Posted on Dec 23, 2012

Tiny Castle Breeding Combo Imp Monster

Thanks To Ehlana for this picture and data

Tiny Castle Imp Egg

Tiny Castle Imp Monster Growth

Imp Status

Garden Tiny CastleVolcano Tiny Castle












Earn Rate

10 11 14 20 28 35 43 49 53 54

Feed (x4)

20 45 65 85 210/
675 1155/(825) 1415/

Total Food

0 80 260 520 860 1700 3320 6020 10640 16300


15 15 15 15 15 21 24 24 30 30


27 27 27 27 27 40 47 47 60 60

lvl 10 =>11 food: ??












Earn Rate

59 64 69 74 79 84 89 94 99 104

Feed (x4)

1391 1460 1533 1609 1689 1773 1861 1954 2051 MAX

Total Food

0 5564 11404 17536 23972 30728 37820 45264 53080 61284


30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39


61 63 65 67 69 71 73 74 76 78

Available at level 6

Habitat: Volcano and Garden

Buying Price: 179 Jewels

Selling Price:  4355 Coins

Experience: 149 XP

Hatching/Breeding time: 7.25 hours (version 1.01) 10.5 hours (version 1.02)

Tuck in time (baby lvl 4): 2 hours (5 jewels)

Tuck in time (teen lvl 7): 2 hours (5 jewels)

Baby: “‘Sup!”
Teen: “I got this!”
Adult: “Game, Set, Match”

Breeding Formula:
[0] Cockatrice + Fairy
[0] Genie + Cactus Dryad (2nd try)
[0] Naga + Treant
[0] Cockatrice + Treant
[0] Kapre + Treant
[0] Kapre + Cactus Dryad
[0] Water Leaper + Triton
[0] Triton + Wyrm/Naga
[0] Water Leaper + Sylph
[0] Faun + Water Leaper
[0] Please leave comment if you have other formula

Tiny Castle Breeding Guide Main Page

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329 Responses to “Tiny Castle Breeding Combo Imp Monster”

  1. MerBear says:

    Cupid and Bast

  2. Heather says:

    Kapre and green dragon. Finally!

  3. SPDRMAMMA/Sonjams1 says:

    Sylph and Quetzelcoat

  4. lilbit_7 says:

    Really hating that I have to start all over since I can’t bring this game over from iPhone to Android, but I’ve FINALLY gotten imp with genie and sylph (first try)… really sucks because I had almost everyone, have all temples (including polar), and was on lvl 32!

  5. Jaded says:

    Level | Earn Rate | Feed (x4) | Attack | Defense
    11 | 59 | 1391 | 30 | 61
    12 | 64 | 1460 | 31 | 63
    13 | 69 | 1533 | 32 | 65
    14 | 74 | 1609 | 33 | 67
    15 | 79 | 1689 | 34 | 69
    16 | 84 | 1773 | 35 | 71
    17 | 89 | 1861 | 36 | 73
    18 | 94 | 1954 | 37 | 74
    19 | 99 | 2051 | 38 | 76
    20 | 104 | Max | 39 | 78

    Tuck in time (Level 14 & 19): 2 hours (5 Jewels)
    Level 10 to 11 feed is missing. Gomen!

  6. Ewa says:

    Rakshasa + Wisp, 1st try

  7. mommakatt says:

    I just got 10.5 hrs with Treant and Cockatrice. This is a formula I found for Fire Nymph. I have been trying for both so definitely not disappointed. Good luck everyone!

  8. cloudyy says:

    Just got my second imp using cockatrice + wisp I was trying for kitsune

  9. ExitP says:

    Nothing else worked but I finally got it first try teen water leaper teen faun

  10. Narina says:

    Guys this is really awkward, I’ve tried with the Cockatrice+Fairy combo and I’ve got a ton of Fairy/Cockatrice until I’ve got a Sylph. Then I’ve tried with the Genie+Cactus dryad and, at the second try, I’ve got a Fire Nynph. How can I get a damn Imp! XD

  11. cloudyy says:

    Sylph and fire nymph 2nd try

  12. Elein says:

    Genie (teen) + Fairy (senior) .. First try random breeding :)

  13. geminifiresnake says:

    water leaper + triton both were adults

  14. raska says:

    Finally! Aduld cockatrice and teen fire nymph

  15. mysticado says:


    After trying countless times with several of the above suggestions, I stumbled upon this combination in of the tiny castle forums, and boom – first try with this combo and it worked!

    I have an Iphone 5S

  16. Kim says:

    Yesss!! got it with : Teen Cupid- Senior Fairy

  17. gummybear says:

    Made Imp with Fire Nymph and Fairy (Android)

  18. Rhonda says:

    Finally got one when I gave up and looked up a hippocamp recipe. It suggested Wyrm and Neriad for a Hippocamp. I mixed them and presto…one Imp. Think I’ll try them again and see if I get the Hippocamp too. The Wyrm was adult and the Neriad a teen but I doubt that matters much.

