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Tales of Zestiria Walkthrough Marlind

==Falkewin Hillside-Western part==

Head to the bridge and….

Battle: Female Assassin

You don’t need to win this battle, simply choose to escape if you don’t want to fight it. But if you win you will get 2400 Gald as a reward. The battle is not hard, simply armatize with your partner. When your HP is getting low, return to the normal form, switch partner and then armatize again. See the video for the example.

Tales of Zestiria Build bridge foundation

After the battle, head to the bridge. You can build the foundation immediately or wait later (I chose to wait) :).

==Falkewin Hillside-Eastern part==

Tales of Zestiria Falkewind Hillside Part 2T1= Apple Gel

T2= Chamomile (Herb)

T3 = Backpack

T4 = Amber Ribbon Tie

T5 = Verbena (Herb)

Tales of Zestiria Roadside Guardian

D1 = Discovery Point (Roadside Guardian)

Tales of Zestiria Falkewin Squirrel

D2 = Discovery Point (Falkewin Squirrel)

Now head to Marlind after taking all those treasures and monolith described above.

Tales of Zestiria Strong Monster Falkewind Hillside

Warning: There is a tough monster near the M2 location. Be careful, I haven’t fought it yet, because I think I will be annihilated (Like previous battle near Galahad Ruins).

Save your game before entering the town.


You will fight 2x hound dog when entering the town. Event.

Tales of Zestiria Marlind Map Fin

T1 = Calcite Sword

T2 = Verbena (Herb)

T3 = Shabby Spear

T4 = Life Bottle

T5 = Lavender (Herb)

T6 = Rosemary (Herb)

Tales of Zestiria Hound Mist Marlind

Tips: Ignore the H mark at this moment. You can purify hound mist by using silver flame but you don’t need to to do it now.

Tales of Zestiria Turtlez Marlind

First, go to “!” mark on your map. Speak to the turtlez and then buy the map for 200 Gald. Now head to the sanctuary to trigger an event. Go to star mark to trigger another event. Now you should see 2 star mark on your map. One of the star mark lead you to the iris gems quest, visit THIS PAGE to know more about it. Your goal is star mark that’s located on the east.

Tales of Zestiria Guide Main Page

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