Posted on Mar 26, 2013

Tiny Castle 3rd Islands Guide

If you didn’t get the quest then:
[1] You need to be at lvl 18
[2] Buy Mage Manual
[3] Restart your device

Still not working?? follow fix error sections on the main page.

Tiny Castles 3rd islands available

Expedition Supplies

Part 1: Traveling Supplies, grow 5 batches of ever apples or cherries.
Part 2: is a quick scene with a map & everyone planning.
Part 3: Ambush fit for a Queen, plant 5 red flowers & build another waterlily folly.
Part 4: Muck Monster Attack, banish 5 Muck monsters.
Tiny Castle Evil Queen Featured
Part 5:  Battle the queen (from information, she has 40 attack 80 strength). Creature that can defeat the queen:
[0] Siren (38 a and 80 def)
[0] Hippocamp (36 a and 84 def)
[0] Manticore (34 and 70 def), the queen is allergic to manticore

You’ll get 1000 dust and 10.000 XP as a reward

After finishing those quests, I hope we can immediately cross to the 3rd islands.

On this islands you can unlock 2 new magics, Mountain and Polar. It’s easier (and recommended) to get Mountain first but it’s all to you. You need a lot of dust to clear it so be patient (it takes about one week for me to reach Icicle pagoda after unlocking magic mountain), get the dust from the well and make sure you banish minion, it’s the greatest source of dust. For specific path to unlock it you can visit (it’s the most efficient path IMO).

Unlock Standing Stones (Mountain Magic)
Unlock Icicle Pagoda (Polar Magic)

Debris on 3rd islands (Thank to cheeko111 for these info)

Debris Coins Time XP XP/ Coins XP/Time
Small Ruin 35000 2 113 0.32% 56.50
Snowy Dead Tree 77500 3 254 0.33% 84.67
Rocky Crag 90000 3.5 297 0.33% 84.86
Rock Pile 255000 4 428 0.17% 107.00
Snowy Root 287000 4.5 877 0.31% 194.89
Snowy Log 297000 11.5 1162 0.39% 101.04
Boulder 701000 11 3025 0.43% 275.00
Snowy Rock 765000 12 1432 0.19% 119.33
Pine Tree 796000 12.5 1331 0.17% 106.48
Snowy Tree 828000 13 4036 0.49% 310.46
Snowy Pine Tree 1210000 19 10703 0.88% 563.32
Jeweled Cavern 2500000 22 17768 0.71% 807.64

The Debris are cost a lot of coins and maybe not worth the experience they give us. So I suggest you to buy and sell habitat (large desert) instead of clearing the debris (unless you want to clear them but don’t do it for experience purpose)


There are 3 new minions on this islands.

Hob Slush Troll Tornado
Tiny Castle Bob Minion Tiny Castle Troll Enemy 3rd islands Tiny Castle Tornado Minions
Lower level Hob can be banished using Strong 2nd islands creature (Hippocamp, siren, etc). It’s better to wait until you have stronger creature like (fire golem) before trying to banish higher level (expert level). This one quite strong, wait until you have stronger creatures like fire golem before trying to banish it. This can be dispelled by using 300 dust.

Tiny Castle Breeding Guide Main Page

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150 Responses to “Tiny Castle 3rd Islands Guide”

  1. Patti says:

    Where is the whisper canyon on 3rd island?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I don’t know sorry, the quest has been auto cleared for me when it appeared. From what other people say, it’s located near the evil queen castle.

  2. Susan says:

    Can someone explain to me how to get past the coin limit? I need to buy an expensive item but can only go to 500000. I have updated my banks too.

  3. Oceanos says:

    Can a lvl 10 triton defeat the queen? Its on the low attack end but it has decent defense

  4. Julie says:

    Do you know what is happening with Tiny Castles and Monsters? Are there more islands coming soon?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      No, I don’t. I am only regular player like you :).

      • Julie says:

        O.k. I thought because you do an amazing job for gamers , Tiny co would up date you on things. They should because I believe that tiny co would have a heck of a lot more tickets to deal with if it was not for you. I am always on tinybreeding recommending gamers to check out your site because I believe it to be the best!

  5. julie says:

    Hello Noobbgodlike I need some advice. The quest level 15 garden nymph , elder garden nymphs should have what we need! I have levelled 2 to 15 and the quest stays and where it show1/15 resets when you add another garden nymph to the garden habitat. When is it suppose to clear?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      SOrry, but I really don;t understand what are you trying to ask….

      • Julie says:

        Sorry I read it again and I can see where one would not understand….it is the quest Garden Wisdom. It reads level 15 garden nymph. Elder garden nymphs should have what we need. So I levelled up one garden nymph to 15 and the quest still sat there. So I levelled up another garden nymph to level 15 and still the quest is sitting there unfinished! Am I not understanding the quest? Do I just keep hatching and levelling up the garden nymphs until one of the garden nymph I level up is the right one or am I missing something?

  6. bluey07 says:

    Noob, i’ve unlocked the foggy portions of 3rd island, is there anything else i need to do or simply wait? And i have’nt met the evil queen for the second time..

  7. Barbarab says:

    Wow!! Im on level 17 and seems like i have a loooooong way to go yet b4 even thinking about 3rd island uggghhh sounds like its pretty hard too but i play on android and read somewhere u have to wait to get to 3rd island as of now?? I havent even bought the mage manual cuz like someone mentioned earlier felt like was a waste of dust since hard to come by at this point but guess i need to break down and get it soon

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