  19. lordArty says:

    Marzoi (lvl 10) + WIsp (lvl 11). I had just given up on getting an imp…and was just messin around and boom there he was!

  20. carol says:

    Wyrm & fairy = Imp on Android..Thanks for the help

  21. Shoki says:

    Wisp + Fire Nymph, Kindle Fire, 2nd Try

  22. carol says:

    Getting no place trying for Imp or Dijun, been trying for weeks now, any new ideas? Thanks

  23. Debbie says:

    Wyrm & Fairy first time!

  24. carol says:

    I love your site as i use it for any questions i may have, 9 out of 10 times i find what i need….Thanks and keep up the good work.

  25. EliB says:

    My Imp at level 9 is 53 defense and 27 attack. And I got 2 Imps with Wisp and Fire Nymph.

  26. Bobbiel says:

    I have tried every combo so many times. I have gotten at least 15 Tritons. I keep saying I am deleting this app but I really don’t want to delete all the time I have put into this. Rare is understandable but ridiculous is what this has become. The fun of this game is disappearing rapidly. It’s clearly Fixed and not a game of chance. There has to be some satisfaction , at least when u get to the high level. I am at. I’m sure when the quest disappears I will get the Nereid. So my suggestion is this…. Don’t bother. U will get it when the game allows it

    • emlou says:

      I am having the same problem. I have tried all of the above formulas except for water leaper because I don’t have one of those yet. I just keep getting cockatrice, treant, fairy etc.
      I just tried with a fairy and genie and got 9hrs so that hasn’t worked either.
      I am almost at lv 29 and have done all of the challenges except for Imp and I have one more lv to go to meet my elemental gold creatures. Its a bit frustrating but we will get there.

      • emlou says:

        Just got a 10.5 breeding time with Senior Wyrm & Elder Fairy. I have tried this combo so many times. Yaaay there is hope 😉

  27. Teresa Erickson says:

    Has anyone noticed that the imp does the gangnam style dance….from psy??? Its funny!

  28. Tom says:

    Kapre and pumpkin first try

  29. Jenny says:

    Fairy + genie

  30. jygjufjhfjh says:

    Wisp and cockatrice 😉

  31. Ryandiva says:

    Just got 10.5hrs with (L) Fire Nymph+ (R) Kapre. I was trying for Pumpkinhead, but I’m definitely stoked to hopefully FINALLY have an Imp!

  32. Siv says:

    Wyrm and fairy first try.

  33. Jessica says:

    Wyrm & Fairy!!!! Finally!!!

  34. Erica says:

    Level 11: earn 59, feed 1391, attack 30, defense 61
    Level 12: earn 64, feed 1460, attack 31, defense 63
    Level 13: earn 69, feed 1533, attack 32, defense 65

    • Erica says:

      Level 14: earn 74, feed 1609, attack 33, defense 67
      Level 15: earn 79, feed 1689, attack 34, defense 69
      Tuck in time to level 15 was 2 hr

  35. Angie says:

    Cactus dryad adult and marozi adult first time

  36. Carlos says:

    I get it with Wisp and Cockatrice in 2nd try

  37. Brittany says:

    Treant + genie (iPod) first try I do believe. Even though I’ve tried so many other combinations for an imp. I tired this combo bc I also needed a forest and desert monster so this option gave me the chance at both creatures. So happy it finally got an imp!

  38. psyche says:

    Level 10 cocatrice + senior wisp level 11just netted me an imp. I am never getting a slyph, which is what I was trying for… again!

  39. Helen says:

    Wisp and Cockatrice

  40. Selena3089 says:

    Adult imp! Does the gangnam style when he attacks an enemy !!! XD

  41. DNA says:

    Triton + cockatrice = imp….finally!

    On iPad, triton level 7, cockatrice level 10…in that order. Have been trying for weeks using many different combo’s, but I got it on 2nd try with this one.

  42. 3ke says:

    Feed to level 11, 1325×4 & 2 hours tuck in time

  43. Mandalore says:

    Still going for another Slyph but bred another Imp with American Griffin and Fairy.

  44. melina says:

    Does the age matter when breeding? will I get a different one if two teens breed compared to two adults that breed?

  45. Mandalore says:

    Wisp + Wyrm allowed me to breed another Imp, Going for another Slyph since this was the combo that gave me my first one.

  46. pthalo says:

    Hah. This is gonna be a really random comment, but am i the only one who’s realized imp does the dance Gangnam Style dance?

    I think he just became my favorite creature.

