Posted on Jul 9, 2013

Tiny Castle Patriot Mermaid

1st appearance: 4 July 2013-10 July 2013

Tiny Castle Patriot Mermaid Egg

Tiny Castle Patriot Mermaid Growth

Patriot Mermaid Status












Earn Rate

18 19 20 22 26 32 42 56  75

Feed (x4)

55 155 195 295 954 1545 1845 2005  2435

Total Food

0 220 840 1620 2800 6616 12796 20176 28196 28196


20 20 20 20 20 24 28 31  35


24 24 24 24 24 30 36 43  49

Habitat: Beach and Garden

Buying Price:  360 jewels

Selling Price:  1580 Coins

Experience:  1500 XP

Hatching/Breeding time: 12 hours

Tuck in time (baby Lvl 4): 13 hours

Tuck in time (Teen Lvl 7): 15.6 hours

Baby: “Bubbles!”
Teen: “Oh, I love bubbles.”
Adult: “I hope you brought bubbles!”

Breeding Formula:
[0] Mermaid + Garden Nymph
[0] Triton + Nereid (failed, got 12.5 hours which is probably triton)
[0] Triton/Nereid + Garden Nymph/ Mermaid
[0] Mermaid + Imp (1st try)
[0] Cactus Dryad + Mermaid
[0] Leave your formula on the comment section

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45 Responses to “Tiny Castle Patriot Mermaid”

  1. Pink says:

    Hi noob!
    The patriotic mermaid never appeared in my game :(
    Was it available this year? Or was it only available in 2013?

  2. Loretta Doughty says:

    Thank you noobbgodlike.

  3. Loretta Doughty says:

    Can we breed the Patriotic Mermaid now? Or is it only available on a certain date?

  4. Lawren says:

    The new sayings for the patriot mermaid are added last January. They are same as the regular mermaid:

    Baby: “Bubbles!”
    Teen: “Oh, I love bubbles.”
    Adult: “I hope you brought bubbles!”

  5. Lawren says:

    I just got it with regular mermaid and sylph on first try since the day it was released. As the first variation and third limited creature, I hope it will reappear on February for President’s Day. I need American griffin and fireworks fairy to complete the 4th of July collection.

  6. Lawren says:

    The patriot mermaid has the same sayings of the regular mermaid now. I heard the same battle shout noise the regular mermaid makes during battle.

  7. Lawren says:

    I failed to finish the ogre quest which tells me to scare off three ogres with a patriotic mermaid. I was evolving the patriotic mermaid to be stronger when the deadline came after hatching my lucky fire golem. When I evolved it into an adult, the quest has expired. I hope TinyCo re-releases the same quest telling me to scare away three ogres with this patriotic mermaid on July 2014…

  8. Zidane says:

    Patriotic Mermaid
    Level | Earn Rate | Feed (x4) | Total Food | Attack | Defense
    6 | 32 | 1545 | | 28 | 36
    7 | 42 | 1845 | | 31 | 43
    8 | 56 | 2005 | | 31 | 43
    9 | 75 | 2435 | | 39 | 55

  9. Stschw says:

    I made an error and bred two patrotic mermaid together and got a third one!

    I thought this is not possible in tiny castle.

  10. marcelo12 says:

    my brother got it with g.nymph and brother is so lucky.he got patriotic mermaid in the date that she appeared

  11. kassi says:

    The patriot mermaid and firework fairy are gone? Don’t they usually wait to take the limited monsters off til after the 2x summoning? They just disappeared no warning. I’ve bread nothing but tritons for a week straight and didn’t get either one.

  12. Play*hard says:

    I got the patriot mermaid with my cactus dryad & leviathan. 1st time with this combo.

  13. Patriot Mermaid says:

    What I want to know is, does anybody have a Patriot Mermaid that talks? I have two of ’em and neither one talks! So yeah, does anyone have one that talks?

  14. JessiJedi says:

    I tried using the Garden Nymph + Mermaid combo several times and got a triton every time. I finally gave up on using that formula and tried using Leviathan + Bast and got the Patriot Mermaid on the first try. My husband, however, got the Patriot Mermaid on the first try using Garden Nymph + Mermaid.

  15. Stichot34 says:

    Leaves 75 coins on level 9
    Attack 35
    Defense 49

  16. lisa says:

    i got my pat mermaid and firework fairy ty for the help all

  17. 3ke says:

    I used the suggested Imp & mermaid combo & that got me my new creature. I missed the quest after she hatched but I also didn’t have all 3 creatures needed. I got the American Griffin at the last minute though. Yay! 😀

  18. gamer says:

    Bast and mermaid first try. Unfortunately to late for the quest

  19. Patriot Mermaid says:

    I see you got the rest of the info without my help, Noob! And I used a Patriot Mermaid and Nereid to get a Patriot Mermaid! XD

    • Patriot Mermaid says:

      Yay! Now I can get the Patriot Mermaid whenever I want! You know, because now I have 2 Patriot Mermaids. And if I Breed them together I’ll get another one!

  20. Ashley says:

    Errr I wanna know did Anyone get all three to complete the quest? I sure didn’t! I’ve tried mermaid and garden nymph 8 time nd all 8 r tritons! All I got ws the American Griffen… So sad….

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I got patriot mermaid but have missed the quest XD, the reward is pathetic anyway, so just let it go. It’s different if they reward us with 50 jewels.

    • Dee says:

      I have been trying to get any of these 3 monsters since the quest started and haven’t gotten one of them. I am past frustrated!!!!

  21. TheRoyaals says:

    Mermaid Imp first try.. Nw let’s try the fireworks

  22. jokemon says:

    I believe i finally got it with Garden Nymph + Triton

  23. Juleza says:

    “” > < acronym title Oh my gosh! Haha! I finally got the Mermaid Patriot! Used Mermaid and Garden Nymph. At the last minute, too. Sigh. So lucky. =D

  24. Michelle says:

    Do I waste more jewels for one last try? & do I try for P Mermaid or F Fairy… So ultimately frustrating.

  25. biba says:

    Got it with mermaid and faun first try. Sadly to late for the quests :(

  26. Esher says:

    Sylph and Mermaid

  27. nelson1235 says:

    I got it with Triton and Nereid.

  28. Nandho44 says:

    Get it with Mermaid(left) + Triton(Right) 1st Try. Five Attemps failed with garden nymph + mermaid

  29. Fruitemix says:

    I got one with mermaid & tritorn. Nothing with the other combos

  30. Mrs.Black says:

    Cactus Dryad & Mermaid got me this cutie 😉

  31. Kendra says:

    I got 12 hours with garden nymph + mermaid. Keeping my fingers crossed till I get it the egg. Takes 40jewels to speed up. Talk about last minute. Still haven’t gotten the fireworks fairy or the American griffin but I will gladly settle for the patriot mermaid!

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