Posted on Dec 19, 2012

Tiny Castle Getting Mermaid, Large farm, and Other Large Habitat on Early Level

How to Unlock Lighthouse (Mermaid)

It seems impossible to get mermaid on the low level ( under 20) since many areas surround the Lighthouse need about 1200 dust to unlock. But there is a small path that cost a lot cheaper than others. The area is located near Ziggurat (see the screenshot). The area only takes about 400-600 to unlock this way you can unlock lighthouse easily.

Short path to lighthouse

Note: You can keep more dust than your limit if you get it from defeating enemies or finishing the quest. Ex: your max dust is 1000, you can’t get more dust from your dust well but if you defeat an enemy and get 50 dust your dust will reach 1050. The maximum capacity is not increased though, so after you use it then it will be back to normal.

Upgrade Your Farm and Habitat on Early Level

  1. Buy any decorations or anything
  2. Max your money (200.000 at level 15 when all maxed)
  3. Sell the building or decorations that you just bought to get half of the money.
  4. You have more money than the limit allow you now 😀

Example: Buy large garden (78000 coins), and then max your coins (200.000 coins). Sell your large garden and now you have 239.000 coins (enough to buy large farm :D).

Tiny Castle Breeding Guide Main Page

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70 Responses to “Tiny Castle Getting Mermaid, Large farm, and Other Large Habitat on Early Level”

  1. Amy says:

    I am at level 29, almost to 30. My habitat count is maxed at 30, but I desperately need more habitats. I can’t tell if upgrading my castle gives me more habitats or not. What is the max number if habitats, and what do you do when you have maxed that out? Thanks Noob!

    • Rachel says:

      Have you upgraded all your habitats? If you can consolidate your creatures to fewer habitats, you would be able to sell and repurchase empty habitats until you reach the next level. Good luck!

  2. roscoe says:

    How do I move eggs into the inventory store. I have some decorations stashed away for later but cannot see how to move the eggs.

  3. Trains berry says:


    Just read this page.

    On level 20, but I’ve breed and sold over 10 mermaids, didn’t know I should keep the extras. My first is a teen and I breed her at level 17.

    I keep breeding monsters it says I need a higher level for, but took me til just last week for the queen to show up and get the manticore breed.

  4. crystal says:

    Am I right in assuming that when you initially upgrade to the large farm it costs more money to plant your crops (ie 45 min moonbeans as opposed to 45 minute lemon limes)…but once you start upgrading more of your monsters they’ll start earning you more money and kind of even out the loss of money due to growing those crops?

  5. teresa says:

    Good eveninig fednup with checking in 2 c if anything has changed unfortunately for me nothing has so tiny co sorry u have spoilt the game, well done on on all yr hard work txx

  6. serina says:

    What do I do when it says I have reached Max number of habitats allowed?

  7. -A says:

    How much is a upgraded farm

  8. Anna says:

    Hi! I Think i have the same problem as Debra. I unlocked the lighthouse and bought an mermaid egg but when I want to buy the ocean Home it says that I need to complete the to the Coast quest witch I’ve allready zone. Is this a bugg or something and how Do i fix it?

  9. Ttt says:

    What level can you upgrade the mountain

  10. sparrow says:

    When so we get to upgrade the beach habitat?

  11. bonnie says:

    What level do I unlock mountain magic?? I sooo want a saytress but. Iam only level 13 what level do I unlock mountain magic???

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