Posted on May 25, 2013

Tiny Castle Coral Nixie Limited Creature

1st appearance: 24 May 2013 – 29 May 2013
2nd appearance: 31 January 2014 – 4 February 2014
Thanks to Haigiggs for these info and pictures

Tiny Castle Coral Nixie Egg

Tiny Castle Coral Nixie Growth

Coral Nixie Status

Tiny Castle Mountain ElementBeach Tiny Castle












Earn Rate

8 9 10 11 12 15 19 26 37 40

Feed (x4)

120 250 380 510 935 1095 1295 2800 3995 MAX

Total Food

0 480 1480 3000 5040 8780 13160 18340 29540 45520


41 41 41 41 41 50 59 65 85 85


76 76 76 76 76 96 113 135 170 170

Habitat: Mountain and Beach

Buying Price: 320 Jewels

Selling Price: 6108 Coins

Experience: 320 XP

Hatching/Breeding time: 40 hours 57 minutes (40.95 hours)

Tuck in time (baby lvl 4): 13 hours 39 minutes

Tuck in time (Teen lvl 7): 16 hours 22 minutes 45 seconds

Baby: “You can’t see me!”
Teen: “Watch me vanish.”
Adult:  “I love this color”

Breeding formula:
[0] Hydra + Loveless Bunyip
[0] Hydra + Mountain Piksy
[0] Hydra + Banshee
[0] Yeti + Leviathan
[0] Yeti + Bunyip
[0] Leviathan + Vily
[0] Kirin + Mountain Piksy
[0] Puck + Leviathan
[0] Leviathan + Banshee
[0] Leave your formula on the comments

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213 Responses to “Tiny Castle Coral Nixie Limited Creature”

  1. Lynn says:

    When will this monster be available again?

  2. Erys says:

    Well I missed this one again. It would be nice if they would release limited creatures for longer especially with such a long breeding time.I understand that is the purpose of the jewels and that is how they get paid but I blew through about 300 jewels trying and nothing :-(

  3. Ashley7 says:

    Hydra + Snow Nixie.

  4. castlemage says:

    just got Coral Nixie egg in my hatchery, from Hydra and Banshee. took a few tries, got banshees and pucks before.

    also, just raised 15 beach creatures to level 11 for bronze beach temple. bought a few mermaids in the store to help along.

  5. Jason says:

    Hydra and banshee worked for me

  6. JawBreakerzz13 says:

    I got Coral Nixie on the first try with Hydra (left) and Hippocamp (right) … this was awesome for me cuz I have been wanting her for a long time and I NEVER get anything limited on the first try. I have Coral amd Snow Nixie now! YAY!

  7. twofish says:

    I have a coral nixie! Hydra + Banshee :oD

  8. Rei A says:

    Several attempt s at more than 1 day each yielded an army of ugly pucks and banshee. Now I just collect coins each day and don’t even bother with the minions. Jurassic story has better waiting times for breeding and it has useful trivia as well and thanks noobgod for providing a guide for jurassic story .

  9. Erkalie says:

    Been trying for this one both times it was available… Still no luck :/ But just got hippocamp with hydra+gargoyle so I guess its not a total loss… Just hope it’ll be available sometime soon again…

  10. jewls says:

    Well for my 14 attempt at this creature and many jewls to speed up times I got 28hr timer :( just hope its a Gorgon but I did hatch 2 fire nymphs which I needed. :) Mr Noobbgodlike I live in Australia so how does that affect the time limit on getting the creature? Thank you again for the help.

  11. DivaCup says:

    Just got it with level 10 Banshee & ten hippocamp on first try! Good luck out there bc I think it ends tonight.

  12. Irene Jakobsson says:

    First try lvl10 Hydra + Loveless Bunyip. 40hours 57minutes!
    I’m so happy!!!

