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Posted on Sep 7, 2014

Tiny Castle Spirit of Flame Quest Guide

Tiny Castle Spirit of Flame Quest Guide

Thanks to Lawren for an info about this quest

Tiny Castle Spirit of Flame Egg

[1] Defeat 5 minions
Rewards: 300 Coins, 5 dust…., 140 XP

[2] Obtain the Scroll (random drop from minions). Use it on quest menu after you have gotten it.

Tiny Castle Scroll Spirit of flame quest Rewards: 300 coins, 5 dust.., 150 XP

[3] Obtain 10 Twig (Use it on quest menu after you have gotten them) and gather 55.000 Coins

Tiny Castle Twig Spirit of Flame Quest Guide
Note: You can get collect twig when collecting coins from forest habitat (random).
Rewards: Rewards: 300 coins, 5 dust.., 600 XP

[4] Breed Fire and Air Magic (Griffin and Phoenix). Looks like you need to hatch spirit of flame to clear this one.
Rewards: 200 coins, 5 dust.., 700 XP

[5] Level up Spirit of Flame to Level 10
Rewards: 200 coins, 15 dust.., 800 XP

[6] Banish 3 minions using spirit of flame.
Rewards: 400 coins, 15 dust.., 1000 XP, and 10 Gems

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35 Responses to “Tiny Castle Spirit of Flame Quest Guide”

  1. V Edwards says:

    Is the Spirit of Flames quest even possible to complete anymore? I have been trying to hatch my creature for at least two months now, every day, and all I end up with is a Cockatrice. I’ve tried Griffin & Phoenix, Yuki-Onna & Phoenix, lots of different combinations of fire and air – 99 percent of the time the result is a Cockatrice. All my creatures are an 11 or better so I don’t know if it will only work with a teen or level 10 creature?

  2. trixterT says:

    I have banished a lot of minions and I still havn’t found the scroll!!
    What is wrong???

  3. bluey07 says:

    I notice the entry is not complete yet and i finished the quest.. hope this helps.. 🙂

    Rewards for 4:
    Gold: 200
    Dust: 5
    Xp: 700

    5: level up creature to level 10
    Gold: 200
    Dust: 15
    Xp: 800

    6: banish 3 minions
    Dust: 15
    Gem: 10

  4. Gidget says:

    Okay I have the egg. After the second attempt I got the egg with a 6h wait time with a level 8 yuki-onna, and a level 11 phoenix. I now have a 6h30 min wait time to hatch the egg. or it can be hatched with 7 jewels if you want to speed it up. Let you know what happens next.

  5. BaadRam says:

    TC has patched the quest. It is now possible to collect all 10 Kindling and complete Spirit of Flames (3/6).

  6. Sharlah says:

    I think the problem is fixed. I just got two wood from my forest habitats! Yay!

  7. Stephen iPad says:

    After two days without finding any, I have just collected two more twigs from forest habitats. Now up to 8/10. (Yay!)

  8. Cosy says:

    You don’t have to build new habitats if you are purchasing them only to use coins up. If you are at maximum habitats you can purchase a new habitat and store it directly in inventory without building it.

  9. Samira says:

    Stuck at 6/10 too 🙁

  10. Jay says:

    I cannot collect coins from my habitats as my storage is beyond full. This is the second quest in a row that I cannot complete due to this fact. The quests do not register coins collected in any other way. I cannot spend enough to free up space either. What to do??

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Nothing you can do unless spend the money.

    • Kitten says:

      I buy habitats and put them into the inventory. Have over 100 there just so I could spend money to free up ability to collect more from the “live” habitats.

    • Avery says:

      There is something u can do… Put lvl 10 monsters in storage from a habitat that you have enough gold to buy a replacement. Put the habitat in storage and buy a replacement.
      I am at a point where i max gold in few days, so i keep buying new polar habitat, storing it when it builds, then buying and selling 1 – 2 polar habitats until i run my gold back down to 5 mil. Then just repeat the process when the polar habitat rebuilds. You can store indefinate number of habitats, and sell them at any time when you need gold.

      • colorkoala says:

        I buy queen palms to spend money and get experience, i sell them back and get more and keep repeating the process. I find that storage isnt necessary if you have a clear terrain, and waiting for a habitat to build can be a waste of time when trying to spend money for collection quests

      • BaadRam says:

        If you have completed the Wyrold Tree quest chain, may I suggest placing Twisted Belltowers. These decorations cost 1,450,000 gold, use a small amount of ground space, do not require moving your creatures around, and have an instant (0s) construction time.

      • Cosy says:

        You don’t have to build the habitat in order to store it if you are at Max habitats, just buy and store.

    • Jay says:

      I’m not sure I was clear enough, I’m 60 MILLION over. There is nothing I can do. There just isn’t enough storage and/or enough to buy.

  11. Molly says:

    Some twigs popped up from the forest habitats, but disappeared behind other structures and couldn’t retrieve them. Now stuck at 6/10

    • Avery says:

      You can retreive items from behind any object by enlarging the screen (2 finger swipe, away from each other) then move to the top of the screen. Move down slowly, the empty area behind an object will show first before the object pops up, and you can retrieve a twig. I use this method to fight monsters spawned behind the wyrold tree. But i wonder if you actually have any twigs behind objects, seems 6 is the max number of twigs Tiny is allowing, and we will have to buy the other 4 to finish quest. Ive been stuck at 6 since a few hours into quest.

      • Molly says:

        Yeah, I moved the objects, but there wasn’t anything there. Been racking my brain to figure out if they were actually collected or not. Maybe they were maybe not. but that would s*** on the programmer’s part to make us buy them. Whatever, it’s their game they can do whatever they want.

  12. Chani Dupuis says:

    I’m stuck at 6 of 10 now, too. Been stuck at that since the day the series of quests came out.

  13. Rebecca McBride says:

    Same here, 6/10 and getting nothing now.

  14. Karen says:

    I am having the same problem. Currently stuck at 7 of 10.

  15. Stephen iPad says:

    Received a few twigs early on from non-forest habitats; I assume from forest creatures, but have not seen any twigs crom any habitats for awhile now. Currently stuck at 6/10.

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