  47. Jollie says:

    So I used Triton and Wyrm. . .and I have gotten Rakshasa TWICE. Not that I mind getting that one, because I needed it. But I just can’t seem to summon the Imp no matter what combination I use. Is it because you have to wait until you banish the Queen?

  48. marcelo12 and leonardo32 says:

    imp at lvl 14
    earn74 food1609 atack 33 defense 67

  49. Chandra says:

    Finallllllllllllllly after so so many tries got 10 hours 29 mins 1 sec with triton & water leaper! thanks a lot folks, this forum really helped!

  50. chrissy says:

    I have been the tryin to get this for months!!! Help I’m on the android galaxy s 4 any suggestions plzzzs

    • noobbgodlike says:

      try for the other monster first.

      • chrissy says:

        What other monster? Iv got all the new ones I do the new then keep going back to this one in between. N the zephyr. Siren vily adlet and levithian. Iv can’t seem to get them I really have thried dozens of combos. I need the imp to finish the ferocious five quest tho

  51. Gaz says:

    I’m at the queens gates but only on lv27. Have to wait till 35 till I release the guys to rip her apart limb by limb!
    Thanks for the info imp seemed impossible

  52. Mrs.Black says:

    Was trying for Holly Dryad and I got IMP as a SURPRISE because I needed this one to …..I used

  53. xoxgirl says:

    Bast and Cocktrice. Android.

  54. Kelly.friend says:

    It looks like he’s doing the gangnam style dance lol….or is it just me haha

  55. Bella says:

    Finally, I have been trying to get a Fire Imp forever.
    Fairy and Cockatrice got me a 10.5 hours breeding time.
    I am sooooooooooooooo happy. 😀
    Thank you for doing these pages. They have helped me sooooooooooooooo much. Without them I’d probably have around half the amount of hybrid creatures I have now.
    Thanks 😀 :-)

  56. MiAuZiNhA says:

    Wisp + Cockatrice 1st try.

    I’m trying a Kitsune but got an Imp :-)

    • Crystal says:

      I used my Wisp + Cocatrice and got an Imp first try!!! I have a Kitsune and Fire Nymph and am hatching a Kapre right now

  57. MuddyPuddles says:


    Level 9 Food: 1140

  58. Paula says:

    Finally I got it with Fairy + Kapre!!! this site is awesome…thanks for all the info and your time noobbgodlike!

  59. Awesome dude says:

    Imp food level 8 is 825

  60. SMB says:

    Raksasha + Bast

  61. Pixie says:

    Hi with your breeding formulas above, is that adult or teen creatures?

  62. Awesome dude says:

    Got it with nereid and salamandra!!!!!

  63. Arguenot says:

    Level 8 Rakasha on left Level 5 Triton on right
    Not sure how with such a strong water elemental mixed in lol
    On an Android

  64. Malisa says:

    Got this bad boy with triton on the left and naga on the right. 10 hours. Been trying for the imp for half a year and finally got it. Most comments say triton and naga so I tried it and it worked the first time 😀

    • Pink Lady says:

      I’m pretty sure I scored a nereid with this mix – 20 hrs breeding time :)

    • Noe says:

      Finally after months of trying and forgetting about this monster and now trying again I got it with triton and naga (in that order) . I had to try this combo like 2-3 times repeatedly.

      • Mustang-girl says:

        After months of trying with my Kindle fire hd, I got an Imp using a Treant & Dijnn. I’ve tried this combo many times without success. Once I made it past banishing 5 muck monsters and on to banishing the queen, it finally let me do it! FYI-I really love this site. It’s helped me tremendously!

  65. shibbywick says:

    FINALLY have a 10.5 hr breeding time with rakshasa and treant. Only took months!!

  66. Lisa PH says:

    I got Imp with naja and faun. Finally!

  67. Blazeer says:

    Samsung Galaxy SIII

    Lvl 22

    Lvl 5 Triton + lvl 8 Wyrm

    Had just given up the imp and was going for water and wind hybrid!

  68. Nohona says:

    Djinn + Cactus Dryad (A few tries)

  69. Maya says:

    Finally, water leaper and triton !!!

  70. antonio says:

    Triton lt + Naga ft= imp 1st try

  71. Arguenot says:

    Adult Fairy on left. Adult Kapre on right.
    On Android
    Was so sick of Tritons I just picked 2 without a water element
    And got this guy…who I really needed woot woot!

  72. Mandalore says:

    Djinn + Faun = my Second Imp. Was trying for an Adlet for the hundredth time.

  73. infinity says:

    sylph and marozi

  74. Terri says:

    First try with Wisp and Cockatrice combo. Tried a bunch of other ones before that.

