Posted on Mar 20, 2014

Tiny Castle Breeding and Summoning Guide

Release Date: 2 October 2013 (Version 1.1.1)

Genre: Simulation

Platform: IOS device/Android

Publisher: Tinyco

Developer: Tinyco


New Limited Creature: Quetzacoatl

Tiny Castle Quetzalcoatl Growth

The page is up now:), please visit THIS PAGE to discuss or see the formula.

Side Quest Archive

Creature List

28 June 2013 (Food revision 2)

It seems that Tinyco have revised the food requirement one more time (food revision 2). However, info that displayed on some creatures page are the food info for food revision 1 (6 April 2013). Please leave a comment about the food needed if you by any chance have the creature.

Monster’s info that haven’t been changed (food revision 1 data) will be marked by=  so please leave a comment on those pages to help me fix the food data.

LM = Limited Monster

Your helps are really appreciated :D. Thank you very much.


Exclusive Monsters

Unicorn is summon-able. However, I still classify it as an exclusive monster, because it’s also can be bought from the extravagant pack ($51.99).  Hope other monsters treated like Unicorn on the future.

[0] Ember Wisp Tiny Castle Mini MountainTiny Castle Mini Volcano
[0] Enenra Tiny Castle Mini SkyTiny Castle Mini Polar
[0] Golden Cupid  Tiny Castle Mini VolcanoTiny Castle Mini Sky
[0] Lich Tiny Castle Mini SkyTiny Castle Mini Mountain
[0] No more please :D

3rd Islands FAQ/Guide

Elemental Temples Guide

How to Get Mermaid (2nd Islands), Large farm, and Other Large Habitat (lvl 15)

Breeding/Summoning Result Chart (Summoning/Hatching time)

Homes Guide (lvling up tips)

Level Up Reward

Healing time

Minions Guide (Rec. creatures to use for banishing)


Want to Help??

My email address: noobbgodlike(at)gmail(dot)com.

change at to @ and dot into .


  1. Include the subject (ex: tiny castle pegasus picture)
  2. Send me a complete picture package (from baby to adult) because  I can’t do anything with only one picture :D. Please zip the picture if you can and don’t compress the size (send them on png format)
  3. Please write about their data (income, food requirement, breeding/hatching time, buying and selling price, Xp gained, etc)
  4. Thank you very much :D

Fix Errors

Follow the steps below

  1. Restart your device and wait for awhile before you turn it back.
  2. Re-install the game (Tinyco have said it’s safe to re-install the game now)
  3. If steps above are still not working then, download a game called ” TINY VILLAGE” (or other tinyco games) Create “TINY ID” from this game and then
  4. For IOS device: Save your UDID number on the  notepad or anything (THIS LINK shows you how to find the number). For Android; it is called IMEI. Go to settings then about phone then status. You will see IMEI with a long number. If you can’t find it follow THIS LINK to find other method.
  5. Send an email through this link (MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR UDID NUMBER) and tell your problem on that email.


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7,664 Responses to “Tiny Castle Breeding and Summoning Guide”

  1. 3ke says:

    I got Quetzalcoatl with Cupid & American Griffin (first try together, not total).
    Good luck everyone.

  2. jewls says:

    I just hatched the new Quetzalcoatl egg with American Griffin and Phoenix. Took a couple of tries. :)

  3. Justin says:

    New monster quetzelcoatl think I spelled it right…6 hour 30 min hatch time 7 diamonds to hatch early …I got it with Griffin and Phoenix after 2 cocktrice

  4. Mrs . Black says:

    On the 1st try got New Creature “Quetzalcoatl” with
    Mythic Griffin & Cockatrice
    6h 29m 53s

  5. Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

    Their quest this week again costs real money buying diamonds. I am really leery about spending any money on this game, since they haven’t introduced a new creature for quite a while, did any other upgrades on habitats, storage vaults, etc, just added another mythic and a new Temple.

    • Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

      I misspoke. Apparently TC introduced a new creature today, but i didn’t see any announcement. If you look in your creature encyclopedia or go to featured, you can find it there. Someone in a forum I belong to on FB posted it. It’s Quetzacoatl cost 350 jewels, breeding combo sky/volcano, breeding time 6 1/2 hours. Successful combos listed on the forum were Wyrm/Cupid, and Mythic Griffin/Cockatrices. I didn’t get it with either of them. Good luck!

  6. emotionless says:

    New monster – Quetzalcoatl.

