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Tiny Castle Breeding Combo Imp Monster

Thanks To Ehlana for this picture and data

Tiny Castle Imp Monster Growth

Imp Status

Garden Tiny CastleVolcano Tiny Castle












Earn Rate

10 11 14 20 28 35 43 49 53 54

Feed (x4)

20 45 65 85 210/
675 1155/(825) 1415/

Total Food

0 80 260 520 860 1700 3320 6020 10640 16300


15 15 15 15 15 21 24 24 30 30


27 27 27 27 27 40 47 47 60 60

Available at level 6

Habitat: Volcano and Garden

Buying Price: 179 Jewels

Selling Price:  4355 Coins

Experience: 149 XP

Hatching/Breeding time: 7.25 hours (version 1.01) 10.5 hours (version 1.02)

Tuck in time (baby lvl 4): 2 hours (5 jewels)

Tuck in time (teen lvl 7): 2 hours (5 jewels)

Baby: “‘Sup!”
Teen: “I got this!”
Adult: “Game, Set, Match”

Breeding Formula:
[0] Cockatrice + Fairy
[0] Genie + Cactus Dryad (2nd try)
[0] Naga + Treant
[0] Cockatrice + Treant
[0] Kapre + Treant
[0] Kapre + Cactus Dryad
[0] Water Leaper + Triton
[0] Triton + Wyrm/Naga
[0] Water Leaper + Sylph
[0] Faun + Water Leaper
[0] Please leave comment if you have other formula

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322 Responses to “Tiny Castle Breeding Combo Imp Monster”

  1. Ewa says:

    Rakshasa + Wisp, 1st try

  2. mommakatt says:

    I just got 10.5 hrs with Treant and Cockatrice. This is a formula I found for Fire Nymph. I have been trying for both so definitely not disappointed. Good luck everyone!

  3. cloudyy says:

    Just got my second imp using cockatrice + wisp I was trying for kitsune

  4. ExitP says:

    Nothing else worked but I finally got it first try teen water leaper teen faun

  5. Narina says:

    Guys this is really awkward, I’ve tried with the Cockatrice+Fairy combo and I’ve got a ton of Fairy/Cockatrice until I’ve got a Sylph. Then I’ve tried with the Genie+Cactus dryad and, at the second try, I’ve got a Fire Nynph. How can I get a damn Imp! XD

  6. cloudyy says:

    Sylph and fire nymph 2nd try

  7. Elein says:

    Genie (teen) + Fairy (senior) .. First try random breeding :)

  8. geminifiresnake says:

    water leaper + triton both were adults

  9. raska says:

    Finally! Aduld cockatrice and teen fire nymph

  10. mysticado says:


    After trying countless times with several of the above suggestions, I stumbled upon this combination in of the tiny castle forums, and boom – first try with this combo and it worked!

    I have an Iphone 5S

  11. Kim says:

    Yesss!! got it with : Teen Cupid- Senior Fairy

  12. gummybear says:

    Made Imp with Fire Nymph and Fairy (Android)

  13. Rhonda says:

    Finally got one when I gave up and looked up a hippocamp recipe. It suggested Wyrm and Neriad for a Hippocamp. I mixed them and presto…one Imp. Think I’ll try them again and see if I get the Hippocamp too. The Wyrm was adult and the Neriad a teen but I doubt that matters much.

  14. lordArty says:

    Marzoi (lvl 10) + WIsp (lvl 11). I had just given up on getting an imp…and was just messin around and boom there he was!

  15. carol says:

    Wyrm & fairy = Imp on Android..Thanks for the help

  16. Shoki says:

    Wisp + Fire Nymph, Kindle Fire, 2nd Try

  17. carol says:

    Getting no place trying for Imp or Dijun, been trying for weeks now, any new ideas? Thanks

  18. Debbie says:

    Wyrm & Fairy first time!

  19. carol says:

    I love your site as i use it for any questions i may have, 9 out of 10 times i find what i need….Thanks and keep up the good work.

  20. EliB says:

    My Imp at level 9 is 53 defense and 27 attack. And I got 2 Imps with Wisp and Fire Nymph.

  21. Bobbiel says:

    I have tried every combo so many times. I have gotten at least 15 Tritons. I keep saying I am deleting this app but I really don’t want to delete all the time I have put into this. Rare is understandable but ridiculous is what this has become. The fun of this game is disappearing rapidly. It’s clearly Fixed and not a game of chance. There has to be some satisfaction , at least when u get to the high level. I am at. I’m sure when the quest disappears I will get the Nereid. So my suggestion is this…. Don’t bother. U will get it when the game allows it

    • emlou says:

      I am having the same problem. I have tried all of the above formulas except for water leaper because I don’t have one of those yet. I just keep getting cockatrice, treant, fairy etc.
      I just tried with a fairy and genie and got 9hrs so that hasn’t worked either.
      I am almost at lv 29 and have done all of the challenges except for Imp and I have one more lv to go to meet my elemental gold creatures. Its a bit frustrating but we will get there.

      • emlou says:

        Just got a 10.5 breeding time with Senior Wyrm & Elder Fairy. I have tried this combo so many times. Yaaay there is hope ;)

  22. Teresa Erickson says:

    Has anyone noticed that the imp does the gangnam style dance….from psy??? Its funny!

  23. Tom says:

    Kapre and pumpkin first try

  24. Jenny says:

    Fairy + genie

  25. jygjufjhfjh says:

    Wisp and cockatrice ;)

  26. Ryandiva says:

    Just got 10.5hrs with (L) Fire Nymph+ (R) Kapre. I was trying for Pumpkinhead, but I’m definitely stoked to hopefully FINALLY have an Imp!

  27. Siv says:

    Wyrm and fairy first try.

  28. Jessica says:

    Wyrm & Fairy!!!! Finally!!!

  29. Erica says:

    Level 11: earn 59, feed 1391, attack 30, defense 61
    Level 12: earn 64, feed 1460, attack 31, defense 63
    Level 13: earn 69, feed 1533, attack 32, defense 65

    • Erica says:

      Level 14: earn 74, feed 1609, attack 33, defense 67
      Level 15: earn 79, feed 1689, attack 34, defense 69
      Tuck in time to level 15 was 2 hr

  30. Angie says:

    Cactus dryad adult and marozi adult first time

  31. Carlos says:

    I get it with Wisp and Cockatrice in 2nd try

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