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Tiny Castle 3rd Islands Guide

If you didn’t get the quest then:
[1] You need to be at lvl 18
[2] Buy Mage Manual
[3] Restart your device

Still not working?? follow fix error sections on the main page.

Tiny Castles 3rd islands available

Expedition Supplies

Part 1: Traveling Supplies, grow 5 batches of ever apples or cherries.
Part 2: is a quick scene with a map & everyone planning.
Part 3: Ambush fit for a Queen, plant 5 red flowers & build another waterlily folly.
Part 4: Muck Monster Attack, banish 5 Muck monsters.
Tiny Castle Evil Queen Featured
Part 5:  Battle the queen (from information, she has 40 attack 80 strength). Creature that can defeat the queen:
[0] Siren (38 a and 80 def)
[0] Hippocamp (36 a and 84 def)
[0] Manticore (34 and 70 def), the queen is allergic to manticore

You’ll get 1000 dust and 10.000 XP as a reward

After finishing those quests, I hope we can immediately cross to the 3rd islands.

On this islands you can unlock 2 new magics, Mountain and Polar. It’s easier (and recommended) to get Mountain first but it’s all to you. You need a lot of dust to clear it so be patient (it takes about one week for me to reach Icicle pagoda after unlocking magic mountain), get the dust from the well and make sure you banish minion, it’s the greatest source of dust. For specific path to unlock it you can visit (it’s the most efficient path IMO).

Unlock Standing Stones (Mountain Magic)
Unlock Icicle Pagoda (Polar Magic)

Debris on 3rd islands (Thank to cheeko111 for these info)

Debris Coins Time XP XP/ Coins XP/Time
Small Ruin 35000 2 113 0.32% 56.50
Snowy Dead Tree 77500 3 254 0.33% 84.67
Rocky Crag 90000 3.5 297 0.33% 84.86
Rock Pile 255000 4 428 0.17% 107.00
Snowy Root 287000 4.5 877 0.31% 194.89
Snowy Log 297000 11.5 1162 0.39% 101.04
Boulder 701000 11 3025 0.43% 275.00
Snowy Rock 765000 12 1432 0.19% 119.33
Pine Tree 796000 12.5 1331 0.17% 106.48
Snowy Tree 828000 13 4036 0.49% 310.46
Snowy Pine Tree 1210000 19 10703 0.88% 563.32
Jeweled Cavern 2500000 22 17768 0.71% 807.64

The Debris are cost a lot of coins and maybe not worth the experience they give us. So I suggest you to buy and sell habitat (large desert) instead of clearing the debris (unless you want to clear them but don’t do it for experience purpose)


There are 3 new minions on this islands.

Hob Slush Troll Tornado
Tiny Castle Bob Minion Tiny Castle Troll Enemy 3rd islands Tiny Castle Tornado Minions
Lower level Hob can be banished using Strong 2nd islands creature (Hippocamp, siren, etc). It’s better to wait until you have stronger creature like (fire golem) before trying to banish higher level (expert level). This one quite strong, wait until you have stronger creatures like fire golem before trying to banish it. This can be dispelled by using 300 dust.

Tiny Castle Breeding Guide Main Page

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168 Responses to “Tiny Castle 3rd Islands Guide”

  1. Lisa says:

    Has anyone defeated The Ghost on the 3rd Island? If so what creature was successful.

    • Rachel says:

      I used my Lich (lvl 10) to defeat it. Good luck!

      • Rggrtffrr says:

        Did you know that if you get to your coin limit and your coin limit on your creature home is full if you keep pressing on the collect button (the one where you see the amount of coins you have) it will give you treasure chests and that will give you food and coins. No more waiting!

  2. Scooter331 says:

    Hi Noob first question for me on Tiny Castle, done all three Islands Desert Monsters are the strongest as you probly no. My question is what happens next is there a fourth Island or a end game as I have cleared all derbies and have all but (6) six monsters to get ?
    Regards Scooter331

  3. Linda says:

    And alspo Rakshasa can deafeat evil queen

  4. melise024 says:

    Hi. There is no Whisper Canyon on my 3rd island so it’s impossible for me to finish the Whisperwind Cave task of the Green Dragon quest. Am I missing something?

