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Tiny Castle Summoning Breeding Result Chart

Summoning Result Chart

How to use the picture:

Say you breed Garden Nymph + Centaur and you get 2.75 hours. Just check the chart and take a look, There are 3 monsters with that summoning time (Treant, Tomten, and Fairy). Since you don’t have any sky element on your formula, then it can’t be fairy. So you can conclude that the result is between Treant and Tomten.

NOTE: .25 is not exact minutes but a fraction numbers, so you 5.25 hours mean 5 hours and 15 minutes (not 5 and 25 minutes; a quarter hours is 15 minutes right :D). Put it short:

15 mins = .25 (a quarter)
30 mins = .50 (a half)
45 mins = .75 (three-four)

So, 2 hrs and 45 mins = 2.75

(L)= Limited monsters that are not available now.

Thank you.

Time (Hr) Picture Monsters XP Mgc 1 Mgc 2
15 sec Tiny Castle garden Nymph Egg Garden Nymph 36 Garden Tiny Castle
2 min Tiny Castle Centaur Egg Centaur 74 Forest tiny Castle
0.25 Tiny Castle Griffin Egg Griffin 153 Sky Tiny Castle
1 Tiny Castle Phoenix Egg Phoenix 175 Volcano Tiny Castle
2.75 Tiny Castle Android Egg Android (L) 100 Garden Tiny Castle
2.75  Tiny Castle Fairy Egg Fairy 164 Garden Tiny Castle Sky Tiny Castle
2.75  Tiny Castle Tomten Egg Tomten (L) 153 Garden Tiny Castle Forest tiny Castle
2.75 Tiny Castle Treant Egg Treant 153 Garden Tiny Castle Forest tiny Castle
3.25  Tiny Castle Pegasus Egg Pegasus 182 Forest tiny Castle Sky Tiny Castle
3.75 Tiny Castle Cupid Egg Cupid (L) 174 Volcano Tiny Castle Sky Tiny Castle
3.75  Tiny Castle Cockatrice Egg Cockatrice 174 Volcano Tiny Castle Sky Tiny Castle
4.5  Tiny Castle Cactus Dryad Egg Cactus Dryad 195 DesertTiny Castle Garden Tiny Castle
5.5 Tiny Castle Faun Egg Faun (L) 279 Forest tiny Castle Garden Tiny Castle
5.5  Tiny Castle Wisp Egg Wisp 153 Forest tiny Castle Garden Tiny Castle
6.25 Tiny Castle Djinn Egg Djinn 249 DesertTiny Castle Volcano Tiny Castle
6.25 Tiny Castle Genie Egg Genie 229 DesertTiny Castle Volcano Tiny Castle
6.25  Tiny Castle Sphinx Egg Sphinx 228 DesertTiny Castle Sky Tiny Castle
6.5 Tiny Castle Peryton Egg Peryton 182 Sky Tiny Castle Forest tiny Castle
6.5 Tiny Castle Quetzalcoatl Egg Quetzalcoatl 182 Sky Tiny Castle Volcano Tiny Castle
8 Tiny Castle Lamassu Egg Lamassu 195 DesertTiny Castle Forest tiny Castle
8 Tiny Castle Leprechaun Egg Leprechaun 153 Forest tiny Castle Garden Tiny Castle
8 Tiny Castle Swan Maiden Egg Swan Maiden 800 Beach Tiny Castle Sky Tiny Castle
8.2 Tiny Castle Holly Dryad Egg Holly Dryad (L) 182 Volcano Tiny Castle Garden Tiny Castle
8.2 Tiny Castle Pumpkinhead Egg Pumpkinhead (L) Garden Tiny Castle Volcano Tiny Castle
9  Tiny Castle Bast Egg Bast 195 Garden Tiny Castle DesertTiny Castle
9.50  Tiny Castle Loch ness Egg Lochness 263 Beach Tiny Castle Forest tiny Castle
10.5  Tiny Castle Imp Egg Imp 149 Garden Tiny Castle Volcano Tiny Castle
11  Tiny Castle Sylph Egg Sylph 164 Sky Tiny Castle Garden Tiny Castle
11.5 Tiny Castle American Griffin Egg American Griffin (L) 195 Sky Tiny Castle Volcano Tiny Castle
11.5 Tiny Castle Kitsune Egg Kitsune 165 Volcano Tiny Castle Forest tiny Castle
11.5 Tiny Castle Wyrm Egg Wyrm 174 Sky Tiny Castle Volcano Tiny Castle
12 Tiny Castle Alcyone Egg Alcyone 304 Sky Tiny Castle Tiny Castle Polar Element
12 Tiny Castle Fenrir Egg Fenrir 1500 Forest tiny Castle Tiny Castle Polar Element
12 Tiny Castle Icy Peryton Egg Icy Peryton (L) ?? Tiny Castle Polar Element Forest tiny Castle
12 Tiny Castle Jotunn Egg Jotunn 15.000 Tiny Castle Polar Element Forest tiny Castle
12 Tiny Castle Kapre Egg Kapre 165 Forest tiny Castle Volcano Tiny Castle
12 Tiny Castle Leshy Egg Leshy 1500 Tiny Castle Polar Element Forest tiny Castle
12 Tiny Castle Orc Egg Orc 450 Forest tiny Castle Tiny Castle Mountain Element
12 Tiny Castle Patriot Mermaid Egg Patriot Mermaid(L) 1500 Beach Tiny Castle Garden Tiny Castle
12 Tiny Castle Pine Dryad Egg Pine Dryad 1500 Tiny Castle Polar Element Forest tiny Castle
12 Tiny Castle Worker Centaur Egg Worker Centaur (L) 1500 Forest tiny Castle Beach Tiny Castle
12 Tiny Castle Zephyr Egg Zephyr 304 Sky Tiny Castle Tiny Castle Polar Element
12.25  Tiny Castle Adlet Egg Adlet 195 DesertTiny Castle Forest tiny Castle
12.25  Tiny Castle Water leaper Egg Water Leaper 282 Beach Tiny Castle Volcano Tiny Castle
12.5  Tiny Castle Triton Egg Triton 234 Beach Tiny Castle Garden Tiny Castle
12.5  Tiny Castle Fire Nymph Egg Fire Nymph 149 Volcano Tiny Castle Garden Tiny Castle
13 Tiny Castle Cyno Egg Cyno DesertTiny Castle
13  Tiny Castle Mermaid Egg Mermaid 254 Beach Tiny Castle
13.75 Tiny Castle Bunyip Egg Bunyip 800 DesertTiny Castle Beach Tiny Castle
13.75 Loveless bunyip egg Loveless Bunyip (L) 800 DesertTiny Castle Beach Tiny Castle
14 Tiny Castle Nightmare Egg Nightmare Volcano Tiny Castle Tiny Castle Polar Element
16 Tiny Castle Marozi Egg Marozi 229 Volcano Tiny Castle DesertTiny Castle
16  Tiny Castle Naga Egg Naga 229 Volcano Tiny Castle DesertTiny Castle
16.5  Tiny Castle Manticore Egg Manticore 228 Sky Tiny Castle DesertTiny Castle
18  Tiny Castle Owlman Egg Owlman 282 DesertTiny Castle Forest tiny Castle
18  Tiny Castle Siren Egg Siren 195 Sky Tiny Castle Beach Tiny Castle
18.75 Tiny castle Fireworks fairy egg Fireworks Fairy (L) 228 DesertTiny Castle Sky Tiny Castle
19 Tiny Castle Kirin Egg Kirin 263 Forest tiny Castle Beach Tiny Castle
19 Tiny Castle Swamp Troll Egg Swamp Troll 263 Beach Tiny Castle Forest tiny Castle
19.5 Tiny Catle Leviathan Egg Leviathan 322 Beach Tiny Castle DesertTiny Castle
19.5 Tiny Castle Rakshasa Egg Rakshasa 282 Volcano Tiny Castle Beach Tiny Castle
20 Hippocamp Egg Hippocamp 800 Sky Tiny Castle Beach Tiny Castle
20 Tiny Castle Nereid Egg Nereid 234 Garden Tiny Castle Beach Tiny Castle
20 Tiny Castle Exlusive Undine Egg Undine 720 Beach Tiny Castle Sky Tiny Castle
22.26 Tiny Castle Yuki Onna Egg Yuki Onna 304 Sky Tiny Castle Tiny Castle Polar Element
22.26 Tiny Castle Zmey Egg Zmey 304 Volcano Tiny Castle Tiny Castle Polar Element
25 Tiny Castle Earth Golem Egg Earth Golem 450 Forest tiny Castle Tiny Castle Mountain Element
25 Tiny Monsters Mountain Piksy Egg Mountain Piksy 450 Tiny Castle Mountain Element Forest tiny Castle
25 Tiny Castle Puck Egg Puck 450 Tiny Castle Mountain Element Garden Tiny Castle
25 Tiny Castle Tanuki Egg Tanuki 450 Tiny Castle Mountain Element Forest tiny Castle
26 Tiny Castle Satyress Egg Satyress 279 Tiny Castle Mountain Element
Tiny Castle Chimera Egg Chimera 293 DesertTiny Castle Tiny Castle Mountain Element
 Tiny Castle Frost Nymph Egg Frost Nymph 293 Garden Tiny Castle Tiny Castle Polar Element
 Tiny Castle Gargoyle Egg Gargoyle 322 Tiny Castle Mountain Element Sky Tiny Castle
Tiny Castle Hippogryph Egg Hippogryph 322 Tiny Castle Mountain Element Sky Tiny Castle

