has been fixed). Speak to Rose and choose the topic about visiting Alisha on her manor.

  1. Tales of Zestiria Alisha MaidGo to her manor, Alisha is not there. Speak with the maid (purple star above his head). The maid will tell you that Alisha is searching a suspect who leak the information to Rolance.
  2. Open your map, and go to the purple star’s location. Talk to the merchant who will talk about a merchant from Marlind.
  3. Go to Ladylake central district and search for other merchant who will say the same thing (purple star above his head).
  4. Tales of Zestiria Person ask peacockNow head to Marlind and talk to the Merchant who stands in front of Dummonia Museum. He will ask you to get a feather peacock. You get it by defeating King Peacock, visit THIS PAGE for the location of the monster.
  5. Tales of Zestiria Red Iris Gems EttGive the feather to him. Now go back to Ladylake and head to Vivia Subterrnean Aqueduct. You will see an event and obtain the Red Iris gem: Ett.

==Red Iris Gem: Fyra==

Tales of Zestiria Purple Star Iris great tree

Speak to the man with purple star near the great tree. He will tell you about the shiny pretty stone on the Bors ruins. Go to Bors Ruins and open your map, you should see purple star on your map, go there and get the Red Iris Gem: Fyra.

==Red Iris Gems: Tva==

Tales of Zestiria Iris Gems Tva

You will find this on Pendrago Shrinechurch. Same location where you find fire tablet.

==Yellow Iris Gem: Odin==

Tales of Zestiria Eugile Pendrago

After the rain in Pendrago has stopped, talk to Eugille (Sparrow Feather member; not sure about his name) on Pendrago. He will tell you about the Iris gems on Gaferis Ruins. So go there and head to the room where you fight Serket.

Tales of Zestiria Yellow Iris Odin

==Yellow Iris Gem: Tri==

You will get this while completing the side quest Lord of the Land: Gododdin.

Purple Iris Gem: Do

Defeat Dryad to get this gem, visit THIS PAGE for more info about it.

Purple Iris Gem: Ek

Tales of Zestiria Thief GoblinTales of Zestiria Purple Gem Ek Location

Go to Ladylake Noble District (I do this after beating Asura). See your map, and head to the purple star location. You will see a little kid (goblin hellion) who have stole many things. Now you only need to keep following the purple star on your map, until the event ends ( I choose not to tell them to the guards). You can claim Iris gem:Ek on the Sanctuary now.

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    From Eins to Sechs (1 to 6 in German) it matters not in which order you get them. in any case you still are able ask Rose for more info.

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    Is there mistake or is the order of gems totaly random?

    I did everything what is described about “Red Iris Gem: Ett” and quest gave me “Purple Iris Gem: Do.” And for defeating Dryad boss, I obtained “Purple Iris Gem: Ek.”

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