  5. Wardides says:

    This guide is Amazing! Whenever I want to know something related to Tiny Castle or Tiny Monsters I always come here because it is the best website I know. Keep up the good work Noob.


  6. Lucas1986 says:

    it sez the queen stands in my way to the island but still cnt get over the bridge help and advice pleas noob

  7. Patti says:

    Where is the whisper canyon on 3rd island?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I don’t know sorry, the quest has been auto cleared for me when it appeared. From what other people say, it’s located near the evil queen castle.

    • melise024 says:

      I can’t find it either. It’s nowhere on my 3rd island. I can’t finish the Green Dragon Quest because i can’t find Whisperwind Cave.

  8. Susan says:

    Can someone explain to me how to get past the coin limit? I need to buy an expensive item but can only go to 500000. I have updated my banks too.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Then level up and wait until you can upgrade the bank further :).

    • Cheri says:

      I know that one way I collected the amount of coins I needed was to buy expensive items to use my money, then collect coins ago in, buy items… Etc…then sell all when you have enough saved in items (you can still just place them on your islands)…when you sell items it lets you go over your max coins. :)

  9. Oceanos says:

    Can a lvl 10 triton defeat the queen? Its on the low attack end but it has decent defense

  10. Julie says:

    Do you know what is happening with Tiny Castles and Monsters? Are there more islands coming soon?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      No, I don’t. I am only regular player like you :).

      • Julie says:

        O.k. I thought because you do an amazing job for gamers , Tiny co would up date you on things. They should because I believe that tiny co would have a heck of a lot more tickets to deal with if it was not for you. I am always on tinybreeding recommending gamers to check out your site because I believe it to be the best!

  11. julie says:

    Hello Noobbgodlike I need some advice. The quest level 15 garden nymph , elder garden nymphs should have what we need! I have levelled 2 to 15 and the quest stays and where it show1/15 resets when you add another garden nymph to the garden habitat. When is it suppose to clear?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      SOrry, but I really don;t understand what are you trying to ask….

      • Julie says:

        Sorry I read it again and I can see where one would not understand….it is the quest Garden Wisdom. It reads level 15 garden nymph. Elder garden nymphs should have what we need. So I levelled up one garden nymph to 15 and the quest still sat there. So I levelled up another garden nymph to level 15 and still the quest is sitting there unfinished! Am I not understanding the quest? Do I just keep hatching and levelling up the garden nymphs until one of the garden nymph I level up is the right one or am I missing something?

  12. bluey07 says:

    Noob, i’ve unlocked the foggy portions of 3rd island, is there anything else i need to do or simply wait? And i have’nt met the evil queen for the second time..

  13. Barbarab says:

    Wow!! Im on level 17 and seems like i have a loooooong way to go yet b4 even thinking about 3rd island uggghhh sounds like its pretty hard too but i play on android and read somewhere u have to wait to get to 3rd island as of now?? I havent even bought the mage manual cuz like someone mentioned earlier felt like was a waste of dust since hard to come by at this point but guess i need to break down and get it soon

  14. glitchfinder says:

    I’m gonna try to beat the Evil Queen by getting my rakshasa to lv 15 or higher. Wish me luck!

  15. Max says:

    BTW, clearing a tornado, for me 90% of time, cost only 150 dusts, not 300

  16. Max says:

    First of all congratulation for this site, really nice useful and easy to use!
    I’m level 30, I cleared all islands, now trying to collect more monsters and upgrade a desert temple, I banished the ghost and now…I have no more quest to do! …. Am I missing something?

  17. carol says:

    I am at level 28 half way and have no guest left to do. Will more show up as i clear the fog? I have all the creatures minus 3 that i can’t buy or breed. I’m on the 3rd Island. Do u know if there is going to be more creatures? Thanks for your time and help.

  18. fred says:

    they need to get off there butt’s and let us into the queens casle so we can save windy, i dont even care if they make another level out of it just let us be able to complete the game.