    Data here which youre welcome to use

    I got it first try with Wyrm & Cockatrice.

  7. Lawren says:

    Quetzalcoatl is out already. I just got it with Cupid and pumpkin on first try. Timer is 6 hours, 30 min and costs 7 rubies to finish. He’s the 37th rare creature I got.

    • Lawren says:

      According to the photo on Facebook, Quetzal is an LTD dragon creature. I forgot to let you know.

  8. orangepuddy says:

    Unicorn is not an exclusive creature

  9. Diane says:

    Made it to level 40 a few weeks back only to discover it isn’t going any higher. And that’s okay, because it hasn’t given me anything new when I leveled up in a long time. But, I would like to get the mountain temple, only it’s 1,500,000 coins and the most I can collect, with the exception of the treasure chests, is 1,220,000. Am I supposed to get the rest of the coins just off the treasure chests? Because that seems like it could take a really long time and a lot of juggling! Or is there something I am missing? Anybody?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hmm, I am not sure too. Just noticed that my money become about 10 millions… IIRC my max money is 1.2 million too.Maybe they have updated it when update the game with mountain temple.

    • Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

      Diane, if you’ve upgraded the coin storage vaults and the Castle completely, max coin storage is 10,220,000. Reaping your habitats adds coins, as well as some of the treasure chests. If you have not placed all 31 habitats available, you can buy one, then either store it for later sale or placement, or sell it right then. I have been buying Polar habitats and either storing or selling them when they are ready for the past year, since I reached level 40. You get no XP for doing this since level 40 is the max right now, but when something like the Mountain Temple is released, I can go in and sell these in order to have the coins available for purchasing. I very seldom let my coins available at the top of the game exceed 2.5 million. I have over 300 habitats stored, plus at least 125 creatures, mainly duplicates at level 10 or above I can replace by storing one of my creatures in a habitat, and move the duplicate to a habitat in order to continue to feed them to raise them to whatever level they need to be at, depending on the status of the Temple I am working on, Bronze, Silver, or Gold. The inventory doesn’t seem to have a limit right now as to how much you can store. If you have placed all 31 habitats, I would suggest you store the creatures in the inventory in one of them, store that habitat in your inventory, and start buying your available habitat, and storing or selling it when it is ready to place. That way, you can continue to reap the coins from your habitats you have on the islands, and your total coins available can exceed the 10,220,000. You just need to sell a stored habitat to increase the coin amount shown at the top of your game. The reason I do this with Polar is that it costs the most, sells for the most, but the building time is still less than a day, so I do this every day. I hope this info helps.

  10. Klaw says:

    Ermmm noob. I just noticed Ive made a couple of posts over the past few days with all the new data for Satyress and the Mythic Satyress, yet none of those posts show.

    Is there a problem?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      It shows klaw :), I simply hold it as a reminder for me to edit the satyress data later. After editing the data, I have deleted your comment (on this page), because I find the same comment on satyress page (I don’t delete that one as a credit and so other can visit your site :) ). But I only hold your comment about satyress, not sure about the other comments :). Thanks for always helping us here.

  11. Klaw says:

    Yes it was just a co-incidence of timing.

    I cant believe how slow they are at releasing new things these days. Aside from the Green dragon its been months since we got any new creatures. All the others have just been re-released or re-coloured mythics. Ive been at Level 40 for nearly a year now and judging by the lack of input on their facebook page it doesnt really look like that much attention is being given to the game.

    In comparison Tiny Monsters is getting at least one new creature a week – often more. Although Ive been playing T.Castle practically since it began, I only started T.Mons in Feb (Devotion monster), so I struggle to keep up on there with all the new creatures and am still only at about 100/180… never mind all the mythics :/

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Agree, but for your info. Tiny monsters also get kinda same like treatment recently. IMO (I hope not), they are ready to move on from this game… judging from the support and activity they have done recently.

  12. Lawren says:

    The mythic satyr is out now. However, I believe the silhouette of the full body in the encyclopedia must have turned into an alert box, which means the mythic form is static in the encyclopedia and the game is loading animation. I think the animation of the mythic satyr must have turned into a gray alert cube, which would most likely cause a crash. This should be a known issue to the TC team for them to fix.

    • Klaw says:

      I think there is a problem with the graphics. Some if the images aren’t there, and what is seems to have a slightly different naming string to what they usually use.