  75. Jessyq says:

    I finally got an imp with the water leaper and trition!! I was actually going for a nereid, but imp is even better since ive been trying forever!! I l

  76. CavemanChris says:

    Used Triton and Naga (in that order) as suggested and it worked first time!!!! Thanks for the help I’ve been trying to get this one for months until I tried that combo…

  77. Bella says:

    I was trying for imp but got 15.5 hours.
    Anyone know what it is

  78. Tiffany Paul says:

    I finally got my Imp with a Faun+Water Leaper with only try!

  79. Chi says:

    Triton/Naga! First try with this combo, i’m happy!

  80. brownie says:

    I got it with a wisp and genie

    • Pink Lady says:

      Tried this combo twice – first time I got a cactus dryad and second time got an owlman (I think, breeding is 18 hrs)

  81. Luke says:

    I’ve been trying to get the imp for a week. All the others came fairly easily but not this imp… Anyone have a magic formula which tops the ones listed above (a big thank u to noob for doing all this great work btw!!)

  82. Tiffany Paul says:

    Faun+Water Leaper!! I just got my egg from that and it was an Imp! With one try!

    • Pink Lady says:

      Tried this mix and have either a triton or a fire nymph – fingers crossed (already have a triton!)

  83. Melanoodle says:

    Does it matter which one you put first? The garden or the volcano? I’ve been trying both ways and still no luck 😛

    • noobbgodlike says:

      you already answer it by yourself 😀 you have been trying both ways and still no luck. It doesn’t affect just keep trying and you will get it (swithc formula after 3-4 times of failure)

  84. Leo says:

    Finally got it after sooooo freaking time ;u; got it with treant and genie!

  85. SS says:

    My imp is dancing gangnam style??!??

  86. Manta says:

    Omg, it’s taken me 3 months, but I finally got an imp with Fairy and Rakshasa!!

  87. jenmfaile says:

    Lvl 5 is 205 food not 210
    Lvl 6 is 385 food not 405

    • Robindeb says:

      After weeks and weeks I finally got it with Treant and cockatrice, I just stayed with this comba, got it after 5 tries.

  88. jenmfaile says:

    Lvl 1= 20 food
    Lvl 2= 45 food
    Lvl 3= 65 food
    Lvl 4= 85 food

  89. DaniReeves says:

    What creature has 9hrs? I used Garden Nymph and Naga in the Summoning Tree. Any useful help would be nice. (I’m in a bad mood after trying so hard for an Inp.) :/

  90. Caleigh says:

    I’ve been trying to get the Imp since the end of December and I haven’t gotten it yet….any suggestions?

  91. DaniReeves says:

    I put Lvl 10 Wisp (L) and Lvl 10 Cockatrice (R) in the Summoning Tree and got 6hrs and 30mins. Does anyone know what creature I will get if it is that amount of time? I was trying for an Imp to finish the The Ferocious Five 3/5. If you know what creature I will get, your help would be most appreciated! :)

  92. Ratchet says:

    Level 8 – 1155 food
    Level 9 – 1415 food

    • Jennifer E Dozier says:

      Hello, I have a question . I did a teen genie on the left, and a teen cactus dryad on the right. 16 hour summing time. Anyone know what it will be? Thank you and have a nice day.

      • noobbgodlike says:

        Go back to main page and there is section called “summoning result chart” You can find the info on that page. 16 hour are between marozi and naga (I don’t remember so it’s better to check the page I told you )

  93. snowlp says:

    So i just finally got my imp, but i don’t have any more cyclops to banish to finish part 3/5 of the ferocious five quest. Any ideas? It doesn’t look like anymore are popping up. I’m at lvl 20.

  94. Lysi says:

    Food level 5 : 210
    Food level 6 : 405
    Food level 7 : 675

  95. Transberry says:

    Kv 5 food 210

  96. Mike Wurtzel says:

    I got my imp on the first try by using my level 8 naga and level 10 wisp.

  97. Mandalore says:

    Fairy + Wyrm = 10.5 hours so must be an Imp Finnaly!!!!! My game says that it is Rare Monster Day so maybe that helped.

  98. kristoffer says:

    10 WISP (L) 10 COCKATRICE (R)

    • gamingfreak says:

      teen wyrm and teen fairy

    • Jennifer E Dozier says:

      Hi, I did level 10 cockatrice on left and level 10 wisp on right and got a krape. The monkey one. Almost a 12 hour wait time. Was trying for imp. I’m on Android if that helps anyone.

  99. Mike says:

    finally Rakshasa + sylph, wasn’t trying for this but ….. :)

  100. Valarie says:

    I got one with fire nymph and cockatrice.

    • Jay says:

      What relief! After literally 2 months and more of trying all combis I got an Imp last night with Nereid and Kapre! Phew.