Tiny Castle Ifrit Egg

Ifrit 322 Tiny Castle Mountain Element Volcano Tiny Castle
Tiny Castle Hydra Egg Hydra 293 Tiny Castle Mountain Element Beach Tiny Castle
Tiny Castle Karkadann Egg Karkadann 293 Tiny Castle Mountain Element DesertTiny Castle
Tiny Castle Tengu Egg Tengu 322 Sky Tiny Castle Tiny Castle Mountain Element
Tiny Castle Minotaur Egg Minotaur 293 Tiny Castle Mountain Element Volcano Tiny Castle
Tiny Castle Nyx Egg Nyx ?? Tiny Castle Mountain Element Sky Tiny Castle
Tiny Castle Salamandra Egg Salamandra 293 Tiny Castle Mountain Element Volcano Tiny Castle
Tiny Castle Selkie Egg Selkie 293 Beach Tiny Castle Tiny Castle Polar Element
 Tiny Castle Sidhe Egg Sidhe 293 Tiny Castle Polar Element Garden Tiny Castle
Tiny Castle Snow Nixie Egg Snow Nixie 293 Beach Tiny Castle Tiny Castle Polar Element
Tiny Castle Unicorn Egg Unicorn 293 Beach Tiny Castle Tiny Castle Polar Element
28 Tiny Castle Banshee Egg Banshee 500 Tiny Castle Mountain Element Garden Tiny Castle
28 Tiny Castle Gnome Egg Gnome 500 Tiny Castle Mountain Element Garden Tiny Castle
28 Tiny Castle Gorgon Egg Gorgon 500 Garden Tiny Castle Tiny Castle Mountain Element
28 Tiny Castle Pooka Egg Pooka 153 Garden Tiny Castle Forest tiny Castle
Tiny Castle Fire Golem Egg Fire Golem 419 Volcano Tiny Castle Tiny Castle Mountain Element
39 Tiny Castle Green Dragon Egg Green Dragon 320 Tiny Castle Polar Element Garden Tiny Castle
39 Tiny Castle Ice Golem Egg Ice Golem 304 Tiny Castle Polar Element
39 Tiny Castle Moonhare Egg Moon Hare 304 Sky Tiny Castle Tiny Castle Polar Element
41 Tiny Castle Heyoka Egg Heyoka 384 Tiny Castle Polar Element Tiny Castle Mountain Element
41 Tiny Castle Yeti Egg Yeti 384 Tiny Castle Polar Element Tiny Castle Mountain Element
Tiny Castle Coral Nixie Egg Coral Nixie (L) 320 Tiny Castle Mountain Element Beach Tiny Castle
Tiny Castle Marid Egg Marid 320 DesertTiny Castle Tiny Castle Polar Element

Tiny Castle Roane Egg

Roane 320 Tiny Castle Polar Element Beach Tiny Castle
47 Tiny Castle Basilisk Egg Basilisk 457 Tiny Castle Polar Element DesertTiny Castle
47 Tiny Castle Nanuk Egg Nanuk 457 Tiny Castle Polar Element DesertTiny Castle
48 Tiny Castle Vily Egg Vily 515 Tiny Castle Polar Element Tiny Castle Mountain Element

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1,212 Responses to “Tiny Castle Summoning Breeding Result Chart”

  1. Firebreather says:

    How do you store creatures in inventory?? I can’t find a “store” button when I click on the creature and it won’t let me from inside the inventory either???

  2. Katey says:

    Owlman + Sphinx = Lamassu first try.
    Eight hours, I believe.

  3. Lye says:

    How do we breed the tanuki?

  4. Rdubois says:

    Hey Noob, I am on level 36 and keep hearing about mythic creatures. How do you evolve these creatures. I have never had an option to do so. I hear the terms preening but I have not seen this. Also, I hear players comment on stored creatures but have never gotten that option either. Is this a bug? Or have I not reached the correct level? Thank you.

  5. Pain says:

    Can you help got a waiting time of 1 day 16 hours 59 minutes 59 sec finish with 42 gems used genie and zepher

  6. colorkoala says:

    Just a suggestion that might make this page a little easier to use is if you could please use days in the calculation as it shows up on android. It isnt hard to calculate but it might take a second or two for some people to figure out the math involved. Another helpful column could be the half-time breeding “sale”. Totally up to you, but it might help others when using this page.

  7. inhuman says:

    Just curious to see if anyone knows but I have a garden nymph and satyress summoning at 2 days however the only thing on the chart that matches Is gorgon that takes 28 hrs. Any help u can give would be great. Thanks

  8. Jason says:


  9. Eddy says:

    Hey noob, im sure this question has been asked dont want to repeat anything but I have everything except the black dragon which has evaded me for a long time now and to pass my time im topping off the creatures to max. But is there any plans in the near future to find wendy? That way we can start something new?(like the next chapter) say like revenge of the witchs sister or advanced to a new island,orsomething? Just a sugestion,if everybody out there is like me are getting bored, if I could help in anyway let me know, also if I think of any ideas ill let you know,later,Eddy

    • Eddy says:

      Oh shoot, I did not ask the main question I wanted to ask you. The question was does the levels end at 40? Or is my game stuck? After it turned over to 40th level its not filling up,the experience bubble that is. Sorry I didnt finish the question, I get sidetracked easily.

  10. Damian says:

    I done satyress and griffin and got 13 hours 38 min 45 sec I got to finish it in 14 diamonds any idea what it is please

    • 8theSniper says:

      It’s one of the ones that take 27 and 18 minutes to finish, but since there’s an event right now where we can breed monsters at half the time you are getting less time.

  11. Pauline says:

    I just summoned a creature of 1h22… But their is no hatching time like this on this chart!

  12. Eddy says:

    Hey noob, I have been trying to keep quiet since you have so much to do with all these diferent creatures and different games answering everybodys questions. But I can not find info on the black and gold dragons? Outside filling the beach orb and ill be through with those, got all creatures cept the dragons but I need info on getting these then ill leave you alone,ok? Ty

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I haven’t updated the black and gold dragon info (on the process of doing it now :) ). They’re evolution result of green dragon so visit green dragon page later to know more about it.

  13. Barbarab says:

    Ok i have a question, im playing 2 games the first 1 i am on level 19 right at moving to level 20 and the other only at level 17 not to far from 18 and on the level 17 game i just got a rakshasa which it doesnt even show n my creatures list yet and is locked and says need level 20 on my other game so how is this possible? And will i b able to get it on other b4 level 20 since i did on other? I was trying to get the undine and got rakshasa and actually have another breeding now on same game with mermaid and american griffin which cant even seem to get on the level 19 game and got 1st try on level 17 game???????

  14. Erys says:

    Three summoning quests I cannot spawn. Gorgon, Nanook, Fire Golem. I’ve tried all suggestions countless times. Using jewels is too rich for my blood. Any other advice? This is getting disheartening :-\

  15. Andiidna says:

    I mixed ice golem with Marozi and when I looked at the timer it said 1day 16hrs and 18mins I’m thinking it had probably been about 30-45 mins after the initial summoning… So unless it was longer than I thought, I don’t see a creature that would line up with these stats… Any ideas?

  16. faye says:

    When you get to the third Island do you fight the queen again and if so how do you get to her cause I am at level 31 and it takes forever to fill up that orb.

  17. Erys says:

    Noob, I might have gotten the Green Dragon. 39 hours with Frost Nymph and Sidhe… Nothing in your chart matches so we shall see!

  18. Catherine says:

    I received the quest hatch green dragon. I can’t find this creature in the list. Does anyone know how to have it?

  19. Teresa Erickson says:

    While I love the idea of more mythic creatures the cost of 45 gems is way way toooooooo much guys. And then u expect ppl to use 45 gems and NOT GET THE MYTHIC…….IS JUST NOT RIGHT. IT should b 100% in getting a mythic.

  20. Lololady says:

    Noob, does Att/Def continue to increase after level 10? Also, is there a page that compares attacks?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Yes, it’s. Go to the main page to see comparison of attack power (The status listed on that page is only at level 10). It’s kinda useless, since banishing minions is really easy (especially if you have got Vily. You can One hit KO most of the enemies on this game).

  21. Erys says:

    Tiny Castle should have an unlimited weekend. Where every limited creature is available!

