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Posted on Feb 19, 2013

Tiny Castle How to Get Loveless Bunyip

1st appearance: Valentine 2013
2nd appearance: 20 September 2013 – 25 September 2013

Thanks to David Maertens for these pictures and info

Loveless bunyip egg

Tiny Castle Loveless Bunyip Growth

This monster is limited monster (valentine 2013; available until 20 February 2013), and can’t be obtained on normal time. It’s alternate version of Bunyip Monster.

Loveless Bunyip Growth

DesertTiny CastleBeach Tiny Castle












Earn Rate

7 9 12 15 18 21 24 28 32 36

Feed (x4)

125 255 380 505 650 682 716 751 788 MAX

Total Food

0 500 1520 3040 5060 7660 10388 13252 16256 19408


15 15 15 15 15 17 20 22 25 30


27 27 27 27 27 33 40 46 53 62

Habitat: Desert and Beach

Buying Price: 650 Jewels

Selling Price: 2068 Gold

Experience: 800 XP

Hatching/Breeding time: 13,75 hours

Tuck in time (baby lvl 4): 6 hours

Tuck in time (Teen lvl 7): 7 hours

Baby: “yeep”
Teen: “what’s wrong with scary?”
Adult: “sharpened and ready”

Breeding Formula
[0] Leviathan + Bunyip
[0] Manticore + Bunyip
[0] Bast + Triton
[0] Bunyip + Bunyip , not working I have tried this formula multiple times (and confirmation from other users)
[0] Sphinx + Water Leaper
[0] Other Bunyip formula
[0] Please leave your successful formula on the comment section

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112 Responses to “Tiny Castle How to Get Loveless Bunyip”

  1. Anjulie says:

    I just got this one with Spinx and slyph. This is my second limited monster I have hatched in less than a month! I will keep adding on here if I get anymore limited monsters.

  2. Linnea says:

    Crazy, but I just bred Loveless in March–way after the end time. So, good luck. It was Naga and Rakshasa after many, many attempts.

    • Pam says:

      I’ve been trying that over and over, you’ve given me hope! It’s the only creature I don’t have. Thanks for posting

    • Anjulie says:

      I am sure it will take them awhile to remove the stuff anyway! Just a heads up for support issues your best to go thru tinyco.com and there you will find tinycastles contact/support……….

    • LizzieRoseC says:

      Ive been tryin two years now soon as it comes in season I breed for or exclusively think my game is roped odd no more goals cept creatures I’ve started goals of leveling up for mythic creatures again poor success but do have all 3 dragons types and mythic ice. Any one thing I should still try for loveless ( ya seriously breeding exclusively since chance came up this year again, I have iPad. Looking 4 formula using yours naga n rakashess no luck yet any one got one since march 7th 2015? If not I should try for stuff like diff sylphs n pixies got none of those .

  3. Lawren says:

    Got the anti-valentine bunyip with naga + rakshasa on first try while no other combo worked for me last Valentine’s Day.

  4. Kohlboy86 says:

    Finally…Ancient Sphinx with Ancient Bunyip made the Loveless one!

  5. Crrcrr says:

    I got this with Naga X Rakshasa. Both were teens.

  6. Vanessa Avila says:

    It’s back I hope I can breed it good luck to all that don’t have one yet

  7. Lawren says:

    Sorry, I didn’t get a chance to summon this recolored bunyip, because I was aiming for the nereid… 🙁 I’ll get this one in February 2014 if Tinyco plans to release it. 🙂

  8. Jaded says:

    Level | Feed (x4) | Total Feed
    Level 1 | 125 | 0
    Level 2 | 255 | 500
    Level 3 | 380 | 1520
    Level 4 | 505 | 3040
    Level 5 | 650 | 5060
    Level 6 | 682 | 7660
    Level 7 | 716 | 10388
    Level 8 | 751 | 13252
    Level 9 | 788 | 16256
    Level 10 | Max | 19408

  9. Blueeyes73 says:

    I have tried 6 times to get this loveless bunyip six times , I need help . Ive been trying several of the combos but levithan and bunyip and still no luck .please help

  10. NJDevilz59 says:

    Got the Loveless Bunyip first try with Bunyip & Bast. Tried Manticore & Bunyip about 15 times with no success.

  11. christina says:

    Do you have to use hybrid or can you use any combo

  12. WillowTree says:

    Manticore and Lochness worked for me.

  13. 3ke says:

    Loveless Bunyip has the same jewel amount as blue Bunyip, 14
    I got 1 with Bunyip & Leviathan

  14. Nelnel09 says:

    Got love less bunyip on 1st try on iPhone using bunyip on left and patriotic mermaid on right! Yeah, good luck everyone!

