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Tiny Castle Evil Minion Guide

Simple Banishing Tips from Cheeko 9111:

If you have extra Polar and Mountain type creatures than only feed them to level 7.
The healing time and coins is usually half the value of their adult value.
For example a level 7 Hydra only takes 3:09 to heal as opposed to 6:18.
Your attack and defense will be less (Hydra 37 attack, 78 defense) but these are still handy to banish most minions on the 1st and 2nd islands

The best monster for method above is Yuki Onna at level 7.

Rec Creature is creature that have shortest healing time. It’s no brain but if you have creature that can kill minions using only one hit then use them (like Nanuk, etc)


1st island

Tiny Castle Cyclops Minion

Clumsy (Blue) 5 Griffin 9 5 37 0 Garden Nymph
Junior (Green) 6 Wisp 20 11 54 0 Garden Nymph
Scary (Brown) 7 Wisp 28 15 68 130 Phoenix
Expert (Purple) 8 Imp 36 19 88 960 Pegasus
Master (Red) 9 Imp 47 24 105 1620 Mermaid


2nd island

Tiny Castle Demon Minion

Clumsy (Blue) 5 Pegasus 11 6 57 0 Garden Nymph
Junior (Green) 6 Wisp 28 17 84 0 Phoenix
Scary (Brown) 7 Wisp 44 23 113 1280 Mermaid
8 Kapre 51 25 140 1970 Mermaid
9 Kapre 64 29 172 2630 Water Leaper/ Leviathan


1st island

Tiny Castle Goblin Minion

Clumsy (Blue) 5 Griffin 12 7 43 0 Garden Nymph
Junior (Green) 6 Peryton 22 12 61 0 Phoenix
Scary (Brown) 7 Peryton 35 19 105 620 Pegasus
Expert (Purple) 8 Kitsune 41 21 126 1090 Cactus Dryad
Master (Red) 9 Kitsune 52 26 126 1730 Mermaid


2nd island

Tiny Castle Muck Minion

Clumsy (Blue) 6 Cactus Dryad 33 18 76 0 Pegasus
Junior (Green) 7 Naga 44 23 113 1500 Mermaid
Scary (Brown) 8 Naga 54 26 149 1830 Mermaid
Expert (Purple) 9 Owlman 59 31 192 2310 Leviathan/Kirin
Master (Red) 10 Sylph 66 35 232 2820 Manticore


1st island

Tiny Castle Ogre Minion

Clumsy (Blue) 5 Pegasus 18 9 47 0 Garden Nymph
Junior (Green) 6 Peryton 24 13 68 15 Griffin
Scary (Brown) 7 Peryton 36 19 88 720 Pegasus
Expert (Purple) 8 Wyrm 44 23 113 1270 Mermaid
Master (Red) 9 Wyrm 52 27 135 2100 Mermaid


2nd island

Tiny Castle Sandman Minion

Clumsy (Blue) 5 Pegasus 29 16 65 0 Phoenix
Junior (Green) 6 Bast 39 20 96 1170 Mermaid
Scary (Brown) 7 Bast 48 24 126 1580 Mermaid
Expert (Purple) 8 Manticore 58 28 163 2020 Sylph
Master (Red) 9 Fire Nymph 66 28 196 2690 Sylph

Slush Troll

3rd island

Tiny Castle Troll Enemy 3rd islands

Clumsy (Blue) 6 Kirin 135 45 260 1643 Gargoyle/Tengu
Junior (Green) 7 Rakshasa 162 54 273 1761 Gargoyle/Tengu
Scary (Brown) 8 Leviathan 189 64 299 2270 Tengu
Expert (Purple) 9 Ice Golem 207 73 351 2738 Ice Golem/Alcyone/Yuki Onna
Master (Red) 10 Minotaur 234 82 455 3324 Marid/Alcyone/Yuki Onna


3rd island

Tiny Castle Bob Minion

Clumsy (Blue) 6 Lochness 90 30 200 1500 Gargoyle/Tengu
Junior (Green) 7 Water Leaper 108 36 210 1643 Gargoyle/Tengu
Scary (Brown) 8 Bunyip 126 43 230 2119 Gargoyle/Tengu
Expert (Purple) 9 Satyress 138 49 270 2556 Gargoyle/Tengu
Master (Red) 10 Marid 156 55 350 3102 Gargoyle/Tengu

Tiny Castle Breeding Guide Main Page

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116 Responses to “Tiny Castle Evil Minion Guide”

  1. Kaylee says:

    Suggestions on who to level up to beat ghost on island 3?

