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Tiny Castle Iphone Guide 4 Spire Quest

The Four Spires Quest

Tiny castle 4 spires

===Buy Golden Spire (1000 Coins)===

===The Emerald Spire===
(You need to finish quests below before you can buy one for 150000 coins)

[1] Hatch Pegasus. Rewards: 700 XP, 20 dust, and 1500 Coins
[2] Plant Apple or Cherries. Rewards: 700 XP, 20 dust, and 1500 Coins
[3] Raise Pegasus, Bast, and Wisp. Rewards: 800 EXP, 20 Dust, 150 food, and 1000 coins.

===The Sapphire Spire===
(You need to finish quests below before you can buy one for 135000 coins).
Rewards: 10000 Coins, 300 Food, 150 Dust, 800 XP

[1] Buy DELUXE MAGE MANUAL. Rewards: 1000 Coins, 150 Dust, 700 XP
[2] Gather 3000 Food. Rewards: 1500 Coins, 20 Dust (too little), 750 XP
[3] Buy The golden Pavilion (180.000). Rewards: 5000 Coins, 250 Food, 800 XP

===The Ruby Spire===
(You need to finish quests below before you can buy one for 260000 Coins)
Rewards: 10,000 coins, 150 dust and 800xp

[1] Banish Using Peryton. Rewards: ??
[2} Banish minions using Pegasus, Bast, and Wisp each 3 times. Rewards: ??
[3] Get 10 Perfect hits while banishing minions. Rewards:  20,000 coins, 2 jewels, 200 dust and 3000xp

The only way to get perfect hit is to practice (tap it before the circles collide), You can do this by keep practicing using weak minions (says lvl 5 garden nymph, she will be lose but healing time is so short so you can immediately). Below is the video on example how to get perfect hit (perfect hit shown on the 2nd attack, compare it with great hit on first hit).

If you accidentally kill minions by using other creatures, then you have 2 options:
[1] Kill other enemies that stronger than “quest” minion; ex: you are told to banish scary goblin using wisp, if there are no scary goblin available then kill expert goblins (you can also kill other species as long as they’re stronger;ex sandman;look at their status to get an idea stronger or weaker) using wisp. to complete the quest
[2] if your creature is not strong enough to kill other species/stronger creature then you can only wait until the minion respawn. Make sure you banish other creatures on the map because there is a limit on how many numbers of minions that can appear on the map.

Tiny Castle Breeding Guide Main Page

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79 Responses to “Tiny Castle Iphone Guide 4 Spire Quest”

  1. eddie says:

    I have only the golden spire…. the other quests don’t even show up for me. How do I get them back?

  2. cloudyy says:

    Noob, I havent had ANY minions on my first island in WEEKS. I need a cyclops. Things I have tried: doing nothing and waiting patiently for one to respawn, banishing ogre demon sand and muck of all levels with my imp, moving everything around on the island, cleared all kinds od debris. Still no cyclops. Suggestions? Do you think it could take longer then 2 or 3 weeks for another cyclops to appear?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hmm, the minion should spawn if you banish minions. Try to follow fix error section on the main page. Try to move all your building to 1st islands. MInions tend to appear near habitat.

    • michelle says:

      Im having the same problem ive banished all minions from first island and there haven’t been any on it for 3 weeks now.

  3. Miss Dastardly says:

    I am level 25 and have purchased all 4 spires. The original quests have been completed but I’m still showing 4 individual quests (one for each spire) that did not show up until after I had purchased each spire and it has been this way since level 22 or 23. So now I have to buy 2 of each spire????? The golden pavilion quest did me the same way so now I have 2 of them. How am I suppose to get anywhere if I have to spend all my coins on 2 of everything?????

  4. Rachel says:

    ok not sure what to do, I got a new quest today saying I needed the Deluxe Mage Manual but when I click on the “go” button it takes me to the store and it doesn’t show a deluxe version available for purchase, I already own “The Mage Manual” and I don’t want to waste 1000 dust on the same thing again if it’s wrong???

  5. Lawren says:

    To get a perfect shot, the orbs must be completely overlapped perfectly together on the monster. Tap the monster when the orbs are completely overlapped perfectly. This is how to get a perfect shot.

  6. Raktavan says:

    The limit for respawing minions seems to be 15. (You can have more attackable minions on the map by “unfogging” them, though.) I thought that might be interesting to know for your Ruby Sphere and Minions Guide sections.

  7. sandy blue says:

    I bought a mage manual but it didn’t clear the quest. So now I can’t get sapphire spire and i’ve yet to make 10 perfect hits

  8. Saboroso says:

    I think these three quests are bugged.

    I deleted and reinstalled the game but I have no quest available for Emerald, Sapphire, or Ruby Spires and they are all still locked in decorations.

    I am level 22 and already bought the Golden Spire.

    • Saboroso says:

      Someone on Facebook made a post about disappearing quests, and TC responded saying

      “When new, higher priority goals are released some of your old ones are pushed down and no longer appear in your game. When you complete the higher priority goals at the top of your quests list, the older ones will eventually reappear for you to complete.”

      I guess this means I only get to see 20 quests at a time.The problem is this:
      i) 13 of the 20 are to hatch rare creatures that I can not seem to get
      ii) 3 of 20 are for Wyrold Tree which requires I hatch 3 additional creatures
      iii) 3 more of the 20 are to raise the creatures I could hatch to adult (but I’m out of food)
      So, that only leaves 1 out of 20 quests that I can finish soon to move forward.

