Posted on Aug 27, 2014

Tiny Castle Fenrir Breeding Info

Thanks to Baadram, Candace, and Mandy for these info and pictures

Tiny Castle Fenrir Egg Fixed

Tiny Castle Fenrir Growth

Tiny Castle Fenrir Status

Forest tiny CastleTiny Castle Polar Element












Earn Rate

9 11 14 16 17 18 21 27 35 37

Feed (x4)

120 250 380 510 916 1106 1296 2526 3226 3387

Total Food

0 480 1480 3000 5040 8704 13128 18312 28416 41320


41 41 41 41 41 50 60 67 75 88


78 78 78 78 78 85 118 136 151 165

Buy Price: 900 Jewels

Sell Price: 6158 Coins

XP: 1500

Breeding/Hatching Time: 12 hours  (Same as Jotunn, Pine Dryad, and Leshy)

Tuck in time (lvl 4): 13 hours

Tuck in time (lvl 7): 24 hours

Temple Tuck in: 24 hours

Baby: “Ooooo (cough)”
Teen: “(Laughter)”
Adult: “(Evil laughter)”

Breeding Formula:
[0] Pine Dryad + Centaur
[0] Leave your successful formula on the comment

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39 Responses to “Tiny Castle Fenrir Breeding Info”

  1. Elsie says:

    I got fe fir first time with orchid and Nanak

  2. p says:

    Just got one by accident with ice golem and whisp

  3. Mrs . Black says:

    OMG!! I just got the Fenrir on the 3rd try, trying for
    the *New Pixie Creature which I also got.
    I used Leashy & Frost Nymph for Fenrir
    and Lochnesss & Triton for *Pixie ★★★

  4. 3ke says:

    Finally got Fenrir with Leshy & Jotunn. This puppy took months & many pine dryads. So many Pine Dryads…

  5. Klaw says:

    Ive been trying to breed this guy and have been making notes of some stats as he is a real toughie. Ive actually bred more Dryad and Lesheys than this over the past year or so, but Im specifically trying to get the odds for the Fenrir. These are my results from circa 100 breedings. (Well theres nothing much else for me to do in the game!)

    62 Pine Dryad TC_id = common
    29 Leshey TC_id = uncommon
    08 Jotunn TC_id = rare
    01 Fenrir TC_id = rare [Ultra rare?]

    I got Fenrir at about mid thirty, so Im assuming he’s probably due out again sometime soon, the odds on this guy arent conclusive, but its looking like perhaps 1:50? Hopefully its not more than that and Ive just been unlucky so far.

    Based on the rest of the stats

    Jotunn is likely to be about 1:20 – I think its been noticed before that rares can be up to 1:20
    Leshey is likely to be about 1:3
    Pine Dryad about 2:3

    Im also not sure if using Mythics/hybrids increase the odds as Ive been using a mix of combos, but I got him when using a Mythic Golem & Jotunn.

  6. jewls says:

    Finally got him with Mythic Centaur and Alykonides was trying for Anasi good luck 🙂

  7. Lawren says:

    Finally got Fenrir with Zmey and Anansi after too many pine dryad eggs to count! It took four and a half months to get Fenrir, since I was trying to get him on his release date.

  8. Jaded says:

    Hi Noob~ Level 3 is mislabeled as 14 =P

    Also, Level 9 earn rate should be 25 (not 35).

    Have a nice day!

  9. Anjulie says:

    I got mine with senior kitsune and teen zemy! Good luck! I really hope this works for all of you who try this combo!

    • Bonina says:

      Hello, could you confirm how many jewels to complete the breed? Are 40 oh 13 jewels?

      • Ashley Jean says:

        I wish I knew that answer as well! I’ve been breeding mythic centaur and ice Gollumn together nonstop for three weeks with no luck but just now I got a 12 hour timer with 39 jewels to speed up the process so I’m praying it’s this! I’m so sick of Lesy, pine dryad, and Jotunn. I’ve also got a ton of ice perytons!!! Please let this be a FENRIR!!!

        • Ashley Jean says:

          To confirm it doesn’t take 40 jewels apparently because mine was another Ice Peryton. Going into week 4 and still nodda Fenrir… I swear it was easier to get Unicorn and Nightmare! Patience is wearing thin! Errrrr….

      • Klaw says:

        I can confirm that the summon hurry times & prices are as follows:-

        Pine Dryad – 12hrs = 40 gems
        Leshy – 12hrs = 40 gems
        Fenrir – 12hrs = 40 gems
        Jotunn – 12hrs = 40 gems
        Icy Peryton – 12hrs = 40 gems

  10. BaadRam says:

    Got it on the second attempt with (Ancient) Kitsune x (Senior) Nightmare (after several unsuccessful attempts with Mythic Centaur x Mythic Ice Golem). (Please note 12 hour summons/40 jewel hurry-up is the exact same as the other Forest/Polar hybrids, so you’ll only know once it’s been transferred to the nursery.) Good luck!

  11. Ashley Jean says:

    Got 12 hour timer with a 40 jewel speed up time… Does Leshy, Piney Dryad, or Jotunn have a 40 jewel speed up time? I pray that this time I got this lil critter!!!l anyone know for sure?

    Oh I used Mythic a Centaur and Unicorn! I was just doing centaur snd ice Gollumn for the longest time only to revive jotunns, Leshies, and dryads. So say a lil prayer for me lol!

  12. Gamingismyaddiction says:

    I got him first try with Leshy and Yeti.

  13. Lawren says:

    Fenrir’s egg has a unique design now. I saw it in the encyclopedia by tapping the silhouette and then buy. Replace the Lich egg image, because Fenrir’s egg has a unique design.

  14. AJ says:

    Just got Fenrir with Owlman and Marid (2nd try)

  15. jewls says:

    Is he a permanent creature? has anyone gotten him and what combo did you use. Please

  16. Anjulie says:

    Nobody has gotten this creature yet? I have been trying but all I get are pine dryads of leshy. I did get a second Jotunn! My first one I got on the day he was out! Good luck to all

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