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Posted on Dec 8, 2013

Tiny Castle Earth Golem Growth

Thanks to lol for these info and pictures

Tiny Castle Earth Golem Egg

Tiny Castle Earth Golem Growth

Earth Golem Status

Forest tiny CastleTiny Castle Mountain Element












Earn Rate

8 9 10 11 12 15 19 26 35 38

Feed (x4)

85 180 264 350 915 1115 1395 2950 3450 MAX

Total Food

0 340 1060 2116 3516 7176 11636 17216 29016 42816


24 24 24 24 24 32 37 43 49 60


45 45 45 45 45 56 69 90 105 108

Buy Price: 370 jewels

Sell price: 1321Coins

XP: 450

Breeding Time: 25 hours

Tuck in time (lvl 4 to teen): 9 hours 59 minutes 56 seconds

Tuck in time (lvl 7 to adult): 11 hours 59 minutes 56 seconds

Baby: “Smashhh”
Teen: “Sticks and Stones”
Adult: “Your kingdom is flourishing”

Breeding Formula:
[0] Mountain Piksy + Centaur/Satyress
[0] Satyress + Centaur
[0] Leave your successful formula on the comment

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43 Responses to “Tiny Castle Earth Golem Growth”

  1. Fopperu says:

    Mountain pisky + pooka first try

  2. Francoise says:

    Just got this with Orc + Satyress. Trying for Tanuki :/

  3. CP says:

    I kept getting puck but finally got this using
    Treant + Tanuki

  4. Mrs . Black says:

    Just got Earth Golem with Lamassu & Satyress ♥

  5. Misty Gruszkowski says:

    Did anyone else have trouble with purchasing packs? I bought the Charming pack and i know payment was made cause i got a receipt. But i never got my Charming pack. And now i don’t have the credit card anymore that i made the purchase with. And tiny Co wont email me back.

  6. Julie says:

    Hey Noobbgodlike

    Do you know what is up with Tiny Castles? I have no quests and have only 2 creatures left? There has been no monsters to fight. And no one at Tiny Co is replying back to me! I am hoping maybe you might know something!

    Kind regards

  7. Lawren says:

    I just got it with minotaur and treant on first try. Earlier, I saw the earth golem egg in the nursery. This is the 28th rare creature I got. Phew, these creatures with the same hours as the common ones make me frustrated sometimes…

  8. Enigma43 says:

    Gnome and Tomten.

  9. Kim says:

    Treant + Satyress trying for Banshee

  10. N8mares says:

    try Salamandra + Kitsune finally got it on the first try after trying all the combination above

    • Leigh says:

      Took a few tries, but this combo worked for me, too.

    • Stephen iPad says:

      Still trying this combo… So far I have gotten Kitsune, Salamandra, Minotaur and Fire Golem.

      • Stephen iPad says:

        Finally got my Earth Golem from this combo, but it took about two weeks of trying. On the plus side, I did pick up two Ifrits along the way. (Triple Yay!)

  11. klaw says:

    Is anyone else on the ipad having problems getting an earth golem?

    I ask because this should be a straight forward forest/mountain combo. The only other alternative is the mountain pixie and BOTH the pixie and golem are classified as “common” so there should be a straight forward 50/50 chance to get either.

    When I look in my monster guide in the game though I see the outline of an egg-timer. I dont mean the ‘not loaded timer’ I mean the shadow they show sometimes if a monster is limited time.

    Ive been continually breeding for this over the past 10 days (aside from when I got the beach nixie 1st time). So with the half time event that means I now have about 15 pixies.
    This doesnt seem right when both are supposed to be common.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      IMO, because they’re both common doesn’t mean they have the equal chance. Keep trying, I haven’t got it too ( I am also using Ipad though TAT). Hope we cam get it soon.

      • klaw says:

        >> IMO, because they’re both common doesn’t mean they have the equal chance. <<

        It should do. The chances of getting creatures are weighted.
        Tiny Castle creatures are weighted as:-


        Each monster falls into one of the above categories and your chance of getting the monster depends on which group it is in.

        Both the earth golem and mountain piksy are classed as common so they should have equal chance. I could understand 15 failures if the earth golem was rare or extra-rare, but it isnt, then its a bit strange. Even more so that its showing up in my creature encyclopedia with the egg-timer.

        It should NOT be this hard to get a 'common' creature. – hence the query.

        • klaw says:

          All types of the breeding games categorise the creatures. Even games such as Farmville which had pop the balloon and creature crates use weighting to determine which creature you will get. They dont all have an equal chance and you put the creatures/amimals into weighted categories. I think I put the weighting values up for the Sylph spree summons.

          The spree summmons has 3 categories, normal TC monsters have 4 categories. The % chance rating of getting a creature depends on (1) How many creatures with those elements are available in the market (2) Which category its ins (3) bringing in other elements (such as no straight cross breeding so you have to use hybrids.

          All programming languages have built in math functions, and the developer just has to set to set weighting chance.

          I explained the process a bit more here

          That was before I’d even seen any of the TC data files. This is the way it works in programing.
          I was guessing at the parameter names in that post, but the fact that TC calls some of creatures ‘extra-rare’ rather than ‘very-rare’ which Id guessed at, still amounts to the same thing when it comes to weighting.

    • klaw says:

      Ok another 2 failures. Im sure something is wrong.

      Im also peed off cause I just accidentally spent jewels to rush it whilst putting the wrong egg into a habitat. 🙁

      • JJ Baker says:

        I too am having an extremely hard time getting this one.I have now tried 19 times and still no luck…ggggrrrr!!

      • klaw says:

        I still cant get this which is strange since it is supposed to be classed as “common”.

        By now Ive had over 20 attempts that this and all I can get is the stupid piksy.

        It took me less attempts to get the unicorn which is rare. :/

    • Bobbiel says:

      I have an iPad and I still haven’t gotten earth golem. Just got a puck last 3 were mountain pixies… Getting sick of it honestly

      • Julie says:

        I have the samsung 10.1 tablet and I still have not gotten earth golem……I have been trying since it came out…….I only need to get him and chimera……I am going to try for chimera now…..maybe I will have better luck this go around to get chimera!

  12. baskara says:

    First try with adlet and chimera

  13. Awheel3er says:

    First try with satyress and centaur. Cute little egg!

  14. Ruffian says:

    Owlman + Satyress

  15. Lee Morris says:

    Got it with Senior Wisp + Satyress! Cute little thing!

  16. tinyaddict says:

    Chimera + Mountain piksy

  17. Ms.loko says:

    Thanks Noobb. I Really like all the sites. Talk 2 u later.

  18. Amy says:

    I just tried Satyress + Centaur and got 1day 59 min 57 sec on my LG Optimus G Android I will let you know for certain once it’s hatched.

  19. cj says:

    Just got 25hr breeding time with mountain pixey teen/left and centaur adult on right

  20. Ms.loko says:

    Hi Noob. Im new to this game Tiny Castle and i need help. I dont know how to breed my monsters. N im looking for a breed den to buy so i can breed dem and i dnt see dat either. i mean wats the name of there breeding den. Cas maybe i see it and just dnt kno the name of it. PLEASE help

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