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Tiny Castle Breeding and Summoning Guide

Release Date: 2 October 2013 (Version 1.1.1)

Genre: Simulation

Platform: IOS device/Android

Publisher: Tinyco

Developer: Tinyco

 Valentine Creature is Back

For Loveless Bunyip, visit THIS PAGE

For Cupid, visit THIS PAGE

New Creature: Asrai

Tiny Castle Asrai Growth

The page is up now. Please discuss everything about Asrai on THIS PAGE.

If you have the egg picture please send it to my mail (located on the bottom of this post), I still need it.

Side Quest Archive

Creature List

28 June 2013 (Food revision 2)

It seems that Tinyco have revised the food requirement one more time (food revision 2). However, info that displayed on some creatures page are the food info for food revision 1 (6 April 2013). Please leave a comment about the food needed if you by any chance have the creature.

Monster’s info that haven’t been changed (food revision 1 data) will be marked by=  so please leave a comment on those pages to help me fix the food data.

LM = Limited Monster

Your helps are really appreciated :D. Thank you very much.


Exclusive Monsters

Unicorn is summon-able. However, I still classify it as an exclusive monster, because it’s also can be bought from the extravagant pack ($51.99).  Hope other monsters treated like Unicorn on the future.

[0] Ember Wisp Tiny Castle Mini MountainTiny Castle Mini Volcano
[0] Golden Cupid  Tiny Castle Mini VolcanoTiny Castle Mini Sky
[0] No more please 😀

3rd Islands FAQ/Guide

Elemental Temples Guide

How to Get Mermaid (2nd Islands), Large farm, and Other Large Habitat (lvl 15)

Breeding/Summoning Result Chart (Summoning/Hatching time)

Homes Guide (lvling up tips)

Level Up Reward

Healing time

Minions Guide (Rec. creatures to use for banishing)


Want to Help??

My email address: noobbgodlike(at)gmail(dot)com.

change at to @ and dot into .


  1. Include the subject (ex: tiny castle pegasus picture)
  2. Send me a complete picture package (from baby to adult) because  I can’t do anything with only one picture :D. Please zip the picture if you can and don’t compress the size (send them on png format)
  3. Please write about their data (income, food requirement, breeding/hatching time, buying and selling price, Xp gained, etc)
  4. Thank you very much 😀

Fix Errors

Follow the steps below

  1. Restart your device and wait for awhile before you turn it back.
  2. Re-install the game (Tinyco have said it’s safe to re-install the game now)
  3. If steps above are still not working then, download a game called ” TINY VILLAGE” (or other tinyco games) Create “TINY ID” from this game and then
  4. For IOS device: Save your UDID number on the  notepad or anything (THIS LINK shows you how to find the number). For Android; it is called IMEI. Go to settings then about phone then status. You will see IMEI with a long number. If you can’t find it follow THIS LINK to find other method.
  5. Send an email through this link (MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR UDID NUMBER) and tell your problem on that email.

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237 Responses to “Tiny Castle Breeding and Summoning Guide”

  1. Grace Face says:

    I have a bit of a situation.. I was breeding a senior Garden Nymph and an Adult Pegasus, trying to get another Sylph, and suddenly, the breeding time shows up as 1d 4h. Anyone have any idea what it could be?

  2. Irish says:

    Does anyone know how to get the mythic monsters? I have one from ages ago and no idea how it came to be.

    • Jewellee says:

      You need the temples in order to level them up past 10 its Level 15 when you get the my this creatures…..good luck.

  3. Tina says:

    Tiny Castle game is not working, will you please fix it

  4. Joanie Shortridge says:

    What creature has the most power at full maturity

  5. Paige milhorn says:

    I can’t seem to ever get my characters strong enough in battle it seems like the monsters are always way stronger than my characters. Please help

  6. Anjulie says:

    I just got a limited monster Pumpkinhead. I am going to try for all of them. I will post on here if I get more. I know that the following for Tiny Castles has dropped! I only found this again because I book marked it! I thought you removed this completely! I tried the Fantasy Forest Story, I just like Castles and Monsters much more. I finished monsters. I won’t download anymore games done with them!

  7. mandipance says:

    Can someone PLEASE tell me how to get to the 3rd island???? I’m on lvl 23, I have a TinyID from TinyMonsters & TinyVillage, I got the stupid & pointless MAGE Manual, NEVER received any quest to get to the 3rd island, and have NO idea what to do at this point!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I have made the guide on the post above. Please read about it.

      • Jewellee says:

        Have you dumped this game. I got it back because I bookmarked it.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          I don;t play this game anymore, however it’s because they never update the game anymore. So the guide above is still valid like 2 years ago.