  13. gigifst (Tiny ID) says:

    I cant believe i got it 1st try
    Hydra+ loveless bunyip

  14. iluvem says:

    I can’t’ believe with 9 minutes left I got it with hydra and lecithin WOW

  15. Erika Gilpin says:

    Eeeekkk got 40.97 first try with siren and gargoyle :-). Hope this helps someone.

  16. Amanda V says:

    I got a breeding time of 1day 26hrs and 57 min. w/ ice golem and mermaid. I hope its the coral nixie.

  17. Adrianna says:

    Hydra and kirin, first try on android.

  18. chibilita says:

    Puck and Nereid on android (1st try). I assume it’ll be a coral nixie (and hope it is!) as it is still ay the summoning tree at the moment but has an almost 41hr summoning time so cannot see what else it could be!

    • Saim Haroon says:

      Chibilita it is coral nixie good going :)

      • chibilita says:

        It was a coral nixie! Very happy-its my first limited monster as only started playing in december and I hadn’t unlocked the ice golem (he is hatching now alongside my coral nixie in fact!) when the icy peryton was available and none of the others limited creatures have been summonable since I started playing. Lets hope they bring some of last years back so I can get the chance to get them.

        But yes Nereid and Puck got me it first try. Hope it helps someone before she disappears!

  19. Kris says:

    I used a teen Leviathan and Adult Banshee and got 1 day 16hrs. 57mins. I started to get excited but then I thought better of it. I’ve been let down so many times. Fingers Crossed, I’ll let you know is this worked

  20. koi doll says:

    OMG just got the 40 hr 57 min result with hydra + banshee thanks for the combo folks! this creature had me heartbroken when it first came out and i was just starting and had only gotten as far as the beach =D absolutely ecstatic!

  21. Saim Haroon says:

    With hydra and banshee I have 40 hours time is it coral nixie?

  22. Lawren says:

    The baby and teen have edited phrases:
    Baby: “You can’t see me!”
    Teen: “Watch me vanish.”

  23. Lawren says:

    I got this on fourth try with hydra and hippo camp as the 7th limited creature, seeing the 40 hour timer. Phew, these short-lived limited creatures frustrate me sometimes… :{

    2nd appearance: January 31, 2014 – February 4, 2014

  24. Jason says:

    Used Rakshasha + Gnome and got Coral Nixie! ^-^

    iPhone 5s user.

  25. bridgetyvonn3 says:

    I got it with a puck and raksasha. :)

  26. Kody says:

    I would really like to get this, could anyone help me out?

  27. Tara says:

    Hydra and Banshee, first try!! That never happens for me haha :)

  28. Moshpitmommy says:

    I just got it first try with the hydra and Kirin

  29. kendra says:

    Just got it first try wirh Neirid amd Hydra. I tried like crazy when it came out last may with no luck.

    • jewls says:

      Just tried this combo got 27hrs 18min (pulling hair out and beatin head against wall) just so excited yet another hydra well at least its not a roane. :(

  30. SummerSolstice says:

    Teen banshee & teen leviathan on kindle 1st try

  31. 3ke says:

    My adult Coral Nixie has a new saying. It’s “I love this color”

    I’m guessing that TinyCo is slowly implementing our suggestions/complaints. We just need to be patient.

  32. Kody says:

    I hope this one comes back. I would love to try to get it.

  33. Stormdragon says:

    I just got a 1 day, 16 hours and 57 minutes (40h,57min) with rakshasa and ice golem, but what can this be? Only Coral Nixie and Marid take 40 hours but there’s no stone or desert in the combo. I don’t understand xD

  34. Lawren says:

    You know, I feel upset when TinyCo is releasing limited time creatures. I tried to summon the U.S. griffin, but all I could managed to summon was cupid and cockatrice. Every single time, is a ridiculous summoning. Also, I didn’t get a chance to summon this nixie. I tried to summon it, but all I managed to summon was puck and tengu… >:( I won’t ever be spending a single money to TinyCo.

  35. Lawren says:

    Actually, the quote: “Magic is a mystery” is really a marid’s voice.