  22. barbarab says:

    Does anyone else have a problem with their summoning? I cant summon hardly anything with the volcano, charts say to breed garden and volcano but it will not let me it says magics dont mix and i also cant breed forest with volcano either and has me stumped cuz need the creatures that requires those breedings, any suggestiins

    • noobbgodlike says:

      The chart only shows you the element of the monster, some element can’t be bred directly (you need to use hybrid crature to get that creature). Visit the creature page to try the formula written by other people :).

      • barbarab says:

        Ok how do i get to that? Cuz only giving me option for tiny monsters on this page but was hoping to get help here

        • noobbgodlike says:

          The chart is exactly same as tiny monsters chart, you can go to the monster page immediately. If you can’t then I don’t what happen. It works fine on my browser.

  23. bored says:

    Just about had enough of this game. Playing it for my daughter but honestly dont know what age it is pitched at. She is 8 and no way could she persevere through the sheer drudgery the game has turned into. Last few levels have taken a month a piece. Quests have pretty much dried up. Cannot summon certain creatures. Just log on, banish monsters with vily, collect money and food, waste crystals because of the stupid way that is set up and summon same old creatures. Shame cos it started off okay but now seems geared towards taking your money to escape the boredom.

  24. Pluckyduck says:

    Is the time being halved for breeding time promotion still going on ?

  25. LordArty says:

    Just got a 41hr. time with 2 monsters that have no chance of breeding the long time ones at the bottom of the chart….also the pictures of the food in my tiny monsters game all look funny…a cheesebrger, a doughnut etc. Maby an April fools prank?

  26. Teresa Erickson says:

    Using basilisk and satyress gave me a 13hours 40mins summoning time, but no creature has that time. Which creature could this b?

  27. Brooke says:

    I just summoned a Satyress and Centaur. Summoning time is 2 days and 12 hours … O_o

    • noobbgodlike says:

      60 hours creature ??? don’t know

      • Getalinks says:

        So, after we started talking about it and the thought of a new creature, I had to blow the 26 jewels to see what it was… An ORC. What!?!? So, to hatch it, it will take another 60 hrs. It seems it’s either an extreme glitch or the time for the orc has IMMENSELY changed. Just an FYI for all.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          I believe it’s a glitch. If it’s not glitch, then I believe the developer’s mind is the one that glitched :).

        • Brooke says:

          I used my jewels to hatch it and it is in fact an Orc. The hatching time does coincide with the chart though … Bizarre.

      • bluey07 says:

        Got the same summoning.. but i bred banshee and leshy..

    • Android says:

      I just got the same thing using banshee and wisp! I’m confused!

      • LolaFrye says:

        I got 25 hours using satyress and basilisk. This would be 50 hr which doesn’t match anything. Maybe when they turned on the 50% breeding time they messed something up this time? Is so weird.

  28. Shocked says:

    Hi noob did tinyco change the time for creatures again? I have a 36hours hatching time and from the talk here, there is 50% hatching time event? Meaning to say my creature is suppose to take 72hours to hatch?

  29. MzRachelW says:

    Snow nixie + Mermaid = 13hrs & 39 mins ???

  30. Getalinks says:

    So, I know there is a quick summoning and double rare chance thing going on right now, but I just combined a Satyress with a Cenataur and got a finish time of 2D 11hrs and 59mins. I had to look at it twice as I couldn’t believe it. What the heck is 60 hrs? And if it’s taking in account the half summoning time that would be almost 120 hrs. It says to finish for 26 jewels, but I really don’t want to waste 26 just to figure this out. If it’s a glitch, will it correct itself or will I have to wait the 2 1/2 days for something useless and lose all my quick summoning time?

  31. Itsmriiduhh says:

    I did garden nymph + wisp & got 14 hours but I can’t find anything with the time. Is this a glitch?

  32. Rynee18 says:

    I just got an egg with a garden nymph and a cyno, but it wasn’t a cactus egg. I will let u know what it is as soon as it hatches.

  33. Carnie says:

    Just got 29 hours from an orc and triton. Noob I’ll let ya know what has this new time when it’s done

  34. Sam-I-Am says:

    Are we able to summon the leprechauns ?

  35. Klaw says:

    iirc, the swan maiden was marked in the data files as ‘hide from shop’.

    I cant recall for sure, but I dont think the swan maiden was ever shown via the market shop and could only be obtained if you completed the task.

    When you complete a task (ie install Tiny Monsters) a marker gets placed on your account allowing you to breed it. Its possible that if you installed TM during the quest period, then the marker may still remain set until you actually manage to breed one.

  36. Awesomeness says:

    Hey noob it’s the beginning of march and I got a swan maiden. I thought it was a limited creature.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I am not sure anymore…. tinyco said swan maiden is limited, but there are many people who get it …. Not mentioning that they still have 50% faster breeding event (it should end from last week).

      • Awesomeness says:

        Okay thanks anyway. By the way I used sylph and snow nixie to get it. Was trying for a yuki onna

  37. Jason says:

    I just noticed you do the times too… in order… wow. You saved me a lot of Google time haha.

  38. sleepy says:

    I put karkadann and Selkie together and got a 23 hr breeding time! It may have even been 23 hours and some minutes because i think it said it would take 24 diamonds to finish right then. I came to check on here, but I can’t figure it out lol maybe it’s a glitch?

  39. melbel says:

    I ‘m in the process of hatching an hour glass. What does this mean? Is this a glitch, or is this part of the game I don’t know about yet?

  40. lisa says:

    Hello, I just breed hydra and nereid and got 13h35 min (perhaps a little more) but in the breeding guide I can’t find what it will be.

    Hydra is. . ..Rock/water
    Nereid is…. water/garden

    I was trying the gorgon.

    It’s really strange…

  41. Saxony says:

    Ok, I have some questions…
    *What is the highest level you can reach?
    *Once you’ve reached said level, does the XP still matter for any unseen reasons?
    *After level 35 (my current level) will I be able to get any more homes? (right now I have 31)
    *Is there a temple for Polar and Mountain?
    *Will I be able to upgrade (after level 35) any of the food, coin or dust storage units?
    *Will I be able to upgrade (after level 35) my castle?

    I know these are a lot of questions but any help is truly appreciated!!! Thank you for your time!!! I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!

  42. Teresa Erickson says:

    Well, out of my frustration I threw together Mermaid and Nanuk trying for I think it was the snow maiden. I don’t remember but the summoning time is one of the odd ones, which this one isn’t listed……20hrs18mins…..idk, but when its ready I’ll let know.

    • Lol (iOS 7) says:

      With that combo & time it is likely a Roane…,

      • Teresa Erickson says:

        Not when its actual time is over 40hrs and I had 20hrs18mins. So idk hun, as its hard enuf just to get the ones u want or need then they start throwing curve balls w the time at you. :(

        • Lol (iOS 7) says:

          During your summoning window there was a 50 % reduction in the total time to summon a creature…sorry you were unaware of the event…most players use these events to summon “rare” creatures w/ exceedingly long summoning times…I believe this particular event ended on the 02/26 at 12:00 pm PDT…

    • Teresa Erickson says:

      Still trying for swan maiden ……siren+alcyone=? Gave me 6hrs for summoning but 40 jewels to finish????? There’s not even a creature that has 6hr summoning time.

  43. Geodess says:

    Hey Noob, I’m breeding Merid with Owlman and got a time of 20 hrs 28 mins and 30 secs. Any idea what that may be?

  44. Geodess says:

    Hey Noob, I’m breeding Marid and Owlman and got a time of 20 hrs 28 mins and 30 secs to finish. Any idea what that may be?

  45. penni says:

    So I just bred a kardakaan and a satyress and have gotten a 13hr 39 minutes summoning time wonder what it. Can be?

  46. Carnie says:

    Hey noob I’m lost now got a 5 hr 45 minute breed and u don’t have anything listed for that time. Any clue?

  47. Lisa Birmingham says:

    Has the time for being able to breed Cupid ended already?

  48. Erys says:

    How do we inventory creatures?

  49. beth says:

    Has anyone had a snowy rock just appear on their first island? Oh, and what are we suppossed to do with all the dust? I have almost 80000 and don’t know what to do with it.

  50. Eddy says:

    Hey noob,i am verry upset. I didnt know that the new farm wold cost so much, was covered (the price that is)until I sold 1 of my farms to make room found out that it was 280 gems at cost of 20.00! I play these games but I cant pay out for extra stuff like that. Now im going to have to spend more time to collect coins to buy another farm. Im just glad that I didnt do what I originaly thought of doing and sell all my farms to replace them with the new farms so I can be up with the game. Changing to many things for us poor people. Not sure if you or tinyco care about us.In fact I dont know why im letting this get so personal, I go to the game knowing that im not going to be able to do every thing on the game cause not everything is part of this chance factor. So is there going to be some way for people like myself to keep up without spending money? I appologize for this butt I felt like it needed to be said.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I agree about the new farm is very horrible, but you don’t need it. You only need to make sure that your farm never stop producing food and your food will be enough (no need to level up creatures to 20, because it’s useless).