        • Jewellee says:

          Thank you, so that is why you no longer show it in the red bar? These on line games should have to tell gamers they no longer support them or remove them! I am surprised that there is no law that protects gamers from being scammed! Thank you for letting me and others know.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          I no longer show it on the red bar because not many people play this game anymore and yes, they also have stopped updating the game.

  8. Kitty Carhart says:

    Is it true that this game will no longer have anymore challenges or new monsters or new anything?? Basically shut down except for breeding monsters that you already have. I have all but 3 I think. Still trying to get Rose pixie. But after that, there will be nothing? Please tell me It aint so! I stopped playing 2 games that I liked so I could spent more time with a game that I loved! THIS ONE!!!!!! Don’t be mad at me for saying that tiny monsters or family guy are not as much fun!

  9. Sara says:

    I got a breeding time of 8.15 using the wisp and Cupid but according to your chart the only two that have this breeding time are limited. (Holy dread and pumpkin head). So I was wondering if anyone could tell me what I have. Thank you.

  10. Sherry says:

    Hello noob. I was wondering if u know weather we can breed limited monsters now that they no longer develope the game. Also if we can breed them do they have to be at the time of year they correlate to. Was very disappointed how they left us all hanging. People have spent a lot of money on these two games and all they seem to care about is us buying there stuff. But not ur problem. I would appreciate any help u could give me. I also wanted to thank u for all ur help and work on this website. U have been a life and time saver so THANK YOU!!!

  11. Irene Carhart says:

    I have music when I log on “Tiny Castle” but no picture! I know that you cannot uninstal and reinstall or you lose everything. I have worked for too long hard. I even bought the castles that you guys were selling a few years back! I love this game so much that I have stopped playing all the others. I need help! Somebody! Anybody! I cannot or will not start over again. I finally got my unicorn a few weeks ago and I have him sleeping! He is probably in a coma by now!

    • Roro says:

      On my last device I uninstalled and reinstalled and it was just fine. It was just when Changing devices. That may be different now. But if you have an old smartphone or device…..try it there first. Start an account solely to test it.

  12. Doublecp says:

    I haven’t played in over a year so I’m a bit behind. I heard that they have stopped development for tiny castle. So you can never save Wendy ? No end to this game? Is this true?

  13. person_person4 says:

    How do you get a mythic garden nymph, mythic centaur, etc?

  14. 2Twisted4u says:

    Did TinyCo quit accepting new jewel purchases for Tiny Castle? I think I had heard that but I don’t remember, nor can I find actual evidence either for or against it being true.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    • noobbgodlike says:

      It’s better to ask this kind of question to tinyco.

    • Kai250 says:

      Hello All,

      I have Tiny Castle Version 1.1.2, I have been trying to breed a Bunyip, Nereid and many other creatures however I cannot get these creatures. I have used the formulas on this website and I have surfed the Internet for different breeding formulas but I cannot get these creatures. I always end up with something I already have like Genie, Triton etc. Do I just keep trying? It is frustrating to say the least. Thanks!

      • Jewellee says:

        I will answer this question yes you have to keep trying. I had a game where after 3 yrs I had every creature. My game crashed and I am starting all over. Jusr to warn you. Tiny Co is doing nothing for this game and many more like Tiny Monsters Tiny Zoo I saw a few more games just don’t remember the names. So anything with LM beside it….don’t bother trying for. They won’t even add them to give those who had been playing for along time a chance to collect them. I spent a lot of money close to 2 thousand dollars playing Castles & Monsters they did not care to replace anything I lost when my game crashed. Its better to not waste any money……and do not put alot of time into yhese these games. I have learned Tiny Co is not the only one who abandon games. Save your money.

  15. Cabra says:

    Hi, does anyone know if it is possible to transfer this game to another device? because I know there is an email or some kind of support from tinyco but that doesn’t seem to work anymore, so I would like to know if there’s a way like the restore game option in tiny monsters or something like that?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      No, it’s not possible.

      • Laurel Weber says:

        Actually I just got a new device & sent tinyco support an email to transfer. It took a couple of weeks but I finally got a reply & the game transferred!!

      • SnoopyRN50 says:

        Hi Noob, I don’t know if you remember me but I was here while playing this game a couple years ago. It took a very long time, but TinyCo finally transferred my game after my iPod Touch blew up. I am playing on Android now.

        I am so happy to see you are still here, my friend. 😀

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Haha, of course I am still here, however I have stopped playing both tiny monsters and tiny castle. My suggestion is to try a new games, kung fu pets is very nice IMO. It’s available on android.

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