  19. Stephen says:

    I’m on level 21. I’ve done all the quest for the evil queen. But she still hasn’t appeared. I’ve gotten the Mage Manual. I don’t know what else to do. I’ve even done the fix errors thing. Anyone have any suggestions?

  20. I am level 34 and have cleared almost all the things on third island I fight the queen sometimes three at a time. Beating her each time but never can I get to the castle. How do you get to finish the quest

  21. noobbgodlike says:

    Wait for an update.

  22. Leadgolem says:

    I beat here with a level 19 Imp without much trouble. I couldn’t get any of the three above to breed for some reason…Now I have two of the three. :p

  23. Lawren says:

    I beat the evil queen with two creature: triton and naga. When the triton got damaged and didn’t defeat the queen, I shut down my Tinycastle. Next, I put up my naga to defeat him. This is possibly considered a bug, which got fixed in May 29, 2013 to add the minions getting a chance to attack first feature.

  24. Lawren says:

    I heard a comment from Tiny Castle wiki. If you reached the evil queen’s castle on Level 35 to explore on Polar Island, it will just only show the information.

  25. marcelo12 says:

    level 14 sylph banished the Queen for me.

  26. Lawren says:

    Wait! TinyCo has fixed a bug after casting out a fog twister. We know receive XP when destroying a fog twister. Some of them cost 150 or 300 dust.

  27. Millermuddle says:

    Level 11 Kirin banished Queen first try

  28. my name is not important says:

    You can get directly from standing stones to the pagoda for 20000 dust I recommend this because first island creatures tend to spawn this way so after you raise a tengu/gargoyle to level 10 you can banish them in one hit and not spend extra time and coins healing it took me 5 days after raising my gargoyle to level 10 (same day as hatched) to unlock ice magic I hope this helps please tell me how this works for you with a reply thanks for reading

  29. KitKAT says:

    Level 10 imp banished the queen first try for me

  30. Rae says:

    How much dust do the final fog patches on the third island cost to clear? (The level 35 ones.) I have heaps of dust, but still wonder.

  31. Bella says:

    Leviathan can beat the queen too if its on level 10.
    Hope this helps.

  32. Erica says:

    I’m at level 28. Tornadoes (cost 150 dust) give 1200 experience now.

  33. klaw says:

    As per my posts 16/17th June

    and more recent discussions on other threads, the info about the tornadoes need updating.

    There are 2 different types of Fog Monsters/Tornadoes that you can get. Image is same for both.


    Fog Monster 1 appears in the lower left part (Mountain region) of the third island.

    It costs 150 dust to clear and you get 1200 XP

    Fog Monster 2 appears else where on the island – top and right – in the Polar regions of the 3rd island.

    These cost 300 dust to clear and you get 3000 XP.

    It would appear that the higher level you are, and the more debris you have cleared, then you get more of these fog monsters/tornadoes spawning.

  34. Giggles says:

    Clearing tornados now results in earning xp: if you clear a tornado for 150 dust, you get 1200 xp (300 dust tornado gets you 3000 xp). With all of the extra dust I have (190,000) I wish the third island was filled with tornados!!! Haha!

  35. Tiny Love says:

    Godlike, want to know if you have any suggestions for where to clear
    fog on 3rd island after getting mountain and polar magic, or does it
    matter? I am on level 27 on android device if it matters. Also there are
    certain sections of fog in front of castle that say must be at level 35 to clear
    So have they raised the max level from 30 to 35? Thank you in advance for
    your help.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      no it doesn’t matter, clear any fog that you want. Maximum level is 40, you need to unlock fog at 35 but You can only reach maximum level 30 right now :D.

      • xomarie says:

        So I’ve completed every single quest and all of my cretures are fully grown I’m almost finished clearing all of the dog on the 3rd level but I’m only at level 28 how the heck can I get more xp faster To get to level 35?

  36. NeneAnise says:

    Where is the mountain magic…i really cant find it …
    Do somebody know where it is?

  37. Dm818 says:

    Tecnacly it’s a slush troll, not a troll.