      • Eddy says:

        Anotherthing while im at it ive cleared the third isle the only thing on it is that castle? Im only level 31 1/2, every now and then a miniun pops up or a twister. I figured if I got the isle cleared I could get to that girl wendy? I just dont see an ending in sight? Sems like Cant beat the game and getting boring, bad enough I have to fight my tablet between crashes caused by who knows. Im trying to play two games at once,thats alot for me. I accidentally disscovered the upgrades on the storages but 8 million? Or 7.5 million wow its long time building up that much, thats why I was upset on trying to get that farm sell one to try for the bigger one to find out that I couldnt afford it anyways. So is there an end or just keep repeating myself?

  51. Teresa Erickson says:

    PERYTON + NYMPH = POOKA……1st try, good luck

    • Teresa Erickson says:

      I stand corrected, on my galaxy 4 first try I got a banshee using that combination I posted earlier. On my tablet I got sylph using that formula on the first try.

  52. Rdubois says:

    Pooka. 28 hour breed time. Leeshy and nereid

  53. carol says:

    Can anyone help me, i need ideas or something on the best and fastest way to get dust, i need lots for the 3rd island. Thanks

  54. Eddy says:

    Hey noob i got a prob earlie this morning I closed with 111 gems,I opened this evening and there was only 40what happened?

  55. poisnprncess says:

    Anyone know yet what the breeding time for the Icy Peryton will be? I went ahead & tried 2 different combos…Ice Golem/Centaur, on a kindle fire & I figured what the heck why not Ice Golem & Peryton, on my S3. Both gave 12 hr time, which could be any number of things, but since I don’t know the time for this limited creature, could be it. Will definitely post results.

  56. Sandvich says:

    Do the minions ever stop spawning on the first island? It’s getting annoying now :<

    • noobbgodlike says:

      No, minions never stop from spawning.

    • Klaw says:

      There is a maximum amount of minions you can get. This is based loosely around year level number and the amount of minions you fight per day. There are two algorithms which control the minion spawn. The more you fight, the sooner they will spawn.

  57. Elaine says:

    What is the breeding time for Unicorn? Also I know the sentence above says we’re still on 1/2 time but I just got a 27.3 breeding time. If I double that I get 54.6 which doesn’t exist. Did we stop the shortened breeding time?

  58. Saxony says:

    Noob…I’m so sorry to keep bugging you with all these silly questions, but once again, I find myself confused… :(
    Your reply to my last comment about Christmas creatures said Tinsel is now available, but I can’t find Tinsel in my market section, or in the chart above. Am I completely missing it? All I see is Tomten and Holly Dryad for Christmas creature choices, and I only see those in your chart above. I don’t have them in my market section. Please help! I have a horrible feeling it’s a snake about to bite me because i’m right in it’s face but I don’t know it’s there!

  59. Saxony says:

    Hello all my fellow gamers!!!
    I want to wish all a Happy Holiday!!!
    I was wondering if TinyCo is going to have limited Christmas Creatures? I know that in the past they release holiday monsters for various holidays, but I thought they released them at least 2 to 3 weeks before the holiday, and at least a week after. I didn’t see a Thanksgiving creature, or a Christmas creature for this season. Did I just overlook them? I see the Christmas creature from last year, but the dates listed are also last year. Can I attempt to summon it though, since it is a Christmas creature, or not? Any and all advice is needed and wanted! Thank You, and once again, Happy Christmas and Happy Holidays!

  60. kendra says:

    Bred nanuk + hydra hoping for a snow nixie or chimera but I got 20hours 30minutes. Are we on 2x breeding time right now? Cuz that would give me a roane. Otherwise maybe I got lucky and its the snow nixie time?

  61. Elaine says:

    Is anyone else not seeing a monster after they hatch Roane? I have hatched 2 of them and they don’t show anything. When I look at the habitat it shows that there is a Roane there but nothing appears.

  62. Elaine says:

    Is anyone else having problems with Goblins not showing on the page and not being able to battle them when they do appear? I haven’t been able to battle a goblin of any status in 4 days. When I try to battle they don’t show up on the battle page and then I get a prompt saying there is an error and to try later.

  63. Tommy T says:

    New Polar/Beach creature – Roane. Direct breed of Mermaid + Ice Golem = 41 hours (42 Jewels).

  64. Melisa says:

    What can you breed together to get your first polar element creation?

  65. Desma says:

    I just got a new phone and when I went to play my game it was all gone. how can I get my old game back with all of my monsters. im lvl 31 and have all monsters except basilisk..i really dont want to start all over..anyone know what to do?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Read fix error section on the main page. You need to know your phone ID (UDID/IMEI), after that you can simply choose restore or send them an email to transfer your game.

      • Desma says:

        Hey Noob..sorry to bug you, but where would I find my phones ID number my phone is a Galaxy S 3..Im not too good with tecky stuff..Im old school, but I love my games so had to get a new phone to play them

    • Eva Alys Stapleton says:

      I have no idea but if you find out can you let me know? I just got a kindle fire and would like to be able to play my same game on it as well as my phone. Thanks.

  66. Teresa Erickson says:

    Which creatures do u use to get SIREN??

  67. Elaine says:

    Has anyone else been getting a lot of crystals lately? I got at least 14 in the last 2 days from chest when collecting coins. Did we get something that increased the gems? Not that I’m complaining. Lol

  68. Asna says:

    How to finish the ‘building treasures’ quest ?
    Help plz

  69. Asna says:

    My tiny castle is not working :( i cant see it but cant perform any action . Cant touch ut :(

  70. anastasia says:

    Does anyone know how many jewels it costs to speed up a zepher?

  71. koi doll says:

    just got 27h 18m with satyress + marid omg think i got the new creature =D

  72. Mary says:

    27 hr 18 mins cyno+satyress=new monster?

  73. Mary says:

    What sort of programming effort would need to go into an elemental filter for breeding? Other company games have them and it makes it easier to find the creatures.

  74. donna says:

    Ok just put in manticore and ice gollum with a breed time of 1 day 33 hours 59 mins 59 secs. Ain’t got a clue what it is as no times match. My game has been very glitchy lately. Anyone else had weird times?

  75. anastasia says:

    Does anyone know where the ” tiny stone is”? I’ve tapped everything, can’t find it!!!

  76. Elaine. says:

    To get the bronze forest temple it says I need to have 5 level 11 forest monsters. I have 11 at 11 and 7 at level 15 yet still can’t get the bronze temple. Any ideas why?

  77. Elaine. says:

    Anyone have info on the Enenra monster?

  78. donna says:

    Sylph and ice gollum 33 hiour 16 min breed time. Nothing on chart i,’m confused

  79. Mary says:

    44 hours with ice golem and marozi…any ideas?

  80. elisaB says:

    I’m very confused right now….I bred centaur with mermaid trying to get the worker centaur and got a 19 hr breeding time….the only creature with that time is kirin but he isn’t available until level 18 and I am only level 16. How is this possible?

  81. Lawren says:

    According to the Tiny Castle wiki on the summoning guide, it is possible to get a garden nymph or centaur by breeding centaur and garden nymph. This isn’t a glitch; this is a rare outcome. Remember that.

  82. kendra says:

    Pretty sure I got the new labor day limited creature. Got exactly 12hour breed time with Kirin and Triton. Only 12hour breed time with those elements is the patriot mermaid and that is breeding is over. :)

  83. Quad samurai says:

    Level ten until they make the buildings for polar or desert she has defense 248 attack 117 and earn rate of 36/minutes

  84. Quad samurai says:

    Level eight new saying at adult is ” I think I’m cute ” feed is 1482 defense is 192 attack 95 and earn rate 26

    Level nine feed is 1556 defense 221 attack is 104 earn rate 35

  85. Quad samurai says:

    Level 5 saying ” ummmmm a hi ” food for level six is 1175 and the defense is 108 attack 59 and earns 12/minute.

    Level six food is 1345 defense is 135 attack 72 earns 15/minute

    Level seven food is 1412 defense is 162 attack 81 earn rate 19/minute

    Second tuck in time is for 23 hours and 24 minutes it cost 48 gems unless another can finish today I will post the rest tomorrow no money to buy gems to hatch lol.

  86. Quad samurai says:

    I have to level four so fare one is saying as a baby is ” hey dude” feed is 175 each 108 defense 59 attack and makes 8/minute two food Is 375 and makes 9/minute three is food 550 and makes 10/minute and four is 725 and makes 11/minute I will hatch in 4 hours I only have 36 gems for now hatch time is 40 gems for the first tuck in.

