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Tiny Castle Breeding and Summoning Guide

Release Date: 2 October 2013 (Version 1.1.1)

Genre: Simulation

Platform: IOS device/Android

Publisher: Tinyco

Developer: Tinyco


Worker Centaur is Back!!!

Tiny Castle Worker Centaur Growth

Please discuss everything about this creature on THIS PAGE.

Side Quest Archive

Creature List

28 June 2013 (Food revision 2)

It seems that Tinyco have revised the food requirement one more time (food revision 2). However, info that displayed on some creatures page are the food info for food revision 1 (6 April 2013). Please leave a comment about the food needed if you by any chance have the creature.

Monster’s info that haven’t been changed (food revision 1 data) will be marked by=  so please leave a comment on those pages to help me fix the food data.

LM = Limited Monster

Your helps are really appreciated :D. Thank you very much.


Exclusive Monsters

Unicorn is summon-able. However, I still classify it as an exclusive monster, because it’s also can be bought from the extravagant pack ($51.99).  Hope other monsters treated like Unicorn on the future.

[0] Ember Wisp Tiny Castle Mini MountainTiny Castle Mini Volcano
[0] Enenra Tiny Castle Mini SkyTiny Castle Mini Polar
[0] Golden Cupid  Tiny Castle Mini VolcanoTiny Castle Mini Sky
[0] Lich Tiny Castle Mini SkyTiny Castle Mini Mountain
[0] No more please :D

3rd Islands FAQ/Guide

Elemental Temples Guide

How to Get Mermaid (2nd Islands), Large farm, and Other Large Habitat (lvl 15)

Breeding/Summoning Result Chart (Summoning/Hatching time)

Homes Guide (lvling up tips)

Level Up Reward

Healing time

Minions Guide (Rec. creatures to use for banishing)


Want to Help??

My email address: noobbgodlike(at)gmail(dot)com.

change at to @ and dot into .


  1. Include the subject (ex: tiny castle pegasus picture)
  2. Send me a complete picture package (from baby to adult) because  I can’t do anything with only one picture :D. Please zip the picture if you can and don’t compress the size (send them on png format)
  3. Please write about their data (income, food requirement, breeding/hatching time, buying and selling price, Xp gained, etc)
  4. Thank you very much :D

Fix Errors

Follow the steps below

  1. Restart your device and wait for awhile before you turn it back.
  2. Re-install the game (Tinyco have said it’s safe to re-install the game now)
  3. If steps above are still not working then, download a game called ” TINY VILLAGE” (or other tinyco games) Create “TINY ID” from this game and then
  4. For IOS device: Save your UDID number on the  notepad or anything (THIS LINK shows you how to find the number). For Android; it is called IMEI. Go to settings then about phone then status. You will see IMEI with a long number. If you can’t find it follow THIS LINK to find other method.
  5. Send an email through this link (MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR UDID NUMBER) and tell your problem on that email.


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7,710 Responses to “Tiny Castle Breeding and Summoning Guide”

  1. Klaw says:

    Worker Centaur re-released.

    One of the quests is to summon a worker centaur. If you already have one it will count and the quest will auto-complete.

    However part 2 of the quest is raise it to Level 15. Mine was already a Level 15 Worker Centaur and it doesnt count towards the quest. So I have to raise & feed a new one to complete it :(

  2. 3ke says:

    New booster packs have been released, along with another exclusive/rare creature: Fenrir. It’s a cute little wolf. ^_^
    Forest/Polar creature. Expect many Leshy, Jotun, and Pine Dryads my fellows. I wish you all good luck.

  3. Klaw says:

    New Creature Fenrir.

    Forest/Polar – Rare – Breeding time 12hrs.

    Game data

  4. kencm2014 says:

    Just got Lamassu with Adlet + Owlman (3nd try)

  5. Nandho44 says:

    For the new creature Lamussu, your breeding formula are wrong. Forest and Desert can’t be breed directly, just like the Adlet or Owlman.

  6. Klaw says:

    noob lamassu is 8hrs.

    Cant direct breed cyno and centaur – they are incompatible elements.
    You cant even use Cyno and desert/Forest. Theres an awful lot of forest hybrids which cant breed with Cyno.
    Same with Centaur.. cant use that with a lot of desert hybrids.

    I got it first-time from owlman and adlet.
    Unless you have both owlman and adlet, you may struggle to get a decent combo that doesnt give you a lots of duds.

  7. 3ke says:

    Another new creature, Swamp Troll. Beach & forest. Now this creature resembles Smurfette but with a frog on her head. Cute ^_^

    Also, jewel producing plants instead of mines.

  8. Esher says:

    Wendy saved?! Wandering in the woods?!

  9. Deb says:

    I got the new tanuki with mythic griffin and mountain pixie :) hatch time is 26 hours

  10. julie says:

    I put my dragon in the dream castle to level up to adult but when I push the button to wake him up I get “VC Button Error” and I get kicked out and my session reboots. Anyone know what to do so I can wake my dragon up

    • Lawren says:

      Oh, that’s terrible. If the fix error section doesn’t work, try going to This is the only way to get rid of this dragon glitch by sending a support ticket. Here’s a warning: there is a chance that the employees of TinyCo will not respond, because of a backlog the employees are experiencing when many players sent too many support tickets.

      • Anjulie says:

        There is also when they send the email to rate the ticket. Do the bad……unsatisfied and in the comment portion re write the problem… works! Good Luck!

    • Steve says:

      The reinstall fix error problem…On the Apple iPhone, would you delete it and then reinstall it? I read something where Tinyco said not to do that. So, I guess I am asking if others have deleted and reinstalled on the Apple iPhone?

  11. Erica says:

    I’m getting a bogus I object error and the game won’t load. I have jewel mine and food to collect and reset. How annoying. Anyone else with the same problem?

  12. sam says:

    New quests are out does anyone know what food are we supposed to grow in the third one shivering nights 3 Wendy is hungry ?

  13. Kim says:

    I cannot get onto my game It say bogus objective what do I do?

  14. Stschw says:

    Is it me only or is it a common problem. Since last night my app crashes all the time. Fixing steps dies not help. Most messages: invalid game wallet.

  15. Ewa says:

    I can’t unlock mountain and polar magic? There’s supposed to be a quest but it never showed up…
    Can somebody help me? I really want to unlock polar and mountain magic!
    Thanks for help!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Just keep playing. Read abut 3rd islands guide first, and then see the satyress and ice golem monster page. All of them can be found on the post above.

  16. Anjulie says:

    I have it and I am on the samsung 10.1 tablet! I have not tried to level any of the polars up yet but it does show that I have 12 out of 20 leveled up to bronze! I bought the polar temple the day it became available! I hope that you were able to successfully get it now! Please let me know if any one is still struggling with the bug and what tablet you are on!

  17. 3ke says:

    I got Quetzalcoatl with Cupid & American Griffin (first try together, not total).
    Good luck everyone.

  18. jewls says:

    I just hatched the new Quetzalcoatl egg with American Griffin and Phoenix. Took a couple of tries. :)

  19. Justin says:

    New monster quetzelcoatl think I spelled it right…6 hour 30 min hatch time 7 diamonds to hatch early …I got it with Griffin and Phoenix after 2 cocktrice

  20. Mrs . Black says:

    On the 1st try got New Creature “Quetzalcoatl” with
    Mythic Griffin & Cockatrice
    6h 29m 53s

  21. Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

    Their quest this week again costs real money buying diamonds. I am really leery about spending any money on this game, since they haven’t introduced a new creature for quite a while, did any other upgrades on habitats, storage vaults, etc, just added another mythic and a new Temple.

    • Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

      I misspoke. Apparently TC introduced a new creature today, but i didn’t see any announcement. If you look in your creature encyclopedia or go to featured, you can find it there. Someone in a forum I belong to on FB posted it. It’s Quetzacoatl cost 350 jewels, breeding combo sky/volcano, breeding time 6 1/2 hours. Successful combos listed on the forum were Wyrm/Cupid, and Mythic Griffin/Cockatrices. I didn’t get it with either of them. Good luck!

  22. emotionless says:

    New monster – Quetzalcoatl.

    Data here which youre welcome to use

    I got it first try with Wyrm & Cockatrice.

  23. Lawren says:

    Quetzalcoatl is out already. I just got it with Cupid and pumpkin on first try. Timer is 6 hours, 30 min and costs 7 rubies to finish. He’s the 37th rare creature I got.

    • Lawren says:

      According to the photo on Facebook, Quetzal is an LTD dragon creature. I forgot to let you know.

  24. orangepuddy says:

    Unicorn is not an exclusive creature

  25. Diane says:

    Made it to level 40 a few weeks back only to discover it isn’t going any higher. And that’s okay, because it hasn’t given me anything new when I leveled up in a long time. But, I would like to get the mountain temple, only it’s 1,500,000 coins and the most I can collect, with the exception of the treasure chests, is 1,220,000. Am I supposed to get the rest of the coins just off the treasure chests? Because that seems like it could take a really long time and a lot of juggling! Or is there something I am missing? Anybody?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hmm, I am not sure too. Just noticed that my money become about 10 millions… IIRC my max money is 1.2 million too.Maybe they have updated it when update the game with mountain temple.

    • Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

      Diane, if you’ve upgraded the coin storage vaults and the Castle completely, max coin storage is 10,220,000. Reaping your habitats adds coins, as well as some of the treasure chests. If you have not placed all 31 habitats available, you can buy one, then either store it for later sale or placement, or sell it right then. I have been buying Polar habitats and either storing or selling them when they are ready for the past year, since I reached level 40. You get no XP for doing this since level 40 is the max right now, but when something like the Mountain Temple is released, I can go in and sell these in order to have the coins available for purchasing. I very seldom let my coins available at the top of the game exceed 2.5 million. I have over 300 habitats stored, plus at least 125 creatures, mainly duplicates at level 10 or above I can replace by storing one of my creatures in a habitat, and move the duplicate to a habitat in order to continue to feed them to raise them to whatever level they need to be at, depending on the status of the Temple I am working on, Bronze, Silver, or Gold. The inventory doesn’t seem to have a limit right now as to how much you can store. If you have placed all 31 habitats, I would suggest you store the creatures in the inventory in one of them, store that habitat in your inventory, and start buying your available habitat, and storing or selling it when it is ready to place. That way, you can continue to reap the coins from your habitats you have on the islands, and your total coins available can exceed the 10,220,000. You just need to sell a stored habitat to increase the coin amount shown at the top of your game. The reason I do this with Polar is that it costs the most, sells for the most, but the building time is still less than a day, so I do this every day. I hope this info helps.

  26. Klaw says:

    Ermmm noob. I just noticed Ive made a couple of posts over the past few days with all the new data for Satyress and the Mythic Satyress, yet none of those posts show.

    Is there a problem?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      It shows klaw :), I simply hold it as a reminder for me to edit the satyress data later. After editing the data, I have deleted your comment (on this page), because I find the same comment on satyress page (I don’t delete that one as a credit and so other can visit your site :) ). But I only hold your comment about satyress, not sure about the other comments :). Thanks for always helping us here.

  27. Klaw says:

    Yes it was just a co-incidence of timing.

    I cant believe how slow they are at releasing new things these days. Aside from the Green dragon its been months since we got any new creatures. All the others have just been re-released or re-coloured mythics. Ive been at Level 40 for nearly a year now and judging by the lack of input on their facebook page it doesnt really look like that much attention is being given to the game.

    In comparison Tiny Monsters is getting at least one new creature a week – often more. Although Ive been playing T.Castle practically since it began, I only started T.Mons in Feb (Devotion monster), so I struggle to keep up on there with all the new creatures and am still only at about 100/180… never mind all the mythics :/

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Agree, but for your info. Tiny monsters also get kinda same like treatment recently. IMO (I hope not), they are ready to move on from this game… judging from the support and activity they have done recently.

  28. Lawren says:

    The mythic satyr is out now. However, I believe the silhouette of the full body in the encyclopedia must have turned into an alert box, which means the mythic form is static in the encyclopedia and the game is loading animation. I think the animation of the mythic satyr must have turned into a gray alert cube, which would most likely cause a crash. This should be a known issue to the TC team for them to fix.

    • Klaw says:

      I think there is a problem with the graphics. Some if the images aren’t there, and what is seems to have a slightly different naming string to what they usually use.

      I auto generate page data direct from the game files and it didn’t work quite right for mythic and I had to make a manual adjustment. It was automatically pulling the normal Satyress files, so it looks like a bug in their code. It should be an easy fix.

  29. 3ke says:

    Mountain temple has been released. Only 17 creatures needed to upgrade it.

    • Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

      I have spent the last several months upgrading creatures to level 11, assuming TC was going to offer the other 2 temples sooner or later. I was a little bit irked when I upgraded my Satryess tonight, and when I tried to feed her past level 11, I got a message saying she was updated to Bronze, and it wouldn’t let me continue to feed her to get the Mythic. An error on TC’s part I hope they fix before the weekend.

      • Klaw says:

        Mines the same. What stage is your temple at. The temple needs to be upgraded first. I’m only at 9/17 so need to level up some more mountain creatures to silver before I can attempt to go for mythic Satyress.

        • Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

          Klaw, I’m at Bronze, and 6 of 17 upgraded on my way to silver. The game did let me feed my Satryss today to level 13, so they must have fixed the glitch. I stored the Satryss that said upgraded to Bronze that I couldn’t feed, and pulled my other one out of storage, which is the one I’m upgrading.
          I have spent the last several months trying to get at least 2 of every creature, and upgrading them to 11, knowing when they make the other temples available, that is the first level they need to be at to upgrade the temple from the ruins to Bronze. Each temple has more creatures that need to be upgraded in order to finish restoring the temple. This one is 17, and I’m sure when they give us the Polar temple, it will be higher. They are having a food sale right now that could help you feed creatures faster, but when each step to the next level takes 3000-4000 food, and there are 4 feeds to the level, spending real money on food doesn’t appeal to me. Upgrading the new temple to gold will take a while, but it’s something more than banishing minions and collecting from habitats. It would be nice if they upgraded the farms again, but of course it would cost gems, not coins. Oh well, they threw a carrot out there to make the game interesting again for higher level players, but ignored the main issues everyone has, more storage, more farms, more habitats or upgraded habitats to hold more creatures, and another island.

        • Klaw says:

          Oh glad it was only a temporary bug :)

          Im also working on 2 of every creature, which I almost have. Im just need one more nightmare and I still havent managed to get the ifret.

          All those that I do have were level 10 and I just completed the Beach temple to gold last week.

          Because Id only levelled up to 10 so I could store them Im trying to upgrade now to 11, but I only have a couple of slots in my dream-tower. Think Im now at 13/17.

          Re the polar temple – the data files said 20, but then again so did the Mountain until they changed it to 17 the other night.

          Food requirements for some of the Mountain and Polar creatures at 4000 to 5000 per serving is ridiculous. Like you I wont spend money on food especially when you need so much of it.

          So I shall just slowly continue to feed my Mountain creatures now. Ironically I think I have more polar creatures at Level 19 than I do mountain.

    • 3ke says:

      My Mountain temple is still in ruins. I’m busy bringing my Beach temple up to silver then gold.
      I need more than 9 farms…

  30. Klaw says:

    I just completed all my other temples to gold tonight -finally :)

    As soon as I did this the game exited and when it opened again there was a mountain temple for purchase.

    Looks like there may be a mythic Satyress now too. But my game crashes when I try to open the book in the vast library, but I if I imagine right. U

    • Klaw says:

      Oops hit return too soon whilst doing something else.

      I meant it looks like there may also be a mythic Satyress in the creaturepedia, but it crashes if you try to open it.

      I’d have a look at the game data, but as you can probably gather from my rambling post above I’m very tired, so it will have to wait.

    • Lawren says:

      Same :(

      I believe only TinyCo can fix this issue and this must be a known issue in my opinion for the TinyCastle Team to resolve. I think the silhouette of the mythic form when selected must have been a gray cube, which means the game is downloading animation and image…

      Once someone gets the mythic satyress very early since its initial release, the problem is that there will be a VC button error or the sprite will become invisible. This should be another known issue again… But I’m currently rebuilding the mountain temple by leveling them up to Level 11.

    • Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

      The new temple was just available yesterday, so it could be a coincidence you saw it the same day. The other idea I had was maybe you do have to have all the other temples upgraded to gold before you get the new one. Who knows, but TC made sure it would take a long time to upgrade this one to gold, as if the other ones weren’t hard! No kudos for not listening to the major issues everyone at higher levels have, but I give them credit for giving us something else to do besides banishing minions, collecting from habitats, and buying and selling habitats in order to continue collecting from the habitats available. At least someone is still working on the game!

  31. sam says:

    Mountain temple is out :)

  32. carol says:

    How do I get tiny castle from my old phone to this one so I don’t lose everything? Thanks carol

  33. Mischief Kitty says:

    Got a Ifrit using adult Cockatrice and Satryess. First try

    • LoveLane29 (Tiny ID) says:

      If it’s not too much trouble what levels were ur creatures that you used? TY and congratulations!!

      • AshleyJean says:

        I used Villy level 10 and Mythic Pheonix level 19 I believe! I have been using this combo trying for Midnight, didn’t even think about Ifrit! I’m guessing Ifrits is easier than midnight! I have all monsters except midnight now!

    • Vanessa says:

      I got it with this combo thank you

  34. Sheila says:

    I wonder why I don’t level up anymore. I get experience but it doesn’t update my level. The bar doesn’t move :( I am still on Level 40 and it’s been a while now…

  35. Mrs . Black says:

    This never happens to me on the 1st try until today!
    I got the Ifrit with Phoenix & Satyress ;)
    Good luck every one, Happy 4th

  36. Lawren says:

    No one has known that Ifrit is a permanent creature now. I see it in the market. I am trying to get one, but all my attempts are futile.

  37. 3ke says:

    I have no idea what is happening but I got another Swan Maiden from my Tengu & Swan Maiden. ???
    I had gotten an American Griffin earlier. Both of those creatures aren’t even in the market right now. Glitches with logical summoning combinations? ???
    2 limited creatures out of their availability window? I want the Undine & Nyx.

  38. Robyn says:

    Sorry if this has been asked before, but I was wondering why some creatures can be stored & others cant?

  39. Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

    Anjulie, I have been at level 40 for at least 8 months, but I know there are a lot of gamers who have maxed out longer than that. No offense taken regarding spending real money on a game. I do it on a regular basis, but only for gems. I have more coins and dust that I will ever be able to use unless another island is added to use dust to clear, or upgrades on storage vaults and habitats, or maybe the other two temples. Besides banishing minions, I spend my time trying to get two of each creature and raising them to level 11, so if TC introduces another mythic, I have a head start. I still want to think TC will come up with a major upgrade soon. It’s way past time for them to do something that keeps gamers playing.

    • Anjulie says:

      Hello Mary Kay, that is crazy at least 8 mths! I have only been buying the jewels too! I hope Tiny co works things out soon! I am seeing alot more comments from long time players who are upset and some even thinking about quitting the games! Some I had ascfriends on the social have quit! Have you had any success in hatching nightmare yet? I have been trying since it showed up in the game, no luck! If I use any recipe that is volcano/ice with plant/volcano all I get is Holly Dryads no other plant/volcano even……..

      • Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

        Anjulie, I bought the first one, and during their half time breeding, got a second one, but don’t remember the combo. I have found successful combos listed on this forum don’t seem to work for me. It is really hit and miss! I have more pucks and gargoyles than I know what to do with, and they have long breeding and hatching times, but I refuse to use gems to speed up the process. With nothing new on the horizon from TC, there is no point in doing it.

    • Klaw says:

      I’m with Mary Kay on this. I can’t recall when I hit level 40 but it will be on this blog somewhere. I think it was about last august or sept, so that’s nearly a year now I’ve been sat at the same level.

      Iirc the last major update was last spring when they released the 3rd island so an update is loooong overdue. For a while I’ve been setting my own goals such as get 150 polar homes so I have a cash bank. I’ve also been attempting to breed 2 of each creature and level ithem up so I can store them. I just got my 2nd nix today, so that just leaves one nightmare to get then I’m done with that task.

      I’ve nearly done all the elental temples too. All at gold aside from beach which is silver .

      It concerns me the lack of activity from TC re tiny castle….. It’s not often we get a brand new monster these days. The green dragon is about the only new I can recall… We do seem to be getting a lot of repeat limited and exclusives, yet nothing new. I’m not averse to spending to purchase diamonds, but the lack of interaction from TC has made me cautious.

      • Anjulie says:

        I have a gamer friend on and he told me he offered his help to Tiny co. and yet has to hear something back from them. I do know for the Kindle users at this point and time there will be no improvements made for them, as they are working on these games for I assume I pads, Androids. I might be able to send the comment made to David to Noobbgodlike’s email……if Noobbgodlike is interested in it……

      • Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

        Klaw, I have almost 300 habitats stored, most of them polar. As I said, I have been working on getting 2 of each creature to get a heads up if TC introduces a new mythic, or adds the 2 missing temples. Their booster packs this weekend are a repeat from last year. Most of the weekend “specials” lately have been buying rare creatures at 40% off and 1/2 breeding time. The green dragon was the last creature introduced, and then the Mythics of it. All the Mythics do is walk around; at least the original green dragon flies every once in a while. If not adding another island any time soon is going to happen, TC needs to think about upgrading storage vaults, more habitats, or the current habitats to house more creatures and give us an incentive to keep playing. I have noticed that the “new kid on the block” who posted on Facebook a couple of months ago about being excited to join TC, has stopped posting. Until he posted a couple of months ago, TC was noticeably absent on Facebook, which is again the case. I don’t play as often as I used to, but I have spent too much time and money to call it quits, but I think twice about spending any more real money on a game that doesn’t seem to responding to any of those gamers who have been with them from the start, and made the game a success.

  40. Lynn says:

    When will Tinyco give us new quests? I am getting bored! I only need a couple creatures and only on level 31. Need some kind of challenge other than leveling up my “critters”. Maxed out my buildings, dust, even coins were maxed we several times. Need a quest or a way to finish game by finding and defeating the evil queen.

  41. 3ke says:

    American Independence Day is coming up in a week, I hope they re-release the Firework Fairy along with American Griffin & Patriot Mermaid.
    I want that sparkly little fairy.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I believe they will, the creatures probably become permanent too :).

      • Grimlock30 says:

        I hope Ember Wisp also returns soon. She didn’t return on June 20…

      • 3ke says:

        Not sure about that but in attempts for Nightmare, I got an American Griffin glitch. I already have one. Holiday related creatures might stay as limited summons during their events.

        The Exclusive creatures being released as rare summons has been exciting. Still need to get Undine & Nyx before they add anymore.

  42. danimal says:

    Where do I go to figure out how to transfer my game from my old device to my new one? I can’t seem to find it..

    • noobbgodlike says:

      To transfer this game you need to let tinyco do it. You need to know your UDID/ IMEI number (read the fix error section on the post above), and then send those numbers (old and new device)to tinyco.

  43. Erica says:

    Dragon maw. One hour to build. Two hours to first harvest. Lasts 62 days. Harvest 2 gems every 5 hours.

  44. Raktavan says:

    Too bad they fixed the limitation on the new jewel mines. This morning I would have been able to buy as many as I wanted, but I ran out of jewels after purchasing three of them. Now they’re limited to just three as usual.

  45. Laura D. says:

    Does anyone have any experience reinstalling the game? It hasn’t been working on my tablet for more than a week and I’m not sure what else to do. Also, since there isn’t a reinstall option for the app, do I simply uninstall the game from my tablet and install it again? I’d appreciate any advice because I really don’t want to lose almost a year’s worth of play. Thanks.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      The game data won’t disappear. I have uninstalled the game from my device on the past and it still works. Lost data only happen to 0.01% users. Don’t worry.

    • ceaz says:

      This is wat I’ve done before if u uninstall and reinstall it and it don’t have ur old game file email the games company and they can transfer ur account for u hope that helps a bit its worked for me on several other similar games

  46. Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

    Deja vu? Wasn’t the quest two weeks ago to buy a chest of jewels, and get the same amount as a bonus? And the next one will be to buy a heap of jewels. This seems to be the old fallback quest because no one at TC seems to be addressing real issues these days. 40% off sale and half time breeding is right around the corner again. Pacifiers only work for so long. Mine is getting worn out.

    • Anjulie says:

      I know the feeling, I know it is getting boring! Hang in there, they are working on it and I believe the reason they continue to add these offers etc is because they are keeping your interest as they are getting close to adding another island! One thing people who play for free have to remember is more than likely Tiny co tech’s have other jobs, so the time they invest is limited! If everyone who played spent a little money perhaps then they could hire full time tech’s! I buy and I mean I buy from both games I enjoy them enough to throw my support behind the company! I think Tiny co is the best to download games from! Other games I have downloaded have made the games so you feel pressured to buy things to finish quests! KIWI for ecxample I have spent money there and I have had problems, they eithet never get back to me or deny I had the problems! Have patience and faith!

      • Anjulie says:

        I really should spell check before I submit not after! LOL.

      • Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

        Anjulie, I too have spent money on both TC and TM, normally for gems and diamonds, because I have more coins than I will ever need in both games, and food storage is limited in TC. During the last 40% off sale and half breeding time, I was able to breed a lot of the rarer monsters, which has never happened to me before. It’ been almost 2 years since a major update for TC, long overdue for those of us who have been at level 40 forever. At least TM increases the number of habitats you can have every so often, and offers limited time frames for getting hard to breed monsters, I.e., right now the chance to purchase mythics of recent monsters.

        • Anjulie says:

          2 yrs, that I did not know, I have been playing under a year now! I just reached level 40! How long have you been on level 40? I hope you did not think my comment about spending money wasn’t directed at you…..I read all comments on here and I hope that everyone who comes to this site does too! I have you on my friends and I visited you frequently! Like to see how you and others are doing! I enjoy the games and hope that everyone who does enjoy the games as well will purchase to aid in more hours being put into furthering the games!

        • Anjulie says:

          I am adding this separately because I noticed you have 2 special elders & 1 mythic. How did you get them? I got my special elder when I was trying for something else! Any help would be muchly apperciated. any time I can help I will be more than happy to….

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Please discuss it on tiny monsters section.

        • Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

          Anjulie, checking info on the 3rd island page Noob has, it looks like the 3rd island became available in March, 2013. That would have been the last major upgrade, not 2 years ago. I guess it just seems like that long! Noob’s forums are great sources for info, and always up to date. Thanks again Noob for all your time and valuable info!

  47. Barbarab says:

    I am having a problem with tiny castle that is happening this time on both of my android phones not just 1. I had same problem b4 but just on the s2 and i contacted tinyco and have yet to hear back from them even after giving a bad service review but i fixed problem or it fixed itself not sure but now its on both devices and only that game so has to b that game that is the problem but i am getting a no connection error when signal is fine afterall im on here posting lol but i can update download get on fb or do anything but get the game to connect. Please dont tell me to go to fix error section cuz that is not working HELP cuz tinyco is not

    • noobbgodlike says:

      IF that’s not working then I have no idea.

    • Anjulie says:

      Is it disconecting or just saying it has? I have the samsung note 10.1 and I get a disconnect notice but it doesn’t reaaly appear to be and my daughters boyfriend who works as a tech tells me its a internet issue and the game is set to tell you about the disconnect. I hope this helps! If there is more to it explain it and I will see if I can get you an answer!

  48. Lawren says:

    Halved timers are back again! It happened this afternoon. I have the memory for the halved timers (ex: 27 h, 18 m = 13 h, 39 m; 40 h, 57 m = 20 h, 30 m, etc.). I think it is for everyone who did not get rare hybrids to get the unicorn, snow nixie, basilisk, Heyoka, and other halved 24/40 hour eggs before the timers get horrendous.

    • 3ke says:

      This event is great when paired with the Dragon Moon to get a better chance of summoning rare creatures.

      • Raktavan says:

        While I too prefer this with the rare moon, I still consider the summoning on this weekend successful. Minotaur + Garden Nymph finally gave me something else than just Pucks: a second Gorgon, my first Banshee and my first Gnome. I used a good lot of jewels, but it was totally worth it.

        As a side note: I find the description for the creature sale really odd. I mean Mervin, who has been heavily supported by us, finds a stack of eggs in our castle and we still have to pay for them? ;-)

  49. Robert says:

    I have a question that should generate a new page. What level do you have to be to breed a particular creature? Also, how can you tell if you have enough experience points to breed it?

  50. Little Fireball says:

    Noob, I’ve got both the Black Dragon and Gold Dragon images uploaded to the Wikia.

    You can find them in the image uploads, and at the bottom of the Green Dragon’s page. You can also use our Mythic Cyno and Mythic Mermaid images if you need them.

    I am happy to help. :)

    - Little Fireball

  51. 3ke says:

    Green Dragon is now a Spree creature with Black & Gold forms.

  52. Lawren says:

    The green dragon is evolving into different forms now. They consist of gold and black. I think we should prepare to have Sidhe and frosts before the second dragon.

    • Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

      It seems unrealistic to have a rare monster to evolve when it is so hard to breed and costs 999 jewels to buy. There were so many better choices TC could have picked to evolve next. Sigh!

      • 3ke says:

        Sylph is rare & it has 3 other forms.

        • Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

          But it didn’t seem as hard to breed as some others, and once you have 2, you can continue breeding them to get others to evolve. I have all of them, plus several more stored.

  53. Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

    There’s another food sale going on. Until they upgrade the amount of food we can store, this is a waste of money for everyone who has reached level 40. Buying food eliminates the ability to reap your crops until you use all the food you purchased. I just assume the next creature they bring out will cost a lot of food to raise them to level 10. They need to spend their time adding another island, leveling up from 40 being the max, upgrading the habitats we have, and storage for everything, coins, food, and dust, instead of introducing new creatures every week. I can’t believe they make much money on their food sales at this point.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      They do it because it works :).

      • lisa martinez says:

        Just buy the most expensive things you can, then store them then you can u can collect the coins whenever you want

        • Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

          Lisa, I have been doing this with polar habitats for over 6 months, in order to continue to reap my existing habitats and get the mystery chests that sometimes contain jewels. I have 250+ habitats stored in my inventory, as well as 50+ creatures. I have no clue as to how many habitats I’ve build and sold during the same period. I’m set for coins and dust if TC ever decides to add another island we have to clear. Banishing minions and feeding duplicate creatures is getting old. A major update is needed soon.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          not soon but it’s already needed from the last year……… Have no idea, why they keep making us circling around….

        • Erica says:

          Why would anyone buy anything to hurry along a game with no end? Show me I can finish and I might spend some money.

    • 3ke says:

      Yeah. I’ve never bought food from TinyCo & I refuse to. I’ve also been maxed out for quite some time & I want to see an upgrade to the castle, the habitats, & the banks. There’s still bit of a famine in my kingdom as I just got my desert temple to silver & I’m kinda thinking that TinyCo could be releasing the mountain & polar temples some time this summer but that is just a guess.

      Also, I’d like to vent about not getting Nightmare yet with various combos that widely resulted in nearly everything but the Nightmare. Getting the Nightmare is being a nightmare. I know I just have to keep trying, it’s all chance. But still >:(

      Happy Summoning everyone.

      • jewls says:

        Totally agree with you no matter what combination i try just can’t get it. I vote for a new island and more habitats, running out of room. Whats the point of having creatures if you have to store them. :)

    • Brandy says:

      No nothing in tiny castles for those of us who donn’t play for free! July 4 th has come and gone and all TINY CO did for july 4th was ask us to give them more money by purchasing! They couldn’t even bother to put out the fireworks fairy again and not even new decorations or a quest! I haven’t used my second dust well in over 6 mths, total waste of money! I am quite sure I spent in castles about 300.00 on jewels to upgrade all my farms to fast pacing my monsters and getting my mythic and I purchased moonhare, neried and a yr ago ifrit boosterpack!
      They don’t answer questions regarding where they are on improvements on Tiny Castles or monsters! And I even asked on facebook! You Noobbgodlike and the gamers have been more help than Tiny Co and I am grateful for that, but I am considering calling this a lesson and going back to my WII and if need purchase new games thru a store! Thank you Noobbgodlike and the gamers for all your help! Sorry to be so negative…..but this for me is the end of being supportive to a company who I feel has shown no appreciation to us who do buy!

    • Anjulie says:

      I am disappointed in Tiny Co. July 4th came and went and all they did was ask us to spend money! For those of us who have not only been playing for quite awhile but have spent quite a bit of money, this is a slap in the face! I am questioning if Tiny co actually cares about the people who have not only been playing along time but happily supporting by spending money on this game! I guess time will tell, but how much longer should we be patient?

