Posted on Apr 17, 2010

Threads of fate coming to PSN (vote for another square enix game!)

If you have Playstation in the past there is a high chance you have played Threads of fate. It is good action rpg made by Squaresoft  (now square enix). Square enix announce they will release it soon for PSN network. You can also vote for your square enix PS one classic on their twitter. Hope someone vote for Xenogears. Majority vote for Chrono Cross ,Legend of Mana, and Dragon quest VII (source siliconera). You can also vote in their twitter but the language is Japan.

what square enix games should be released according to you? , share your opinion in comment.
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4 Responses to “Threads of fate coming to PSN (vote for another square enix game!)”

  1. __ender__ says:

    That’s awesome. One of the few PS1 rpgs I didn’t play, and now I’ll have the chance.

    You have a good site here, by the way. Your Mimana Iyar Chronicle maps really helped me out for the last few dungeons. Playing Hexyz Force right now, without using a guide, but I look forward to your review if you’re planning on writing one.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Thank you for your comment ender. Yes threads of fate is amazing sort like of hexyz force too which you can play using 2 characters and their story is connected. Just a reminder that FF IX is out now on europe psn store. Okay will review hexyz force once I am finished the game.

  2. asuki says:

    wow. awesome!

  3. reddragoon says:

    Great I wish that more RPGs would be on the PSN and more then that I would love and need The Legend of Dragoon talk about a great game that was I would be more then happy to pay 10 dollars for that but I guess I’ll take what I can get.

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