  87. Brenda says:

    Basilisk 47 hours breed and hatch. Got with Nanuck left Ice Golem right

    • Quad samurai says:

      I just used this and got it on my first try for once I got 1 day. 22 hours and 59 minutes and 58 seconds I know it is not 47 hours but close enough lol see I can add.

  88. Quad samurai says:

    I got a time of 1 day 17 hours making it 31 hours checked the chart nothing at that time so I used ice golem and cyno for that time.

  89. dexuro says:

    Marid and leviathan got 27.5 hours breeding. I’m thinking basilisk.

  90. Shannon says:

    Was trying for new creature got 41 hrs. It was Marid but this chart says 40.95 hrs for Marid. I wonder if TC changed the time.

  91. kendra says:

    Apparently there is another new creature…. its in my featured section but I don’t remember seeing a warning of it. Its a Basilisk and it is frost and desert magic. I haven’t tried for it yet.

  92. LineDK says:

    Mixed a fire sylph with another fire sylph and got ….. a fairy! How did that happend? It must be an error, right? :-/

    • noobbgodlike says:

      No, it’s an exception, I have put warning on sylph page :D. It looks like they don’t want us to complete sylph collection easily.

    • Mary Kay Swamberg says:

      I think they have to be the original Sylphs to create a new one. I had the same thing happen to me with 2 fire Sylphs. Fire Sylphs seem to be prevalent when they reach level 20. I had 6 at one point. Still trying for electric.

  93. kendra says:

    I don’t see a section for frost nymph but I just summoned one. The summing tim is 1day 3hours & 17 minutes, same as the sidhe. I have my egg in the hatchery. I assumed I summed another sidhe till I saw the cool new egg! :) I used Sidhe + garden nymph, I think it was the first try with that combo but could have been second try.

  94. Paula says:

    I got breeding time that is 1d 16hs 57m with Ice Golem and Cyno :S…so it’s 30hs 57m…what’s that??? I’m very confuse right now

  95. beth says:

    Gotta beat the queen with 40 attack to get to the third island what creature can I use

  96. Asna says:

    I got breeding time that is 12 hours , multiplying it by 2, I’ll get 24 hours but there is no monster that have timings of 24 hours , any idea?

  97. Maxibonn789 says:

    Woohoo just got the new creature breeding a lochness and vily :D

  98. Leesa says:

    I have a 20.30 hr monster?? Any idea

  99. A says:

    I breed with manticore and kirin…
    I got 6:52:30….????

    Somebody a idea…???

    Has to be a glitch…no???

  100. Madracer27 says:

    I tried for a frost giant by breeding 2 Pine Dryads and got 6 hours. Also, I’m hearing about a half-breeding time on here? I didn’t see it on the app, but if it’s true I might have one, be ause of all the new characters having a 12 hour breeding time. I’ll try to post my result later :)

  101. beth says:

    So I’ve used this site a lot. And now I have a question 3 hours ago I breed my genie and naga and got a 6.25 time now when I logged in it said they were cutting the times by 50% but it now says 13.5 any ideas what happened

  102. nelson1235 says:

    Ummm I got 15:30hr I think the times have changed ill tell you what I get

  103. LCBJennifer says:

    Hey Noob.. I’m lvl 27 and I want to know if Tiny Castle players included myself will be able to upgrade dust, feed, and coin holders. I feel that we all need to upgrade these holders because my dust is over 8k right now and I need to clear dust in the area but can’t do that til I’m lvl 35 to clear dust in specific area. Please let us (players included myself). Many thanks.

  104. Jolene says:

    Help i need help getting hippocamp. Anybody help me. PLEASE

  105. sillygirl says:

    Just got a 17 hr breed time? Any ideas?

  106. Dee Dee says:

    Hey, does anybody know if its posible to breed IFRIS?

  107. AlyWhit says:

    Don’t sell yourself short! Your English is very good. Love the site; it’s very helpful. Thanks! :)

  108. DragonFrey says:

    Does anyone have info on the new Slyph(s)?

  109. koi doll says:

    seems like Holly Dryad is back for a limited time! i hope i get it in time….have to finish the current summoning though =/ got another bunyip when i wanted leviathan or siren =’(

  110. chase says:

    I been trying to git banshee for 2 months cant do it

  111. donna says:

    Looks like I’ve hit another glitch. 33 hr breed time?

  112. cazzira says:

    Gargoyle and Kirin = Hippocamp first try on rare creature days. I have gotten sylph banshee miniature and now hippocampal yay

  113. tinycastleaddik says:

    i was aiming for a 2nd pine dryad because of the quest to have two pine dryads…. after waiting for 12hrs breeding time of my ice golem and centaur, it gave a Leshy egg….. nice…. need to breed again the two to get another pine dryad…. :)

  114. Brenda says:

    Leshy is 12 hour hatch got mine with ice golem and pine dryad

  115. Mary says:

    Baby Leshy has the sound of leaves rustling. Food 120, 250, 380, 510 multiplied by 4 for each level 1-4. I don’t know how to send screen shots from my phone sorry noob :)

  116. cazzira says:

    Teen gargoyle and garden nymph got me a banshee 1st try. Thank God for rare creature help.

  117. anastasia says:

    Sylph from Pegasus and fairy. Well, 11 hour breeding time, I think its rare monster day …I saw it pop up last night, but not after, so I’m not sure. Just fyi. First try TODAY ( or this month for sylph)

  118. Mary says:

    I got leshy with mountain piksy and pine dryad…think it was same time as pine dryad, but not sure….I did not know about Leshy till after I put them together so didn’t check breeding time, but was earlier today.

  119. jess says:

    Summoning time 1d 1h 30mins. Pine dryad and yeti. What’s that.

  120. Eddy says:

    I am soooooo mad! I finnaly got fireworks fairy, but wont be ready for 37&1/2 hrs. Its over in 2. I also not going to get the patriot mermaid to adult and banish 2 of 3 orges that are waiting for me. Im wondering if its going to be strong enough to beat them w/o being healed, and thats more time I dont have. Not fair. Well may not get the bonus’s but I do have all creatures so far except the nereid. And its the only one thats avoided me forever it seems,ugh! At least this game I believe I have a chance to get what im trying for,not like tiny monsters.

    • Eddy says:

      In other words, since I worked so hard to get what I needed is there a chance of an extension on time to finnish?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      fireworks fairy 37.5 hours????

      • Eddy says:

        Yes,think about it time for summining,then time for hatching. Total 37 1/2 hrs I forgot to add time for sleeping(hibernating) & also lets not forget growing time for food to get enough food for becoming strong enough to atack (talking about patriot mermaid). And talk aboutweak the mermaid is weak at her strongest. Now what you call chance I call work, stress about waiting for summining what i didnt want.(no I cant afford to buy gems to fast foward like you or justchange the outcome to your benifit) anyway I hafta rely on oldfashioned patience,aka work. Just saying that when you make comments so strong you might wana add in the fact there are people out here who dont have a silver spoon in mouth or unlimited access to what ever they need. Ill stop just supposed to be a game not a monopoly that makes some of us feel bad cause we cant complete the quests after putting in so much effort.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          ah ok I understand about 37,5 hours :D. For your info, I never spend even 1 dollar on this game that’s why I can say that tinyco games are good, and you only need patience. For tiny monsters, I only spent 5 dollars, and gather all diamonds from quest reward and then invest on globe.

        • koi doll says:

          well that’s really rude. i haven’t spent even 1 penny on this game and don’t plan on it. but i was able to finish the entire quest, all 3 creatures and raise them to adults AND get the ogres with my patriot mermaid. i used the breeding tips noob has been nice enough to post here for us- but i still got like 5 sphinxes when i tried for the fireworks fairy and cockatrices when i wanted the griffin- so as noob said, it’s chance. all i did was hoard my food as soon as the event started and set alarm clocks to wake myself up as soon as each breeding/growing up time was done to waste as little time as possible. so don’t make such rude assumptions about other players “Eddy”.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Don’t worry he’s frustrated. I can understand.

        • nelson1235 says:

          Koi doll I see where eddy would think that I mean to have a website like this and keep up with it soooo well toke they do and put stuff up so fast you would think they spend some money. I don’t spend money cause I cant (just a kid you know) and if I wasn’t a kid(more like teenager) I still wouldn’t buy anything but some people do cause of there own reasons and some might think they do cause they have stuff like this page (thanks for having it) but yes please respect there mistake they happen. Trust me I would of thought that noob spent money to help others with this and many more games cause they want to to do that and its amazing. So really koi dool they where going off what they thought and it was wrong it is ok I thought
          the same thing . So it was rude of you to say what you said…

  121. PhantomE says:

    I got Patriot Mermaid just now! Lvl. 8 Imp & lvl. 8 Mermaid; 12 hr’s!!!!

  122. lethalzero says:

    Already got firworks fairy, but in my book it says I can’t have a patriot mermaid yet. Do I need to unlock ice element first or need to do a quest first? :/

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I am not sure about can’t have patriot mermaid, but patriot mermaid doesn’t have ice element. It’s beach and garden magics, if you what you meant by ice is beach then yeah you can’t get it since you don’t have beach element creature to breed.