  36. Coral Nixie says:

    Which combination is the best to get it? I really want to know and I wonder if you have one, if you can Summon another. Please tell me!

  37. Coral Nixie says:

    I wonder if you keep breeding Hydra and Coral Nixie, if it could POSSIBLY result in a Coral Nixie?.?. I am going to keep trying no matter what!!

  38. jokemon says:

    This has to be the rarest monster since its release time was the shortest but maybe if were lucky this monster can be a summer special? I too find it odd that its release was short and not really coinciding with anything.

  39. Awesome dude says:

    Is tiny castle to lazy too make a different saying for coral nixie? Just asking.

  40. Dm818 says:

    I don’t really understand this creature. It’s the first limited that could pass off as a normal one (cause there isn’t another mountain beach yet) and it seems to be almost impossible to get since for me, I hatched hydra and suddenly it was gone. Also, it doesn’t really have a holiday that corresponds to it. Plus, The worst type combo for a limited so far was marine in tiny monsters and with that, it wasn’t like water type came out recently like mountain.

  41. Christine Laffely says:

    Ok can you check something for me? I just raised my coral to level 6 and her battle states only went to 50 attack and 96 defense. The chart says diffrent.

  42. Irina says:

    It feels so unfair! Many creatures have long hatching time, a day and even more. So you literally have 3-4 tries for your limited creature, and that’s it!!

  43. Madison says:

    You are wrong noob.i have a coral nixie at level 5and she is a teenager.She says “magic is a mystery ” when she is a teenager instead of a baby.

  44. Bridgetyvonn3 says:

    Adult says “would you hear my new philosophy”

  45. Chary says:

    Kirin + mountain piksy= coral nixie on second try

  46. whammytammy says:

    Whew got it on last day just put it in nursery. Kirin and hydra worked had tried a lot of others first. Now breeding for new Alcyone using griffin and ice golem since no false hope.

    • Jade Harley says:

      Ah, I wouldn’t be so sure about “no false hope”. The new system pretty glitched; it just gave me a kapre from combining an Ice Golem and a Griffin directly together. ;^;

  47. Mommy3g says:

    I didn’t post because I almost didn’t believe it, but I bred the Coral Nixie on the last day, with just a few hours left. I hadn’t even had much time to try, since other stuff had been breeding. First try with Bunyip and Mountain Piksy and I got it.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      It was possible to get limited monsters after 1-2 days from the deadline. But I don’t tell you all because I am afraid they have fixed it and you’re trying in vain.

      • SnoopyRN50 says:

        gee whiz, noob, really? U knew this and didn’t say there was even a slight chance it could work?? Man! If I’d know that I’d have kept trying no matter how slim a chance it was. It’s better than not having ANY chance and of course, now NO chance of getting this one.

    • diana says:

      I got Alcyone with ice glome and Griffin and carol niksi with statres and kirin 20 times 😉 yeah yet yet yet hey hey hey yet hey yet yet :-* 😀

  48. 3ke says:

    I almost don’t believe it but I just put a Coral Nixie egg in the nursery.
    Yeti & Nereid

    • 3ke says:

      P.S. – this was my 2nd try with this combo. 1st time got me a Hydra.
      & for those who don’t know what a Nixie is, the best explanation I could find is that it is some sort water sprite. So, nixies are a relative of fairies, I suppose, a member of the Fae family.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Congrats on getting it on last day.

  49. Bridgetyvonn3 says:

    Teen says “Magic is a mystery”

  50. Fishlike says:

    If it’s not in your market any more then no chance of getting it unless it’s a glitch.

  51. Steel Lizard says:

    “I bet the Coral Nixie makes my Wisp look terrible”, in my best Charlie Bucket voice.

  52. Mandalore says:

    It is 2pm PST and I tried one last ditch effort with Bunyip and Yeti and to my wonderful surprise I got the 40.95 hr breed time!