  54. Naha says:

    Hi am in level 40 from more than two weeks and I have collected more than 1 million xp but the xp bar still empty and the xp dosent apper in it and I sent tiny castle few emails about that and I only got an outomatic reply that didn’t help me so do any one know any way to fix it plz . Thx for help

  55. Paulina says:

    Can U tell me something about mythic creatures? How can I get it?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Not only all creatures can become mythic, only basic element creatures can become mythic (ice golem and satyress mythic form are not available at this moment). Vist basic element monster page for more info on how to obtain them.

  56. Van says:

    I got a nyx first try from gargoyle and tengu – was actually hoping for a hippogryph, since I didn’t have one yet, so this was a nice surprise :)

  57. Melanie says:

    I have a quest called “Delux Edition”. It says he really needs the delux version of the Mage Manual. I have the regular one but I don’t see a delux version available in the market. Am I missing something?

  58. Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

    TC continues to add new creatures, but no additional habitats or food storage to continue to feed them. I have 110 creatures in my habitats , and another 50 in my inventory. If they are not going to add another island any time soon or upgrade the XP level, they need to expand the habitats available to hold more creatures, so everyone who has maxed out at level 40 months ago has something else to do besides banishing minions, and feeding creatures in order to store them. It’s a good thing the inventory doesn’t seem to have any limits at this point, because I also have at least 200 habitats I have bought and stored since I reached level 40 in order to be able to collect coins from my habitats and get the treasure chests every day. A major update is needed to give those of us at who have been at level 40 forever an incentive to keep playing, use coins we have collected, and make the game fun again. TC needs to get their priorities straight and work on a major update, not just throw out new creatures, many of which seem to be a remake of an older one with a little variation.

    • Judi82 says:

      It takes too much time and cost and as you say not enough incentives. I personally think I am going to quit for awhile to see if improvements are made if not will drop this game

  59. Little Fireball says:

    To Noobbgodlike:
    As usual, I’ve posted all the Nyx’s images on the Tiny Castle Wiki, so go ahead and use them. :)

    – Little Fireball of the Tiny Castle Wiki

  60. Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

    Booster pack sales are back. The extravagant one for $49.99 has an exclusive creature, the Nyx. Per comments on Facebook by Angelika Ramos, it’s breedable. She used Hippogriff and Mythic Griffin, and got it twice. Breeding time 1day, 3 hours, 18 minutes. I used that combo and got the same breeding time. Good luck, fellow gamers!

    • Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

      I broke down and spent jewels to speed up the process. I now have a gargoyle taking space in my hatchery. There are a lot of creatures with that breeding time, so I would assume getting Nyx by breeding will be rare.

  61. chibilita125 says:

    New exclusive ($50) creature called Nyx. Available on market so hopefully summonable but I imagine it will be a an ultra rare creature. Mountain and Air are its elements. So prepare for lots of tengus and gargoyles with this one!

  62. DocZLA says:

    New Creature- The Nyx! Elements are mountain & air. I used senior Hyppogryph + adult Lich on iPad and got 27 hrs 18 mins. I then spent some jewels to hurry as I thought it was just another Hyppogryph….yeah! It’s the Nyx! Cute egg in nursery now. Sorry I don’t know how to send a pic Noob! Glad I didn’t spend the $49.99 to buy it!!! Good luck everyone!

  63. 3ke says:

    New creature has arrived in a booster pack & for summons: Nyx.

    I think it’s available to summon because she has a red “NEW” banner just like Undine in the market.

  64. Jordan says:

    Got Nyx 1st try with Hippogriff and Mythic Griffin

  65. Lawren says:

    Looks like we may have to try multiple times with hybrids for Undine and we cannot use basic creatures (mermaid or griffin) with hybrids. Undine must be an epic rare elemental…

  66. Mischief Kitty says:

    I was sitting here looking at your list creature list and I am having a bit of confusion. The list has 95 creatures on there with including all the new mystic’s it is 101. Including the 6 exclusive creatures would be 107 total creatures. On my game I have 106, but I am missing the Ifrit and ember wisp. I am unable to get the Android as I am using an IPad. If I could get all three I would have 109 creatures. So I am trying to figure out what am I missing?

      • nimrodel says:

        you have to count the 3 sylphs.

        • Mischief Kitty says:

          You are right! I did forget the slyphs. I should have caught that but soo many monsters…

      • Danielle says:

        I have a question I’m trying to reset the game but I don’t know how I went without the game a long while and no way to get on so when I down loaded it it was messed up so I just wanna start new iv treated to uninstall and reinstall but it takes me back to the old one

        • noobbgodlike says:

          I don’t quite understand what’re you trying to say here, but if you want to reset the game, I believe you need to contact tinyco to delete your game data (as long as you use the same device).

      • Danielle says:

        IM trying to reset my game I was away to long and I have uninstalled and reinstalled but my old game is messed up and it was so long ago I just wanna start over

  67. jewls says:

    Playing on my Kindle fire, using Zephyr & Rakshasa, first try Undine, second try Nightmare. In shock to get one after the other but still can not get them on my tablet.

  68. jewls says:

    Playing on my Kindle fire using Zephyr & Rakshasa first try Undine, second try Nightmare still can not get them on my tablet.

  69. chibilita125 says:

    Undine and American Griffin are summonable. Undine is permanent I think, just like moon hare and unicorn but American Griffin is limited time only.

  70. 3ke says:

    Undine has returned, sporting a red “NEW” banner.
    American Griffin is also available for a limited time.

  71. Lawren says:

    I see the silhouettes of the mythic cyno and mermaid creatures in the encyclopedia. That invisible mythic glitch must have been fixed and I believe this was a known issue for the TinyCastle team to fix… Let us hope this displaying issue will never happen again in the game…:)

  72. Nandho44 says:

    I got the Mythic Cyno and the Mythic Mermaid but the creatures are both invisible. When I look at the Creature Encyclopedia, both are with an hourglasses. If someone had the same problem and found the issue…

  73. halseth says:

    Got a mythic mermaid but there’s no image! When will those be released?

  74. Melissa- ipad says:

    Hey Noob, I sent tiny castle a support request re my poor Garden Nymph being stuck in the Dream Tower on 9 April- it still just says the staff are reviewing my request (1.5 months later!) Do you think i should issue another request (I did also post on their facebook page), or do I just write my Garden Nymph off :(

  75. Dorothy says:

    How do you get the mythical creatures?

  76. Lawren says:

    The Cyno and mermaid are changing into mythic forms as 20% chances tomorrow. I bought a second Cyno and mermaid awhile ago before the release date. They and the trolls are fighting over the food since I fed many desert hybrid critters (except Naga and Marozi, because these critters are very ravenous, wanting more apples). I saw the announcement on the FB page of TC.

  77. jewls says:

    Is anyone else having trouble buying jewels? It tells me the item I’m trying to purchase can not be found. Contacted tiny co but no solution as yet and I really need some jewels. :(

  78. poisonprncss says:

    Does anyone know if or when a new update will be done? I’m on level 36 & I’m pretty much spinning my wheels with the game. My castle doesn’t upgrade anymore, nothing seems to change as I level up. Just wondering what’s next….if anyone has heard anything, that’d be helpful. It’s getting boring.

  79. Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

    TC is having another jewel sale, which is normally an indication another rare creature that costs a lot of jewels is coming out, or more mines will be, since some of the mines are going to run out soon. I have noticed lately when TC has jewel sales, it pays to look at each one cost wise for what you get. Their current sale has a Castle of jewels, 2400, for $99.99, but their mountain of jewels, 1600, costs $49.99. If you buy 2, you get 3200 for the cost of a Castle of jewels. Just a heads up to gamers who may decide to increase their jewels.

  80. LolaFrye says:

    Has anyone else noticed if their mythic creatures battle stats are wrong? I’ve banished crazies with all of my mythics (Phoenix, centaur and Griffin) and although their shields have been accurate, perfect his still only inflict minor damage; 17, not 70 like it says. Did I get defective creatures (;))?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I don;t have mythic creatures to confirm, but it’s yes from what others have said.

    • 3ke says:

      Yes, I have that problem too but have wondering if just feeding up a level would fix that. Haven’t done yet as I’m still trying to bring up my desert & beach temples.

      • Jordan says:

        I’m having the same problem with my mythic Phoenix. All stats were fine then today they stats of a regular Phoenix. If anyone knows how to fix this problem please help.

    • Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

      I have found Vily, Basilisk, and Sylphs banish every minion that comes up. I don’t use any of the other ones any more. I have never tried using a Mythic.

  81. Dubblecp says:

    I think that they should make it so we can trade creatures with each other. That would be great. I can’t seem to get fire nymph but I have 4 villy. Fire nymph is like Bigfoot to me. Very elusive creature that people tell me they have seen but it keeps evading me. O yea and is it still possible to bread the leprechaun or is it just available near st. Patricks day. Becouse I just got a moon hare. As Easter was a few weeks ago

  82. horsetopia says:

    Hi Nob, I made mistake and banished a slush troll before I before I bribed them for the quest. Now I can’t get beyond the quest. I can’t find the whispering cave. Any suggestions? Has anyone else overcome this? Thanks!

  83. Shannon says:

    I am breeding a wisp and a fairy. It came up with 28 hours for the time or so and Im trying to find out the egg. Do you know or know where I can this out please.

  84. carol says:

    Hello. How can i play my game on my son’s computer or can i? I won’t have my phone with me. Thanks

  85. Dathenfairley says:

    I can’t get two Phoenix out of tuck in. Everytime I try, the game gives error message then it crashes and restarts. Been happening ever since they upgraded the Phoenix look at level 15. Tinyco won’t respond to messages from me. I sent them all my user I’d and pic of error but no response. Anyone know how to fix?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Try to write it on their facebook.

      • Tammy Hays says:

        I have my Green Dragon tucked in and can’t get it out. I get an error then the game restarts. I tried to uninstall and reinstall but it did not work. I wrote on the facebook page but no response. Any other suggestions. I would really like to free up the space in the Dream Tower and get my Green Dragon back. Thanks!!

  86. 3ke says:

    Wondering when Undine will be re-released. Mother’s Day is on the 11th.
    Hoping this trend of exclusive creatures being rare summonables continues.

  87. Joey says:

    Just sent level 11-15 stats on the Nightmare. As far as I go tonight. Have to raise a couple more volcanoes to upgrade temple. Oh and my daughter got it with Zmey and Cockatrice on first try too. Seem like a winning combo!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Will try it ASAP

    • bluey07 says:

      Got it with combo.. you’re right, it is a winning combo.. :D

    • Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

      I got a water leaper with this combo. Most of the combos for the last several monsters have not worked for me, but I don’t give up. I think it’s just the luck of the draw. Some get them right away with certain combos; the rest of is just keep getting duplicates of creatures we already have that take a long time to breed and hatch. I refuse to spend gems to speed the process up, only to get ones I already have. I’m happy for those that get them right out of the chute!

  88. Honeyfox2330 says:

    Got a nightmare first try with Zmey + Yuki-Onna

  89. Little Fireball says:

    I’ve got all the Nightmare’s images (high-res) on the Tiny Castle Wiki. Of course, go ahead and use them. I am happy to help.

    Also, you can find and use the data (from levels 1-10) for the Nightmare on the Wiki page as well. :)

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Whatt??? really fast :). How you manage to get it so fast XD, very lucky. Thanks for the offer, will make the page now.

      • Victoria says:

        Has anyone else ever noticed the drawbridge on their castle occasionally opening & closing? Does this actually Mean Something or is just a kind of ‘decorative feature’?
        Thank you, Noob, for all the time you put into this “TinyCo Bible”! I’d be lost without you! 8•D

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Hmm, I never notice about it. I believe it’s only for decorative purpose though. Thanks for the compliment :) (many readers also help building this site, it’s not possible without them :) ).

  90. Joey says:

    New creature is Nightmare. Zmey and Cockatrice 14hours :)

  91. 3ke says:

    New Creature! Nightmare! Sibling to the Zmey.
    It’s so cute! I have to get it!

  92. The Monster Collector says:

    Got the Green dragon On 1st time its so so cute :) Love It The egg was super duper big oh maybe im so exaggerated haha
    Happy Summoning Everyone

    -The Monster Collector

  93. beckygirl says:

    I put my griffin in the tower and when i wake him up it says:

    Empty id in virtual T
    *Bpc::ConfigObjectFactory::newObjectForId(const string &) const [T = Bpc::Monster]

    The game is on my ipod but i dont want to lose anything. So if i restart my device, uninstall the game and re-install it will i still have everything?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Yes, the data kept on their server, so as long as you use the same device, your save data won’t disappear.

      • beckygirl says:


      • Kat says:

        I have the same problem but with my centaur, i tried deleting the game off my ipod so that i can restart it and reinstall the game like it says to fix error, but my ipod says when i click on delete ‘if you delete this game all your data will be lost’ i want to fix error but i dont want to lose my data

        • noobbgodlike says:

          All your save data is kept on their server, I can’t guarantee you won’t lose your save data, but from other experience (also mine) it’s safe.

    • Adrianne says:

      did it work?? I have the same problem with my garden nymph but I have tried everything

  94. Lawren says:

    I think something unique should be added on step 2 on the fix error section: or send a support ticket to avoid losing your data

  95. Judi82 says:

    Bred Ice Golem and Garden Nymph got Dragon first time

  96. 3ke says:

    I just put together Ice Golem with Fire Sylph & got 39 hours. Hoping for Moon Hare but Green Dragon is good too.
    Will tell when egg arrives. Happy summoning.

  97. Lawren says:

    I finally got a 39 hour timer on first try with fire nymph and ice golem on first try after a myriad of countless, pesky failures. I used this combo to avoid getting Zmey. I just got the egg awhile ago and she,s the 34th rare creature I got.

  98. Little Fireball says:

    Hello again, :)

    I got all of the Green Dragon images (from egg to adult stage), and they have been posted on the Tiny Castle Wiki, so feel free to use them, noobbgodlike.

  99. Lynn says:

    Noob Instead of bribing slush trolls I beat them in battle and now I can’t get the secret scroll on the find Wendy task, then when more trolls appeared for the clear the trolls task I tried bribing them but no secret scroll. Please help as it’s drinking me mad not bring able to complete tasks :(((

    • noobbgodlike says:

      The quest tells you to bribe, but you fight them and now you ask me why the quest didn’t clear???.. See plan to save Wendy quest guide on the post above for more detailed info.

  100. AshleyJean says:

    Why is it that no one is speaking about the frozen flame? I bought it and just bread an Ice Perton with Treant and Ice Gollumn

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hehe, what do you want to talk about :) ? It’s pretty straightforward (buy it => you can breed limited creatures anytime; don’t know if this will work for future limited creatures though), maybe that’s why no one talks about it :).

      • Trinidad says:

        Does it work for all limited creatures? Or just tomten, holly and icy peryton?

      • AshleyJean says:

        I guess a lot of people got the Christmas creatures! I was excited because I didn’t have them lol! Anyways just got the

        DRAGON= IceGollumn + Gnome

        also got a Heyoka with this combo!

    • 3ke says:

      There was the 24 sale on the Very Large Farms on Wednesday. It was 50% off.
      I bought 2 & I’m really happy with them but I just need to get more… Better save my jewels.

      • Raktavan says:

        I figured if they do it once, they’ll do it twice. So instead of buying a large farm or one of these discounted creatures now, I decided to keep my jewels together to be able to buy more mines the next time they are offered.

        Somehow I can be a lot more patient with TC than I am with TM xD

  101. Lawren says:

    I believe we may have to try multiple times to get the green dragon, because there are no successful records of hatching. The green dragon is possibly epic rare, I think.

  102. orangepuddy says:

    Green dragon is 39 hrs summoning. Just finished with jewels to confirm. Got it first try with garden nymph and ice gollum

  103. glitchfinder says:

    Got a Pooka 3rd try with a Garden Nymph and Kapre

  104. Mimi says:

    I am breeding a green dragon with mythic garden nymph and ice golam I got 39 hours and there r no creature of garden and ice need this time so it have to be green dragon I wil tell u when it hatch wish u luck having it

  105. 3ke says:

    New creature! Green Dragon! Polar & Garden!
    It’s not in the featured shop but is in the encyclopedia & creature shop for 999 gems.