  38. Awesome dude says:

    How come I haven’t seen any tornadoes yet?

  39. Awesome dude says:

    In tiny castle will I ever get to defeat the evil queen again

  40. Pepperinmaheye says:

    I am at level 16 and all 3 island seems to be intact meaning all bridges are built already. Hopefully once I reach level 18 to clear the fog I should be able to cross the bridge on to island 3. I have 22 creatures collected thus far 8 of them at level 5 the rest at level 10. I Wish I had some rubies and lots of dust I would of completed the game by now.

  41. Ron G says:

    I cannot get request for 3rd island. I am at level 21 and have tried restoring game. I see you said to go to main screen and fix error. I cannot find this. Where is the page please?

  42. Adp says:

    So quick tip on defeating the queen: if you don’t have any single creature strong enough start the battle with a poor rating then after the hit exit the game, repeat until the queen is defeated. If you close a battle in the middle the enemy doesn’t regain their health.

  43. Deb says:

    so, my next section of fog to clear takes 4165 dust and my dust storage only holds 4150. how do I get enough to clear the fog?? I am trying to make my way to the ice pagoda on island 3, and am on level 22 so cannot upgrade my dust vault until level 25.

  44. Jade Harley says:

    Apparently if you close Tiny Castle during a battle, your opponent’s courage stays as low as it was when you left and you can come back to it with another monster that hasnt taken damage. I just defeated the Queen with a level 10 faun and a level 5 Owlman… You still have to heal your monsters if they’re attacked, but it’s easier to defeat the Queen without leveling up a Manticore or Siren or whatever you planned to use. OuO

    • Jennifer E Dozier says:

      Thank you jade. I did this and it worked. I did two hits an then I had to shut down my xoom not just x out. Started back up and picked a different fighter. If the queen gets off 2 hits you die. So you have to shut down before she does a second strike. It took me three fighters, but I did it. Thank you again jade for the tip.

  45. Smurfette says:

    You seem to have made a mistake you missed out the o in to on the info about the troll where it says (before trying t banish it )is where it is on the last line just thought you should know.
    And next to it is bob I don’t think that’s wright my game says hob instead of bob again thought you should know

  46. Thunderflynn says:

    I have version 1.0.2 I think, it’s the 1.2 version not the .3 anyway, I’m level 18, I have a mage manual but I dont have the expedition quest, and it acts like there is no way to the third island, is it available on the Kindle? Thats what I am playing on.

  47. iamdowra says:

    Hi. I just finished the 2/5 part of the quest but there are no part 3 in my quest page.

  48. Jade Harley says:

    I’m level 21 and have completed the first four quests qnd bought a MAGE manual, but the one for banishing the Queen hasn’t appeared. I can’t cross over because the fog across the bridge says I still need to complete a goal. Did I need to keep everything from the first four quests for it to unlock, or is there another quest for me to complete first?

  49. trista says:

    U can cast the tornado out for 150 dust

  50. kandi says:

    Is there any way we can get another dust well or are we only allowed woukd b sooo nice if we can at least get 2

  51. mikimixi says:

    Hi Noob, I’m on the quest to banish the queen, but I cant find her. Are there specific conditions that must be completed before you can see her? On my quest tab it does not show the normal GO! Button. Please help. Thanks.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      hmm, you need to be at least at level 18. But you should already reach lvl 18 since you already got this quest… hmm have you clear the fod near the bridge to third islands? or simply try to restart your device.

  52. Iris says:

    Help me please!!
    I’m in level 22, on the 3rd island and have fulfilled all duties, except a few eggs. Unfortunately, I can’t fight against trolls. What does this lie with? Can somebody help me?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      what do you mean can’t fight??

      • Iris says:

        If I select a troll, afterwards the choice of my beings which should fight against the troll comes.
        After I have selected one, i go on banish, then the game gets out!!
        What does this lie with??

        Sorry for my English!

