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Tiny Castle Breeding Guide Kitsune

Tiny Castle Kitsune Egg

Kitsune Status

Volcano Tiny CastleForest tiny Castle












Earn Rate

4 6 8 10 12 14 16 19  21  23

Feed (x4)

20 45 65 85 210 405 685 1205/
1445  MAX

Total Food

0 80 260 520 860 1700 3320 6060 10880 16660


13 13 13 13 13 18 20 20  23  25


22 22 22 22 22 33 38 38  44  49

Lvl 10 => 11 food: 5400 food












Earn Rate

25 27 29 31 33 35 37 39 41 43

Feed (x4)

1417 1487 1561 1639 1720 1806 1896 1990 2089 MAX

Total Food

0 5668 11616 17860 24416 31296 38520 46104 54064 62420


25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34


50 52 53 55 56 58 60 61 63 64

Available at level 5

Habitat: Forest and Volcano

Buying Price: 400 Jewels

Selling Price: 1280  Coins

Experience: 165 XP

Hatching/Breeding time: 4,25 hours (version 1.01), 11.5  Hours (version 1.02)

Tuck in time (baby lvl 4): 2 hours (5 Jewels)

Tuck in time  (teen lvl 7): 2 hours (5 jewels)

Temple Tuck in: 2 hours

Baby: “I want to be like you growing up”
Teen: “No redhead jokes please”
Adult: “It’s good to be back”

Breeding Formula:
[0] Wisp + Cockatrice (1st try)
[0] Wisp + naga
[0] Peryton + Wyrm
[0] Holly Dryad + Wisp
[0] treant + cockatrice (3rd try, reader’s comment)
[0] Forest + Volcano (You can’t use this formula)
[0] Rakshasa + Lochness
[0] Please leave comment if you have other formula

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198 Responses to “Tiny Castle Breeding Guide Kitsune”

  1. Hmph says:

    The wisp and cockatrice combo does not work on the first try. I got a stupid fairy.

  2. Rdubois says:

    Finally after months of trying and countless number of jewels, got Kutsune with Rakasha and Lochness. Yeah!

  3. Jaded says:

    Level | Earn Rate | Feed | Attack | Defense
    11 | 25 | 1417 | 25 | 50
    12 | 27 | 1487 | 26 | 52
    13 | 29 | 1561 | 27 | 53
    14 | 31 | 1639 | 28 | 55
    15 | 33 | 1720 | 29 | 56
    16 | 35 | 1806 | 30 | 58
    17 | 37 | 1896 | 31 | 60
    18 | 39 | 1990 | 32 | 61
    19 | 41 | 2089 | 33 | 63
    20 | 43 | Max | 34 | 64

    Tuck in time (Level 14 & 19): 2 hours (5 Jewels)

  4. Tiffany says:

    I got a kitsune by using a pegasust and a rakshasa hope that it helped you guys

  5. 2Twisted4U says:

    Decided to look again at successful combos for Kitsy. Glad I did.

    Finally, first attempt with Rakshasa + Lochness. Long time coming since getting Raksy was a royal pain.

  6. Colourful 84 says:

    Genie + Adlet

  7. DeOple says:

    Lvl 10 Pegasus + Lvl 8 Wyrm 1st try (exact same order or else it won’t work)

  8. Michelle says:

    Treant and Minotaur

  9. Danielle says:

    wisp cockatrice 2nd try

  10. Jaypee says:

    Got one using adult Sylph and Phoenix 1st try

  11. TINYPAW says:

    I got it on crockatrice + wisp first try tired to get for a year just got it today! -5:59 (tried for 15 days)

  12. Mandalore says:

    Wisp + Cockatrice got me two on my iPhone.

  13. Chiara says:

    pine dryad and marozi 1st try :)

  14. MemLaVa says:

    Got one on 2nd try using Fire Nymph (lvl 10) and Kapre (lvl 10).

  15. Ruffian says:

    Imp + Wisp gave me Kitsune :-)

  16. KK May says:

    Djinn, and Pegasus worked for me.

  17. Leggzorcist says:

    Worker Centaur & Genie

  18. Asherohzy says:

    Thanks for giving me the combo! I got the kitsune successfully

  19. Mel says:

    Got kitsune 1st try with Leshy on left and Fire Nymph on right :-D :-D :-D

  20. Lynn says:

    played with a few combs but bred the Warm Teen and Treant Senior twice in a row for Kapre. got this instead.