    • 3ke says:

      Robin has a quest chain for you to do.
      Part 1: gather 5000 food
      Part 2: fight 5 trolls
      After that, you get a quest to summon the Green Dragon with 5 gems as part of the reward. No timer.

      • chibilita125 says:

        The first bit of the quest is 5000 food and explore the Whispering Canyon (I think that was what it was called). Which was one of the fog patches near to the castle that takes 6570 dust to clear. I imagine you didn’t get that get due to already clearing the fog (it was one of about 5 patches I have not yet cleared)

    • Jennifer says:

      I got a hatching time of 39 hours with mythic garden nymph and ice golem after getting two sidhes (27.3 hrs) with the same combo. This should be a green dragon!

      • Jennifer says:

        I got a breeding time of 39 hours with mythic garden nymph and ice golem after getting two sidhes (27.3 hrs) with the same combo. This should be a green dragon!

  106. Tara says:

    Has anyone gotten the Green Dragon yet? He’s cute :)

  107. Melissa-Iad says:

    Anyone know how long it takes for them to get around to help desk tickets? I sent a request in over 2 weeks ago as my garden nymph was tucked in when the mythic change went through so I can’t wake her from the dream tower without my game crashing :(

  108. colorkoala says:

    Does retrying for a mythic guarantee one because you are using diamonds?

  109. ash says:

    Any clue on what other creatures besides the basic element and sylph that will become mythical? I have duplicates and am trying to make room

    • noobbgodlike says:

      No one know, only tinyco knows, probably mermaid and cyno are the next ones.

    • emotionless says:

      The sylph is classed as a spree monster. It’s behaviour is different in the game in that at level 19 it will evolve into one if 3 options. Since the sylph is one of the few creatures classed as ultra rare, then if they did release any more spree types then my guess is that it will perhaps be another ultra rare such as the fire nymph or hippocamp Can’t recall the others off the top of my head but there’s about 6 or so of them.

      The mythics have a chance of becoming mythical (1:5 odds) at level 15 or continue the normal elder monster. It looks like the mythics are most likely to be restricted to the elemental creatures such as mermaid, cyno etc.

      Personally I’m not impressed with them releasing the mythics now. It’s a cop out.. And I’m unsure iif the game is becoming more like tiny monsters. If I wanted to play tiny monsters then I would. Tiny castle should have its own story line and quests.. Not a copy of TM.

      • noobbgodlike says:

        Hmm, I disagree klaw, they’re called mythic but the implementation is totally different. In tiny monsters, monster only different in term of colors, but we get totally new form on this game :).

      • AshleyJean says:

        Well I don’t like this new mythic thing! I have sworn off buying rubies therefor I can’t retry, so I have been raising garden nymph from baby to level 15 to try and get the new form and so far I have raised a total of 13 garden nymphs with no clue, therefore I’m convinced that u must use rubies just to get the mythic version. Thank God that tiny monsters doesn’t make u use diamonds to get the mythic versions!

  110. chibilita125 says:

    Mythic griffin and phoenix now available (I don’t have them though-still don’t have the centaur or garden nymph yet and my volcano temple is still a ruin haha!). Also the limited flag has been removed from the faun in the market place. Maybe he is here to stay (now I have said that watch him vanish tomorrow ha)?

  111. Little Fireball says:

    Hello, noobbgodlike.

    It’s Little Fireball from the Tiny Castle Wikia. New Mythic evolutions for the Phoenix and Griffin were released. I just uploaded the images of both new Mythics to the Wiki (you can find them in the uploaded images), so feel free to use them if you would like. :)


  112. 3ke says:

    Mythic forms for Griffin & Phoenix have been released.

    • 3ke says:

      Mythic Cyno & Mermaid are next unless TinyCo releases the elemental temples for mountain & polar next.

      Personally, these Mythics can wait a while on my game. I still have to level up my desert & beach temples, they’re still bronze & my kingdom is suffering from a famine.
      Happy summoning & prosperity to all of you here on Guide4Gamers though.

      • Mary Kay Mkszippy says:


        I think you’re right about Cyno and Mermaid being the next Mythics released. TC has limited them to creatures you can buy for coins so far, and don’t take that long to hatch.

        There is a good chance your other statement saying they might be releasing Polar and Mountain Temples soon is also right on. TC tends to have a food sale right before they introduce a quest that will require huge amounts of food. It’s too bad they don’t think about increasing food storage at the same time. The food sale was announced today.

  113. Lawren says:

    I believe that TinyCo should add some hatch quests that should say that there are no recent records of getting permanent epic rare critters from packs, just like Phineas said about the legendary monster in TM. Mervin might explain a similar way about no recent records of getting epic rare critters (unicorn, leprechaun, moon hare, gold Cupid, Undine, ember, Ifrit, Enenra, Lich, autumn). I believe we may have to try multiple times. Am I right? I am constantly trying for the hare, but got countless zephyr, Yuki, and Alcyone eggs.
    And what about saving prisoner Wendy? We need one search for Wendy quest after the ghost’s defeat.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Let’s hope they will reveal more about the quest on this week. Maybe it was because of Easter, so they don’t update the quest, but now there is no reason.

  114. 3ke says:

    Not sure if anyone noticed but the Moon Hare itself has been moved into the creature shop, still for 720 gems.
    I’m hoping this is a sign of Moon Hare becoming a permanent addition to the creature collection that has been used with the Unicorn. That would help a lot of players considering I’ve gotten 2 Alcyones, 3 Yuki-Onnas, and a Zephyr.
    Perhaps TinyCo is going to do this for the other Exclusive creatures? Making them super rare creature summons. But none of us should hold our breathes on that. I’m only guessing.

  115. spencer says:

    I feel tiny castle should release more desert and volcano monsters … as they are lesser in number than other monsters .

  116. sam says:

    Can I transfer my tiny castle game to another device like tiny monsters without contacting tinyco?

  117. Frances JoLee says:

    HELP, I so enjoy this game but for going on 3 days now everything I do won’t stay done, I have followed the error instructions to NO avail. I even did a report to Tiny Co nothing, What do I do????

  118. Steph. says:

    Still working on trying to fix the vc button error. Tried everything to fix, can’t wake my monster , and don’t have face book. Any other suggestions. I have uninstalled and installed, did the fix error, and updated. Please help

  119. Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

    Klaw, thanks for posting the link that shows the crop produce by farm size, with all the details. I am sure it will help everyone. Thanks to Emotionless for gathering all the data. Thanks to Noob for keeping this forum alive. It has been a great help!

  120. jewls says:

    Does anyone know the breeding time for Moon Hare?

  121. Klaw says:

    Looks like the Moon Hare is back but summonable this time :)

    It says “In the season of spring magic, a lucky MAGE Applicant might summon a Moon Hare!”

    Unfortunately its classed as rare, and with having several other Sky/Polar Combos, this could be tricky.

    Good Luck Everyone – I have an Alcyone brewing, no doubt it wont be the first.

  122. chibilita125 says:

    Moon Hare is back!! Question is though can we summon him (I’m thinking yes as he is on the market too)? He is available for $49.99 extravagant pack or 720 jewels in the market. It does look like he is a permanent edition to the market though as it says ‘new’ and not ‘limited’.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I also believe yes (judging from other creature on the past), but I don’t know about it being permanent or not :).

    • 3ke says:

      Moon Hare could be permanent, not sure though but he does have a red banner saying “New” while the Faun has a blue banner saying “Limited”. Let’s just find out what happens next.

  123. Jennifer says:

    your chart says that I can breed desert and sky for a manticore or desert and fire for a marozi and all I get are 10 dumb sphinx or 5 genies no matter what combination I use. Can we actually get these creatures or not? is it a certain level I need or what? frustrated trying to get new creatures with no avail.

  124. Firebreather1210 says:

    Ok, I’m really confused… I just bred my Triton and Cupid and got a Swan Maiden… I don’t know if it’s a glitch, because Swan Maidens aren’t even in the store! :S

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Yeah, it’s a glitch, since it’s limited Valentine monster.

      • Klaw says:

        From what’s in the data files, the swan maiden is just hidden from the market place… BUT… There is a quest whereby if you installed tiny monsters by a certain date, then it places a marker on your game account. This marker then makes the swan maiden a breedable creature from within the game. There doesn’t appear to be any date set though as to how long it’s breedable for, nor if there is a limit, just the condition that you have installed tiny monsters.

  125. Julie says:

    Could you please tell me if the extra large farm is worth purchasing? Thank you so very much.

      • Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

        Noob, I don’t think TC will add more farms in the near future, due to their upgrade that costs jewels. I have slowly been upgrading my farms to the extra large ones due to this. You do reap more food on a regular basis, and the food storage fills up quickly. I think we’re caught between a rock and a hard spot. TC threw us a bone with the extra large farms because everyone was complaining about the cost of feeding creatures, but they will not be giving us more farms any time soon because of this. It took me a long time to decide to start upgrading my farms using jewels, but I don’t see any other choice any time soon. The extra large farms now also include all the crops the large farms do. They did this with the last quest that had certain crops to grow, but weren’t available on the extra large farms, and they haven’t deleted them yet. At this point, I assume they won’t. What they need to do now is increase the food storage vaults, along with the other storage vaults. 39,000 is ridiculous for the number of creatures we can have in our habitats, and the quests to upgrade the temples to gold. I also play Tiny Monsters that has unlimited food storage, and 11 farms, which you can upgrade using diamonds in you want. Leveling up to 10 to put them in the Retirement Home takes a lot less food than leveling creatures in T C to 19 in order to upgrade the temples. I realize they are 2 different games put out by Tiny Co. And the Techs working on the games are totally separate, but maybe it wouldn’t be a bad thing to compare notes.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Still I don’t find it useful, level 11 – 20 is a gimmick at the best (because it doesn’t have any function; except for few monsters like centaur and garden nymph)

        • Nandho says:

          Can you tell me the food rate of the extra large farm ?

        • Klaw says:

          Im with Mary on this, Im also saving up my jewels to upgrade the farms.
          I said in a post on here a few weeks ago that they increased the amount of food you can get from them and imho they are now worth having when food is always at a premium, because they are nearly double what you can get from the coin farms.

          For those that want to know the updated crops they are listed here

          As you will see, the unicorns and dragonfruits are quite an attractive crop compared to whats available on the normal large farms.

  126. elena says:

    Dear noob ,
    You are right its safe to reinstall but the thing is none of my creatures are not saying like they used to before .. dont know wat to do ..

  127. Debby says:

    Anything beyond 40??? All quests complete. Downloaded Tiny Monsters for nada. Getting boring

  128. Emma says:

    I am level 36 on this game and have all creatures but 2, is there gonna be another island or anything interesting gonna happen. It seems like I have done all I can on the game now and I am getting bored. Do we know if tiny co are gonna do anything new with it??

  129. Angelsgirl says:

    Hi, this is probably a dumb question, but I don’t have the Wyrold Tree quest yet (I’m level 29) and I’m leary about restarting my device. I have other games and apps on it, so will I loose all of them just to advance this game?

  130. Lawren says:

    An image of a fire monster appeared earlier in the game as a quest icon. It says to download Tiny Monsters, but got no reward for doing so. The reward was to be ten rubies, but it didn’t happen on iOS devices, even my iPad. Should I send a support ticket to fix this issue of not getting ten rubies?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      It’s an old glitch. Ignore it.

    • Klaw says:

      I wondered what the quest was about. I just got the reward screen briefly pop-up but no quest (ipad) as I’d already play tinymonsters.

      Perhaps if you already have tiny monsters then the quest doesnt work right and its only aimed at new players?

  131. elena says:

    Dear noob i have been facing a huge problem .. tiny castle gt uninstalld from my cell .. how can i get it back without loosing any progress ??

  132. Judi82 says:

    How do you get back dust that was taken while buy trees had 9099 and was supposed to on take 6000 and it left me with 377 instead od 3099 what can I do?

  133. carol says:

    Any clue what they will be doing for Easter? I really like the new critters. :)

    • 3ke says:

      Hopefully, re-releasing the Moon Hare but making him summonable.
      However, a new Easter themed creature would be nice as well, despite the grumbling a against new creatures.

      Better yet, farm & storage upgrades would make me happy. :)

  134. elena says:

    Dear noob ,
    I just tucked in my level 14 centeur and then when it woke up he is just a normal senior centeur .. i dont what happened but a mythic centeur is what i expected.

  135. Adrianne says:

    The day before the mythic garden nymph came out I tucked in my garden nymph to get to level 15 to work on my temples and now that this new mythic garden nymph is here I can’t wake it up with out it giving me an error code and restarting. the error code it gives me is
    Empty id in virtual T
    *Bpc::ConfigObjectFactory::newObjectForId(const string &) const [T = Bpc::Monster]
    any ideas on how to fix it? am I supposed to wait for a update? this is on an ipod touch

  136. Lawren says:

    Hold on: The 24 hour timer is random. This doesn’t only waste your apples, but there isn’t a retry feature to evolve again like in Tiny Monsters. Come on, TinyCo! Make it possible to add the re-evolve button at Level 20… and don’t add a gem counter to retry. I play this game every day, but the new hybrids will fight over the food when out.

  137. Klaw says:

    Out of curiousity, how is everyone doing with their temples?

    A few days ago I got my Beach to silver, so Ive now got to do gold for all three. I have a bit of a headstart on volcano as I’d already leveled some of my volcano creatures up to L19 before they brought the last set out. But Desert and Beach are both at 0.

    I still need to catch up on levelling a couple of mountain/polar up to level 10 as I stopped at 10 using the food for the temples or other creatures.

    Temples are going to take a bit of a back seat for a short while until I finish feeding my Heyoka, and manage to get a Mythic Centaur. Nice way to waste food levelling up to 15, then watch it turn into an non mythic :(

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Same for me, still on Silver, no gold since the food cost is really insane :).

    • lol says:

      I was diligently working on leveling my Desert, Volcano, & Beach habitants to silver but it became so tedious.
      Eventually I abandoned my efforts & decided I would try to get dupes of all my creatures. I than used my food supply to evolve 1 creature to adult & the dupe to teen.
      Now that I am bored w/ that I guess I will return to leveling my habitants.I have 12 Beach creatures already so I will start there…anyway good luck w/ the mythic creature summoning…As Always Happy Kingdoms!!!

      • nimrodel says:

        hi noob, klaw and lol. I have all my temples in bronze. Some of my creatures are on silver. But I have wasted most of my food with my sylphs. I have 9 electric and 9 fire and…1 ice!!!!.
        Now with my luck I will own millions of normal centaurs and nynphs until I get one of the evolved ones….

      • Klaw says:

        >> I abandoned my efforts & decided I would try to get dupes of all my creatures.

        @lol Yes I was doing that too. It was something I started doing months ago to ease the boredom by setting my own targets. I have duplicates of almost all creatures now.

        The only ones I dont have dupes for are the newer ones such as gnome, leprechaun and that damn elusive earth golem, which Ive been working on for months. Oh just checked my game, I dont have a 2nd owlman, may try for him next cause Im getting fed up earth golem failures. :D

    • jewls says:

      I am also stuck on silver, just not enough food to feed the new creatures and complete the temple quests. Just recently got Heyoka, Basilisk, Gorgon and Chimera as well as a 2 nd Slyph. Been busy breeding the Slyphs and rasing them, so far 2 fire. I would like the mythic ones but don’t have the resources. Thanks again for such a great site has helped me heaps. ;)

    • Marcel Lip says:

      Wel all my temples are gold but i still don’t see what is the point….

    • Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

      I have the latest 3 to silver, but it takes so much food to level creatures up to level 19, it takes several days to work on one creature at a time. I have noticed some creatures I have leveled up to 19 do not go towards upgrading the temple to gold. This is a bummer when it takes several days to upgrade and tons of food, only to discover they don’t help upgrade the temple!

  138. emotionless says:

    I know noob said discuss the new centaur & nymphs in the relevant section but this applies to the the new mythic creatures in general.

    The game treats the normal version and mythic version as 2 entirely separate creatures. Unlike the sylph spree where you get a chance of obtaining one of its spree forms at level 20, the new mythics dont quite behave in the same way.

    At level 15 when you tuck in your creature it is only given a chance to evolve into a mythic. Dont be surprised if nothing happens because the chance of getting is set at 20% ie 1:5 odds of getting a mythic.

    If it evolves into a mythic then its treated separately. All of the data is different and the food & battle stats are substantially more and very different from the normal evolution.