  101. Nina says:

    I got an imp with a genie and cactus dryad on my first try. Do you know what happens? I accidentally sold it while paying attention to a conversation. I was so devastated since it was probably my 40th try at getting an imp. I’ve been trying ever since with the same match up but it isn’t happeneing anymore :(

    • noobbgodlike says:

      breeding is all about chance, you got lucky on the first try but unlucky on those 40 times, that’s why I keep saying that there is no perfect formula.

  102. Bellisald says:

    First try breeding Cockatrice & Fairy.

  103. Melinre says:

    After trying approximately 15-20 times for an imp, I finally got it with a Naga+Trident (which I summoned just to get an imp) combination. Unfortunately as soon as I saw the 10.5 time, the app force closed and it didn’t save to the server that that’s what it was breeding. Tried it again and again and still trying to get the imp. Have almost everything else now, though.

  104. Jason says:

    Naga and wisp got the imp for me, what a relief…

  105. Paula says:

    Finally got an Imp using Cockatrice and Sylph!!

  106. WGDBatman says:

    Finally!!! I tried all possible combos listed time and time again, but cactus dryad and djinn finally did it for me on the third try! Android OS

  107. -Z3N0MS- says:

    Noob, did u know Imp does Gangnam Style When he Battles?

  108. Giggles says:

    Thanks Alvary! Cockatrice + Fairy gave me 10.5 hours.

  109. Alvary says:

    Finally! After approximately 40 tries, using every combination I could think of multiple times, I have a 10:30 summoning time using cockatrice x fairy. It’s perhaps my 5th try of this combination?

    Going for owlman next, wish me better luck lol

  110. sweet chk says:

    Kitsune + Treant = imp 1st try!
    I think that the trick to combining monsters is breeding two with the same element that you want to cancel.

    Volcano/Forest + Garden/Forest (Forest cancels itself out)
    and then you get Volcano+Garden

    This theory is untested. Let me know if you get the same results.

    • Alitha says:

      I have and thanks for the hint to get imp!!

    • Tiny Castle Master says:

      Actually the forest from the kitsune and the garden with the treant made a wisp

    • Jay says:

      That combi got me 2 hrs 45.

      Still trying for imp after weeks and weeks on ipad. Grr. Got it easy on phone. Tried everything it feels.

      Anyone got a formula that worked on an ipad?

    • Jason says:

      Ive tried cockatrice and fairy 3 times and recieved 2 fairys and 1 cockatrice. So the canceling out definately does not happen.

  111. sparrow says:

    I’ve been trying for imp for days! Used every combination multiple yes, but got it on the first try with Treant and Marozi

  112. debbie says:

    I finally got an imp with fairy and cockatrice. I had tried many times with no luck, so took a break from trying for imp and worked on some others. Then when I went back to trying for the imp, I got it right away. Now I need to know which minions are stronger than expert Cyclops? I don’t have any more of those but have banished an expert sandman , expert fire golem and expert forest type minion- sorry I don’t remember what it is called. None of those cleared the quest, so now what? And, yes, I have already completed the first part of the quest ( banish three Cyclops with perfect hits)

    • noobbgodlike says:

      hmm, go to the main page and see section called 4 spire quest. I have explained everything about minion spawning problem. It’s better for you to read full explanation on that page.

  113. lala says:

    I got it with a teen treant and a teen naga trrant left naga right

  114. lala says:

    I got a 10.5 wait time hope its a fire imp will let you kno i hour so

  115. krystle says:

    hi im really unhappy at the fact that im owed 30 jewels i earnt and havent recieved yet.ive sent 2 different emails and no response pleade give them to me. as recently upgraded and regrettin.. i also lost 3 jewrls on gettibg 5 fruit at 30 secs and other stupid things i didnt want. as i play in a galaxy it got hit and took jrwels i was saving up for extra they take them straight away need another r u sure box..plz fix this asap.. ive even resorted to replying on here on a diff fone to see if that makes a difference.. im yet to rate and there are so many other unfair issues about this game that i cud go on about but ill be happy with my extra slots granted on my dream tower and my nursery. im lev 15 so plz plz fix although the games on my fone not this one… looking forward to hearing from u and resolving of my issue..thanx wud b greatly appreciated as im so frustrated after all the werk i put in to getting them up threw 3 different ways.

  116. Treasured_1 says:

    1st try got it with a (Adult) cockatrice and (Teen) treant !!

  117. MiSfiT_MoNsTeR says:

    adult minotaur + adult wisp

  118. JuJu says:

    I’m having trouble completing the “get 4 kettles” quest. I’ve actually wished about 10 of them but the game only recognizes 3… So I can’t complete the quest. Anyone else having this problem?

  119. Soxwatcher says:

    (adult) DJINN on left + (adult) TRITON on right

  120. Alex says:

    Got using adult genie and adult triton.