  2. Gail says:

    Do you have info on how to defeat the queen on the second island? What to use? I could not find any info on it. Thank you.

  3. ARMIofONE says:

    How does the allergy thing work

  4. Ruth says:

    Hello, wondering if someone can help, I have tried and tried, how do you banish the Expert Muck Monster or stonger, have had this for ages, and being on level 26 they don’t come out very often.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      The new minion will keep spawning as long as you banish old minions. Read old spire quest guide on the main page to understand about monster spawning.

  5. Lawren says:

    I had an invisible minion glitch last November when the autumn content was released last November. I saw the invisible minions on red brownish squares where they used to be when I didn’t battle them. The game won’t load my minions first. I didn’t battle or bribe the invisible minions at all. When I restarted the app, my minions are now visible.

  6. Lawren says:

    I got some tips about beating hobs and trolls without any mountain creature:

    A hob will be difficult to take out without the satyress, so only a few non-elemental creatures can only defeat it: siren, worker centaur, nereid, undine, triton, manticore, leviathan, imp, hippo camp, rakshasa, leviathan, and pumpkin head. The electric/ice sylph is the only non-third island creature that can scare off a clumsy hob in one hit. Other hobs require fire sylphs to defeat them without mountain creatures. If you see any polar trolls, use the electric/ice sylph. A polar troll is also difficult to take out without the polar golem, so any elemental sylph is recommended before going to the magic decorations. Use the fire sylph carefully against master polar trolls. You must score a perfect hit against it.

  7. Coco says:

    Why can I only banish minions if all my creatures are healed? Is this normal?

  8. Lawren says:

    Today, Some players are having a report that the goblins are invisible and they get a loading error when they battle… And the only way to fix it is to bribe as their only thing to do. Can’t see the goblins? I got some tips:

    1. Make sure the weather is nice to let the wifi have fast connection.

    2. Send a support ticket to TinyCo.

    3. Avoid all public places, cancel downloads, etc.

    4. Make sure the connection is fast.

    5. Read the fixing error section on the main page.

  9. Marilyn says:

    I do not get any new minions!! So my quests involving them can not be completed!! What to do??

  10. colten says:

    Ive got a quest that involves banishing Cyclops but i have already banished them all. How can i get them to respawn?

  11. abcde says:

    They seem to have changed the rules for healing time. I have not figured out more than that the time is generelly shortened. It also seems like one and the same creature has varying healing time. Who knows more?

  12. kassi says:

    My level20 sylph has come in very handy on the 3rd island. He is cheap and quick to heal like gargoyal and tengu and he’s stronger than them.

  13. MartianGirl says:

    Only just realised this today.
    If you have a minion near your farm/dust well etc and the red arrow is there, banish minion first and then the red arrow goes away and you can collect the full amount still! Can’t believe I never tried this till now.

    • Namarien says:

      If the access to the minion is difficult, try first to move the farm/home etc . That way you can collect (if the red arrow has disappeared) and then you can vanish the minion.

  14. Lawren says:

    Another level 10 creature to help fight expert/master trolls (ATK is 88/83) is a jotunn or a leshy.

  15. Hi Noob! I’ve started playing this game too (in addition to Tiny Monsters, that is)
    My question is what is the best ‘creature’ to use to banish the Queen? I was looking over the charts, but there’s soooo much data (kudos to you though…don’t know how you can be so knowledgeable about 4 games) & I looked on the evil minions pg and she wasn’t listed, just thought I’d ask b/c my strongest creatures have the longest healing time….and between this game and Tiny Monsters I’m going broke buying diamonds, food, dust….and the wait time is ridiculous & I’m impatient….sorry for the rambling! P.S. (I know it’s not related to this pages questions but I figured I’d hit u up just once, hope that’s ok, my 2nd question is: my tablet did a ‘belly-flop’ off an end table and now the screen is extremely broken, I have T.C. & T.M. installed on it and have spent soooo much time & money on them, I’m going to have to replace it, will I be able to put all my original game stuff on my new tablet unscathed? I’m freaking….what can I do? Thx as always – you Rock! Amanda (lovelane29/lovelane34) : )

    • noobbgodlike says:

      See 3rd islands guide for queen banishing tips. For tiny monsters you can simply use restore game (on th eoption screen), but for tiny castle you need to send email to tinyco.