      I have taken your advice to level up quick using Small Beach (since I have many extra habitats) and I am now at level 28, but I am missing many creatures and quests.
      It is not bugged like I thought, but prioritized for hatching new creatures.

      • Raktavan says:

        I ran into the same problem. My first summoning resulted in a Pooka. I didn’t actively try to level up fast, but I was a very active player (harvesting a lot of 30 seconds food).

        Luckily, I got an Imp during the rare creature breeding boost days, so I was finally able to complete the Ferocious Five quests, so I could finish the vault upgrading quests, so the Spire quests are back for me now (at level 23).

        I wish you patience and good luck with your summonings!

    • Peg says:

      agreed.. I finally bought the golden pavilion… and nada.. no reward.. no advancement.. the only quests I can do are beyond my “skill” level… I have nothing which can fight the water monsters with 66 shield… no new minions spawning.

  9. Mom says:

    My it’s super effective quest has disappeared and my ruby spire is still locked. What do I do?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Follow fix error section on the main page.

      • Peg says:

        error section says to contact TC… did that. nothing… not your fault.. just reporting my findings…

        did not delete game to reinstall.. HELP section seems to imply this would erase everything..

        this is not the only game I play that has issues because it is on Kindle Fire. just another challenge for the developers.

  10. Caroline says:

    Please help. I have completed all quests to get the emerald spire but it wont unlock and the all grown up quest has disapeared from past quests. How can i get any further. ? Thanks

  11. Arrowyn says:

    Emerald Spire:

    Quest “Summoning all…Summoners?” includes “A Pegasus on the Way!” (hatch Pegasus) & “A Little Food” (prepare apples or cherries). Rewards for “Summoning” quest are 700XP, 20 dust, & $1500.

  12. Jeff says:

    the quests for the sapphire tower and ruby tower have disappeared from my list and they are not in my previous quests i cant buy the sapphire even though i have the golden pavilion which is the last part of the quest. and im pretty sure by now i’ve hit 10 perfect hits for the ruby one. any help ideas?

  13. RayneZerati says:

    I just recently started this quest and with the pressure it puts on you, it makes me think this is a limited timed quest. I’m trying to rush through it but I’m getting stressed out in thinking that I’m taking too long. Can I take my time with this or should I continue at a quicker pace and really focus on it?

  14. ERIKA says:

    I kedp trying to summons creatures by using my quest I do so to get new creatures but I do not suceed why?

  15. NJ says:

    I’m having a major problem. I’m on level 20. I still need to get the Ruby Spire (0/10) & I’m on the 3rd Fearless 5 quest. I was once able to get perfect hits with ease when I first started playing, but now I can’t banish 3 scary or stronger goblins with a perfect hit and I’ve banished them all with “good’s” or “great’s” from the island. No more are showing up. Am I going to have to start the game over? I’m going to be upset if I do; I’ve just spent so much time on this. Please help!!!

  16. Raider says:

    Anyway to level up faster, at level 27 and making slow to no progress

  17. Steph says:

    After I purchase the golden pavilion can I sell it back or do I really need it for the rest of the game?

  18. Michelle says:


    In the Banishing 101 for Ruby Spire Quest, the quest did not check it off after I banished the minion. I have shut down & restart my IPad but it doesn’t work. Any idea if there is any particular minion that I need to banish? The minions I’ve banished are from all three island. BTW, your site is great & informative.
    Thanks for advice.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      if you’re sure that you have banished all required minion and it still doesn’t finish then it’s a glitch, follow fix error section on the main page and then wait for their answers.

    • psymaster says:

      hi there..if you do not have minions..dont worry..just continue to unlock parts of islands,clear the areas and do other quests..i done that and now..every hour i get notifications by 1-2 minions appear of all kinds,get ice golem and killing them like a flyes..exploring and clearing all in game

  19. Awesome dude says:

    Oh no when I click to go to my game it goes back to where all my other games are nooooooo!!!!

  20. Awesome dude says:

    Help again when I click on a creature they don’t talk only some of them talk! Did that happen when I restarted the game

  21. Awesome dude says:

    Help!when I cick to put my ruby sphere on the island the game goes back to the home screen where all my other games are

  22. Renee says:

    So I have just completed my Ruby spire quest. YAY!! One thing that I noticed was that it was not only important when you hit the monster but where on the body you did so. By tapping the center point of the monster right before the orbs turn into one, you end up with a perfect hit. Once I noticed this I was able to get at least 4 perfect hits in my next 3 battles. GOOD LUCK!

  23. snowlp says:

    So i’ve banished a demon and an expert sandman with my imp and the ferocious five quest won’t check this off. Another idea?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      you need to banish 5 of them, right?? see your quest menu and see whether you have checked that part.

    • Jason says:

      I had the same problem where killing the stronger creatures didnt check off the quest for me. The trick to this is that you can only have so many enemies shown at a time, so stop clearing dust immediately. Banish all visible opponents left on the islands. This will cause enemies to start popping up on the first island. After that just keep killing all the creatures on your main island until you finally get the expert cyclops spawn. I had 5 new enemies everytime i logged on after doing this so it only takes a short time after you complete the first part

  24. MartianGirl says:

    When I buy the emerald spire it gives me zeroXP and if I tap on the spire the game crashes!
    Any others got this?
    Playing on iPhone.

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