      • lethalzero says:

        No I’m level 24 about to be 25. I have all of the creatures that I can possibly have (except for the ones with ice because I haven’t unlocked that yet). When I start my game it says I can’t even buy patriot mermaid. Maybe I have to be level 25 or I need to finish a certain mission :/

      • lethalzero says:

        Nevermind, I restarted the app and it added patriot mermaid. Got her with imp + mermaid 4th try. Glad they had a sale on gems ;)

  123. mae says:

    you have no monsters that are desert and mountain. and need to make more monsters with polar mixes. I was trying for a desert & mountain mix… then realized you don’t have any.

  124. koi doll says:

    just got 18h 45m with griffin + cyno! i have officially gotten all three limited edition creatures this weekend. YAY

  125. Madracer27 says:

    I got the Patriot Mermaid summoning time on my first try but the app crashed about 20 seconds later and I lost it. Since then it’s just been an army on Tritons >:(

  126. shibbywick says:

    I literally have gotten all three limited creatures!!!! I’ve never been more excited playing this game! Ahh!! I never get what I try for whoo hooo

  127. gigi says:

    Triton and Kirin, both adult gave me 12 hour summoning time (first try). I sure hope it’s a Patriot Mermaid!

  128. Surfing says:

    I really like this game but there is no way I’m going to get all three by Monday. At this rate i’ll be lucky to get one. I have been trying for patriot mermaid and failed after 7 tries. Out of gems and waiting another 8 hours from my last fail. I think I’m moving onto firecracker fairy with one last try of nereid and nymph as per another persons post. Mermaid and nymph has been a bust for me.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Monday is my prediction, it could be longer than that… Stop thinking you must get 3 of them. Just focus on patriot mermaid.

    • Stacy says:

      I used adult fire nymph and adult mermaid and got a 12hr breeding time and I couldn’t wait to see what it was so I used some jewels and it was the patriot mermaid…good luck :)

    • Bella says:

      Try adult garden gypsy FIRST, then adult mermaid.

  129. MoeOoos says:

    Yup!!! Its Mermaid and Fire Nymph for Patriot Mermaid and 40 Jewels for 12hours. :D

    • southernbren says:

      got me 19.5 hours for Rakasha. So sad! I have sold sooooo many Tritons it’s not funny! Yet, i shall laugh any way! Lol

      • Bella says:

        Man I was trying to get firework fairy and the same thing happened. I got sooooo many Sphinx’s its not right. LOL

  130. Lisa PH says:

    Got patriot mermaid with meriad and garden nymph! Excited! Did not expect that!

  131. donna says:

    I have just got a time of 13 hours 40 mins with g nymph and mermaid any ideas? I have checked above but can’t figure it out.

  132. 3ke says:

    Not sure if this is even useful but the jewel costs for adding nest slots: 1-15 jewels, 2-25 jewels, 3-50 jewels.
    Just thought I’d share.

    • 3ke says:

      I was wrong, 1st additional nest slot costs 12 jewels.
      It’s been a while since I bought it with earned gems from level up rewards & treasure chests.

  133. koi doll says:

    used water leaper and garden nymph from nereid page and got the 12 hour breeding time1 yesssss

    • koi doll says:

      lol meant to say, i think i’m going to get the patriot mermaid wheee my first limited edition creature and with the chance to get american griffin and/or fireworks fairy too omg =D

      • noobbgodlike says:

        Hope you also get the other creatures too.

        • koi doll says:

          thanks so much =) for all of the info on your site too! i check it every time i want to breed a new creature. also just got 11.5 hours with griffin and phoenix. now just hoping for fireworks fairy =D

  134. BIG TEE says:

    Mermaid + fire nymph = patriot mermaid first try looking for 12hours

  135. Mrs.Black says:

    Hi Noob !! I just notice another way to get more XP…… Every time you summon a egg that you already have, place it in a home and then sale it !! You get extra XP This way. All along every time I summoned a egg I already had I would immediately sale it and get my extra coins but NO XP but now I know better lol !!!!!! Just thought I would post it for people who DIDNT know this like me. Have a great day and Happy 4th of July week :)

  136. Jade Harley says:

    I keep forgetting to ask this as well, but why don’t we ever get creatures like the Moon Hare or Oceania? Does no one ever submit info for them?

  137. Jade Harley says:

    Are baby Pine Dryads supposed to squawk like the baby Alycones? Mine is squawking and I’m awfully confused. O_O

  138. BIG TEE says:

    Yes I made the new creature from a ice golem+centaur=12 hours breeding time for a pine dryad=13 hours hatching. Level up to 5= 5,440 food. I am waiting now.

    • Rae says:

      They are giving us the Pine Dryad–allowing the two single-property creatures to be summoned. What a relief after ages and ages waiting for a Zephyr, which I finally got just after the Pine Dryad was introduced. So unless you want to make your game more complicated, just snatch this one the easy way.

      • Madracer27 says:

        I just used an ice golem and a Kirin because there is no ice + water combo yet, so ice + forest is a given. Now I’m thinking about a slush troll for the water combo lol

      • Kendra says:

        That’s what I did! I got the pine dryad and the next monster I tried summoning was the zephyr again, finally I had it after what seemed like forever of alcyones!

        • Madracer27 says:

          I just did the same thing but switched to a siren & ice golem combo. After an immeasurable number of alcyones, I finally got a zephyr as well.

  139. Tommy says:

    Yeah guys just a heads up. They released a new creature pine dryad. I am trying the ice. Golem & centaur ( teen,adult ) will let you know ok……

  140. noobbgodlike says:

    probably a glitch or for the worst case scenario, they ninja change the time.

  141. Surfing says:

    I don’t know what I just bred. I mixed a ice golem and sylph that says it will finish in 12 hours but I can finish it for 40??? I guess I’ll wait and see.

  142. Eddy says:

    Hey noob,im stuck on a quest thats asking me to banish so many orges when theres none invading my islands. What can I do to fix this? Its called castle ghosts,banish 3 orges on the first island. I have not had anything there for a long time. Help?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      go back to the main page and read 4 spire quest, I have explained about minion spawning rate.

      • Eddy says:

        Ok ive read the four spires and I think I understand what your comming at,except one thing, they are not following that plan. The only minnions I have left are a small handfull of master slush trolls,even that island is not invading right. So to recap ive got 5 master slush trolls on third isle,no minions on first and second isle’s. What now?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Try to banish master slush troll, I think it’s the culprit :D.

        • Eddy says:

          Ok . . . .That did the trick. I actually banished 3 out of 5 before starting to repopulate or invade as they say so I was able to finnish that quest. 1 more egg to do and I think I have that one in 20 hours or less now. Thanks for the help noob.

      • Fairy says:

        What if you completed the four spire quest? Cause I have the same problem

        • noobbgodlike says:

          What I told is to read explanation about minion spawn rate not to clear 4 spire quest. Go to that page and read about spawning rate.

  143. Dudleydog says:

    How do I work out which creatures have the best earn rate/min so I can breed them to get more coins quicker?

  144. rys rys says:

    Hi just wondering why im stuck on a quest using an imp to banish a cyclops at a certain level or stronger.. well it took me forever to get an imp and I finally got a respawn then defeated it and its furious blah blah quest is still there? ? Its only 2/5 I think or 3 outta 5 maybe but it wont give me the next quest …. what do I do plz help

  145. Madracer27 says:

    Can’t wait for some info on the Zephyr. I just tried to summon one with an Ice Golem and a Peryton and got 12hrs but I know it’s an Alcyone. Hopefully the Zephyr is better than the Alcyone, because that would be amazing lol

  146. Erkalie says:

    Usef ice golem + alcyone = 22h 16m something breeding time so guessing i got the new creature. :-)

  147. cazzira says:

    Not having any luck with this rare monster thing. 1 imp and loads of fairies basts and other common things. I am cursed with nagas as well… blahhhhh

  148. SnoopyRN50 says:

    Hi noob, When I was checking this table I noticed some of the (L)’s were missing from a few of the Limited Creatures: Tomten, Fireworks Fairy, and Coral Nixie.
    I hope this helps you as you’ve got a lot going on with the new creatures and your redesign of the main page, which looks great! Thanks for all your hard work! :D

  149. DR says:

    I just summoned with Madrid and Siren and got a 22h 17m sommoning time…Hmmm?

  150. Kendra says:

    New creature! Yuki Onna.

  151. LCBJennifer says:

    Hey Noob I wanna ask u about chest. If I end up getting chest from gardens n minions I open it right away or leave it to build up loke from $50 to $2500? That’s very good question don’t u think?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      no, that won’t happen :D

    • Kendra says:

      I have noticed that you get different amounts from different things. For example I generally get 50 coins from a chest that I get from collecting crops that take a short amount of time or sometimes 5food as well. From expanding the land or banishing minions you can get a good chunk of coins or food and if you are lucky it could be dust or even a jewel! Good luck!

