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Tiny Castle Elemental Temples Guide

Elemental Temples Guide

Tiny Castle Temple Guide Icon

Since patch 1.1 you can level up your creatures to level 20 which resulted on stronger creature and higher coins income. There are also new creatures forms (they called it secret summons). At the time this post is written, there is only one creature that have multi-forms (Sylph). I expect/hope all monsters have multi forms too :D. I believe more temples will come as the time progress, at this time there are only 2 temples, they are Garden Temple and Forest Temple.

You can level up your temple by level up your creatures (they need to have same magic as temple that you want to level up. Ex: if you want to level up garden temple, then you need to level up garden nymph, wisp, etc). You need 5 creatures in order to level up your temple:
[0] Bronze Temple: Raises “X” creatures to level 11 (allow you to level up your creature to level 15)
[0] Silver Temple: Raises  “X” creatures to level 15 (allow you to level up your creature to level 19)
[0] Gold Temple: Raises  “X” creatures to level 19  (allow you to level up your creature to level 20)

X = number of creatures needed to upgrade the temple

5 for Garden Forest, and Sky
15 for Beach, Desert, and Volcano
17 for Mountain
20 for Polar

Leveling up your monsters will result on change on their rank an appearance.

Rank of the Creature

Adult (lvl 10) => Senior (lvl 11) => Elder (lvl 15) => Ancient (lvl 19)

Tiny Castle Glitter aura on elder rank

On the elder rank, your creature will get a glitter aura which make them look cooler than usual.

Some tips

[0] Level up hybrids creatures which need low food cost first, so you can upgrade your temples quickly. Lower tier creature usually need lowest amount of food. Lowest magic tier to highest magic tier:
Garden => Forest =>Sky => Volcano => Beach => Desert => Mountain => Polar

[0] If you level up hybrids creature, both of the magics are counted as one point for same magic temple upgrade; {Example: if you level up wisp (garden and forest), it will be counted as one point for garden and forest temples}.

[0] You can use 2 same creatures to level up your temples (example: 2 Garden Nymphs). However, I still don’t suggest you to spend the food on that purpose, since you need to level up that creature from level 1-10 (it’s different if you have 2 same creatures)

Garden temple

How to unlock:
Level 16 and finish a quest (don’t know what’s the quest name)

Recommended creature: Garden Nymph, Treant, Wisp, Faun (Limited), Sylph (recommended despite high food cost, because I believe everyone want to have his multi-forms ASAP)

Tiny Castle Garden Temple Build

Forest Temple

How to unlock:
you must reach level 18 and complete the into the forest quest (remove a patch of fog – cost 700 dust)

Recommended Creatures: Centaur, Wisp, Treant, Faun (Limited), Tomten (Limited), Pegasus

Tiny Castle ForestTemple Build

Sky temples
(released at 13 September 2013)

How to unlock:
you must reach level 18 and complete the “There it is” quest (not sure what to do, it’s auto-complete for me)

Recommended Creatures: Griffin, Fairy, Pegasus, Peryton, and Sylph (for multiform)

Tiny Castle Elemental Temples Sky

Volcano Temple

Recommended Creatures

Start with Phoenix, after that choose the hybrid creature with Volcano element that combined with “low” tier element to the “higher” tier (From lowest to highest: Garden, Forest, Sky, Volcano, Desert, Beach, Moutain and Polar).

Tiny Castle Volcano Temple

Desert Temple

Tiny Castle DesertTemple true

Recommended Creatures

Start with Phoenix, after that choose the hybrid creature with Desert element that combined with “low” tier element to the “higher” tier (From lowest to highest: Garden, Forest, Sky, Volcano, Desert, Beach, Moutain and Polar).

Beach Temples

Recommended Creatures

Start with Mermaid, after that choose the hybrid creature with beach element that combined with “low” tier element to the “higher” tier (From lowest to highest: Garden, Forest, Sky, Volcano, Desert, Beach, Moutain and Polar).

Tiny Castle Beach Temple

Mountain Temple

incomplete pic (please send of you have silver and gold image)

Polar Temple

incomplete pic (please send of you have silver and gold image)

Tiny Castle Breeding Guide Main Page

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120 Responses to “Tiny Castle Elemental Temples Guide”

  1. MermaidFan2003 says:

    I haven’t gotten the fire walk with me quest can someone at least tell me where to explore?