  21. Pauline says:

    Wisp and Cockatrice after so many tries!!

  22. Lawren says:

    I got this one with a faun and a wyrm. At first, I didn’t know what to do when trying to go for the three-tailed kitsune. Now I know it. The only way to get this, along with other opposites is to use two hybrids together, NOT a basic creature.

  23. Foxy Foxy says:


  24. McDevilish says:

    Got it with Fire Nymph/Kirin on the 5th or 6th try.

  25. lea says:

    Finally got it with wisp and cockatrice

  26. Ahmad says:

    Kapre + owlman I also got Adelt with this

  27. Mimi 101 says:

    I got it white lv 5 Pegasus and lv 5 phoenix 1st try

  28. Wisp says:

    I think, if you mix a wyrm and a treant, you coukd get a mix of centuar -griffin -garden nymph -phoenix -other centuar, or something else. You could get the normal. Or a mythical version.

  29. Brittany says:

    peryton and cockatrice 2nd try

  30. kassi says:

    Kapre and fire Imp

  31. Heather says:

    After months of trying to no avail, as well as the whole time of rare monster event with no luck, I was FINALLY able to get a kitsune (11.5 hrs) with WISP + IMP= KITSUNE!!! Hope this helps someone else as well!

  32. whizzkid says:

    Teen Treant + adult Imp = kitsune (first try) :) yayyy!!

  33. MimiMonster says:

    Fire golem and mountain pilksy first try after every combo failed for months.

  34. MuddyPuddles says:

    Level 8 Food: 825

  35. Avistew says:

    I’ve been trying to get one for almost a week, tried all the combinations shown here several times and always ended up with something else…

    In the end I tried Treant + Imp. I got a breeding time of 11 and a half hours. I don’t think it can be anything else with this combination, so I’m really excited! It’s my first try with those two, too.
    They’re both teenagers if it makes a difference.

  36. pixie says:

    Thanks so much! This site has been soooo helpful!!

  37. Alex says:

    And Pegasus with Cockatrice – worked from the first try

  38. kassi says:

    Got it wihth wisp and rakshasa

  39. Anastasia says:

    Fire nymph and kirin got my nereid with this combo also

  40. Pepperinmaheye says:

    Treant + Cockatrice = Kitsune

  41. jennifer says:

    Rakshasa + Wisp 1st try

  42. MadCat says:

    Yay for rare creature day. :D think I got her since its 11.5 hours with no SKY in the mix. We shall see. I got her (I think) with Kirin + genie.

  43. kemper says:

    I used an adult phenoix with my adult pegasus and got it on the first try

  44. bb says:

    Fire nymph n kirin just gave me kitsune.

  45. Neptune says:

    Wisp + Wyrm = Kitsune. I was trying for a Sylph and got Kitsune. 11.5 hours

  46. dorothy says:

    I really want a kittsune but I can’t get one!!!!

  47. Stitch says:

    Fire nymph and kapre 2nd try

  48. Crystal dragon says:

    Wisp + Rakshasa = Kitsune first try:-)

  49. Cynthia says:

    Fire Nymph + Faun

    • Brandi says:

      I have done wisp and rakshasha 3 times got richness twice and now I am getting another rakshasha

  50. lisa says:

    Peyton and wyrm…worked first try.

    • Wanker says:

      I also got this first time with peyton & wyrm on a Samsung Note with android on a Wednesday afternoon wearing brown cargo shorts and a blue polo shirt & smoking JPS Classic. Hope this helps.

      • noobbgodlike says:

        device doesn’t affect breeding result, but your polo shirt color does affect the result, to get kitsune you need to wear brown polo shirt on the day light, so I believe you lied when you said you wear blue polo shirt :D (you wear brown), about smoke I don’t know since I don’t smoke :D. Congrats on getting kitsune, I wonder what should I wear for new tengu creature.

      • southernbren says:

        well, peryton & wyrm only produced peryton for me. I am guessing my jeans, cowboy boots & electronic cig was definitely not the right combo. Shall change clothes and try again! I refuse to take off the boots tho.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          I am not sure whether the boots is needed or no, but I am pretty sure that I didn’t wear it on that day, the most important thing is brown polo shirt like I said above. LOL, this become so ridiculous.