    I had a few Level 11 centaurs and nymphs in my storage from ages ago which I was able to level up last night. Ive just woken them, 3 failures and only one success so far getting a mythic. I need to grow some more now to try get the mythic centaur.

    Great – just what we need when food is already at a premium. :(

    Data for the mythics are here, which you’re welcome to use on your own pages

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Ok, thanks for the info :). BTW could you give me the unmarked picture like usual? :).

    • 3ke says:

      Forget that those then. My food is limited & I have other creatures to feed to upgrade the temples.
      Still peeved that I haven’t gotten any other Sylph forms asides from fire. Even after doing 3 at once.

    • emotionless says:

      I saw the other day that there was an option in the data files to retry for 45 gems, it just wasnt live.

      But now theyve actually added it.

      Game is getting more like tiny monsters – not sure I like that idea :(

      • noobbgodlike says:

        yeah, I really don’t like it too… but if it’s liek tiny monsters then one retry should be enough. From my experience on playing tiny monster I never get same monster on 1st retry.

        • Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

          I find in Tiny Monsters, I have had to try 5-6 times to get some of the Monster variations, each attempt taking 17 plus hours. It took a lot of Sylphs to get all 4 of the variations , and took several months after they were introduced, but I’ve had them all for a while. I find I use them on a regular basis to banish Slush minions and Hobs, because it takes them less time to recover than some of the more powerful creatures (Vely and Basilisk for example).

    • Andiidna says:

      Can you still add creatures to storage I’m quickly running out of room I have 2 of most creatures but when trying for some of the more rare ones and ending up with 11 pucks or 13 triton I just place them to get the xp points then sell them. If you can still store them then how?

      • Klaw says:

        I keep a maximum of 2 of each, no point in keeping more than that (apart from sylphs if you are spreeing them)

        A monster has to be fed to Level 10 before it can be placed in storage.

        According to the data files a maximum of 500 objects can be put into storage. I couldnt work out if that meant objects such as buildings & decos… or total storage for monsters, buildings and decos.

    • Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

      I had to retry once to get the Mythic Nymph, but got the Mythic Centaur first try. I guess I beat the odds.

  139. Melissa-iPad says:

    Unfortunately I had my garden nymph tucking in to level 15 when they did the change, and if I try to wake her the game crashes :( hopefully they put a fix through soon.

  140. PixieDust says:

    hi noob, plz advise….im on level 29, got rid of all fog, but cant seem to bribe Slush Troll like im supposed to, plz let me know how im supposed to do that? Am i suuposed to get to level 30 or something?

  141. Lawren says:

    The nymphs and centaurs will have evolution forms tomorrow or Friday. I am rebuilding the forest temple for forms. But the new Heyoka fought over my apples. Looks like we should grow more carrots/cherries/radishes every day. This will take forever.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hehe, I glad with this news, but it seems that they forget about the amulet (Wendy is getting abandoned again). Maybe Philips is working for the evil queen…..

    • 3ke says:

      TinyCo could just be trying to distract us players with new creatures & new creature forms while they work on updating the gameplay with storyline quests & additional areas.
      They haven’t distracted all of us with those. I still want better farms for gold & upgrading the castle & keeps.

  142. 3ke says:

    They’re doing something new to the Garden Nymph & the Centaur.

  143. Nikki says:

    Is anyone else having issues loading their game? Mine keeps saying data error please try again

  144. BIG TEE says:

    I am on level 40, and I have been on level 40 for a little over 6weeks. I play many times a day, everyday. What is going on with tiny castle? I buy things 3 times a month so I have put a lot into my tiny castle so this go around I did not purchase anything because if my game is broken, I wanted to cut my loss now. If you know what’s going on please inform me.

  145. Sarah says:

    I am on level 28 and I am trying to complete the below request. I have bribed almost all the trolls on the third island and the quest never shows complete? Am I doing something wrong? Do I have to bribe a specific troll?

    Greasing the Wheel
    A Clue
    Bribe Slush Trolls for clues about Wendy’s location.

  146. Matt Angelo says:

    Hi noob! I suggest we can add pictures of the creature’s attack so we can see its powers from teen to adult, i have so many perfectly timed pictures of them..

  147. MrsK says:

    I am much newer @ this game than most of you and I want to say thank you for this website, it is immensely helpful. I would like to ask anyone about how to bribe a slush troll? This may show how challenges I am with “gaming” , but I simply can’t figure it out. If someone can help me I would appreciate it tremendously! Thanks, lsk.

  148. Awesomeness says:

    Heyoka is a girl and she has the samevsayings as a vily

  149. Critter35 says:

    Got the new one first try with ice golem and satyress. Kinda easy for a new creature.

  150. Jon says:

    I just bred an ice golem&satyress and it says that whatever monster it’ll be will be in 24 hrs…anybody know what monster it is…btw I’m using my iPad on tiny castle…and I also need to know what best formula of what 2 monsters to breed for the fire nymph please.

  151. Mrs.Black says:

    Got Heyoka with Ice Golem & Vily…….

  152. Dubblecp says:

    If I bread two of the same creature do you always get that creature ? Ex. Vily + vily = vily

  153. Pithlet says:

    First try with Satyress and Marid.

    The first time I ever got one on the first try!

  154. Angelicswtnss (angelswtnss) says:

    Hi Noob,
    The breed time for the new monster is actually 40 hrs 58 minutes. I suspected I was breeding it when I saw the breeding time and there were no monsters with the same elements in that time slot on the chart. I now have the egg in my hatchery. I used mermaid and ice golem.

    • Angelicswtnss (angelswtnss) says:

      Correction, I meant satyress and ice golem.

      • Toni says:

        Used the same combo twice and got the new creature both times:)

      • emotionless says:

        Its normal breeding time is EXACTLY 41 hrs. or to be precise 147600 seconds which is taken from the game data files.

        It could also be a YETI as both have the same elements and both have the same timer… and both are ‘common’. So you will have to wait until your egg is hatched to know for sure.

  155. Joey says:

    The new creature is a Heyoka. Breed time 20.5 hrs. I got it with Nanuk anWed Satyress :)

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Did you see the egg? There is 50% breeding time event right now.

      • Joey says:

        Yes I have the egg. I remembered after the post that it was 1/2 time breeding so I guess breeding time is 41 hours

    • Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

      41 hours is ridiculous, especially if the speed up time is working on this creature. TC gives hope and then takes it away. Is this their way of responding to the complaints from last week’s quest where they had to compromise due to the parts of the quest directed at higher level players that required getting dust most higher level players couldn’t do unless they wasted dust and bought decorations costing dust, and storing them again and again? I gave Kudos to TC last week for responding positively to legitimate complaints. I will not do that again. I think LOL’s response to that post hit the nail on the head. Unless TC makes a major update like creating a new island instead of continuing to introduce creatures with ridiculous breeding and hatching times, and I’m sure the cost of feeding this new one will be tremendous, they are going to lose a lot of higher level players who stuck around due to last week’s new quest. I am getting tired of sops thrown our way to keep us playing, only to be disappointed again. We need a new island to explore, a way to use accumulated coins and dust, more farms, more storage space for food, dust, and coins, and more habitats. I won’t even begin to guess how many habitats I have bought, stored or sold, in order to keep my coin level down to continue to reap the coins from my habitats, and get chests with food, gems, or coins. Tiny Monsters has unlimited food storage, and continues to expand the number of habitats a player can have, as long as they have room for them. Maybe they should start talking to each other to see what works.

      • Klaw says:

        I hear you Mary Kay.

        At least this one is relatively easy to get. Plus theyve removed the direct incompatability on Polar and Mountain so that you can now breed straight without having to use hybrids.

        You guessed right re the food, its going to take the best part of 60k to get it to level 10 where its 3675 a go :(

        Re the storage I have 150 Large Polar stored, but Ive no idea how many habitats Ive sold along the way. Like you I still want to collect from my habitats and fight minions purely to get chests as I want to replace my farms.. because I need more food. For the past few months Ive been buying bell towers and I think Ive got about 40 of those.

        • Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

          Klaw, I have stored 160 Large Polar and 56 Large Mountain since I hit level 40 months ago. I have probably sold at least half again as many if not more in order to continue to reap coins from my habitats so I get the illusive jewel in a chest. I have updated 5 of my large farms using jewels, and it does seem to speed up the process of getting food quicker. It depends on how many times you can reap them during the day. The 39,000 limit on food storage is a bummer. TC at least needs to let us have 12 farms at the minimum and greater storage capacity. Feeding 125+ creatures to level 10 in order to store them, or level 19 to get upgrade the temples to gold with 9 farms, extra large or otherwise, is not a reasonable ratio of food to creatures needing food. I like a challenging game, but a little incentive to keep playing can go a long way to appeasing frustrated gamers who no longer earn XP because they have maxed out at level 40, no matter how many habitats they build or minions they banish. I wonder if any of the Techs actually sit down and play the game like we do, instead of just coming up with new creatures once a week, booster packs, limited half time breeding and hatching periods on creatures, or quests. If they did, they would soon see the frustration players have with their new ideas they think will continue to keep players interested. If we knew they were actually working on a new island to give us more challenges than what we have now, and ways to use huge amounts of dust and coins, along with upgrading the XP level, they would not continue to lose players like they seem to be doing right now. I know this would require a lot more time and effort on their part, but I would rather have them spend their time on a major update
          Rather than throwing sops at us to keep us playing.

      • emotionless says:

        I made a suggestion on their page the other day to deal with the surplus dust, but they seem to have just glossed over it.

        The ability to use magic dust to speed up crops or double the harvest would help deal with both the dust overflow AND the food shortage.

        They didnt even say anything, but what really cracked me up is the response to the following post with “Thank you for this suggestion”. here

        Im like WTF, did you actually read or understand the question. There’s already a lethian in the game. It just shows that its a standard response without any intention of taking it further.

        I did get a response to the Orc issue though and the dust quest last week and they have acted on both pretty quickly.

    • seyra12 says:

      I got the Heyoka with Nanuk and Karkadann on 1st try (android)

  156. Awesomeness says:

    The new creature is called a heyoka and is mountain/polar magic. I got it first try with satyress and basilisk.

  157. clueless says:

    Does the summoning order affect the outcome?

  158. Thrikelmz says:

    New Creature Heyoka!!

    I would like to have the shadow and light magic in TC

  159. chibilita125 says:

    The new creature Heyoka has a 41hr breeding time. You can now also summon using polar and mountain magics (so Ice Golem and Satyress) whi h was previously banned.

  160. Lawren says:

    The name of the critter that was out today has Heyoka. I just got it today with pixie and zephyr on first try. The timer is 41 hours. Too bad the Heyoka is an opposite, so I used the hybrid combo on first try. This guy is rarer than yeti, so prepare to have a myriad of yetis.

    • Klaw says:

      From what I see, its definitely not classed as a rare.

      No need to use hybrids, thats only going to lessen your chances of getting what you do want. They removed the incompatability with Mountain and Polar yesterday, so you can do a straight breed.

      I would NOT recommend adding in any other elements other than mountain and polar. Youre damn lucky you didnt get a gargoyle or Pine Dryad using the combo you did. Its only cause the heyoka is also in the common group that you fell lucky this time.

  161. emotionless says:

    Heyoka – Polar/Mountain

    20h 30m during 1/2 time event – same as Yeti

  162. ReeRee says:

    Noobb I’m looking for the instructions to get my game back I had to get another phone. I know you have it on this wonderful site I just can’t find it

    • noobbgodlike says:

      No, I don’t have specific guide about it, sorry. You can only transfer your game by contacting tinyco and telling them about your UDID/IMEI number (more info about this number on “fix error section” on the post above). Hope this helps.

  163. emotionless says:

    Noob Im not sure what TC are playing at, but some of the breeding times have changed again. Im talking about the base time, and not the half time event.

    The biggest change is with the Orc. Its gone from 12 hours to 5 days (2 days 12 hrs during the 1/2 time event)
    5 days to summon a creature then another 5 days to hatch the egg.. woaaaaaah 10days in total, thats plain ridiculous. !!

  164. Lawren says:

    I see a new creature being announced on the Facebook page. That little critter has buck teeth and zebra stripes and is a permanent item in the store. I wonder what its name will be. My suggestion is Bandersnatch. I believe the elements will be volcano/polar or sky/forest. Let us hope it is not TOO rare to get this critter, because it is NOT an IAP.

    • LolaFrye says:

      It’s out now (but I don’t remember the name – bandersnatch would have been more fun). It doesn’t appear to be very rare based off the number of jewels to buy it (360). I’m hoping the breeding time is 41 hours because I just breed a vily and yeti and got 20.5…I really don’t want another yeti ;) I’ll let you know what I get.

  165. 3ke says:

    This is a twist. TinyCo is showing what the creature looks like but leaving out the name…
    Looks kinda weird.

  166. Lawren says:

    Wait a minute! The leprechaun is NOT limited at all, only the booster pack itself for a limited time. Get rid of the LM (Limited) status, because of the label marked “New” in the store.

  167. Mimi says:

    Hi I have am stuck in bribe a slush troll to find clues about wiendy I briebed more than 10 slush trolls and didn’t finish the quay and they only ask to bribe one slush toll do u know what’s happening ? Thx

  168. Twan says:

    Hi Noob….
    I am over lvl 35, have almost all creatures, and done almost all quests except the last one…
    Do you know what we wait for in the future….?
    Another island maybe…???

    Grz, Twan.

  169. Frances JoLee says:

    I was wondering what I need to do to fix my Tiny Castle, my game keeps shutting down, any changes in my layout of things doesn’t keep and my food and jewels disappear. I have re-installed the game several times and still the problem continues. Does anyone know what’s going on? Or is my phone gone dumb?? Please Help if that is possible. Thank You very much!

  170. Stacy says:

    How does the extra large farm compare to the large farm?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hmm, I lost the data, but it’s not worth from what I remembered.

    • Stacy says:

      thank you.

    • emotionless says:

      Its not as bad as it used to be, they changed the recipes a few weeks ago, so they now give more food now than they previously did.

      eg Unicorns went from 15 -> 90. Dragon fruits went from 473 -> 608, which compared to the Princess Peaches at 270 now makes the Very Large Farm better value.

      Since the update they are a much more attractive purchase and Im saving my gems up to buy another.

      They changed the recipes yet again last weekend to also include the large farm recipes too so that players could complete quests.

      Theres a list of the new recipes here if you want to know what they are:

      • Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

        I have updated 5 of my farms, one at a time due to the cost, and I do tend to get more food faster. Too bad the limit is still 39,000 for storage. The production of the large farms has gotten better since the update. It depends on how many times you can go in and gather the crops during the day to make it worthwhile to update your farms using gems.

  171. 3ke says:

    Posted this on TinyCos Facebook about the recent quest chain.
    Their response is …..

  172. Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

    Apparently, TC received tons of complaints regarding the second part of their new quest aimed at level 20 players and over requiring the gathering of 5 cups of dust. When I went into the game today, that part showed completed, as did the next 5 that came up. The last part requires a level 15 Garden Nymph and collection of 10,000 food to feed it. Hopefully, once this is done, another quest will appear leading us closer to Wemdy.

    Fastest response I’ve ever seen from any game regarding a huge mistake on their part. So if any of you have not gone into the game today, do so, and see if you have the same results.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Yes, the quest is auto complete. BTW, please discuss everything about quest on the quest page (plant to save Wendy). Any comment discussing the quest that posted on this page will be deleted :). Thanks for the understanding :).

  173. Erica says:

    I passed right thru quest 2 and didn’t have to sell my accumulated dust. It took me over 5 tries to bribe the slush troll though. Maybe they changed the dust quest piece.

  174. Gerri says:

    I am not getting rid of all my hard earned dust just to complete 5 cups of dust. I already have two wells I can’t use and one I paid money for before realising it was useless as was already over storage limit. Anyway what we need is an prope update with another island or something similar that will take the game to another level. Not just some small quests which I am not sure lead us anywhere further.

  175. Klaw says:

    Im furious right now

    “Phillip needs Magic Dust to focus. Wish for 5 Cups to help him.”

    TinyCastle has just pulled the most stupid stunt ever.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      lol, agree XD. We need to thrash all of our dust….

    • Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

      Klaw, I agree with you. For anyone who has played the game for any length of time, especially if they have cleared all 3 islands, there is no way to use their accumulated dust to reap 5 cups more. What a farce this is. Hopefully, they will rethink this ridiculous quest in order to let players at level 20 or over they are targeting complete the quest. Otherwise, they are going to lose a lot more players. If that is their goal, they have succeeded in a huge way unless they backtrack and realize their stupidity in requiring reaping dust for those over level 20, their targeted gamers with this quest.

      • jewls says:

        Totally agree I will not be dumping my dust Philip will just have to stay unfocused.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Let’s just hope that the quest is not a “must” to save Wendy. I can understand what you guys feels, but there is also no use for those dusts if you don’t spend it. Let’s just hope that we won’t need a lot of them to save Wendy later.

      • lol says:

        Mary Kay,
        You are far too generous when bestowing praise on TC for “attempting” to adequately perform their basic job functions …TC has continuously delivered sub-standard service & content since inception & I am just fed-up…I am not going to waste my time attempting to complete a so-called “Quest” that provides “No” enjoyment & lacks any semblance of “true” game-play…So until TC feels the need to actually provide engaging game content my praises, time & more importantly to TC my “wallet” is on hiatus …As Always Happy Kingdoms …

      • Quandry says:

        Buy decorations and after you place them put them in the unlimited storage. I have thousands of items in storage. I refuse to complain about a quest, any quest after waiting to for so long to get one.

    • Macdizzle says:

      I just spent up my dust by buying lots of decorations!!

    • lol says:

      Hey Klaw,
      This is just s repeat of the same stunt they pulled about 3 -4 months ago…& knowing TC it will definitely not be their last…I guess on the bright side my current expectations from TC is so “loooow” they can only improve at least in theory …LOL

    • jewls says:

      Hi Klaw just wanted to thank you for the tip about buying the Bell towers. It was agreat help. ;D

  176. Lawren says:

    Happy first day of spring to all TinyCo players! I hope the fauns will return next month for summon, not IAP. What is your favorite season? I like spring and summer, because I go on vacations. Can anyone do a guide to the new quest for today?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I live on Tropical country so I don’t know about spring/ summer, but I do hate winter XD (been in Australia when winter), no sun and cold arghg XD. Enough for my rant. Really glad to see new quest on this game

  177. Bryan says:

    so for this new quest, do i have to deplete ALL of my dust and then get 5 cups again?

    • Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

      I was excited to see a new quest regarding Wendy. I finished the first part growing food. For those who upgraded all their large farms to larger farms using jewels, they will have to move their big farms back to the game to complete it. I have only upgraded part of my farms, but nothing I grew on them went to complete the first part for food. I was very disappointed to see the next part of the quest was to reap 5 cups of food. For those who have been playing the game for more than a few months, or have cleared all 3 islands and continue to banish minions every day, there is no way they can spend the dust they have accumulated in order to reap 5 cups of dust., thus the ability to complete the quest is impossible. I would assume anyone at level 30 and over, and probably at lower levels too, will be unable to complete the second part of the quest in order to continue. I give Kudos for TC adding a new quest, but making the second part of the request unattainable for most players is a slap in the face to those of us who have played the game since it came out. Unless they resolve this issue allowing us to spend coins or jewels to complete this part, TC will lose all those players who said they were close to deleting the game until this new quest appeared, once they realize it is impossible to finish the quest.

    • Pink says:

      I have the same question, Noob! I have so much dust. What do I do?.:(

  178. Lawren says:

    The Search for Wendy part is back! What do we do now when something is wrong with Phillip? Save Wendy or rescue Phillip from being hypnotized? Find out next tomorrow on the game. The new Family Guy game is also coming soon. I am not a fan of this show, so I do NOT plan on getting apps based on sitcoms by 20th Century Television. To players who are fans of Family Guy, you should answer the Peter Griffin question on TC’s Facebook page to win rubies.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I like the show, I also planning to make the guide for the game :). BTW the answer is green.

    • 3ke says:

      I don’t like Family Guy either. The answer was obvious as hey showed the family playing on smart phones.

      More eager for the quests in Tiny Castle. :) they finally came up with something.

      • Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

        And the second part to reap 5 cups of dust will be impossible for most players who are at higher levels and have cleared all 3 islands. There is no way to spend the accumulated dust they have to reap 5 cups of dust.

  179. Erika Gilpin says:

    Hey noob would you know if I were to delete tiny village but still kept tiny castle, would I still have my tiny ID that I made from downloading tiny village since you cant make one from tiny castle??

  180. Cynthia says:

    I just started this game and do not understand the upgrading of the storage units. At some point do we benifit from these, such as can we pull out stored coins and food or dust? I have updated but it takes a lot of dust to upgrade my coin storage and I am not sure of the benifit for doing this.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      yeah, you will need it later. Let’s say you need 1 million coins to upgrade but since YOu haven’t upgrade your coins keep , you can’t keep more than 500.000 coins.

  181. jason says:

    Just got 8 hrs with wisp and faun

  182. Christine says:

    Leprechaun- Treant and Pooka (several tries)

    • jewls says:

      Thanks got him 2nd try with this combo on my tablet after many many attempts with different combos. Also on my Kindle Fire with Pooka and Sylph. ;)

  183. Debby says:

    I finally got my leprechaun with Tomten and Garden Nymph after a half dozen tries with other suggestions.

  184. cassie says:

    got my Leprechaun with an Ancient Garden Nymph and a Teen Wisp

  185. Lawren says:

    I got lucky on March 17! The banshee and Leshy combo gave me a leprechaun on first try after a myriad of failures from other combos. This is the 33rd rare creature I got. Happy St Patrick’s Day to all of players of TinyCo! Now if only I could get the ice sylph…

    • Erika Gilpin says:

      Thank you so much. …this combo worked for me on the first try after many fails with all the other combos :)

  186. Perry says:

    Noob, someone recommended a pair that resulted in a Gorgon (they were attempting for Snow Nixie) Tengu/Triton. Since nothing has worked for me for either creature, I gave it a go. Resulted in 8 hours. The only creature fitting time/elements is Snow Maiden. Is that creature still about? I will update once I see the egg. I tend not to use gems to speed up breeding, but this is really tempting. . . . . . ,

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I already remove limited marked from swan maiden status.

    • emotionless says:

      The snowMaiden is only available for summoning if you installed TinyMonsters in the allowed time frame.

      According to the data files, the snow maiden only becomes summonable when you install TM within a certain time frame.

      Although theres an expiry date for the quest to install TM, I couldnt see anything that showed an expiry date for the actual summons of the egg. *

      *thats not to say there isnt, nor wont be one in future.

      • Perry says:

        Thanks to both of you on your replies. I did indeed get my second Snow Maiden. I guess since I had Tiny Monsters before Tiny Castle, I fit the criteria. Still chasing the elusive Gorgon. :-(

  187. Saboroso says:

    I cleared all debris on my 2nd island and started clearing debris on my 3rd island last week.
    Today I find a snowy rock just show up on my 2nd island. It says clear for $765,000.
    Does this ever happen to you or is this only a glitch in my game?

  188. emotionless says:

    If its ok with noob, Id really like some feedback from players on a tiny castle breeding sandbox that Im programming.

    So far it identifies any direct incompatible elements and also any incompatible breeding pairs. (I never realised that there is circa 100 combos that arent allowed in the game & it took a while to find them all!)

    Anyhow what Id like some feedback on is.. limited creatures.
    At present it will pull up any limited monsters, but Ive added a tick or cross to show if they are currently available.

    Would people prefer to see all possibilities the way it is (is it clear?).. or would you prefer if I took out all limited monsters from the returned list?

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully respond :)

    • noobbgodlike says:

      It’s very nice :).

    • 3ke says:

      Well done.

    • Perry says:

      Since limited monster do return, I think it would be nice to have them available all the time. Nice job!

      • emotionless says:

        Thank you everyone


        Cheers, yes – I was wanting feedback on whether to output the limited monsters or not.

        I was concerned that it wasn’t clear enough which monsters were limited and if it may cause confusion.

        Ive just re-jigged things a little & tidied up some loose ends in the code. It should also now show the breeding pair images.

        If it does cause confusion by listing the limiteds, I can take them out, but like you I thought it may be useful to keep them in for if they do return.

        An example page which shows up limited monsters is

        • Perry says:

          I have just summoned a Snow Maiden. I was informed ( see above comments). This is an odd situation. Apparently if you met the criteria, the Snow Maiden can be summoned at any time. Not limited, but not able to be summoned by players without Tiny Monsters. Not sure how you would show that unless with a notation. Oi just noticed it was your comment informing me. *_*. Well done you, laddie! If only it could give a guarenteed pair for getting rare creatures. . . . . J/K

  189. MB says:

    I got it with Treant and Pooka

  190. Matt Angelo says:

    I will confirm that The leprechaun is 8hours breeding and hatching time so if you have a breeding time that is 1 day and 4 hours that is a pooka

  191. Matt Angelo says:

    I got a leprechaun egg with faun and pooka

  192. Emily says:

    Got my Leprechaun with Imp and Centaur

  193. Razzie says:

    I cant seem to buy the extravagant pack anyone else having this problem?

  194. Alex says:

    I have been trying for leprechaun all day and spending diamonds to speed breeding and it’s no use. I keep getting excited because I get one that is over 1 day for breeding time and then I spend about 30 jewels on it and it’s pooka. Real annoying. I am hoping there is a certain two that breed it easily.

  195. erica says:

    I think i got the leprechaun. I got 29 hrs. I dont see anything else for that amount of time, but i can be wrong. We will have to wait n see

  196. Kody says:

    Well besides Zmey being the only “Volcano & Polar” creature, will there be any others soon? Just wondering. Thank you.

  197. hldevil22 says:

    The Leprechaun is being released soon according to the facebook page. Looks cool from the outline they show. Just a heads up.

    • Klaw says:

      Totally guessing, but since they were messing with the Orc data yesterday, I wouldn’t be surprised if this will be the 4th combo in the forest/mountain set.

      They seem to be pushing out mountain and ice creatures possibly in preparation for the ice polar elemental temples which require a stupidly large amount of monster levelling up. The volcano,desert, beach temples are bad enough at 15 and they don’t even required ridiculous amounts of food like polar ice do.

  198. Lawren says:

    TinyCo is adding a leprechaun tomorrow. I love this elf in a shamrock hat. Let us hope it is neither IAP nor very rare.

  199. Klaw says:

    noob, TC appears to have changed the breeding times for several creatures.

    It just confused the hell out of me trying to work out what I got from a summonning, because the times dont tie up anymore.

    Some of the changes are really random, but some monsters now have increased breeding times.
    A few that Ive noticed –
    Orc is now 12hrs,

    garden nymph 30 seconds,
    centaur 15 mins,
    griffin 15 mins,
    phoenix 3hrs 15mins,
    Cyno is 13hrs,

    I dont know if this is a permanent change or what.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hmm, yeah it seems they have changed the time of creatures. But phoenix is still 1 hours in my game, centaur become 1 minute. I am not sure whether 50% breeding time event is still taking effect or not.

      • Klaw says:

        Ive just tested by buying the eggs for coins, but my nursery is full now.

        They are definitely messing with something right now. Earlier the centaur was 15 mins, then you got 1 min… and now I get 30 seconds.

        Cyno is still 13hrs.

        What are they playing at?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          LOL, Maybe they make the breeding time random?? Crazy if they really do it.

        • emotionless says:

          I think they may have been experimenting last night for different times appearing?

          Ive looked the the latest data file.
          Half time event finished 2014-03-05.

          There is an option to set a different hatch time to summoning time. Hatch Time on the elementals is what they appear to have been changing/testing. Id need to code something to parse the 2 sets of data for both breeding & hatching times to be able to check all monsters, as its too much to scan by eye.

          The Orc has changed and is now set at 12/12hr.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Hmm looks like I am gonna write my new breeding time again from now on. Thanks for the info :)

  200. Dubblecp says:

    I just got a new iphone and my tiny castle game I’ve been playing for two years didn’t get transferred to my new phone. Is there anyway I can make this happen

  201. LoveLane34/LoveLane29 (Tiny ID) says:

    Hi Noob and fellow gamers!! I was wondering if anyone knew if you were able to purchase more than on of those “5x increased chances” rainbows, because mine is doing nothing to help my Unicorn-less islands. Thanks and happy gaming!! : )

  202. elena says:

    Tiny island should be releasing more limited creatures .. n i hope we come across a fourth island as well ..XDXDXD

  203. Lawren says:

    Saint Patrick’s Day is coming this March. What new creature should be available to breed instead of being an IAP? We already have five taken from Ireland (banshee, Sidhe, Roane, Selkie, and Pooka). I think leprechaun is a good one, but the elements must be sky and garden.

  204. Lawren says:

    TinyCo has received too many feedback from many players about a lack of new quests appearing. What quest do you vote for in the future? Save the queen’s prisoner (Wendy) or finish side quests? Pick one.

  205. Ruth says:

    How do you get rid of the clumsy slush troll

  206. Gerri says:

    Just bought the rainbow after countless tries for the Unicorn previously .

    Used SwanMaiden/ Zephyr and got the Unicirn first try :)

  207. Lawren says:

    TinyCo released a 5x chance offer for players to summon a unicorn by buying a rainbow. It is unlocked by buying a pouch of jewels. Too bad, I won’t be spending money on this one. I already summoned a unicorn already. I would keep going for the ice sylph.

  208. Saboroso says:

    Does TinyCastle ever have gem discounts on rare creatures (Unicorn, Hippocamp, Basilisk, Nereid etc)?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hmm, it happened on the past, but not sure when.

    • 3ke says:

      During creature sales but isn’t a lot. Usually around 20%

    • Saboroso says:

      It’s ok.
      After many failed attempts at a 2nd Sylph I decided to randomly try Forest Nymph and Mermaid and happened upon a Nereid.
      Funny because during the rare creature event I tried at least six different combos (some twice) and got Triton every time. I got lucky to get this on the first attempt since then. Only 30 more hours to wait.

      Quick question though.
      Can I use gems to retry the Sylph evolution or will I be stuck with whatever I get the first time?

    • Klaw says:

      They do events every few months, but not all monsters are always discounted in every sale. They may only include half of them

      The last big sale was iirc just after christmas, when all creatures were discounted by 50% for a short while.

  209. 3ke says:

    High demand for the Unicorn has created a special offer!

    At least it’s just a pouch. That’s small.

  210. elena says:

    Can anyone tell wat will d upcomin limited creature

    • 3ke says:

      No one really can unless you’re working for TinyCo but we can all guess that there will be a re-release of what they did last year like extravagant packages or mines. I however, wish for them to release a new limited creature, like a Leprechaun. :)

  211. Peg says:

    hey. Level 20 here. The only minions on either island are 66+ shield. Only can fight with my level 11 Bast.. NO weaker minions are spawning.. is this a glitch? is there a secret for faster respawn?

    No respawns on Island 1 or 2 for 2-3 days.
    Tried moving farms and housing around and some to Island 2. no respawns on either island after full shutdown and reboot. Playing on Kindle Fire.

    and yeah. I am feeding as fast as I can.. and will get air temple when I get my 5th large farm.


    • noobbgodlike says:

      Minions are completely random. Read 4 spire quest to learn about minion spawn rate.

    • Klaw says:

      There is a maximum amount of minions that your realm can hold.

      You may need to bribe some of the stronger minions on the 3rd island in order for some weaker ones to spawn.

      • Peg says:

        thank you!

        Not counting the clouded minions, I have 14 + queen = 15 minions available for slaughter. will try bribery! these 15 are only on island 2.

        Level 21.

      • Peg says:

        Klaw – you are brilliant… I bribed about 15 minions at 108 food each.. hour later.. I haz minions on island 1…

        thank you!

  212. 3ke says:

    Well, funny thing happened when I was trying to get the Gorgon, I was saving up jewels to just buy her & I was at 186 when I finally summoned one during the special double chance/half the time offer. I’m currently at 220 jewels as of this post & don’t really know what to do asides from save more & NOT to spend them on a very large farm. I also have every creature that has been released except; Holly Dryad, Tomten, Fireworks Fairy, Icy Peryton, & the Exclusives. Now, growing food for the Sylphs to get Ice & Electric.
    I don’t care if this sounds like bragging, I’ve been saving for 2 months, & I’m open for suggestions on what to do besides save more.

    • Klaw says:

      Save it. Either for a jewel mine if they release one at Easter.. or my jewels normally get used on speed breeding during limited monsters if Im not having any luck during the early stages.

