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Tales of Zestiria Walkthrough Vivia Subterranean Aqueduct

After Sorey Wake up you will get

Divine Artifact: Fire
Sorey Title: Shepherd
Lailah Title: Prime Lord

Get out from the inn, see a cutscene and then follow Lailah (she walks very slow…). To the next area

Tales of Zestiria Chamomile Ladylake near Monolith

There are 2 chests here. The brown one contains Amber Staff, the blue one can’t be opened at this moment. Event, on the east there is a Bronze chest, you can’t open this for now. So, head west to find Monolith (Refer to THIS PAGE for Ladylake Monolith). There is also Chamomile nearby. Go back to the inn.

Tales of Zestiria Ladylake's Great Wheel

You can find another discovery point (Ladylake’s Great Waterwheel) while go back to the inn (Central district), see the great wheel nearby (where Lailah keep avoiding your questions….). You will get new clothes on the inn, now head to Noble District and go to star mark to find Alisha. Event…

Tales of Zestiria Turtlez at Ladylake

Now go back to central district and head to stark mark, you will meet with the merchant who bought your pipes before. Open the red chest to get the item (Ten Gallon Hat). Now head to “Ladylake Outside the Aqueduct“. You will meet with Turtlez here, buy the map for 100 gald. You should see a men standing nearby (with star mark). Talk to him and there will be a new star mark on your map. Go there

==Vivia Subterranean Aqueduct==

Save your game and head to the star mark. You will fight the giant slime, defeat the small slime first!! You will get copper key after this battle. Go to star mark, you can unlock the door by using “Royal Knife“.

Tales of Zestiria Altar of the Sacred Blade

After unlocking the door, go west and you should see a monolith (visit THIS PAGE for Vivia Subterranean Monolith Location). Continue to another star mark. The altar is also a discovery point (Altar of the Sacred Blade) so make sure you “check” it to get it listed.

Tales of Zestiria Silver Flame Ability

Tales of Zestiria Vivian 2 chestsNow head to the star mark and use your new ability by press “up” on the “???”. Now before head to the stark mark, go to location shown on the left screen-shot. There are 2 chests (amber tiara and Apple gel). You can go to star mark now (there is another chest on small dead end near the star mark). You will fight a lot of slimes , spam your hidden arts (martial art is not good because they will interrupt your attack). After an event, use your new power and I believe you will win the fight easily :).

Continue and check the monolith (2) before exit from this place (before you use silver flame to lit 2 torches) . There is also a bronze chest near the last monolith.

Tales of Zestiria Locked Door on Vivia Subterranean

Tips: There is a locked door on this area, ignore this at this moment. Nothing you can do.

Go back to Noble District and talk to Alisha. Event.

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