    • Orangutan says:

      Thanks, that combination worked for me first try after 15 failures using other combinations.

      teen Genie + teen Triton = Imp

  121. LadyphoeniX says:

    Hey guys of anyone is at the right level but stuck trying to beat the queen, you can use your Imp! It says low or maybe even very low chance but after 5 failed attempts with the triton who had the most shield/life I banished her with the imp first try!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      yeah, it’s because the queen is damaged from the last battle. I don’t understand the mechanism behind it, but I am pretty sure that minion’s health not back to the full health after a battle. or maybe it’s because of gangnam style of imp?? XD

  122. Jekkajelly says:

    First try

    Teen Rakshasa + Adult Wisp

  123. Kathleen Boorman says:

    Got imp using genie (teen) and cactus dryad (teen) in that order.Was trying for fire nymph though.

  124. tiny lishi says:


    i tried it naga+treant four times and kept getting bast. i figured because imp is leaf THEN volcano i would switch it. Totally worked first time! yey! I can finally finish that stupid cyclops challenge.

    • MeganP says:

      THANK YOU for this comment! I’ve been trying for nearly a month to get the $%&-++!* imp, and have gotten almost everything but, including countless water leapers and other ones I’m not “leveled up to” yet. I can’t count the number of blasts I’ve sold. With this combo, I now have a 10.5 hr summon time, so I think it worked. Yay!

  125. Ri says:

    Just tried naga + Triton & got a 10hours & 30 mins breeding time. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I have been trying to get an imp for weeks!

  126. Stef says:


  127. Maddie says:

    WOO YEAAH ! Finally got an imp (I think) lol 10 hours 30 mins breeding time so I’m pretty sure. cockatrice and fairy 3rd or 4th try ! Even got a fire nymph out of this combo trying to get an imp. So glad 😀

  128. crystal says:

    Teen rakshasa and teen triton

  129. Moe says:

    I got an Imp with a Bast / Kitsune combination.

  130. William says:

    Sylph + Wyrm = imp 😀

  131. PhantomE says:

    Keep trying, but can’t get FREAKING IIIIMMMPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  132. donna says:

    I keep getting fairys waaaaaa

  133. Eddy says:

    Hey nobo, its me Eddy again with another problem. I dont onow if you remember the last comment I made after reading a lot of answers youve given. I figure if your solo act under this name. Never know might be tag teaming the answers,but my situation was that I was having problems breeding an imp to fulfill quest furious five(imp banish cyclops expert or greater) and untill I got one I was keeping the last cyclops of that strength. Well I finnaly got my wish and got an imp.yea me! Well I didnt wat to take a chance so I fed him then tucked him in fer 2 hrs,then fed again to tuck once more to get him to level 10. Then I released him on the cyclops,banised it. Then I was so happy with myself, went to collect my reward to find out the game kept it from me! What? I do not understand? Why me? I have worked hard to complete this to just about drive myself crazy…makes me wonder if its going to mess on me on this quest what else is it going to keep from me. I know you answer peoples questions the best you can to at least say what you think they want to hear to keep them happy. Your fast at getting answers out (thats where I think tag team answeres) so anyway do I have to start over or hold out and hope more of these cyclops show up so I can finnish the quest or what, im at an impass and dont know where to go from here? I know,ive basicly written a book to ask a question/get info to help me? Hope theres hope for me cause I do not think I could start over after all this. Thanks in advanced, Eddy

    • noobbgodlike says:

      hello Eddy, I am working alone. For your quest, I believe it consist of 2 parts, banish expert cyclops or stronger monster using imp is just one part of the quest. IIRC the first part is to banish 3 scary cyclops using any monster (check your quest log to know the detail). But if you have done all of those things then try to contact tinyco about this problem, but I believe you haven’t done it since you only reported about Imp.

      • Eddy says:

        Yes ive completed the part where i hafta banish 3 scary or stronger cyclops with perfect. Thats complete now that i have the imp. And i banished the expert cyclops you would think i would go on to the next stage.but no it did not reconize the completion. Now there are no more cyclops to banish. So do i contact tinyco and how?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          hmm, try to banish creature stronger than cyclops. IF cyclops don;t respawn then probably you have too many enemies on the map right now. try to banishing them and wait for more few days unti the cyclops back.

        • Eddy says:

          Will give it a shot,I know the main island is minion free and debree free, Totally clean.

  134. monkey42 says:

    I can’t believe it! After getting Imp I managed to get Hippocamp (I’ll post the formula on that page). Then summoned Naga and Triton, both level 10, and I’ve got another Imp! LOL!

    Thanks for all the work you do running this site, Noobbgodlike. It’s very much appreciated.

