Posted on May 7, 2013

Tiny Castle Breeding Formula Salamandra

Thanks to Michael for these info and pictures

Tiny Castle Salamandra Egg

Tiny Castle Salamandra Growth

Salamandra Status

Tiny Castle Mountain ElementVolcano Tiny Castle












Earn Rate

8 9 10 11 12 15 19 26  35 36

Feed (x4)

95 205 295 390 915 1215 1480 3120  4190  MAX

Total Food

0 380 1200 2380 3940 7600 12460 18380 30860 47620


27 27 27 27 27 36 37 48  52  55


50 50 50 50 50 63 76 90  103  116

Habitat: Mountain and Volcano

Buying Price: 199 Jewels

Selling Price:  4106 Coins

Experience: 293 XP

Hatching/Breeding time: 27 hours 18 minutes (27.3) {same as minotaur}

Tuck in time (baby lvl 4): 10.5 hours

Tuck in time (Teen lvl 7): 12.6 hours

Baby: ” Hurry, hurry”
Teen: “Grunting sound”
Adult:  “What are we waiting for?”

Note: The Salamandra quest says that you need to combine polar with volcano magics. It maybe a typo, but if it’s not then maybe tinyco want to give us a hint to use polar- mountain (like Yeti) creature with volcano magics to get higher chance of getting it.

Breeding Formula:
[0] Minotaur + Fire Golem (1st try)
[0] Satyress + Phoenix
[0] Puck + Minotaur
[0] Vily + Phoenix
[0] Kitsune + Minotaur
[0] Satyress + Fire Nymph
[0] Naga + Mountain Piksy
[0] Yeti + Fire Golem
[0] Satyress + Cupid
[0] Gargoyle + American griffin
[0] Gargoyle + Rakshasa
[0] Leave your formula on the comments (Make sure you get the egg first before comment)

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75 Responses to “Tiny Castle Breeding Formula Salamandra”

  1. Leafy says:

    With her spiky flame “hair”, I kinda though my Salamandra looked like a grown-up, punky, lizard version of Lisa Simpson. Used her in battle for the first time, when she got hit, she said “doh!”. I laughed harder than I probably should have. =D

  2. BettyBoobs says:

    Phoenix and minotaur on the first try! 8)

  3. Lawren says:

    I got it with a puck and an imp. I was trying to go for a minotaur during double chances.

  4. castlemage says:

    with Satyress and Wyrm got a Salamandra. very cute monster.

  5. person says:

    i got one using a level10 minotaur and a level 10 satyress

  6. Jman says:

    I got it with djinn and satyress both adult. 1st try

  7. Pixiekitten says:

    I used Minotaur and Phoenix and got the 27+ hour time. Fingers crossed! 🙂
    Have a great day everyone!

  8. Kendra says:

    Minotaur + Pheonix got me salamandra. First time trying that combo, tried satyress +Pheonix and satyress + wrym but both gave me another Minotaur. Yay!!! Now I just need the fire golem to have all the mountain monsters!

  9. jokemon says:

    You probably get this already but just a fun tidbit for those who dont know.. The grunting sound Teen Salamandra makes is the same exact sound that Android makes.. (baby,teen, and adult)

  10. Danabfly says:

    Yeti and Phoenix = Salamandra! So glad it wasn’t another Minotaur!

  11. Awesome dude says:

    I got it on my first try with satyress and cockatrice was trying for fire golem though

  12. Kathl33n says:

    Got one with phoenix/satyress

  13. Mrs.Black says:

    CUPID & SATYRESS Worked for me on the first try, by the way I’m on the iPad ;)have a great day summoning cool new creatures 😉

  14. Desma says:

    Hi guys I got mine trying for Hydra with Rakshasa 8 / Satyress 10

  15. Arie says:

    I got a salamandra with satyress (adult) and cockatrice (adult)

  16. Dm818 says:

    The teen sounds like “AWK!”

  17. keith and char says:

    The satress and pheonix above do work together to receive this monster. My first try and got her. Android.

  18. Nick says:

    I got salamandra with satyress and Cupid on the first try 😀

  19. Chips says:

    Satyress and Cockatrice. 1st try!!

  20. Esher says:

    Satyress and Wyrm – 1st try

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