  53. Victorious says:

    Just got one with Kirin and Minotaur

  54. Tiny Love says:

    Well it’s down to the wire with only 1 hour left for the Coral Nixie (I live on the east coast), and I finally got breed time 1d16h57m. When I began trying for this seemingly impossible creature I didn’t have a Hydra, now I have four, as well as several Kirins, Gargoyles, and a few random others. Used Noobs Hydra and Mountain Piksy and tada!!
    Anyone on the east coast with time left, try this combo. Good luck all. Lord knows I tried hard enough and spent plenty of gems.

  55. Kendra says:

    Well my last try ended in a 3rd Hydra… Minotaur + Bunyip was yet another failure. No Coral Nixie for me. Kind of pissed about this now since so many of us had no chance.

    • Eudyptes says:

      Yeah this was a stupid LE creature for sure. What’s worse is I kept force closing my game before it saved my summoned creature, and in over 15 attempts to get it I only saw one creature with a summoning time over over 26 hours pop up. That one was a Hydra of course. So unless I bought the gems to buy the thing flat out, there was no way I was going to summon it.

      • Kendra says:

        Yea I am on the west coast, it’s 1:15pm and it looks like you can still buy it but who really wants to spend money on an app that’s supposed to be free. I really hope the next limited creature they release has a shorter summoning time.

  56. southernbren says:

    Omg! I just had my last try with Leviathan and Banshee and yeehaw, i got the ever elusive 40 hr summoning! And i did NOT buy any gems! Lol

  57. Thesutterleys says:

    Last hope I tryed leviathan and hydra and I got 40.95 breed time!

  58. Surfing says:

    Well I guess no luck this time around….my last try was hydra and banshee that gave me a triton! Kirin and piksy gave me more nonsense. The breeding times are insane for such a limited monster.

  59. Eddy says:

    Well ive lost all hope of getting this coral nixie I got another 27hr summoning. And since this is the last day too,wish I could afford to buy it like most people on here. But like usual LUCK is not on my side. Congrats to those who did get it.

  60. Darcy says:

    Kirin and Mountain Pilsky worked first try. It was my last option….

  61. Shannon says:

    For the baby saying you have “Magic is in the air” .
    Mine is saying “Magic is a mystery”.
    I wonder if its saying something different for different devices.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Actually I got the saying from other people before I got coral pixie, now I have got her and get the exact saying like you did (magic is a mystery). Maybe the person have misheard the sayings :D. Thanks for remind me though, I have changed it now.

  62. Micah says:

    Kirin+mountain piksy. First limited creature. XD

  63. Ellen says:

    Leviathan (lvl 10) + Banshee (lvl 10) = Coral Nixie – This was the first time I used this combo. I did not see this combo posted so I decided to use my gems so I could finish the breeding and start again with one of the combo’s listed, but this combo was successful! Hope this helps.

  64. Pocket says:

    Minotaur and Siren, first try after many failures…

    • Olivia says:

      I just thought that I would post what worked for me because i never have after 120 jewels I bred tengu+hdra and got it i did it agian and got to in a row thi this one considering they gave they gave it to me two times in a row

  65. Rochelle says:

    i just started playing tiny castle and i still haven’t unlocked the magic or water or whatever 😀 so unlucky for me ! and omg why do they have such a weird names xD

    • noobbgodlike says:

      yup, it’s very strange since they never release limited creatures with high level magics before. Maybe they will release this monster again sometimes on the future (hopefully not on next year).

    • 3ke says:

      Yeah, I know how you feel. I started when Fireworks Fairy was released & I had just gotten my Cyno hatched when she went away for the year. I was sad but holiday creatures must come back every year.
      Coral Nixie either needs a broader summoning period or shorter summoning time in the Magic Tree.