      • Thank you. I just found the pg regarding “the 3rd island….kiling the queen” So I apologize for wasting ur time (I’ve noticed how it ‘irks’ u when people ask questions that the answers are already available for….oops! I’ll try not to do in the future. Have a great day, and as always thanks for all u do! : )

  16. DanielleH says:

    What level should the rec creatures be to defeat the minions? I’m trying to defeat them, but I guess my creatures aren’t leveled up enough…

  17. Lawren says:

    I remember on June 3, 2013 on Tiny Castle’s Facebook page. TinyCo received lots of feedback regarding to banishing. They reverted back to the original battle rules, making the feature where the minions strike first is removed completely. The feature where minions strike first may be added again in the future. A feature like this takes time to develop and first. Right now, the feature where minions striking first is completely removed. This means our creatures strike first again! Did any one of you look at the post on the Facebook page where TinyCo received lots of feedback?

  18. linda pruss says:

    hi…just had to thank you for all your hard work! i have been playing for few months using two kindle fires not really knowing what i was doing other than trial and error. everyone being healed and keeps full so i thought i would see what was at the facebook site!!!!!!! your website should be on the game itself. i love cheat sheets. try on your own first then move on. if you made an e book i would buy it! by the way FYI old people have a hard time with light yellow color. more saturated color work fine. as we age we become more color blind. i will enjoy this game so much more thanks to you!. i had no idea it was so complicated.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      You’re welcome, I have changed the color of the text. I don’t know about the color problem TAT. Instead of book I like to make site and it’s free too XD.

  19. shibby says:

    Just started today what does allergic mean?

  20. MamaBee says:

    I need tips on getting a perfect perfect hit. I get great nearly every time, but can’t master perfect. Please help.

  21. Rita says:

    I swear, out of all my creatures, my Manticore is hands down the best. Gets almost every minion in one shot, and that’s dependent only on whether or not I get a perfect or great.

    • Klaw says:

      I love my yeti for same reason as it will banish all minions on the 1st and 2nd islands in one go. Gargoyle & alycone are my other fav as she will banish almost all of the 3rd island monsters with the least healing time.

  22. klaw says:

    Has anyone else noticed that at about 9.45 (GMT) that they get a massive minion spawn.

    This has been going on for a few weeks now and every day at around that time I will get about a dozen minions. (ipad)

    • noobbgodlike says:

      hmm, not happens on my ipad

    • Mettamezzo says:

      Hi all, I play TC on my Kindle Fire. I’m on Level 19 and the problem is that I have no more minions :-( Well not the ones I need, which are Cyclops and Goblins. I need to banish some more of these evil guys so I can complete the quests. Any suggestions?! Many thanks.

      • noobbgodlike says:

        Make sure you banished all minions available on the game to make fresh minions appear. To know more about minion spawning rate, go back to main page of tiny castle guide and look for “4 spire quest”. I have explained about minions spawn rate on that page. Hope this helps.

  23. klaw says:

    Not sure if the recommended creatures always work, as youd have to be damn lucky to get 3 perfect hits.

    Say for eg using the table above…. the Scary Slush Troll @ 189 defense, theres NO chance at all of winning using the Gargoyle – even IF you get 3x perfects of 60 each, then you will still be defeated.

    When I select the creature to banish I usually base it on getting 3 x greats (attack – 10%) to give me a little bit of margin for error and stand a decent chance of winning.

    So for example with the Gargoyle attack is 60 so a ‘great’ will give you 54 points.

    You should also balance this against how many shots the minion will get – so the Scary Slush troll with 64 sword would always kill your Gargoyle (defense 125) on its 3rd shot.

  24. Awesome dude says:

    Did you know that the clumsy word used to be stinky! E.G stinky cyclops!!

  25. Sharlah says:

    The alcyone wasn’t around when you created this guide but perhaps you could update expert and master slush troll to alcyone as the recommended creature because she only takes 6 hours to heal.

  26. 3ke says:

    I think I got it down on the minion’s uniform rank colors; blue for Clumsy, green for Junior, brown for scary, purple for Expert, & red for Master.
    Each is in progressive order.
    Hope this helps.

  27. 3ke says:

    Noobb, I like your guide. It is helpful but could you perhaps add the color of the minions clothes since the levels are varied that way. I often forget if red or purple is the strongest.

  28. Awesome dude says:

    How come there are no junior slush trolls on my third island but like sooooooooooooooooooo many expert slush trolls. Also there are like no tornadoes on my third island?huh?

    • 3ke says:

      I haven’t gotten any tornados either. I’m not complaining since it costs 300 magic dust to get rid of them.

      • Klaw says:

        The tornadoes are a PITA. 300 dust to clear them, for which you get nothing much in return. Perhaps a chest with a few coins if you are lucky.

        I seem to get batches of them of about 4 or 6. I think the more land you have cleared the more tornadoes you seem to get.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          hmm, I never got tornado that cost 300 dust. I got mini tornado (forgot the name) that costs 150 dust. But I could care less since I have cleared all the fog XD.