  152. Kendra says:

    I am sure that others have hatched the alcyone. I forgot to look at the food intake while leveling mine to tuck it in the first time. But the tuck in time for baby to teen is 13hours.

  153. MadCat says:

    Has anyone else got the 12 hour breeding time for the Alcone and actually got the bird?

    I Also got 12 hours. Thinkin it glitched out and it had gotten a kapre but instead I had the Alcyone including a 12 hour hatching time. .

  154. ganymede0610 says:

    How often are there glitches with breeding? Just bred ice golem with with siren and got a 12 hr breeding time (checked right afterward so not mistaken on time). Kapre (only 12 hr creature) doesn’t share elements with either parent (polar, air, and water). Why and how does this happen?

  155. Nikki says:

    I crossed ice golem & griffin got 12 hours… :( ugh my luck I got a glitch monster….also can I say how much I HATE the fact that when ever I battle any minion they always attack me first and I end up loosing almost every time. It happens even when I use creatures that aren’t as strong as them. The only way for me to win the battle is to use a extremely high monster but then I have to wait what seems like forever for them to heal!!!!! Ugh it is driving me crazy. I love this game but I’m about to find a new game….. Which by the way sucks because I’ve been playing and working on this game for a little over a year!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      1. Use evil minion guide
      2. we probably have found a way to attack first based other players help and info, need to wait for this info though until it’s fully tested.
      3. yeah it’s a glitch but lucky glitch :D, so no need to complain :D Congrats for getting 12 hours since you also get Alcyone.

      • Kendra says:

        I have been battling minions and haven’t had them attack first yet… I am just curious if its do to different devices or what? I use iPhone 3GS I think lol. I get the glitches with time and hatching a lot on my tiny monster game, I think only once on my tiny castle game. It’s really annoying. Is there any way to avoid it?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          glitch is glitch called for reason :D, they are unpredictable. ABout the minion attack first, if you don’t get the effect congrats :D no need to worry about it then.

    • oakman1_98 says:

      Why do we not get to hit first anymore. It has really destroyed my game play style. I can’t just fight without healing anymore so I am blowing through money left and right now. So angry

  156. Erkalie says:

    Golem + Griffin = 12h so what can it be? O.o you guys sure alcyone has 39h? Can be just another golem. My 12h can’t be anything afaik O.o

  157. 3ke says:

    I will share my summoning method for the rarer creatures, I will match up creatures with shared magics. This isn’t 100% but will narrow down the options to 6 possible creatures.
    Example: I got my Nereid by using Water Leaper(beach & volcano) & Triton(garden & beach). The possible offspring are Rakshasa/Water Leaper, Fire Nymph/Imp, Triton/ Nereid. But the goal with the shared magic is to increase the likelyhood of it becoming the first magic.
    I repeat: this is NOT 100% effective. Summoning the creature you want still requires patience & the slight bonus of getting all those you don’t want would be the experience you get from placing in a home then selling them.
    I too got furious at the parade of Tritons in all my attempts but he helped me level up.
    Good luck my G4G friends & Happy Summoning!

  158. Mrs.Black says:

    For some reason I just put together ICE GOLEM & PERYTON and it gave me 1 day 14hrs and 59 mins, I wonder if its the ALCYONE ????

  159. Steel Lizard says:

    Alycone! New creature . Griffin + Ice Golem = 39 hrs. I don’t believe it can be anything else since that particular mix hasn’t been introduced.
    Not sure if its limited , since I didn’t get the Nixie, I’ve started on this one pretty quickly.
    Good luck all. :-)

  160. Mary says:

    Off the breeding topic for a second…I just got a quest to chop some thistles down…but I got rid of them months ago, and since they do not re-grow how do I complete the quest?

  161. cazzira says:

    I get the same things over and over again I try for a djinn and marozi many times many combos and all I get are genies. I try for manticore and I get sphinx over and over.. is there a list of rare monsters? I can’t seem to get anything beyond the first couple of monsters that everyone gets. I am level 18 and frustrated and nearly ready to quit.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Rare monsters are monster that have same element but cost higher jewels. Just breed other monsters first.

      • cazzira says:

        It’s not even about trying to get the rare ones more about getting something besides tritons, sphinxes, and cactus dryads. It’s getting UN-FUN to get the same things even when I change my combinations. I play on a kindle fire..

        • noobbgodlike says:

          but this is what this game all about. Keep switching the formula until you get the monster that you want. It will be so rewarding when you get it.

  162. trich48 says:

    I put a puck and leviathan together and got 9 hrs… There’s nothing posted for 9 with a mountain element… Hmmm any ideas? Thx

    • noobbgodlike says:

      if it’s not listed on the chart then I also don’t know :D. Maybe you were late when read the time??

    • lol says:

      Puck(Mountain/Garden) + Leviathan(Beach/Desert) would produce the following element combos M/D, D/M, M/B, B/M, G/B, B/G, G/D, & D/G so referencing the chart above you likly have summoned a Bast (G/D) that has a 9 hr summons time.

  163. Kayla says:

    ok, I’m super confused. I breed lochness and gargoyle and got 1 day and 17 hours….how is this possible? The only things even close to this I see on the chart have ice in them…I haven’t gotten that far in the game yet! What do I have?

  164. serina says:

    Just got12.5 first try with genie and dry

  165. cazzira says:

    Cactus dryad and genie has given me 19 hours all 19 hours has a water element in it???? What do I got?

  166. LineDK says:

    Just got a 41 h breeding time by using a owlman and ice golem. Wtf? Yeti dosn’t make any sense? Was hoping for a Nanuk but that would also be weird :-/

    • noobbgodlike says:

      it seems you were late when saw the chart, there is another monster that matched with your description, see the chart one more time :D

      • LineDK says:

        You mean the Marid? God i hope not – i’m sick of getting Marids all the time … I’m pretty sure the hatching time was 1 d 16 h and 59 m – perhaps it was wishfull thinking ;-)

  167. EmJ says:

    I’ve managed to summon a Hydra but I can’t work out how I send you a pic of the egg for the guide…I was trying for a Nereid. It’s nice to get something that isn’t a Triton!!

  168. Beth says:

    Hey does anybody have any idea what’s the deal with 27hrs 18min? There are now 5 creatures with that summoning time (including hydra), and it’s a pretty random time, especially the 18 minutes. Anybody have any ideas? Theories? I’m just curious (and bored).

    • noobbgodlike says:

      see your the parents element. and then decide. Read how to use chart section above.

      • Beth says:

        Huh? I’m confused… I understand how to use the chart, my question was asking why the game creators made five of those creatures such a strange amount of time… If it had to do with the parent elements then vily and yeti would have the same summoning time but they don’t. That means that the tinyco people chose 27 hrs 18 min out of thin air. So what’s so special about 27 hrs 18 min that 5 creatures all have that breeding time?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          they increase your curiousity level , right? :D you tend to use jewels to speed them up :D

        • lol says:

          I am thinking along the same lines of Noobs response…the time is short enough where most players will not be extremely frustrated or annoyed regarding the summons time but it is probably long enough where quite a few players will make in-app gem purchases to speed-up all or parts of the process…;-)

  169. Alvary says:

    Any news on the hydra? It isn’t a particularly high jewel price to buy so one would assume it’s not tricky to summon. Had a crack at it but got another minotaur

    • noobbgodlike says:

      it has breeding time of 27 hours 18 min (same like gargoyle and others)

      • Danabfly says:

        I have another breeding formula that may be helpful for the hydra page. I was trying for Nanuk and bred Yeti with Levithian and got a hydra (which I also needed)! :).

  170. Kat says:

    Is there any way that you could add some sort of identifier for the limited edition creatures on the summoning page? I get confused about which ones are available to me still.

  171. Ollie7749 says:

    How do you get Sylph

  172. linda k says:

    How do I get the mountain home. Note says I must complete a quest but none of my quests have anything to do with mountaun home. The only quest I cannot complete is the ferocius five because there are no more cyclops and tiny co will not acknowledge any stronger minions even though they say cyclops or stronger.

  173. Eky says:

    Can you please check the magic order for hippocamp ? I think that are in the opposit way… Thank you for your suggestions these are very helpful! I get most of the time the newes creature in couple days , but Sirens are not my friends , still breeding no ones just other creatures ….. Please continue to be so helpful ! Thanks :)

  174. LCBJennifer says:

    Nailed Salamandra today. Its Phoneix lvl 10 on left and Saytress Lvl 5 or 6 on right side. Its in Hatching building and same hrs as breeding. 1 day 3 hr and 18 mins.

  175. Belissima says:

    Hmmm. Wonder if Tiny castle realized they have their fire lizard quest wrong. It says to mix volcano and polar magic. Should be volcano and mountain magic. Btw, just got the salamandras with satyress and fire nymph.