  66. southernbren says:

    To Snoopy & all!
    Used almost all my remaining gems to hatch my 3rd Kirin early to try for Coral for 4th time. Used the Kirin\Mtn. Piksy combo for 3rd time and am now birthing yet another Mtn. Piksy. Alas, am feeling very defeated! :-C Not sure if there will be enough time for another try. Woe is me!

    • southernbren says:

      oh, correction – try for 5th time! Lol i am actually consider buying $1.99 worth of gems to hatch the darn thing early for another go. Damn you Tiny Co. This was your plan all along, hahaha

      • SnoopyRN50 says:

        Oh man! That really sucks, Southernbren. I’m so sorry to hear that. :(

        • APLLFAN says:

          Southernbren, I do feel for you, I still can’t get this thing! I do want to tell you though that you really made me smile with this post! Love your sense of humor! :-)

  67. rys says:

    Hey guys. I realky want the corsl nixie but I havent unlocked the mountain area yet so I have no hope of breeding it … so I was wondering how do I buy it with jewels with out using a credit card????? I need to find out asap as im not sure what time corolates to 12pm pst as im in Australia and we use est here. Thx if sum1 cud let me kno how I go bout getting gems without creditcard.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      if you don;t want to use credit card then buy itunes voucher, they’re sold on many stored in the Australia (Coles, etc). But I suggest you to not buy it since it will encourage them to shorten limited appearance time on the future, just let it go IMO. I think the price is 20$ ? You can get about 20 decent one dollar games for that amount. I am not against spending money on game like this but spend it on one go for one monster is kinda unthinkable for me (it’s different when you use it for jewel cavern, etc).

      • Klaw says:

        I agree with noob. I think the long breeding times are ridiculous and with each ‘upgrade’ they are making the game more difficult and less enjoyable to play.

        I didn’t manage to get the last 2 limited monsters, they obviously make it hard so that you fork out for gems. The only one i have is the cupid.

        I wouldn’t mind paying a couple of quid, in fact I do on games that I enjoy. But I refuse to pay silly money for a few pixels that could easily be lost.

        My friend has just lost his game during the android update … Everything has gone and it doesn’t look like TC are going to be able to help.

  68. Strinx* says:

    Used Puck + Leviathan for my last try and got a 1d 3h 18m breeding time… i just died a little on the inside… :(

  69. spirecreations says:

    WOO HOO!! Leviathan and Fire Golem!!! First try!!! What a cute egg! I highly suggest this combo to people who do not have hydra, vily, etc. I don’t have hardly any of the stone and ice element creatures yet and was afraid I would never be able to get this one!!

  70. Kendra says:

    Ok I have to wait till my second hydra is done summoning tomorrow morning and then I get one last chance at this creature… I guess I got the faun on the very last try, so maybe luck will prevail again. I gotta admit that this creature is really irritating me!

  71. ganymede0610 says:

    Bunyip and minotaur, in that order, worked for me on the first shot…

  72. Bridgetyvonn3 says:

    Baby says “Magic is in the air”

  73. Minhaz says:

    Again its a hydra. :'(. How many days left to get a Coral?

  74. Samuel says:

    Kirin on the left + mountain piksy on the right. 1st try

  75. LCBJennifer says:

    Why can’t TinyCo create Memorial monsters for Tiny Castle like Tiny Monsters? Think they will create ones next yr? If so please don’t strangle me k?

  76. Christine Laffely says:

    Ok I finally got Hydra. So I used Hydra an banshee and finally got coral pixie. So I guess you can add Hydra and banshee to the list of summing Noob!!! I also then got greddy and used Hydra and Banshee again and it gave me another Hydra oh how I wish I could send him to someone who needs him. I guess since he is so cute esp as a teen I am going to keep both instead of selling him. Oh by the way I tried to summing the two again and got 12hr 30min LOL SO it just goes to show you never really know what your going to get.

    • Jennie says:

      That gave my 12hr 30min – my guess is Triton. That makes, 1 hydra, 1 Kirin, 1 Lochness, & 1 nanuk. But no coral nixie. Guess I’ll get 1 more try tomorrow – not sure what to try next. Anyone have any luck on an iPad. I’m finding that the same combos don’t work on both.