        • klaw says:

          >>> hmm, I never got tornado that cost 300 dust.

          You’re so lucky then!

          I got NINE of them so far today! Grr @ dust depletion. I normally get on average about 6 a day. :(

          I too have cleared all the fog apart from the 4 centre squares which cant be unlocked until L35. (Currently @ Level 31). Mine keep coming back and have done since the latest game update this month.

          On your page it states the info there about the tornadoes and that they are 300 dust.

          I think the correct information should be 150 dust to clear tornadoes on lower left 1/3rd of island. 300 dust for rest of the tornadoes.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          yeah, I know they exist but they never dare to show up again on my 3rd islands XD.

        • klaw says:

          >> they never dare to show up again on my 3rd islands XD

          lol I wish I was so lucky. Ive just opened my game and Ive got 6 of the bleeders… and todays not over yet. :(

          This past week theyve been mental and they seem to be increasing each day. Im sure yesterday I got about a dozen of them :(

        • klaw says:

          n00b… Ive just thought – how much of your land have you cleared. I dont mean the dust, I mean things like the trees and caverns.

          I cant be certain the influx of tornadoes occurred after the last update.. but this also would have been about the same time that Id cleared my 2nd cavern (leaving the third one there ’cause I think it looks pretty).

          Ive also cleared most of the trees apart from a few at the top which Ive left there for decoration.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          I have cleared all obstacles on 1st and 2nd island, but for 3rd islands….. I only cleared very little XD, the cost is kinda insane, and I choose to use that money for level up (buying and selling habitat).

        • klaw says:

          That could explain why. I notice that a few other people have said they are also now getting lots of these tornadoes, and when I queried further the daily influx seems to be those players who are at >Level 30

          Before I hit level 30/31/32 then they would appear infrequently, but now they seem to be increasing to an average of about 12 a day.

          >>> I only cleared very little XD, the cost is kinda insane, and I choose to use that money for level up

          I did a lot of mine when there was nothing else to do after youd reached Level 30. Still a bit miffed that we never got any credit for everything that we did during those weeks when L30 was the highest you could get and tinyCo promised the XP would continue to accumulate – then they didnt credit us :(

        • klaw says:

          PS it may be an idea to update the info that I mentioned in my post above (17th June), since I notice someone else has queried the 150/300 dust in another post elsewhere. I will retype the info on the correct page to make it easier

  29. Awesome dude says:

    Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Two master slush trolls have attaxked my third island. Great now I have to get Minotaur by the way no tornadoes have come to attack me yet what’s wrong with them are they scared of my satyress?

  30. kassi says:

    Thanks for the gargoyle tip. I haven’t updated yet but ill be sure to keep all the gargoyles I breed in case I eventually have too. I understand they wasn’t us to use our courage keeps and that’s cool with me I have 5 that just sit there but they should have just blocked us from using the strong creatures on week minions instead of the minions attack first. Im willing to compromise.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      yup, just says vily, nanuk, etc can only battle on cold area. I believe the best solution is to have healing time and cost based on how much damage you received.

  31. YzCat says:

    Awesome job on this page!!! Luv it!

  32. Klaw says:

    Noob. Thank you so very much for the time and effort into doing this site. It is most helpful :)

    However, just a small comment. I really can’t read the fancy swirly font in mustard yellow at the top of this page on my iPad and it all blends into a blur making it illegible, even if I zoom right in.


  33. Rosebud says:

    Has anyone else noticed that the minions are now having the first hit? I didn’t know this had suddenly started to happen and used my Nanuk to fight a really weak minion, thinking I would just get rid of it first hit, but it hit me first so I’ve had to send it off to be healed for hours. Every minion since has had the first hit too. Its now impossible to banish one without having to be healed. So annoying!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      hmm, really? I just played the game and I still attack first all the monster.

      • Rosebud says:

        Aww I wonder why I’m having this then :-(

      • Rosebud says:

        Just tried again. The first minion I tried I could hit first, but the next one hit first so now I can’t banish any more as all my courage keeps are in use. I’m not buying gems to speed up their recoveries. So now I have to wait :-(

        • Rosebud says:

          It seems it was just a glitch. Back to normal now thankfully. Didn’t enjoy that lol.

        • Rosebud says:

          Just thought I would check in on my castle again and its happening again… the minions are getting the first hit. Any ideas what I can do? I’ve tried restarting my tablet but no different.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          I have no idea because I never encounter your problem. I always use lvl 10 monsters though, maybe it’s the cause?? try to follow fix error section if the problem still persist.