  135. Facts about Imp: When the Imp is an adult he will dance OPPA IMPY STYLE!!!!



    • Felicia says:

      I love watching him do his dance. it is to funny. Just wish he said something to go with the dance and not “Game, Set, Match”. I also think he was cuter as a baby. He is to skiny now.

  136. jett says:

    Cockatrice and fairy, 10.5 summoning time. :-). First try with this combo

  137. monkey42 says:

    Finally! Spent ages trying to get Imp using the formulas on this page – no luck. Always got Fairy or Cockatrice so gave up and tried for Hippocamp using Water Leaper and Sylph… guess what? IMP!

  138. Eddy says:

    To the ones who have gotten their imps with the cockatrice and fairy formula I say you are so Lucky, I have been using that forula for the past 20 times had every thing from genies to fairys plenty to sell but no imp. I just dont know what to do with myself? If you ask if I tried other formulas its yes almost all of them if not all. Is there anything I can do to stack the deck in my favor? Age ? Which side who goes on? What day of the week? What time of day? Im using a galaxy tab, will it not go for me? What? Is it seasonal only a certain time of year? If I cant get it how do I finnish the quest of furious five. I only have two goblins left im trying to not banish them till I get an imp. Dont know what more to say?

  139. kreatur84 says:

    the game won`t give me an imp.
    i try and try and try.

  140. anongirl says:

    Naga and Triton

  141. Bunny says:

    Triton and Wrym worked for me, I was trying for Siren! But YAY, this one has been a huge headache!!

  142. pixie says:

    Kitsune and Wisp…..finely 10.5 hrs breeding …Imp, you have driven me nuts long enough. 😀

  143. Amber says:

    Got my Imp 1st try using cockatrice and fairy! Yay. First one was easy :)

  144. Mike says:

    has anybody has any success by using GardenNymph + fire hybrid or do you have to use both hybrids for this one and fire nymph, please comment.

    • Dedee says:

      Fire nymph and Treant gave me an Imp. I’ve been trying for days and randomly tried this combo and it worked. :)

  145. Gummi bear says:

    Hey you got the magic symbols mixed up, it’s actually garden first

  146. Mody says:

    It drives me crazy this imp,,,, can any one tell me in fully details how can i get it, i try all summons

  147. Tracy says:

    Cockatrice + Fairy, 10.5 hours Yay! Finally an Imp! 😀

  148. tinyjunkie says:

    I get an imp with cactus dyrad and marozi :)
    That was my 20th try to get an imp -,-

  149. Mike says:

    sh*t, Kapre+treant gave me 12 hrs, another Kapre :(

  150. Dasa says:

    I am level 17 and I already have the water leaper and rakshasha – level 19 and 20, but i can not get an imp or the fire nymph. Honestly , it is driving me crazy and it is not fun anymore to play. Everything takes such a long time. And for now i reached the maximum of the blue dust, but it is not enough to keep exploring. Have to wait till level 20!!!!!

    • Jay and bob says:

      I’m at level 20 nothing opens up . I thought that if I hit level 20 the 3 rd island would open up. Nope been here for almost 3 weeks . This game takes to long to open a level and I agree takes to long to get monsters. Ready to quit also.

      • noobbgodlike says:

        have you collected all monsters that available now?? if not then try to collect them :D. About long breeding time, I think the breeding time is fine, imagine if breeding time for every monsters is only 2 hours :D, the game will be finished in a week. Don;t treat game like this like action games, this game was never meant to be finished quickly but bit by bits. I have played tiny monsters for almost a years and still haven’t got all the monsters, but I still enjoy the game.

        • Mike says:

          to some extent I agree with you dude :)
          but Fire Nymph and Imp are driving me crazy too, haven’t been able to finish the quests also because of that. Need an Imp so badly :(

        • noobbgodlike says:

          hmm, I don;t get any trouble when trying to get IMP but fire nymph is one of the hardest monster for me to obtain. I can only suggest you to keep trying and don’t give up :D. Also play other games like tiny monsters, so you don’t just wait for one game :D.

        • Mody says:

          What is the meaning of 1st try and 2nd try and like this???

        • noobbgodlike says:

          I got them after trying for that amount of time, just to remind people that you need to try multiple times.

    • Noe says:

      I can’t get Imp either and I’ve been trying for what seems for ever! Right now am just going to take it in stride because when your trying to breed a monster for more than a week and all you keep getting is a breeding time of 14 for the wrong monster it’s frustrating.

  151. Aliz says:

    wisp+cockatrice both adult & lvl 10, got it on first try

  152. Arle says:

    Cockatrice and Triton first time

  153. Kristi says:

    I’m having such a hard time summoning this thing its not even funny. I’ve decided to try each pair up 5 times til I get it. Just did Naga and Treant. 9 hours. For chrissake…..>:(

    • Vidikov says:

      Imps are driving me crazy too. I was able to get one on my Android device with no trouble at all, but I’ve tried at least fifteen times on my iPad and still no Imp. It’s driving me nuts!