  77. southernbren says:

    Like MadCat, i have no Yeti, Vily or Hydra. Just tried Mtn. Piksy & Leviathan but no luck. Think it’s going to be another Kirin. Dagnabbit, again! Lol Will try the Mtn. Piksy with Kirin next. (am leveling up Kirin to adult right now in case that matters)

    • southernbren says:

      oh, i have no Puck either! So, there are very few combos for me to try! Lol and crying at the same time!!!

      • southernbren says:

        Mountain Piksy & Kirin got me another friggin Kirin and now I have to wait 19 hrs for the darn thing to breed before I can try again. I want to scream! Lol

        • noobbgodlike says:

          you can try for nixie one more time 😀

        • southernbren says:

          I just used my gems to breed the Kirin early so I could try again. Tried the Kirin and Mountain Piksy combo again and guess what I got??? ANOTHER KIRIN AGAIN. Unbelieveable! Now, i am starting to get pissed off! Lol

        • noobbgodlike says:

          LOL, I can only say good luck my friend.

        • SnoopyRN50 says:

          Southernbren, I was wondering if you finally had any luck getting this one. Hope So!

          And I can’t imagine where the heck they got this photo they are using for me by my name – I haven’t used it since Christmas, of course!! Good Grief!! How embarrassing.

  78. Tasty says:

    “””jokemon May 27, 2013 at 04:33 Ive never heard of nixie before.. it sounds pretty much a mix of nymphs and pixies… but if anyone out there knows feel free to clarify!”””

    I’m just judging by they way she is dressed, looks like
    A ninja outfit and mask/possibly just skin color, so maybe nixie = ninja pixie?

  79. MadCat says:

    Think I may have her as the summoning time is 1 day 16 hours and 57 mins or so. Still. Can’t wait to see the egg to be truly sure. I hope I got her since the time is SO rediculusly limited that I was pretty sure I wouldn’t get her before the time runs out. Since I don’t have a Yeti, Hydra or Villy. (The most used summon creatures).


    I did have a Kirin and a mountain Pinsky. :)
    Try them if you don’t have the obvious ones 😀

    • SnoopyRN50 says:

      I have the exact same problem; No Vily, Yeti, or Hydra either. Thank you for the suggestions and good luck. They really need to give us more time for this one!

    • Jennie says:

      Kirin and Mountain Piksy got me 9.5 hrs., which is another Lochness. Definitely not going to get this one.

      • SnoopyRN50 says:

        Kirin + Mountain Pixie got me a 27 hr breeding time, so I’ve maybe got one shot left. This sucks.

        • SnoopyRN50 says:

          Oh great, I just got my Kirin-Mountain Pixie egg and would u believe I got a Hydra now, on the last freaking day?!?! Just my luck, as always. I’m just gonna try one more breeding combo cause it’ll cost me a zillion jewels to get this hydra hatched and grown to a teen so I can try to breed it for this one. Wish me luck cause I’m gonna need lots of it.

  80. Surfing says:

    Good grief….40 hour breed time! No luck with this one and running out of time!

  81. Deaqon says:

    Hydra (L10) + Villy (L10)

  82. Beibhe Vandy says:

    Yeeeeeiiiiyyy….. Thanks noob, i did it with puck and leviathan…

  83. Giggles says:

    Yeti and Siren, first try! Phew, I was worried I wouldn’t get this one because I couldn’t get the last limited creature (Fawn) in time. Thanks to those who listed this combo! :)

  84. Beibhe Vandy says:

    I have leviathan and puck both teen, someone please help me which on the left which on the right??

    # sorry my english is not good… :p

  85. Krys says:

    What the heck?! This is ridiculously short time frame from tinyco considering you can wind up breeding multiple creature with over 24hr breeding times! (Yes I’m cranky because I only have a few days left and I keep getting 27 hour breeding times) lol

    • noobbgodlike says:

      but from what others’ report it’s kinda easy to get this monster.

