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Posted on Mar 21, 2014

Tiny Castle Plan to Save Wendy Quest Guide

Finally, they update the quest to save Wendy. Let’s hope this is really the one.

Tiny Castle Save Wendy Featured

Thanks to Emotionless for the quest info

[1/8 Discuss over Dinner]
5 Cherries, 5 Cloudcumbers, and Castle Carrot. (Large Farm)
Rewards: 5500 XP, 75 Dust, 300 Food, and 1000 Coins

[2/8 Just a Little Dust]
Have  more than 999 dust
Rewards: 5500 XP, 75 Dust, 300 Food, 7500 Coins

[3/8 Greasing the Wheel]
Bribe Slush Trolls (any level; I bribe level 8) for clues about Wendy’s location.
Banish all minions to make new minions spawn (until you see slush trolls). Use the scroll on the quest menu to clear the quest.
I bribe one slush trolls and get the scroll immediately, BUT YOU MAY NEED TO BRIBE THEM MULTIPLE TIMES BECAUSE IT’S ALL ABOUT CHANCE.
Rewards: 7500 XP, 175 dust, and 8500 Coins

[4/8 Retribution]
Banish 5 slush trolls
Rewards: 12500 XP, 100 dust, and 9000 Coins

[5 Substitue Summoner]
Have Zmey
Rewards: 4500 Coins, 450 dust, and 14.500 XP

[6/8 Gather Dust]
Gather 2000 Dust (from well or enemy)
Rewards: 35.000 XP, 450 dust, and 4500 Coins
Auto complete for me (Tinyco have patched the game)

[7/8 Garden Wisdom]
[0] Have lvl 15 Garden Nymph
[0] Harvest 10.000 food
Rewards: 35.000 XP, 450 Dust, and 4500 Coins

[8/8 The Fallen Guard]
Banish Ghost

Tiny Castle Ghost Status

Like what tinyco have said, you need Zmey; quest 5 (or stronger creature; I use my lovely Vily)

Rewards: 10 Jewels, 60.000 XP, and Amulet

Tiny Castle Amulet Reward

Tiny Castle Breeding Guide Main Page

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113 Responses to “Tiny Castle Plan to Save Wendy Quest Guide”

  1. Anna-Linh Tran says:

    I am already by part 5

  2. Esher says:

    Seems to be a new quest that is just buying 3 sets of snowy trees mostly with lots of dust. Then it appears that you just find Wendy wandering in the woods!

    It says she is hungry so you have to grow 5 of the carrots or radishes.


  3. PixieDust says:

    hi noob 🙂 once i have gotten the amulet by beating the ghost, then i just wait? because i see no way of rescuing Wendy yet…

  4. dastardly777 says:

    Ok. I beat the ghost (first attempt with lv8 zmey). Any idea what happens next?

  5. Lawren says:

    After two months of no map, I finally bribed a red troll and got a map yesterday. I’m on my way on defeating the ghost.

  6. Stschw says:

    Are the “explore cave and collect 5000 food” , ” banisch 5 trolls” and the ” summon a green dragon” duties part of this quest?

  7. glitchfinder says:

    I’m trying to get to the third island, so far no luck getting something strong enough to beat the evil queen. My best hope is getting the volcano temple and leveling up my rakshasa to as high as I can, I really want to get this quest done. I’ll try to look more into the tornadoes a couple people have reported, btw I hope there’s multiplayer in an update for tiny castle where you can battle against other player’s creatures with yours and tag team against bosses like the ghost and evil queen in a boss rush sorta minigame.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      REad third islands faq on the main page for more tips. Chimera level 10 should be enough to defeat evil queen.

    • Chay says:

      I beat everything with mythic nymph. Power 65/defense 120.

    • Raktavan says:

      If you have problems defeating the queen, you’ll have a hard time with the monsters on third island. Remember there can only be so many monsters (15 in my experience) before they stop respawning. And monsters are the best way to overstock dust.

      You’ll need approximately 9300 dust to clear the way to mountain magic and an additional 19000 to go for ice magic. My advise is to wait until you have all the dust you need to clear a path before exploring a single more area.

    • Dragonslayer#14 says:

      I beat her with Lv 10 manticore

    • ButterB says:

      I beat the queen with Manticore

  8. Barb says:

    Re: Garden Wisdom quest. I have raised my garden nymph to level 15, in fact she is now a mythic garden nymph, but the progress tab still thinks she’s level 10 and I have not been rewarded for completing it. I’ve “force closed” the game and restarted it with no luck. Would clearing data work? Or would I lose my progress?…any help is appreciated.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Try to follow fix error section on the main page.

    • AshleyJean says:

      If your garden nymph is mythic then I’m afraid you will have to raise a new garden nymph until you can raise it too level 15 in the regular form!

      • glitchfinder says:

        I think you’re right, might be a small glitch where if its mythic its not counted as a garden nymph that’s lv 15.

      • Barb says:

        Ashley and glitchfinder you’re right. I did the uninstall thing to no avail, but I had a lv 10 garden nymph in inventory, so I raised her up to 15. She evolved into regular garden nymph and I got the quest, so it must be a mythic glitch.

  9. kaakladee says:

    I have finished the Save Wendy Quest a long time ago. I have no other quests to do. Did I miss something?

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