  15. kendra says:

    Leviathan + cactus dryad got me loveless on the first try with that combo. All my other combos just got me more leviathans which take forever to breed and hatch when you are trying for a limited creature.

  16. Galaxy S4 says:

    Of course I am an android user which the name would conclude! But someone earlier mentioned using bast and triton in that order, well I used it 4 times: 1st try regular bunyip, 2nd try Neriad (which I have been trying for, for months to get), 3rd try cactus dryad, and on my 4th try loveless! I’m ecstatic about all of my results! I’ve tried so many combos trying to get Neriad, glad I got everything I wanted! Hope this helps someone!

  17. Joe says:

    It took me five total tries using the combo Bunyip + Leviathan. My results were Leviathan, Bunyip, Bunyip, Bunyip and finally Loveless.

    Very happy to get this one. It’s a very nice recolor.

  18. Jessica says:

    I got a Love-Less Bunyip on my first try with this combo….
    Bunyip + Bast
    I hope this helps 🙂

    • koi doll says:

      bunyip and bast got me the loveless bunyip! thanks for the tip, leviathan + bunyiponly got me 3 more regular bunyips while bunyip and cactus dryad for me a triton =/

  19. MiAuZiNhA says:

    Manticore + Bunip 2nd attempt gave me 13h 45min wait. Let’s hope is the pink bunip and not the normal one. Will update later.

    I’m on a samsung galaxy S2

  20. linda says:

    Hi noob
    Since time is running out on lovelessbunyip. (And i do love him/her less with each try!) I thought i would post for those kindle fire users my results (or lack of). I would loveto know if a ny kin d le fire user got this one.
    I did test bunyip/bunyip 19hr29min. Waiting for big birth…will advise.
    Bunyip/leviathan…regular bunyip
    And just for the heck of it monticore/kirin…..siren

    I hope this helps you make your decision in time!
    I dont think tc likes kindle users 😉

    • noobbgodlike says:

      lol, tc doesn’t like or dislike any device :D> It’s all about chance.

    • Klaw says:

      Linda you’d be best sticking with just one combo ie the leviathan and bunyip. The other creatures include additional elements which increase your chance of getting some other hybrid.

      Bunyip and leviathan can only give you a bunyip, a leviathan or the loveless bunyip and the highest chance more than any other.

      Using that combo I got bunyip, leviathan, bunyip, loveless, bunyip, loveless

      I tend to just stick with one combo because its all about chance, so hoping that it will eventually come up if you try enough times with the right pair.

      When I first started playing I kept swapping pairs, but found later on I was best choosing my pair and at least having a few tries with the same combo.
      In my opinion its kinda like throwing dice, if you’re wanting a six, then if you throw enough times then it should come up.

      Just make sure your breeding pair have the right elements.

      Good luck 🙂

      • lol (ios 6) says:

        My breeding strategy is a slight variation of yours…I generally will try a formula a maximum of 3x w/ no success…if on the 3rd try I have not summoned my desired creature I will switch to a new formula…if I notice that quite a few posters are having success w/ a formula I will try that formula next … at times I will switch to this strategy earlier if the breeding times are exceedingly long …when I initially started playing TC I performed several test-cases to see if using the same formula repeatedly would eventually generate my desired creature…unfortunately the tests were inconclusive because most times I would just summon the same 2 creatures out of a possible 8… this is the primary reason I started believing that TC probably hosts the game on multiple servers & the server your game resides on plays an important role on your breeding results…based on the testing scenarios I could not compile enough info about TC generation logic to make decisions based on the number of times a creature is summoned consecutively will it increase the chances of your desired creature being summoned… is every summons an unique event which means previous summons would have very little effect on the probability of getting your desired creature…again we just don’t have enough info …so my strategy is to use a variation of all the above summoning scenarios based on the situation…usually it takes me an average of 3 to 5 summons to get my desired creature…twice it has taken me 7 attempts to get my desired creature…excluding Adlet & Owlman which took me over 63 non-consecutive attempts …lol …anyways Happy Kingdoms!!!

        Ps. I did note that it seems harder to summon a creature after 4 to 5 weeks of its initial release…maybe TC changes the creature generation algorithm after so many weeks???

      • linda kindle says:

        THANK YOU so much for sharing that tip….for all of us newbies.
        So with basilisk. i would use madrid and nanuk until i got lucky? Each time waiting 47 hours.
        I supose you have to take the sweet withthe sour!

        Oh….now i want chinese food…;-)
        Thanks again

        • linda kindle says:

          Oh….not so easy…i forgot that they can be not compatible!
          I just tried vily and baslisk. I think i will take an aspirin! Lol

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