  51. steve says:

    kirin + fire nymph = 11.5hrs

  52. Ashley says:

    Tomten+cockatrice first try :)

  53. Stylin says:

    Rakshasa and LochNess both adults worked for me on a iPad 2

  54. edwina says:

    Wisp + naga = owlman….on android …

  55. Kendra says:

    Adult genie + Adult Wisp. First time I ever tried that combo!

  56. Lara says:

    11.5 hours with adult kirin and adult naga (both level 10). It must be Kitsune! Finally!

  57. Ratchet says:

    Level 7 – 685 food
    Level 8 – 1205 food
    Level 9 – 1445 food

  58. lisa says:

    Wyrm and pegasus – both adult – 11,5 h – must be kitsune

  59. Lysi says:

    Food level 8 : 1205

  60. gendi says:

    Peryton + Kapre = Kitsune
    been trying all the combos in a long it finally!

  61. Ratchet says:

    Kitsune level 1 – 20 food
    Level 2 – 45 food
    Level 3 – 65 food
    Level 4 – 85 food
    She is tucked in I will let you know the rest after.

  62. Bella says:

    I got kitsune 1st try with adult wisp level 10 and adult cockatrice level 10.
    Hope this helps.

    • Surfing says:

      I wish…tried that combo 10 times….even on 2x summoning day!

      • MimiMonster says:

        I’m having more luck now using higher or rare monsters to breed. I tried getting Kitsune and sylph for months with no luck…..since I used fire golem and pilksy I got Kitsune first try. I can’t remember sylph combo I used other then I used one of the higher air/snowbirds. The only monster I’m missing now is tengu.

  63. Danireeves says:

    Tried getting this creature with Water Leaper and Centuar and got 19hrs. Does anyone know what I will summon if it is 19hrs? Your help would be much apreciated. :)

  64. DaniReeves says:

    What monster did I get if the time is 3hrs and 44mins? I used Lvl 10 Pegasus and Lvl 10 Phoenix. Help?

  65. SS says:

    Cockatrice and wisp for 12 hours.
    Anyone kno what it is?!?

    Thks :)

  66. DaniReeves says:

    I tried Lvl 8 Rahkshasa and Lvl 8 Lochness and got 11hrs and 52mins. I hope it’s Kitsune, so if it is, I will let you know. :)

  67. Snbradn72 says:

    Received kitsune with Djinn and Adlet and hatch time was 11hrs and 29 min.

  68. Mr Y says:

    Tried cockatrice + wisp. I got a sylph
    Thanks i have Tried to get sylph a hundred times and only got fairies and other hybrids

  69. Mandalore says:

    Adult Wisp + Teen Genie = 11:30 (no Sky in the mix so it has to be a Kitsune)

  70. tigers rock says:

    I used a teen wisp with teen genie

  71. Giggles says:

    Thanks killerhen- I tried wisp+wyrm and got 11.5 hrs.

  72. William says:

    Lochness + Djinn = kitsune

  73. killerhen says:

    Got a Kitsune with a adult wisp and a adult wyrm. was trying for a Kapre.

  74. Dandi says:

    Gah!!! I’ve tried a million and 1 times kapre and imp kapre and imp… Blah!!

    • 3ke says:

      I know how you feel. I keep getting everything else when trying for Nereid.
      So many Tritons have been hatched… 0_0

  75. Koryann says:

    teen lochness + adult wyrm = kitsune
    on android

  76. Chary says:

    Cockatrice + kirin = kitsune

  77. Shalifi says:

    Got mine just now via Imp+Wisp. Thats not on the list there. Second try.

  78. packetnews says:

    Rakshasa (water,volcano) + lochness(water,wood)=kitsune(volcano,wood)

  79. Nikki says:

    Tryed every combo I could think of and every one I read on this page finally got 11.5 hr breeding/hatching time with ADULT KAPRE & ADULT DJINN… Keeping fingers crossed but I’m pretty sure it’s a kitsune. Ill keep updating….

  80. FireNinja says:

    Lochness + Cockatrice

  81. anongirl says:

    Wisp and cockatrice

  82. Luís Felipe says:

    Phoenix + pegasus gave me a lot of cockatrices…now after 20x trying I got a kitsune…that was tiring

  83. Erinnyen says:

    Wyrm + Treant

  84. SJ says:

    Phoenix + Pegasus

  85. Gregorbat says:

    After a dozen Trttons …finally with a Wisp + Cockatrice I have an 11.5 hr egg in the oven.

  86. Kathleen Boorman says:

    I’m using peryton+wyrm and got a 3 hour and 44minute summoning time.I will tell you when it hatches if its a Kitsune.