      • Vinoth Kumar M says:

        Lol… I often get imp while trying to get other monsters….

      • shalla666 says:

        what combo did you use on android? If I try a combo someone lists for android, I usually get it within the 3rd attempt :)

      • Jay says:

        Can’t get it on my ipad either while got it on my iPhone.. Can’t finish quests. Driving me nuts too!

    • Kristi says:

      Finally! Cockatrice and Fairy. 5 days 6 fairies 4 basts 4 nagas and 3 cactus dryads later I have 10.5 hours on my enchanted tree.

  154. missflora says:

    Help I cannot place any more of housing environments I have just crossed(spent) level 17

    • noobbgodlike says:

      there is a certain limit on every level, see level up reward on main section to know the limit on each level. You just need to level up to add more homes on your islands.

  155. Jjm says:

    Adult cockatrice adult wisp

  156. Belissima says:

    Grr. Got another imp with water leaper and triton when I was trying to get fire nymph…

    • blackjackercracker says:

      Lucckyyyy! Must have imp for two quests dont have h2o Leaper or triton! >:( (×50 million)

  157. Shawna says:

    I got a 10.5 summoning using (L) Fairy & (R) Cyno. I think it’s a Imp, have abt a 1 – 1 1/2 hrs left in breeding, will post & let you all for sure. I was trying for Naga, will try another breeding combo next.

  158. 3ke says:

    I used the Cactus Dryad & Kapre formula and then I got 10.5 hours. That means Imp! Yay! 😀

  159. Belissima says:

    Finally a 10.5hr summoning with cactus dryad and genie! Now I need to try that with the other iPad and iPhone. :)

  160. Emmy says:

    Got imp with holly dryad + waterleaper 2nd try

  161. Sparky says:

    Just did a cupid and slyph. 10.5 hrs. Pretty sure its this one.

  162. Ethan says:

    Fire nymph and Kitsume finally!

  163. Jennifer says:

    Imp.. I’m tryin with Cockatrice with Treant but I end up got 5.5 hrs so is it possible I try vice verse with same monsters?

  164. Maxsquad says:

    Water leaper + triton , First Try :)

  165. jokemon says:

    Cactus Dryad + Cupid

  166. gseauton says:

    Wyrm + Treant first try!!!!!!! Only need Kapre and then I have all of them!

  167. Alchemy says:

    Got Imp with Cactus Dryad level 8 and Kapre level 10

  168. Bkitty1015 says:

    Cockatrice+treant=10.5 hrs (first try)

    Really hoping this is an imp!

  169. Ash says:

    Bast & Naga 1st try

  170. Morgan says:

    Finally got it on Fire Nymph and Fairy, 10hrs 30 mins
    hatch time 10 hrs 30 mins

  171. Morgan says:

    Genie and Cactus Dryad, 16hrs got a Naga

    Hatching time 16 hrs

  172. Vonn says:

    Wisp & Cockatrice (3rd or 4th try)

  173. 52laru says:

    holly&genie 10.5 hrs, hoping for imp.

  174. TonyD says:

    Kapre + Cactus Dryad = Imp (1st try). I tried all the other formulas above, once each.

  175. Marjo says:

    I got it wij à kaper and a sage

  176. Kat says:

    Got imp first time with teen kitsune and adult wisp. Took 10.5 hours though. I was after a fire nymph though (still) so just tried again and got 5.5 hours. Could be anything with these new times!

  177. Krys says:

    Adult wisp and teen kapre

  178. GreekTiger says:

    What puzzles me is why the imp starts out fat and gets thinner especially as an adult, weight watchers much?

  179. Martina says:

    I got imp finally with formular:
    Kapre + Cactus Dryad

  180. Saaraah1904 says:

    Kapre + Treant = Imp :)

  181. Nikki says:

    Sylph + Kitsune = Imp

  182. Zhou says:

    I suddenly find that the dance of adult imp is from Gangnam Style!!Haha~Quite fashionable~

  183. Coleslaw says:

    This freaking Imp is killing me! haha It is the last one i need and cant get it. Does anyone know if there is a sandbox site for this game, like there is for Dragonvale and Gizmonauts? That would be awesome…

  184. Heather says:

    Cockatrice + Treant = Imp

  185. Thu-Thao says:

    Forgot to include this:

    Baby: “‘Sup!”
    Teen: “I got this!”
    Adult: “Game, Set, Match”

  186. Thu-Thao says:

    Available at: Level 6
    Tuck in time (baby to teen): 2 hrs or 5 jewels
    XP: 149

    Will give you the rest when I evolve him from teen to adult! :-)

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