        • noobbgodlike says:

          hmm, a glitch. Try to restart your device, if it’s still not working then follow fix error sections on the main guide 😀

        • Iris says:

          When i get out of the game and connect new, that doesn’t work.
          What do you mean with “fix error section”?
          I’m afraid to lose all…
          I can banish all of the other minions, but not the trolls :’)

        • noobbgodlike says:

          go to the main page and search for a section called ” fix error section” don;t worry you won’t lose your save game as long as you using the same device 😀

  53. Mike d says:

    Where do I go to find te tricks and tips for this game. I pretty much beat tiny monsters I have them all except 10 so now I’m trying this alot I’m at level 18 how can I get to level 20 fast?

  54. Fabe says:

    I’m quite certain that casting out tornados makes older minions appear on islands n° 1 & 2!

  55. Me says:

    I think it’s epic. Any ideas on how to level up quicker?

  56. JJ12 says:

    I’m on lvl.19 and I’ve been trying to buy small mountain habitat, and I just realized, my coin bank only holds 500000 and I need 610000 so what level can I upgrade my coin bank again?

  57. newnewnew says:

    I beat the queen with a weak monster I used the restart technique to keep her from hitting me at all and it was easy
    Hope this helps for those without a good hitting monster!

  58. Tarasa says:

    Beat the queen first try with a siren but it takes so much dust to get to the stones
    Any ideas on how to get dust?

  59. LadyphoeniX says:

    I cleared the Queen with the Imp, you need to get good attacks in

  60. Christy says:

    Hey noob I checked out the guide like you said but when & where do the quests pop up? On my 3rd island by the bridge in says ” complete quest” but I don’t know where to find the quest. Is it supposed to appear in the same place all my other quests appear?

    • Christy says:

      By the way I play tiny monsters and tiny castle and your website rocks! You have helped me in so many ways for so long its amazing. Thanks so much for all you do.

      • Christy says:

        Hey noob I figured it out! IF anyone else asks you I found out that you have to purchase the mage manual before it gives you the expedition quest. I never purchased it because I felt it was a waste of dust not knowing what it was necessary for. Ive been trying different quests hoping it would work. Hope this helps someone else.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Yeah, same as other quests. It’s on the left part of the screen ” quest menu”.

  61. Aeires says:

    I beat the queen with a Rakshasa. You have to really get good hits in, but it is possible with this creature.

  62. cheeko111 says:

    I cleared all of the fog and most of the minions on the 3rd island and now I’m getting tornadoes more frequently.
    Seems like when I get rid of one another appears within a few hours.
    I did get one that only cost 150 dust and I also had one that left behind a chest.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      same thing happened to me, but I haven’t tried to clear the tornado yet.

      • packetnews says:

        I didnt clear any tornados either. Now I have 8 of them and they are blocking the game from generating minions for me to fight. I tried to clear a couple tornados but more came back quickly. I have been collecting dust through the well and now i have about 3000. My choices are continue with it or use them all up to clear all 8 tornados. I still need to clear two more clouds (4000+ dust) to get to the ice thingy.

        Is there any way to get minion regeneration again without spennding up all my dust? Collecting dust through the wishing well without fighting minions took forever.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          nope, you need to get rid those tornadoes :D. There is a limit on how many minions will appear on your map.

        • packetnews says:

          Ok, so I used up all my dust clear out 9 tornados. I went ahead and planted flowers (50 coins each) in all open spaces in the third island. There is no room for tornados to form. I was able to fight new minions and collected 4000+ dust without any new tornados… Hehehe…
          For those who just gotten on the third island, it is better to plant flowers as you clear each cloud. That way you wont have to waste 300 dust for each tornado.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          hmm, maybe it’s a coincidence?? I never got any tornado even I don’t put any flower. It seems that I got new tornado everytime I got new monsters, let’s try with this new mountain pilsky :D. Thanks for the tips though 😀 will put it on this page later 😀

        • packetnews says:

          You are right it may coincident… clear all flowers and no tornados so far for a day.

  63. BH says:

    The color of minion tells you the strength. Siren can be used to defeat the blue one while you hatch Satyress and ice golem. Nanuk level 5 can be used to defeat Clumsy Slush Troll (blue cloth) at level 6.

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