      • 3ke says:

        I may buy an exclusive creature when they’re re-released during the holiday events but only on the last day if I can’t summon it.

  213. deirdre says:

    the Pooka breeding time is 14 hours not 28 done this on 4 ipads now

    • Klaw says:

      The half time breeding event is still on. Thats why you got half of the normal time.

      • Lawren says:

        Looks like TC had many feedback about long hours, so the half breed timer offer is longer… Am I right? I believe it will end tomorrow. I mixed sylph and sylph and got a 5 hour timer and I believe the offer is ongoing…

        • Lawren says:

          Nah, I mixed sylph plus sylph and got an eleven hour timer… :p The offer has ended already…

  214. Mimi says:

    Hi am summoning a puck with garden nymph and got 12.30 breeding time do u know what it might be thx

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Summoning result chart.

      • Mimi says:

        Thx but I went to summoning chart I didn’t find it and now I have a fire nymph with sideh I got 13,39 min and didn’t find it in
        summoning chart and anyway thx a lot for ur site it’s so helpfull

        • Mimi says:

          It seems the half breeding time still taking effect and it’s a snow nymph

        • noobbgodlike says:

          hmm, really strange.. Why tinyco still doing this.

        • Mimi says:

          Sorry frost nymph and I already have one and am trying for kitsuna

        • noobbgodlike says:

          You’re welcome. If you can’t find it on the chart then I can’t do anything :(.

        • LolaFrye says:

          I am still getting half being times as well. Maybe they finally listened and have just halved all of the times permanently? Crazier things have happened.

          I think they’ve also made it a little easier to get rare creatures, but it might just be a coincidence. All I know is I just started a new game while I wait for them to transfer my old one to my new phone, & the first creature I summoned was a wisp.

        • Rach says:

          My first time playing and my first summon was a wisp.

        • Klaw says:

          In the past when an event has expired and they remove the banners, they usually upload a new monster data file.

          Looks like they forgot to do so.. shhhhhhhhh lol ;) :D :D

          I can confirm that the game data files are still on half time breeding.

  215. Lawren says:

    I went to TC’s Facebook page and the post says that I was able to breed a unicorn. TinyCo has congratulated me for doing so.

    • LoveLane34/LoveLane29 (Tiny ID) says:

      I’m confused? Did u successfully breed it in ur game and if so, using which combo?

      • Lawren says:

        I did breed it: lochness and marid was the combo I used last week to get the unicorn, according to my post.

        • Lol (iOS 7) says:

          Cool, I bred a Unicorn during the 1st week of the 50% breeding summons…however I used the Unicorn as one of the creatures in my formula so I did not bother mentioning it until now…

      • Klaw says:

        Its definitely still in the data files as available for breeding and not marked as limited.

        Its classed as a rare, but the double chance event still seems to be running, which is why atm you are more likely to get it.

  216. Hi Noob and all other gamers!! Just curious is the shortened breeding time still in effect? I’m confused. I bred Swan Maiden and Neried together got 3.55 hrs and it ended up being a swan maiden. I just bred swan maiden with yuki onna and got 5.?? Hrs but 40 diamonds to speed things up. Confused. THANKS!! : )

  217. Lawren says:

    No new creature has appeared today. TinyCo did a 40% off coin sale with real money.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      yeha, no new creature. Let us save Wendy next week please.

      • Esher says:

        I’ve been on level 40 for months now, and just need the gorgon, the hippogriff and the unicorn, but even trying to get those three is barely enough to fight the tedium of nothing new happening.

        I don’t like that all this experience is being completely wasted.

        I agree that larger and different habitats would help. It’s irritating to have to shuffle creatures around when a new one comes out, but without a new habitat.

    • Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

      Which for most of us at higher levels don’t need. I have 150 habitats stored that I can sell if TC ever updates their food, coins, and dust storage, or sells anything using coins instead of real money. Why would anyone continue to buy anything with real money since they are not listening to comments posted on their FB page. I also noticed they don’t do their Thursday or Friday updates anymore. Tired of hearing complaints they never respond to? Only banishing minions, dust clouds, and reaping farms in order to upgrade creatures is getting boring. TC may want to do a major update soon if they don’t want to lose most of their long time players.

      • pthalo says:

        Yep .. was just thinking that. I’ve been starting to think there was no longer any point in playing anymore since my game play is the same now. I keep hoping some big story changer will pop up soon to give me something to work for. Only mission i can really have right now is upgrading all my temples to gold and it’s starting to get old. =/

        • Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

          And the amount of food to do that is huge!

          Is it just me imagining things, but have they changed some of the minions power upwards? I used to be able to banish Hobs with my higher level creatures (Nanuck, Basilisk, and Vily), but now I can’t. The one I noticed this was happening on was the Red Hob, and she now is rated at 156, and I believe she used to be 138.

  218. ree4utoo says:

    Question about the Jotunn- what does it mean by 2 perfect hits???

  219. missfoxy2u says:

    Which creature at what level do I use to banish the queen so I can get to the 3rd island? I’m stuck. Please and thank you!

  220. Dubblecp says:

    I just got Orc . The egg was fine but when I put it in a home and it disappeared. When i go to the home it shows there is a Orc in the home but you can’t see him. Has anyone else had this problem and is there a fix

  221. Lee Morris says:

    I think they could of done a better job on the Orc! It looks too friendly!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hmm, design looks fine IMO. It’s tiny castle not world of warcraft :).

    • 3ke says:

      I think the friendliness works for Tiny Castle but I’d have to say the Orc looks too green for being a mountain/forest creature. Perhaps toning the green down some or making it look browner would look a little better. But that’s my opinion.

    • Lee Morris says:

      Don’t get me wrong the Orc is cool like it is but compared to some of the other creatures it just looks a little too friendly. I do like the depiction though!

  222. Kj661 says:

    I can’t see my siren. I got her this morning placed her but cannot see her?

  223. lol says:

    FYI: Earlier today I posted the following suggestion on TC’s FB. Hopefully they will consider the idea.
    “Hey TC, while we patiently wait for new levels to be added ….for a quick enhancement can you increase the maximum number of inhabitants from 4 to 6 on a “large” home. I believe this will greatly assist players w/ managing their ever growing creature population… thanks”

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I prefer they to make extra large habitat (not simply increase the quota), this way we get new forms of habitat which is nice and have something to look forward.

      • lol says:

        I definitely prefer your suggestion…but I was thinking w/ my suggestion it would take very little effort to make a code change to increase the number of inhabitants…while your preferred method would mean actual new development which TC is seemingly avoiding like a Sand minion avoids Villy …:-)

        • noobbgodlike says:

          LOL, I just hope tinyco let us save Wendy first then planning the next move. Maybe dark castle unlock dark element such as dracula, etc. Let us save the girl….. Villy can kick evil queen easily XD.

    • 3ke says:

      I just want to grow more food. Whether it’s getting more farms or for the farms to get upgraded without spending jewels.

  224. Passingthrough says:

    Umm, I cleared all the fog, but I don’t know what quest I have to compleat to cross the bridge:( please help!!!!! :(

  225. stephanie says:

    Fairy + Triton. Was trying for Siren!!

  226. ESMIE29 says:

    hi can someone please tell me where is the dusk beacon. im trying to do the dusk quests

  227. Idk says:

    Is there a quest to get to the seconded island?

  228. jj0821 says:

    Hi Noon, First I want to say thank you for this site. I have been about to pull my hair out with some of the more difficult breeds, but since finding this site a couple months ago I have hatched a few! Yay :) Now for my question. Its a bit silly but I don’t understand the allergic to concept. Many of the creatures the minions are allergic to aren’t even strong enough to banish them. So what’s the point?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      yeah, it’s one of the biggest flaw of this game. Simply ignore allergic category when trying to banish creature, minion will take 10% more damage from monster that it’s allergic to.

  229. Dubblecp says:

    Has the mountain and ice temples been released yet? Couse I don’t have them. Just wanted to know if I have to do something to unlock them or they are unavailable

  230. Bryson says:

    So I just got an Orc egg. I was breeding my Owlman and my Karkadann to try and get an Adlet, and it poped out. I guess it was just released? It has a hatching time of 12 hours. Btw, I visit this website all the time for info about the monsters and stuff. It’s really helpful and you’ve done a great job with it.

  231. Ashley7 says:

    Think I got Orc with the basic elements. Breed time was 12 hours making it 24h with 1/2 off promotion. I don’t see that time on your guide.

  232. Anna says:

    Hi noob. Do u know where I could find pictures of the temples?

  233. Shiree says:

    Yay I got the Orc egg 2nd time with Pooka and Gorgon :) 12hour breeding/hatching time. I have only grown him to level 9, he eats soooo much food!!! Haha. I have sent you pics and info noob :)

  234. jewls says:

    I thought Swan Maiden was a limited creature?? Trying for hippocamp I now have 4 Sirens and 6 Swan Maidens if only we could swap them think I will Try for Orc for a while see if I can get him. :)

  235. Lawren says:

    An Orc has appeared in my game. There is a double chance offer, along with a half breed offer. Thank goodness TinyCo did that. The Orc is my favorite creature in the game, it reminds me of the enemy from Gauntlet series by midway.

  236. Colin says:

    Noob what is a garden mine, and how do you get one? Was reading other player comments and seen pleople talking bout this…. Brill site dude keep up the good work.

  237. Lawren says:

    I wish TC adds an executioner as the guard to the queen to save Wendy. This is an epic battle. He is the most dangerous monster to fight, along with other monsters such as the slush, so any creature (such as Vila) (124 ATK) should be stronger to make him fall off the castle. What do you think? TC is working to continue the storyline.

  238. Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

    I think it’s telling that no one has mentioned the garden mines that turned into gem mines TC introduced last Friday, and cost gems. They would have pleased a lot more players if they were left as garden mines you could reap food for a limited amount of time, and cost coins. I also think it’s funny TC did not post anything on Facebook regarding their garden mines last Friday, like they normally do when they introduce something new over the weekend. Didn’t want to hear all the same feedback they’ve had for the last year, and didn’t act upon?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Because announcing on facebook will trigger unnecessary comment like please let us buy with coins, etc (they won’t change). And they will reply with, please understand that you don’t need to by the garden mines”.

  239. Dubblecp says:

    Tiny co
    Please give us a up grade for our farms. I know there’s the one you got to buy with
    gems, but what about us that don’t wana pay $220 to up grade our farms

  240. Keeshond-gal says:

    I really wish Tiny Co would make an update so we could level up past 40- any idea of when this might happen?

  241. geowild says:

    hey does anyone know if and when you get a 3rd dust and coin vault I cant clear some areas because cant get enough saved up in the space in the vaults

    • noobbgodlike says:

      See level up reward section.

    • Klaw says:

      They changed things a couple of months ago. Depends what level you’re on now.

      By level 28 if you upgrade to the 2 castle vaults, this should give you more than enough storage to clear any of the patches of fog on the third island. Each castle fog vault will hold 15,000 dust. There’s another upgrade via the main castle at level 30, which should take total storage to 31,150.

      Failing that, just keep fighting minions. Any dust rewards from battles will still continue to accumulate over any limits.

  242. Shaygee says:

    I got a Snow Maiden with Cockatrice on the left and Siren on the right.

  243. Twan says:

    Noob, can you tell me how to get a creature in the storage…?
    There is after all a place for them there…

  244. Eddy says:

    Hey noob, I was just noticeing the icy perryington(think I spelled that right) on this main page it has it as a limited monster. But on the egg main page it doesnt show that? So my question is, is it limited or not? Even the main page for the monster does not show it as limited? Can you straiten this out for me, I would still like to try for it if its available. Just thought id ask.

  245. Little Wings says:

    I play both TC games, on Tiny Castle I can see all the valentines deco and cupid but I don’t see the swan. I tried shutting off for awhile but didn’t work any ideas?
    PS Thanks for a great site :)

  246. Alex says:

    I am wondering does the lovely wishing well give you dust? I don’t want to purchase the $20 package of it is useless. Could always use more dust! And btw thanks for your devotion to this site. So wonderful! The world always needs nerds like us!

  247. Lawren says:

    The teen and adult images of the autumn nymph are out! Now there is data, the page will be created! I am not the same Lawren from the Wiki. I use it as my nickname, because I cannot show my full name at G4G (Guide 4 Gamers) website. I also log in to the TC Wiki with my FB account, but I am keeping my info as a secret to avoid losing my new account. Anyhow, it is okay to start the page. They are on the Wiki by looking at photos, the recolored nymph.

  248. Esher says:

    First try with Lochness and Peryton

  249. melinda says:

    Thanks for the website with the useful tips. Thanks everyone for posting your comments. Glad to see I’m not the only one that thinks TC should make some changes. I started playing TC because my granddaughter plays it with her mother. It is something we can talk about, being a long distance grandmother. I don’t see how the game keeps a child’s attention. It takes so long to get anywhere. Once you’ve upgraded to a large farm for something around 347000 coins the farm doesn’t produce much more than the small farm (In life I’d call it a bad investment). Since it takes “forever” to do anything why upgrade to a large farm? I also purchased a larger home and sold two of my smaller ones. I was cheated on the amount. I was to receive 1000 for one home and got 600. I’m loosing patience with this game. I think I’m going to make babies just to see how cute they are and forget the rest!

  250. Namarien says:

    Swan Maiden: Yuki-Onna + Snow Nixie. First try.

  251. monica says:

    Yuhoooo!!!! i got cupid. . . :)

  252. CBOF4 says:

    Swan Maiden : Siren + Sylph
    First try

  253. melindayates says:

    Got swan maiden with Cupid and kirin first try

  254. Lawren says:

    I just saw my adult swan maiden and I like her adult form, because of her crown.

  255. Mrs.Black says:

    I got the Swan Maiden 1st try with Cupid & Triton in this order for 8hrs……then I switched it the other way around and it gave me 19hrs !!!!Good luck everyone ;)

  256. Shiree says:

    Wooooohoooo!!!! Got a Swan Maiden egg 2nd try with Raksasha and Wyrm :) now to try for Cupid :) will send you pics and info once hatched and grown :)

  257. Reiki29 says:

    Siren and yuki-onna = swan maiden, first go :)

  258. Jami says:

    Water Leaper and Zephyr
    This got me the Swan Maiden the first try and Cupid on the second try.

  259. Kody says:

    I got Swan Maiden on the first try with Siren + Sylph. YAY!!!!

  260. Lawren says:

    How many creatures do you own currently own? I own 81/99 creatures.

  261. ReeRee says:

    Got it first time with cockatrice and siren on my tablet still trying on my phone

  262. Chaz601 says:

    Swan Maiden = Sylph and Triton first try.

  263. Kris says:


    **Lvl 1-5 My Daughter(5yr old) raised my swan to a level 6 before I noticed,sorry lol

    Lvl 6-Food-4×750, Earn Rate-15/min, Def-44, Attack-23
    Lvl 7-Food-4×890, Earn Rate-19/min, Def-53, Attack-27

    Lvl 8-Food-4×1190, Earn Rate-21/min, Def-60, Attack-30
    Lvl 9-Food-4×1410, Earn Rate-25/min, Def-65, Attack-31

    That’s as far as I’ve got. I’ll add more later as I finish.

    • Kris says:

      Also, adult Swan says- “How can I help you your majesty”

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Thanks Kris, However, I already have all the data from emotionless (not sure if he wants to use his old name :) ). What I need is teen, adult , and egg picture. If you have them please send them (if you don’t mind).

      BTW, you can see the picture from your encyclopedia.

  264. Lol (iOS 7) says:

    I used Siren + Ice Sylph and summoned the new Ice maiden …

  265. jnoggle says:

    Swan maiden: hatching time 8 hours (9 jewels)
    Got it first try with cockatrice and siren

  266. Skyguy009 says:

    What’s a beach magics ?

  267. poisnprncess says:

    Swan Maiden breeding time was only 8 hours. I used Coral Nixie/Hippogryph formula & got it on the first try, I’m on a galaxy S3. Was pretty easy actually. I thought it’d be harder to get. It’s the only thing that has a breeding time of exactly 8 hours. I used some jewels, & there she was! Yay!

  268. 3ke says:

    The new bird is called Swan Maiden. Beach & Sky magics. Used my Siren & Triton with a summoning & hatching time of 8 hours. I used jewels to speed her up but now I need to grow more food. Baby Swan Maiden says “hippo” ?