  87. Kerry says:

    Wisp and fire nymph got mine

  88. Siekick says:

    I want this one SO bad but CANNOT seem to get it… Igave literally EVERY other monster EXCEPT this one

  89. Jennifer says:

    Got Kistune via Cockatrice and Treant on first try while trying to get Imp.

  90. jokemon says:

    I did get it with Cockatrice + Treant on my first attempt

  91. 3ke says:

    I got mine by using Wisp & Genie. I was trying to get an Imp. But this works. Now I have a Kitsune! :D

  92. GoldenTrouble13 says:

    I got a kit suns first try using a cockatrice and Pegasus

  93. IvyLeaf says:

    I got one using a cockatrice and peryton, in that order

  94. Lambchop says:

    I used treat adult and cyno adult for a kitsune. 11 hours and some. Egg hatching is the same amount of time. This website has been a life saver. Thanks!!

  95. LilFizzie says:

    11.5 summoning time for Kitsune using fire nymph & slyph . I’ve been
    Trying for a long long time to get her with NO success! I was trying for

  96. Emma says:

    I used wisp and cockatrice and got six hours what did I get please tell me

  97. Nicholas Stevens says:

    I got her using a Genie and a Cockatrice after trying everything else

    • Nicholas Stevens says:

      I got 11.5 for breeding time, without using a forest :/ I’ll have to see what it is tomorrow I guess

      • Nicholas Stevens says:

        Aww it was only a wurm, I’m not sure why it was only 11.5 and not 11.75 though, I double checked quite a few times. Breeding the Genie with a Wisp, again an 11.5 breeding time… hopefully this time!

  98. Justin says:

    I breed a kitsune by breeding peryton and cockatrice

  99. haruki says:

    yes. it wasn’t 12 I confirmed.. tot I saw 11.30 too. just hatched one and I tot I had wyrim

  100. TonyD says:

    Yes, I can confirm Kitsune was 11.5 hours. I got it with Naga+Treant on the first try – was trying for an Imp.

  101. CreamTangeriine says:

    Just got Kitsune on the new version after a 12 hour breeding time – they really amped it up!!

    • CreamTangeriine says:

      Hm maybe it was 11.5 – that is showing for my hatching time now!

      • noobbgodlike says:

        please tell me your result, because from what others said 12 hours is for kitsune :D. Thanks

      • Candace says:

        I got 11.5 hours as well for kitsune. I went back and checked to make sure on my hatching time.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          screenshot please :D. Many says 12 hours and you suddenly say 11.30

        • Candace says:

          It does take 12 gems to speed up hatching, etc. when you get the 11.5 hour hatch time. I think that is where the confusion is coming in. People see the 12 and think hours. At first, when I looked I saw the 12 for the gems and thought 12 hours, but then looked at the time and saw the 11.5 hour time. I have been trying forever to get this and finally got it, if I get another, I will send a picture. However, if I were trying to mislead you and had time on my hands I could wait 1/2 an hour and take a picture ;)

        • noobbgodlike says:

          ah ok, it’s not that I don’t trust you but really confused :D. thank you very much.

  102. Krys says:

    Tried every combo can’t get kitsune HELP :'(

  103. Celine says:

    I managed to breed a kitsune using treant + cockatrice combination after trying the third time. The first is sylph, second is fairy. I am using this combination to breed fire nymph, still trying.

  104. Irina says:

    Wisp + naga worked for me, 1st try.
    Tried Wisp + Cockatrice with no success 3 times.

  105. Thu-Thao says:

    Tuck in time (teen to adult): 2 hrs or 5 jewels

    Baby: “I want to be like you growing up”
    Teen: “No redhead jokes please”
    Adult: “It’s good to be back”

    Heal time (Adult): 4 hrs, costs 10,400 coins to heal

  106. cheeko111 says:

    XP gained = 165

  107. Czzarr says:


    Was trying for Kapre

  108. Chickennugget006 says:

    Holiday Draid + wisp. 1st try

  109. Bea says:

    Peyton + Wyrm= Kitsune

  110. Phil says:

    Level 10 23/min, 49 courage 25 attack

  111. Dublinkits says:

    Wisp + Naga = 4:15 summoning expecting Kitsune

  112. Rcktqwn says:

    Wisp & Cockatrice, first try

  113. Guedo says:

    kitsune lv9 earn 21 def 44 attack 23 feed 185

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