    • Avi says:

      I have 2 quests left and I haven’t gotten Fire walk with me yet. I need someone to help me or tell me waht to do.

  2. rabbit says:

    I’m at lvl 23,eligible for unlocking the fire temple since it said unlocks at lvl 22. But now it says I must complete the fire walk with me quest and I can’t find info on that quest anywhere. Any ideas? ?

  3. Shadow says:

    I have the garden, forest, mountain, and polar temples. How do I get the volcano, desert, and beach temples. I am level 31.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Just keep playing, I don’t know at which level you will get them because my level was already maxed when they got released.

      • MermaidFan2003 says:

        You get the sky temple at level 20 the volcano temple at level 22 the desert temple at level 24 and the beach temple at level 26.

        • Pokemoner says:

          That is not really true I am at level 35 and still have not gotten the quest for fire desert or sea

  4. Rach says:

    I am on level 27 and still only have garden and forest temples do u think there is something wrong with my game?

  5. lilbit_7 says:

    I have the polar temple and it takes 19 to rebuild it. Sucks that it goes up, and it just popped up out of nowhere once I past lvl 30. Hope this helps!

  6. Stacy says:

    I have a quest to Rebuild the Polar Temple stating “It’s at the eye of the storm. Rebuild and quell the icy tempest.” Has anyone else received this and figured out what needs to be done?

  7. Frustrated says:

    I’ve been trying to get my water temple…but I don’t have the quest for it in my quest log. Is there something I need to do? How do I get my temple? I’m crazy desperate at this point. I’ve read through all the comments, but still can’t find anything. I know the quest is water like blue velvet..but I haven’t found it. Help?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Just keep playing, if you can’t find it then it probably means you haven’t progressed enough.

      • Destroyer says:

        That is not true at all I’m at level 40 for a long time, and still haven’t gotten water desert or volcano temples you will never get there.

        • Tena3 says:

          I am at level 35 and still no beach, volcano, or desert temple. Also I have completed all of my quests 2 months ago and haven’t received any new ones. I sent a e- mail to tiny co but never heard anything back. Getting frustrated.

  8. Klaw says:

    Noob, you muxed up the gold and silver desert temple images.

    • Klaw says:

      Ps. Just an idea, but it may be more logical to put the beach temple after the volcano and dessert. Purely because they were released in that order, plus you can’t place beach until you have volcano and then desert first.

  9. Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

    Noob, do you have to have the corresponding temple in order to get a Mythic? For example, in order to get a Mythic Satryss, do you have to have the Polar Temple on your islands? I have all the available temples on my islands, Polar not upgraded to Gold yet (that will take a while!). This question arose on a forum I belong to, and a person stated you had to have the appropriate Temple in order to upgrade a creature past level 10, which is not correct. As long as their level goes past 10, you can continue to feed them. I am just wondering if the Mythics are attached to having the corresponding Temple on one of your islands. Hope you can understand my question.

    Again, thanks for all your hard work keeping this website so current.

    Mary Kay

    • noobbgodlike says:

      No, temple doesn’t have each other. (Saytress only need mountain temple no polar temple).

      That person is correct about having the appropriate temple, because the level affects maximum level that your creature can level up, so if your temple is still bronze then you can’t level up to 15.

      BTW, I haven’t seen polar temple ?? Only mountain temple available at this moment, right?

      • Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

        Sorry Noob, I referred to the Polar Temple instead of mountain when asking you the question about Satryss. Your answer also tells me why I have some Polar and Mountain creatures past level 15, because they can also be put in other habitats that already had Temples available in the past, and I used them to upgrade the Temples to gold.

        I doubt TC will introduce the Polar Temple any time soon. It will take a while to upgrade the Mountain Temple to Gold, since it requires 17 creatures at each level. I’m sure the Polar number will be 20.

        Thanks again for all your help.

        Mary Kay

  10. Vanessa says:

    I just started a new mountain and ice monster cause I knew they would be mythical coming ice temple is next I know it. I just finished getting the black dragon no current creatures needed had 102 creatures then they add this. Ice is next and I think that’s it for temples they will have to expand the level for more homes cause we can’t do many more creatures there are not enough homes to house them 🙂

  11. Klaw says:

    I’m not sure if this is coincidence, but I just completed my gold beach temple. As soon as I did the game exited. When I opened it again, there was a quest to buy the mountain temple.

    So I’m unsure if the mountain temple only becomes available when all of you others are gold, or if it was being released anyhow. Talk about timing lol

    • noobbgodlike says:

      It’s just available now.