      I auto generate page data direct from the game files and it didn’t work quite right for mythic and I had to make a manual adjustment. It was automatically pulling the normal Satyress files, so it looks like a bug in their code. It should be an easy fix.

  13. 3ke says:

    Mountain temple has been released. Only 17 creatures needed to upgrade it.

    • Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

      I have spent the last several months upgrading creatures to level 11, assuming TC was going to offer the other 2 temples sooner or later. I was a little bit irked when I upgraded my Satryess tonight, and when I tried to feed her past level 11, I got a message saying she was updated to Bronze, and it wouldn’t let me continue to feed her to get the Mythic. An error on TC’s part I hope they fix before the weekend.

      • Klaw says:

        Mines the same. What stage is your temple at. The temple needs to be upgraded first. I’m only at 9/17 so need to level up some more mountain creatures to silver before I can attempt to go for mythic Satyress.

        • Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

          Klaw, I’m at Bronze, and 6 of 17 upgraded on my way to silver. The game did let me feed my Satryss today to level 13, so they must have fixed the glitch. I stored the Satryss that said upgraded to Bronze that I couldn’t feed, and pulled my other one out of storage, which is the one I’m upgrading.
          I have spent the last several months trying to get at least 2 of every creature, and upgrading them to 11, knowing when they make the other temples available, that is the first level they need to be at to upgrade the temple from the ruins to Bronze. Each temple has more creatures that need to be upgraded in order to finish restoring the temple. This one is 17, and I’m sure when they give us the Polar temple, it will be higher. They are having a food sale right now that could help you feed creatures faster, but when each step to the next level takes 3000-4000 food, and there are 4 feeds to the level, spending real money on food doesn’t appeal to me. Upgrading the new temple to gold will take a while, but it’s something more than banishing minions and collecting from habitats. It would be nice if they upgraded the farms again, but of course it would cost gems, not coins. Oh well, they threw a carrot out there to make the game interesting again for higher level players, but ignored the main issues everyone has, more storage, more farms, more habitats or upgraded habitats to hold more creatures, and another island.

        • Klaw says:

          Oh glad it was only a temporary bug :)

          Im also working on 2 of every creature, which I almost have. Im just need one more nightmare and I still havent managed to get the ifret.

          All those that I do have were level 10 and I just completed the Beach temple to gold last week.

          Because Id only levelled up to 10 so I could store them Im trying to upgrade now to 11, but I only have a couple of slots in my dream-tower. Think Im now at 13/17.

          Re the polar temple – the data files said 20, but then again so did the Mountain until they changed it to 17 the other night.

          Food requirements for some of the Mountain and Polar creatures at 4000 to 5000 per serving is ridiculous. Like you I wont spend money on food especially when you need so much of it.

          So I shall just slowly continue to feed my Mountain creatures now. Ironically I think I have more polar creatures at Level 19 than I do mountain.

    • 3ke says:

      My Mountain temple is still in ruins. I’m busy bringing my Beach temple up to silver then gold.
      I need more than 9 farms…

  14. Klaw says:

    I just completed all my other temples to gold tonight -finally :)

    As soon as I did this the game exited and when it opened again there was a mountain temple for purchase.

    Looks like there may be a mythic Satyress now too. But my game crashes when I try to open the book in the vast library, but I if I imagine right. U

    • Klaw says:

      Oops hit return too soon whilst doing something else.

      I meant it looks like there may also be a mythic Satyress in the creaturepedia, but it crashes if you try to open it.

      I’d have a look at the game data, but as you can probably gather from my rambling post above I’m very tired, so it will have to wait.

    • Lawren says:

      Same :(

      I believe only TinyCo can fix this issue and this must be a known issue in my opinion for the TinyCastle Team to resolve. I think the silhouette of the mythic form when selected must have been a gray cube, which means the game is downloading animation and image…

      Once someone gets the mythic satyress very early since its initial release, the problem is that there will be a VC button error or the sprite will become invisible. This should be another known issue again… But I’m currently rebuilding the mountain temple by leveling them up to Level 11.

    • Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

      The new temple was just available yesterday, so it could be a coincidence you saw it the same day. The other idea I had was maybe you do have to have all the other temples upgraded to gold before you get the new one. Who knows, but TC made sure it would take a long time to upgrade this one to gold, as if the other ones weren’t hard! No kudos for not listening to the major issues everyone at higher levels have, but I give them credit for giving us something else to do besides banishing minions, collecting from habitats, and buying and selling habitats in order to continue collecting from the habitats available. At least someone is still working on the game!

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