Posted on Jun 3, 2013

Tiny Castle Alcyone

Thanks to Ehlana and Michael for these info and pictures.

Tiny Castle Alcyone Egg

Tiny Castle Alcyone Growth

Alcyone Status

Tiny Castle Polar ElementSky Tiny Castle












Earn Rate

9 10 14 15 16 18 20 25  35 45

Feed (x4)

120 250 380 510 935 1095 1295 2600  3550  MAX

Total Food

0 480 1480 3000 5040 8780 13160 18340 28740 42940


41 41 41 41 41 59 59 65 70  88


76 76 76 76 76 120 120 130 145  165

Habitat: Polar and Sky

Buying Price: 360 Jewels

Selling Price: 6158 Coins

Experience: 304 XP

Hatching/Breeding time: 12 hours

Tuck in time (baby Lvl 4): 13 hours

Tuck in time (Teen Lvl 7): 15.6 hours

Baby: “squawwk”
Teen: “What did you require?”
Adult:  “Ready as ever my liege”

Summoning formula:
[0] Ice Golem + Griffin
[0] Try Yuki Onna/ Zephyr formula
[0] There is no need for other formula since there is only one monster with this attributes and you can combine 2 needed single magic attributes.

Tiny Castle Breeding Guide Main Page

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40 Responses to “Tiny Castle Alcyone”

  1. Fopperu says:

    Fairy+zephyr first try, both adults

  2. Leslie says:

    ice golem + peryton = 1st try

    • TinyCastleKidGamer says:

      And also I think I breaded my cupid and snow golem to get alcyone on my iPod and what’s an iPod is it android or iOS I was just playing around breeding cause I Have SO MANY GEMS to speed the process and this breed is REAL not fake or made up so yeah bye!

  3. carol says:

    Griffin & snow nixie first try on Android phone.

  4. gigifst (Tiny ID) says:

    Got it 1st try with ice golem + griffin

  5. Glendel says:

    Not sure if you want the info or not but figured I’ll pass it along as I get it.

    11 (totally forgot to record it)
    12 (same as above)
    13 3505 food each raise; D183 A94 Income 48
    14 3680 food each raise; D190 A96 Income 49

  6. Jaded says:

    Level | Feed (x4) | Total Food
    Level 1 | 120 | 0
    Level 2 | 250 | 480
    Level 3 | 380 | 1480
    Level 4 | 510 | 3000
    Level 5 | 935 | 5040
    Level 6 | 1095 | 8780
    Level 7 | 1295 | 13160
    Level 8 | 2600 | 18340
    Level 9 | 3550 | 28740
    Level 10 | Max | 42940

  7. castlemage says:

    found that my alcyone can banish lvl 10 slush trolls with ease. just takes 2 greats and a perfect.

  8. Rendarphil says:

    Alcyone food revision
    Lvl 8 = 2600

  9. Tina says:

    this guy is kinda annoying,i think i got like around 30 now,trying to get other monsters i’m missing and i’m only getting this golem+gargoyle/ice golem+tengu/ both gave me this,one after the other >_<

  10. Nick says:

    I got Alcyone with ice golem and gargoyle.

  11. jokemon says:

    Hey noob you probably need to update summoning formula section since now there are 3 monsters with this combo plus that Zephyr has the same summoning/hatching time as Alcyone

  12. 3ke says:

    For some reason, the teen Alcyone reminds me of Cher…
    It could be the draping crest.
    Love my new birdie.

  13. Mandalore says:

    Yeti + Alcyone = 12hr Alcyone. I was going for Vily or Yuki.

  14. acmcmillen says:

    I am breeding the ice golem and the griffin in hopes of
    Alcyone. I got a 22 hour breeding time. Is that the “glitch”?

  15. Zidane3838 says:

    As I’m about to post that level 10 gives 45/m I see you updated the guide :p. Thanks for the awesome guides btw.

  16. Madracer27 says:

    Hmm… My level 9 Alcyone has 70 attack and 145 defense, but it says here that it’s 88 attack and 165. I think those might be the level 10 stats.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      ups, I really forgot about a glitch about info, yeah what you said is right. Thanks for telling me.

      • Pen says:

        Hi I need big help so I hope I get a response from u like really soon!!! I have an old iPhone I have been playing on and I’m at level 21 but I had to switch phones due to water damage so on the new phon I’m only on level 16 I have not nearly the amount of homes on my new phone on my first island but for some reason it will not let me build any new ones!!! It jeeps telling me I have the max amount and it makes me store my new water home in the inventory box so now I have 2 new eggs which are both water bred but I can’t hatch them cas it won’t let me give them their home so what am I suppose to do??? Very bumed about this cas I love this game. And never had any problems. B 4 except of course I can’t get a djinn to save my life but if I can’t place any new breeds it won’t matter. Thanks for listening please respond and give me a Lil help

        • noobbgodlike says:

          You need to have your UDID number of your old iphone. To find it go to main page of this guide and read fix error section, if you can’t find it (because you can’t turn on your phone) then you can’t recover your save data. My suggestion

          don’t turn on your phone, keep it on rice (uncooked :D) /silica gel to drain the water out, sometimes it can drain the water and make the phone dry again.

        • serina says:

          I had the same problem. You have to keep exploring and clearing land for your Max amount of homes to increase.Its very aggravating cause there is nothing telling you what exact steps to take to fix it or how much land u need to clear . But keep exploring ect and it will allow more homes. Goodluck

  17. Zidane3838 says:

    Level 9 Alcyone:
    Feed – 3995 (x4)
    Earn Rate – 35/min
    Attack – 88
    Defence – 165

    • Ehlana says:

      I had these stats too but I restarted my game and now the stats for attack and defense have changed (gone down) – these ninja updates are getting to be beyond a joke imo :(

      Level 9 new stats:
      Earn 35/min
      Attack 70
      Defense 145

      Sent you pics as proof

  18. William says:

    Gargoyle and Ice golem 1 try .
    and summoning and breeding 12 hours… yeaah..!!!

  19. Kendra says:

    Looks wise the adult form is my favorite out of all of the creatures!

  20. PAYBACKjoker says:

    What does “glitch time” mean exactly? Because I used the summoning formula of Ice Golem & Griffin and I got 12 hours, but i don’t think i did anything to “glitch” it.

      • Lawren says:

        The reason why it’s considered a glitch is because it’s a 39 hour timer, same as an ice golem’s time. The maximum time is 51 hours for the alcyone phoenix to come out of the summoning tree. Right now, Tinyco reverted the summoning time back to 12 hours.

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