      • Klaw says:

        Aye, thanks, I just sussed.
        Gosh that really was weird timing that they release the mountain temple, just as Id finally upgraded all the others.

        These ones are going to be hard work. Needs 20 creatures at each stage to level up the mountain & ice temple.. so thats going to be some massive amounts of food needed.

        As you get to the higher levels some of creatures need >5000 food per serving so thats 20,000 just to take a creature to its next level, never mind to the next stage of bronze/silver/gold. :'(

  12. Kody says:

    Do you know if they are going to do a “Mountain Temple” and/or “Ice Temple”? And if they are, when will be here? Thank you.

  13. 3ke says:

    The wiki has pictures of the temples on Fire Island from ruins to gold already posted.

  14. Andy Miguel Jochum says:

    There came the new elemental temple, the beach temple, but it says that you have to complete the quest Water like blue velvet first to unlock this temple. But I haven’t got this quest…. Can I unlock this quest?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hmm, not sure, the temple is unlocked immediately from the first day it got released.

    • Raktavan says:

      I have the same problem. I’ve just reached level 26, but the only quest I got involved buying these starlight trees. And even after I finished that, I’m still missing the goal for the beach temple. I started clearing the debris from the second island, but I couldn’t find any special debris (like the “strange stone” you needed for forest temple).

      I haven’t defeated the queen yet, so maybe you need to have unlocked the third island?

      • noobbgodlike says:

        TO unlock 3rd island please read 3rd islands Faq.

        • Raktavan says:

          Na, I don’t want to unlock third island… yet 😛

          I just wondered if the third island is somehow involved in triggering the quest needed for the beach temple. It’s either that or debris, or minions, or having breed a certain creature – So trying to narrow it down a bit 😉

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Yes, And that’s already covered on the guide too :).

        • Raktavan says:

          I’m sorry, but I lost you somewhere. I’ve reread the third island FAQ and the info on this page, but I didn’t found the answer to Andy’s and my question about the beach temple.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          … You talked about queen so I thought you can see her….. I am really confused. For beach temple quest, it’s already covered on how to get mermaid section.

        • Raktavan says:

          I already have the lighthouse, I can summon water creatures. But I want to level them up to 11+, too.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          I am not sure about the temple, since I already unlocked everything on third islands. Maybe you do need to unlock 3rd islands.

        • Raktavan says:

          I got frustrated yesterday and did so, but still no temple quest. I’m working on clearing the debris from the beach part of the second island now, maybe that will help.

        • Raktavan says:

          I got / resolved the quest today, but I don’t know how or why. I suspect levelling my siren to 15 may have something to do with it. Or maybe I just tapped on the right spot of water by accident today… (Quest says that the temple is covered by water.)

  15. Iss94 says:

    So for some reason the guides for the quests aren’t complete for me, so I cant red what it says in the game. for the air temple quest Uncover The Sky Temple, it says “Part of the framework is buried beneath the brush…”
    What am I supposed to do for this quest?

    • Iss94 says:

      cant read*

    • noobbgodlike says:

      The quest is auto completed for me, so I don’t know what to do. But my guess is to clear obstacles on your islands.

    • Susan says:

      Iss94 did you figure out the quest problem with the Sky Temple? Do you play on a kindle ? I also can’t read any of the Quest instructions after the first line or two of the side quests. And I can’t figure out how to get around the problem of needing 1,000,000 to buy the temple with a limit of half of that.

  16. deb says:

    So I have the new beach temple, but the Coral Nixie cannot be raised past level 10. Does anyone knoe why this is?

    • 3ke says:

      I’m not sure on that since I have the same issue. But I may just wait until the mountain temple is released before reporting this to TinyCo.

    • Andy Miguel Jochum says:

      How did you unlock the quest Water like blue Velvet? It says that I have to complete this quest to unlock the beach temple, but I haven’t got this quest 🙁

    • Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

      Deb, late response but there are several creatures that max out at level 10. I think it may have to do with being limited.

  17. Lawren says:

    Three new temples for the second island are released today: volcano, desert, and beach. They all require fifteen creatures to level up.

  18. Lawren says:

    It takes time to test the upcoming temples for habitats in the future.

  19. Kitty says:

    Will Tinyco be adding more temples for the other habitats?

  20. Asna says:

    It says clear a tiny stone but I dont have any tiny stone , what to do ? Plz help

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