      • Klaw says:

        Sorry noob, but others have not been so lucky. I’m on my 3rd attempt and not got it yet, despite trying the recommended combo.

        I’d therefore disagree about it being easy. The long times waiting for failures is ridiculous.

        I didn’t manage to get a loveless bunyip, nor an American griffin. The only limited I do have is the Cupid.

        If 12 noon is midday then I may be able to squeeze in one final try.

        Bit disillusioned with the game now, I’ve cleared my 3rd island as much as I can and should be level 30 very soon. Still have a few of hard monsters to get ie vily, nanuk and hippocamp but the long failure rate times are doing my head in


        Does anyone know if the hydra has to be an adult?

        Not sure if I am going to have time to raise mine from teen to adult as well as use it to breed.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          level is not important, I use my level 5 hydra on the process.

        • Atticae says:

          I hear your pain…so far I’ve gotten a triton, a marid, & now I’m waiting for a Kirin. Tinyco needs to give more days to get these creatures that take 24+ hours to breed. It wasn’t so bad when they only took a few hours.

        • KLHodges2 says:

          I understand your frustrations. I used Kirin and Mountain Piksey to make a Coral Nixie. I am assuming that the combination was correct due to the 40.95 hour time required for the finished product (it is not complete as of yet.). My point is-that was my third try. I will not know positively until tomorrow close to midnight. Do not become so frustrated as to give up.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          You’re probably get coral nixie :D. Nice advice 😀

    • Mary says:

      I agree…3rd time now with 26 hours…they need a cancel breed option…

    • Haigiggs says:

      That ‘ s the reason why you should buy 3 slots another on hatching house to more chance to have limited creature :d

    • Minhaz says:

      Yes its a very short time and I am only getting 27hours18mins. Its very disapoiting. :(

      • Melissa says:

        Better than mine, I got the right time and waited nearly 41 hours to end up with another Marid :( with yeti and leviathan. Tried puck and leviathan for 9 hour hatching. Now just one shot left.

  86. jokemon says:

    Ive never heard of nixie before.. it sounds pretty much a mix of nymphs and pixies… but if anyone out there knows feel free to clarify!

  87. Stschw says:

    Yeti & Siren 1st try

    coral Nixie is hatching another 41 hrs. Hope she will help me to get the hydra

  88. Angelicswtnss says:

    Kirin and mountain piksy first try :-)

  89. Daydreamer says:

    Yippee regular bunyip and hydra bith teens first try thank you so much for this site.

  90. p says:

    Teen hydra and adult vily first try…. :-)

  91. Annabanana says:

    Got it first try with leviathan and puck (both level 10)

  92. Tasty says:

    Anyone having any luck with other combos? I don’t have a yeti or hydra yet :/

  93. rawrz says:

    Hydra (teen) and leviathan (lvl 10) = 1 day 16 hours and 57 minutes :)

  94. Phury says:

    I believe I have it with 1 day 16 hours 57 min and it was first try with Yeti + Leviathan

  95. jojo says:

    You havent put up that the coral nixi is limited in orange like the fuan and the loveless bunyip ect. I wonder what occasion this is for reffeing because most limited creatures are on holidays

  96. Unknown says:

    Mountain Piksy + Leviathan = 40 hours and 57 min ( my first try)

  97. Rae says:

    Mtn. Picksy and Kirin

  98. bridgetyvonn3 says:

    Hydra+Siren, first try!

  99. Haigiggs says:

    Hydra + Bunyp . This formular success 80 %

  100. Jessiessie says:

    Leviathan + Vily = 40 hours 57 min (First try)

  101. Ehlana says:

    Hydra and mountain piksy on the iPad : diddly squat on the iPhone 😉

  102. Rachael says:

    Got it with yeti and bunyip!!

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