        • pat says:

          I was having this problem also. I have to wait for my courage keeps to finish before I can see if its fixed.

        • Rosebud says:

          Glad its not just me lol. I thought it was fixed this time. Banished 3 minions straight away, but then after that they went back to getting the first hit. Will try the fix error stuff.

        • flowerlilly31 says:

          From what I can tell, if you try to banish a minion and the chance of beating them is “very high” then the minion strikes first. If it says any of the lower ones then you strike first, since the newest update on android at least.

        • Klaw says:

          It’s supposed to be random and its a ‘new feature’ introduced with last weeks android update.

          It’s not gone down too well – have a look at the ratings on google play. Lots of players have now re-rated this game as one star because they are so unhappy.
          It’s going to affect the overall rating badly… But good on those that have shown their disappointment this way.

          To be honest it’s a really stupid idea that you end up tying a yeti in hospital for 10 hrs and costing loads of coins fighting a clumsy cyclops which should be trashed by the yeti.

        • Lawren says:

          I remember Tinyco said that minions now have a chance to attack first. They are exploring ways to make banishing more random and challenging. They are telling the user if he is experiencing problems on how to make banishing more random and challenging by letting them know. Right now, Tinyco had lots of feedback, regarding the changes of banishing. This makes our creatures have a chance to strike first. Remember; this feature where minions strike first may be added or may not be added in the future. A feature like this takes time to develop and test (according to the Facebook page), and minions striking first got removed completely. Remember; this isn’t a glitch at all, according to the reply.

  34. Ri says:

    This page is very helpful!
    Are there any other creatures stronger than the Ice Golem to fight the Master Slush Troll? The Ice Golems’s 71 attack & 165 defense seems like it’s not strong enough to battle an expert or master Slush Troll who gets up to 87attack &234 defense.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      ups, really sorry, I put the wrong creature on the column. Use Marid to kill it, she is the most efficient creature to use in the terms of time.

      • CattyB says:

        I can’t beat this guy, I’ve tried Fire Golem, Adult Banshee, Marid, Ice Golem… even if I get three “perfect” hits, and the Master Slush Troll’s “bar” has completely dissapeared, he keeps on battling. Might be a bug? I’m on an iPod.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          if his bar already disappeared and he’s still not losing then follow fix error section. Have you tried using nanuk?

        • Klaw says:

          It’s not a bug with the bar, sometimes you are just 1or 2 points short of winning, but because you lost by so few points you can’t really see it on the bar.

          As regards to fighting the master slush troll, the only one of my monsters that I have much luck with killing it is with the yeti (haven’t managed to get a nanuk or vily yet). Even with my level 10 marid I find it too risky if I don’t get perfects.

          The yeti gives you 77 points for a ‘great’ (88 perfect), which at least gives you a bit of leeway.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          yup, it makes sense 😀

      • ri says:

        Thanks a million!

  35. Alex says:

    Which creature is the best to defeat the queen?

  36. Deb says:

    What does allergic mean?

  37. Awesome dude says:

    Have you versed a tornado before? What is the tornadoes attack and defence? Do you think I will be able to verse it with my cactus dryad lv8?

  38. Beth says:

    So why aren’t any of the first and second islands minions at level 10? The level 9 muck monster is a master but the “master” but the level 9 slush troll and hobs are just “expert”… I know it seems like I’m nitpicking and I guess in a sense I am, but I’m not complaining or saying they should change it, I’m just wondering… I didn’t even notice it until I saw your very nice informative charts on this page… I’m just curious 😛 if I were a muck monster I’d be pissed I couldn’t get to level 10 no matter how much I tried, and if I were a slush troll or a hob I’d be pissed at the double standard. Maybe *this* is why they’re so evil…

    • Beth says:

      Sorry for the confused wording in the middle there, I was playing around with my words, trying to simplify my thoughts, I guess that backfired, huh?

      • noobbgodlike says:

        Muck is already pissed , but what can he says against queen 😀 Next week maybe we can breed muck monster and have it leveled up to 10 😀

        • Beth says:

          Oh dude awesome idea! Maybe we could try to breed a NOT evil muck monster… Then we could take on the evil queen with our own good non-evil minion army, and fight her with her own weapons. I like this idea! I would be a great military strategist, don’t you think? 😛

        • noobbgodlike says:

          I think we will be able to breed evil queen minion later. We save Wendy , the evil queen actually Wendy’s mother…. and then story ends. Evil minion become good minion and we can breed them with good creatures, how’s about my story? 😀

        • Eddy says:

          Well there goes the neighborhood!. . . . . lol

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