  269. Rei A says:

    Noobgod, what will happen if you ignore the minions and the tornadoes. am so frustrated with pucks and banshees, now I open the game only to collect coins. I have 10 minions and around 10 tornadOes for more than a week now.

  270. Lawren says:

    A silhouette of an unknown bird creature is on TC’s FB page. Let us hope this is not an IAP.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      and not hard to get :).

      • Klaw says:

        If it is then I’m jacking the damn game. Yet another week of not being able to get anything other than stupid dupes. Over the past week I racked up a pile of tritons trying for the Coral nixie, and a pile more stupid gargoyles trying for a hippogryph.

        Getting really peed now. Weeks without getting stuff al is boring.

    • Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

      Great, another creature that probably takes 27 hours plus, only to find out you have another puck, gargoyle, Roenne, and then another 27 hours plus to hatch unless you spend gems to expedite it. Even if you luck out and get the new creature, food costs to raise it to level 10 will be ridiculous. We need more farms that don ‘t cost gems and have to sell one of our current farms to place it. 9 farms to raise creatures in 31 habitats (if you’ve placed them all), with a food storage of 39,000 is beyond belief! I can’t believe TC continues to put out new creatures every week, with no farm upgrades that don’t cost gems, or upgraded storage. I’m starting to feel like Noob does, why play very often when TC doesn’t really listen to the legitimate responses on their Facebook page? They need a major update to keep gamers at level 40 keep playing, without costing gems. More farms for coins, less time for breeding the creature of the week, less food to raise them to higher levels, and more food storage. To upgrade the temples they introduced a month or so ago will take more time than I am willing to give a game that doesn’t listen their players. To upgrade the farms for gems doesn’t solve the problem. The extra food is not worth the cost, and storage remains at 39,000. That may take one creature up two levels, not worth the price. Patience used to be a word I used to describe myself, but it is wearing very thin right now.

      • noobbgodlike says:

        The new creature is for valentine day, so I don’t mind about it. What’s bothering me is, will they update the game (with a new story; save Wendy, etc) after the valentine?? if they are still not doing anything other than releasing new monsters, then probably I am gonna quit…. if they don’t make story in the first place then we won’t bother with it (like tiny monsters; I still enjoy playing it and never ask about the story), but in tiny castle …. dark castle is really annoy me.

        • Jody says:

          Hey Noob~ I see where the new creature is called a ‘Sky Maiden’ , and that it is a combo of Air + Beach. Got any suggestions yet?
          There is also a new one on TM’s called ‘Devotion’, and I think I read that it is a water hybrid. Think the Blucgbug and Love monsters need to be used?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          no, since the creature has ice and water element :).

        • Jody says:

          Typo on the TM part-meant to be Blushbug–sorry. ;)

    • Lawren says:

      It IS a swan maiden. The elements are sky and beach. Too bad they are opposites. First appearance: February 7-20.

  271. dee says:

    How do you tap the orbs perfectly in the middle in the advanced battle tactics quest? find it very difficult. got 1/2 by chance but do not know how to achieve it again. I also need to do the same for the perfect hit in the quest called it’s super effective. :S

  272. vikki frieze says:

    Im sorry, dont know the tech speak and dont comment usually. Your site is very helpful and i wanted to help if i could. Thank you in advance for your attention to my missive. If this is possible already , i apologize. Is there a way to hypothetically breed two critters, to see all possible combos? With all the new critters, TC hasn’t kept up their guide. You are my go to source! Thanks for that, now to my help. I used lvl 11 siren and teen gargoyle to try for the limited nixie. I got a breeding time of 41ish hours. Dont know if that helps, but will let you know the results. Please tell me if i misstep electronically. Im not that far from Luddite status! Thank you for you time and talent. May peace follow you.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      No, I don’t have that kind of page. My suggestion is try the formula in the comment section and post.

    • lol (ios 7) says:

      In theory you already have access to that data…you just need to plot it out…excluding creature combos that TC restricts periodically… to acquire the requested data you just need to select two different creatures & based on their elemental composition plot out each possible outcome… such as a Siren is comprised of Beach(B)/Sky(S) & a Gargoyle is comprised of Mountain(M)/Sky (S)… the possible element combinations would be B/S, S/B, B/M, M/B, S/M, M/S, & S /S…therefore any creatures comprised of the combinations listed would be a valid candidate for summoning…however remember this method does not factor TC’s actual chance algorithm or as I alluded to earlier combinations that TC has restricted…. Good Luck…As Always Happy Kingdoms!!!

    • nicole says:

      There is an app on the android market called tiny castle breeding guide. You can find all possible combos and see breeding times….. it is very limited though…. that is pretty much all it is useful for at the moment…. hope it helps…..

  273. blinding says:

    I just got the coral nixie first try with hydra and bansee

  274. Lawren says:

    The coral nixie returned to the store again! She’s available until February 4.

    • Klaw says:

      I’m still attempting for a hippogryph and had just summoned my tengu and gargoyle about 30mins before the released the coral nixie.. So that’s me tied up until tonight when ill probably hatch my zillionth gargoyle. :(

      I’m not even sure whether to attempt for the coral nixie, I already have one from last year. Iirc it’s a 41hr summoning, but it also takes a ridiculous amount of food for the adult.

      With them re-releasing the coral nixie this week, I wonder if the Cupid will be up for re-release next week. I used to have 2 cuspids, but had to sell one earlier this year because I didn’t have enough habitats. This was before we got the additional 10 habitats.

      The way things are going, habitats are soon becoming crowded again, cause I can’t seem to get enough food to level them up.

      So I’m now in two minds if its even worth bothering to attempt to summon one.

      • 3ke says:

        We can store level 10 creatures now & I know, that just makes the food problem worse but you could store non-rare creatures that are level 10+ away to make room for new arrivals & rares.

        • klaw says:

          Well after getting 10 straight gargoyles, totally bored out of my head cause I cant seem to get any of the new creatures for weeks, I thought Id try for a coral nixie as Im sick of the goddamn 27hr 18min gargoyles… and wha did I get.. a bleeding 27hr 18min hydra.

          I think my game is knacked, a few more days like this and I feel like throwing it out of the window.
          Who wants to play a game that for weeks and weeks now I cant get the creature Im trying to breed. You’d think chance would at least give me one good shot, not weeks of stupid dupes.

          Talk about pissed off.


          @ 3ke, yes thanks, I know, but the fact is you have to feed them to level 10. The food required of late to get level 10 creatures is ridiculous – nwm do anything towards the temples. I pity any new starter to the game, who hasnt got 9 farms.

          Im just having a moan.. repeated weeks of failures after failures is just making me want to quit. Who wants to play a game when you cant proceed. Constant failures arent a healthy challenge… it becomes tedious and boring.

          I really really loved this game for a year, but now.. well its become frustration. When the fun goes, its time to quit. I dont want to quit because Ive come so far…. so instead I moan lol

        • lol (ios 7) says:

          That’s 3ke,
          That’s a valid statement about the storage …but you would think that since TC has failed to implement a major update they could at very implement a few minor enhancements such allow us to store any creature w/o restrictions…this would definitely assist quite a few players that begrudgingly sell or store dupes that they actually would like to keep active…another minor enhancement they could easily implement is to discontinue the spawning of tornadoes on the 3rd island when a player reaches level 40…I find it annoying that I daily banish these “Suckers” but I can’t actually benefit from the XP that they generate…sheesh…

        • lol (ios 7) says:

          LoL, 3ke I apologize for the typo…that statment that probably had you scratching your head should have read …”but you would think that since TC has failed to implement a major update they could at the very least implement a few minor enhancements such as allow us to store any creature w/o restrictions” … ;)

      • lol (ios 7) says:

        I feel the same way …I was lucky enough to obtain a Coral Nixie when she was initially released… I am not going to worry about getting her a second time …my first attempt on Friday using Hydra/Banshee gave me a 28hr breed time… which means it will not be finished until early Sunday morning…therefore I will just wait & try again …unfortunately w/ the elements involved most creature fails will have very long breed times which does not allow for a lot of chances before the 14/02/04 deadline…Typical …

      • lol (ios 7) says:

        Hey Klaw…I had to share…Tuesday I tried summoning Coral Nixie one last time using Hydra + Banshee …& ironically when the breeding was done I actually had my 2nd Coral…LoL

  275. Lola Frye says:

    The coral nixie is back until Feb 4th :-)

    Breeders start your summoning!

    • lol (ios 7) says:

      I feel I am well passed my prime… so my “breeder “days are over & done …therefore I prefer the term “Summoner” … it’s sound more dignified & as the rightful ruler Of my “Tiny Kingdom” my manner must always be stately & beyond reproach…& If you are wondering I actually wrote that w/o ROTFLOL… ;)

  276. Dubblecp says:

    Does anyone know why we cannot upgrade our farms. But if we spend money for jems we can. I’ve been playing for a little over a year. And the reason i liked this game is that you didn’t have to buy anything to enjoy playing and be able to move forward. Not being able to upgrade farms really puts a speed bump on trying to feed these creatures. Seems their appitite continues to grow. And i can’t keep up

    • Klaw says:

      The extra large farms have always been a premium item that could only be bought for jewels. However the recent advertising to upgrade your large farms was misleading and led to quite a few players being disgruntled. :/

  277. tina says:

    On my ipad. Hippogryph- tengu and gargoyle.
    Pooka- lochless and fairy
    Gorgon- puck and triton.

  278. Lawren says:

    I looked in the store that no new creature has appeared today. It seems TinyCo had feedback from players why they feel frustrated about not getting it. I hope they release the cupids again…

  279. klaw says:

    No new monster this evening?

    Unsure whether to attempt to attempt to breed again or if that will tie up my tree for the next day.

    Yippee I just got my 8th gargoyle of the week :rolls eyes:

    I bet if I have another attempt they’ll release one, but I hate for my tree to be empty when I still have monsters to get.

    To be honest, for the first time ever I’m not bothered if a new one isn’t released this week, it may give me time to catch up on those that Im missing from the past few weeks.

    God Im an optimist :D

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hehe, maybe they’re really confused now on the office.

      What should we do??
      Release new monsters or let them enter the castle…..

      • klaw says:

        Naw.. they’ll just sit back and drink coffee.. no dev work this week. Instead its a brain storm session on what feature they can design to bring in lots of money.

        In the back room the bean counters are be busy adding up how much they made from the price of the farms and the creature sale.

        Meanwhile TinyCo’s theme tune plays in the background.

    • Lola Frye says:

      I keep hoping that means we will wake up to something awesome…. Like a 4th island. Maybe I am an optimist too lo

    • lol (ios 7) says:

      Well I proceeded to summon a new creature & I couldn’t believe my luck…I got my 9,999 Triton…Yeah !!!…you know how much I love my “Triton of the sea”….I can hardly wait for my next summoning opportunity so I can have another chance to breed a Roane …because I will just be Roane on the river…LOL

      • Klaw says:

        Lol@ lol. Glad you got my irony and continued in the same vein. :D

        The thrill of getting gargoyles,tritons, roanes and pucks is just too much I think I need to calm down….. Yay another gargoyle for me tonight.

  280. danimal says:

    What happens when you clear all of the fog and debris on the third island? I’m just about there and I’m very curious as to what happens next..

  281. Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

    A one day creature sale for gems, how par for the course. A sale for upgrading farms for coins would have gone a long way appeasing players a lot more than buying impossible creatures to breed( and take 27 hours before you move it to the hatchery, just to discover you have another gargoyle, puck , etc), and buying the creatures only skips the breeding time. I really don’t think they read the comments when they ask for feedback on Facebook. If they did, more farms for coins would be available, not limited to 9 to feed creatures on 31 habitats if you’ve placed them all, and food and dust storage would increase tremendously. A 39,000 limit on food storage is ridiculous when the cost of raising one creature to the next level can take at least that much, if not more. Dust storage has been a joke since the first week I played. Only those at lower levels still clearing islands would have a problem with having enough dust. Frustration is not the word that comes to mind when they respond to comments by offering items that cost jewels to satisfy requests for more food production and storage, or the length of time it takes to breed and hatch a creature. That way, they can offer booster packs that include jewels, food, and a new creature for real money. I see that one coming real soon.

    • klaw says:

      Gosh, Ive never seen so many unhappy players.

      The game is good, but I think they’re pushing it too far now.

      Food is too scarce.
      Feeding requirements too high.
      The breeding times are too long.
      The rares have become harder to get.
      Players have been stuck at Level 40 for months and have no incentive to continue playing.

      If theyre not careful then people will leave and not bother coming back, which is a shame cause it started off so well.
      Dust overflows.

    • 3ke says:

      TinyCo might listen to our food requests as they’ve been hit with a lot of complaints on Facebook about the Very Large Farms.
      However, we never know what they’ll do next release without any heads up from Facebook and/or twitter.
      Let’s just cross our fingers and hope for the best.

  282. Klaw says:

    Haha I’m going to have a moan an vent some frustration… But atm getting seriously fed up with the latest creature rare offerings that are being churned out each week with long breeding times.

    Once upon a time I had all the creatures, but of late I’m going backwards. My game just doesn’t seem to be playing ball and producing rares, even during the 3x summoning I drew up blanks.

    The one day 4hr is pits, for timing, summon one before you go to work, or before you go to bed and it overlaps into the next day (unless your home 24/7 or get up during the night.. So I end up spending jewels to rush those few last hours)….. Then find its another stinking gargoyle or other common yadayada.

    Perhaps my game is just going thru a bad spell, but now its hacking me off that I can’t get certain creatures, and as each week they release a new rare, then that’s another to add to the list. It’s starting to get tedious. With nothing else to do other than breed repeateded failures and get further behind, it stops being fun.

    Is it just me or are there others out there that have enjoyed challenges to get the likes of hippocamps and such… But when they are doing 4 possible outcomes from long breeding time elements it seems like doom for failure. … And when you start going backwards you feel like giving up.

    Hoping that by having a moan my next attempt isn’t a 7th gargoyle this week. :)

    • Klaw says:

      Meant to say, I’ve gone weeks now without getting a creature that isn’t a dupe. It’s ridiculous when I’m logging in each day to get yet another failure and no new creature it’s no wonder I’m finding it boring. :(

      • noobbgodlike says:

        What you have described exactly same as my experience :).

      • jewls says:

        Totally agree with you Klaw, no matter what combo I try just more Pucks Tritons etc but it really xxxxx me when I have to wait over 40 hrs for yet another Roane, shame we can’t swap creatures with other players. ;)

        • Lola Frye says:

          It really is! I could probably make a killing selling all the imps and sirens I get…or at least transfer the creatures I have duplicates of in one game to my other device.

          Sirens! Get you’re sirens! If you got an extra jewel I’ll even give you a neried…or trade you for a dang kapre, since I can’t get him to save my life.

    • lol (ios 7) says:

      I hear you Klaw…I have been diligently trying to get a 2nd Nereid for the last 6 months & I keep coming up bupkus…& it’s the same scenario w/ trying to get a 2nd Unicorn…it has been an endless line of Roane, after Roane, after Roane…the ironic thing is… I thought that since I already have the creatures getting a dupe would be a lot easier to obtain… but nooo it seems like TC has dramatically decreased the chances of summoning 1 of the so-called “rares” …lately I have just about given up on trying to get a dupe & I just worry about summoning the new “creature-of-the-week”…sheesh…As Always Happy Kingdoms!!!

      • Klaw says:

        Your comments make me wonder. The one thing that I’ve not been able to find in the data files is the actual chance rating for the rares is. Such as 1:4 or whatever.

        I’m sure I found it easier to get my nereids, hippocamps etc last year so I wonder if its possible that they have increased the rarers chance to say 1:4 to 1:8, which would be pretty damn sneaky. At one point last year when I had all the creatures, I was doing some testing to see if I could find a pattern. I think I commented on one of the polar/Forrest combos that at that time it did indeed seem to be 1:4 to get a rare. Obviously chance increases if you can’t do a straight breed and have to introduce another element, but that would be a chance % and want affect the base odd which will be somewhere in their code.

        However now that they are doing multiple element creatures I’m not sure how that affects the overall odds. If you have say 1 common and 3 rare possible outcomes each of the rares at [1:4] then what does that make the overall odds of getting the rare that you want. I have bad head atm, so if someone else wants to do the math that would be interesting to know.

        I think it because of the fact that so many of the element combos now have