  176. misti says:

    Salamandra is 1 day 3 hours and 17 minutes just like the Minotaur and I got it first try with my adult kitsune and adult Minotaur

  177. 52laru says:

    all right I’m all for banishing minions, but this 2xminions special is ridiculous. I’ve spent an half hour or more clearing my 1st two islands, just to watch my 3rd island slowly double and triple the number of minions. once I clear 2nd island. 1st fills up again, thanks tinyco for a never-ending horde.

  178. LCBJennifer says:

    Any info on Salamandra yet?

  179. Madracer27 says:

    And now another challenge awaits: the Salamandra. Can’t wait to see how long it takes to get this one. Especially because I haven’t even gotten the Tengu yet!

  180. Giggles says:

    My tengu’s name is Helias – by far the coolest name yet of any of my creatures!
    Level 4 info: food: 390 / 11 per min earned / 50 defense, 27 offense.

    • TinyAddict says:

      I wonder if they are ever going to let us rename them like in Tiny Monsters. Before they raised the food on everybody I would keep creatures that I got by accident if they had a cooler name than the one I already had. I got a Naga named Hiss! Perfect name for a giant snake! It’s too expensive to do that now…

  181. Eddy says:

    Ill keep my eye open for the tengu page ,I used satyress and sylph to get the right time and the ingedients is unmistakeably a tengu. After 2 day and 8 hours will be hatched and ill report what the baby says and so on.if you want. I would send pics if i knew how on this tablet,

  182. patchy says:

    Ugggh its taking forever to level up. Everything is upgraded and the only quests are for creatures. Im stuck on level 17 :(

    • noobbgodlike says:

      it’s easy compared to the past month. It only takes 1-2 weeks per level now instead of 1-2 months. Follow leveling up tips to level up ASAP.

  183. Phalkona says:

    I got Tengu with Satyress and Gargoyle first try. 1 day 3 hours and 18 minutes!!!!! Info and pics to follow.

  184. LCBJennifer says:

    Got Tengus on my first try via Satyress lvl 5 and Griffin lvl 10 for one day 3 hrs 18 mins ( 18 mins which I think cancan’t rememner for sure) on my first try. Wish I could send u pix what egg look like. Considered I’m on smartphone Galaxy S III.

  185. Siekick says:

    The tengu takes the same time to breed as the gargoyle… Let me know if you need a picture of the egg

  186. LCBJennifer says:

    1 day 3 hrs 18 mins.. Is that for Tengus? If so its almost 55 hrs for it. If not then what’s it? I’m using Griffin lvl 10 and Saytress at lvl 5.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I believe the event is already over for new magic monster (mountain and polar) or at least it’s already over for gargoyle and tengu. If not then it’s very insane.

      • Natalie says:

        I got the same time with Satyress and Siren. It has to be the Tengu since there is no other creature with mountain or sky mix! And how can the event be over? The Tengu just popped up today for me. Not sure if it coincides with hitting level 25 or not, but I hit that today as well.

      • Rogue2207 says:

        The event for a 50% faster summoning and hatching time of creatures is already over, not the summoning of new creatures like the tengu. The tengu is a new creature that was just created sometime after the update Tinyco released earlier this week. I also got a 27h 18min summoning time. I’m keeping my fingers crossed its a tengu since I only used a lvl 10 Satyress and lvl 10 Griffin.

        • LCBJennifer says:

          If deffy is Tengu on my first try and that explained why it takes so forever for breeding to be over lol.

  187. Panama99 says:

    I just saw the Tengu and I tried summoning an adult Griffin and adult Satyress. The breeding time is 1 day, 3 hours and 18 minutes. I won’t know the results until Sunday morning. I’ll let you all know then.

  188. Ariel says:

    Okay weird. It turned out to be a cockatrice… But the summoning time and hatch time are totally wrong. Do I have a glitch or something?

  189. Angel says:

    Treant is garden forest not forest garden just so you know

  190. Felicia says:

    Is the half breeding time still going on? Because i just summond Nereid and Kirin and got 1 hour 22 mins and some odd sec.

  191. Ariel says:

    I think the 50% faster thing is over now but even if it wasn’t this doesn’t make sense. Lol I got a 2 hour breeding time and there is nothing that matches that even if I doubled it to 4hrs. I’ve looked and read through everything and I’m totally confused. I bred a hippocamp and genie.

  192. Aliya says:

    I just got an 8 hour breeding time with marozi and kapre. Nothing on the breeding chart has 8 hours.

  193. jokemon says:

    I get that it could be an innocent mistake of not paying attention to the opening notifications but id wish players would just READ everything instead of coming here confused and blurting out their confused and shocked times theyre getting… I mean I guess some people really dont get the notification but I find that hard to believe… i know adding with time is a little confusing but its really not that hard either :-P

    • noobbgodlike says:

      hmm, THat’s why I don’t add the notification on this page because people won’t read it anyway LOL. People who doesn’t realize about the notification won’t realized about notification on this page, it’s faster to answer them one by one XD.

  194. kriddle says:

    Hey just wondering why I dnt get new minions spawning and have they updayed again coz the cteature market s different

    • noobbgodlike says:

      banish all minions available first, if they’re still not appear then follow fix error section.

      • kriddle says:

        What part of fix error??? Not sure where to go..also how do u tell if u got bugs I thnk I have….

        ive got only one minion on 1st island but its covered in fog and none have respawn since I vanishef them first go so I never get to fight even with lowr lv creatures…

        how do I get mountain im on lv 2o nearly 21 im able to but not sure if its beating the queen first..

        why has the market changed in the monstet section.. was much easiet the other way to keep track of what u got n need…

        Also ive noticed that ur quest rewards lessen in values like for say siren its been there for a while and its reward values have gotten lower … is thos normal as its not the only quest to change lower 4 me is it normal.. sorry fir multiple questions I just never seem to be able to find my questions ive sent in lol also I feel kike they cud be answered better and an answer for all questions wud be good… I guess its a hard job but u do great othetwise.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          go to main page on this guide (where you can see a list of the creatures) scroll down a bit and you will find fix error section, read that section and follow them step by step. and

          about mountain element visit 3rd island faq to unlock it, and yeah you neeed to banish the queen first.

          I don’t understand about your 3rd question (market thing).

          what quest value?/ siren value I never post anything like siren quest on my guide??

  195. Eddy says:

    I used satyress and pheonix got 14hrs and 20 mins im really confused of what it could be? I looked all over,up and down the list like u say, but im no closer to guesing what it is? Any ideas? And strange numbers too.

    • Eddy says:

      Oh and I forgot to mention that the game has gotton interesting,well more than usual,its like on steroids. All of a sudden its popin out minions left and right. If it had done that earlier I just might have gotton that faun. Oh well I tried.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      multiply that number by 2 and then look at the chart one more time. There is 50% faster summoning time event right now.

      • Eddy says:

        ok,then they cant divide either. It ended up a fire least got a recipe for it now. Satress and pheonix = 1 fire golem something good out of it.

    • Lolo says:

      That time frame and element combo would likley give you a Fire Golem.

  196. Liz says:

    I just got a 1:52,5 breeding time… What am I to make of that? Used Siren and Cockatrice

  197. LCBJennifer says:

    Hey Noob I’m breeding Garden Nymph lvl 10 and Satyress lvl 5 to try to get Banshee and breeding hour is 14. I don’t see what monster would be for 14 hour. Any idea?

  198. Jason says:

    Im alittle dissapointed in this game after trying to breed a fawn through the entire event and never getting one… maybe it should be easier to get…..

  199. Mellissa says:

    Hmm…little confused with the 50% faster special. I bred loveless bunyip and puck and got 6 hrs 15 min… Nothing above seems to fit. Is it really 12.5 then? Help!

  200. SirenSongx says:

    I have TC for my iPhone and Kindle and I started a summon on both today (phone is Wisp/Cockatrice = trying for Kitsune) (Kindle is G.Nymph and Griffin = trying for Sylph) but on both the summon time is 1.5 (1 hour 30 min). Nothing on here is listed with that time. Any idea what it could be?

  201. SnowyAshes says:

    I’m not sure if this has already been brought up– there’s an awful lot of comments to read through, so I admit I haven’t really looked– but do you know that your breeding chart doesn’t include garden nymph? I was just trying to figure out the max earn rate and attack stats and whatnot, to decide if I should bother feeding mine up to level 10 or just leave it at level 8, but I don’t see it on here…

    • SnowyAshes says:

      Same with centaur, actually…

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Yeah, I think it’s not needed since it’s a very basic egg, but yeah I will add it later (thanks for suggestion :D). for max attack see healing time (still not updated yet, try to visit it on few more days). for earn rate I don’t think it’s needed, Just remember rule of thumb that garden hybrids usually generates most coins :D.

  202. Terra says:

    I did teenage naga and adult treant first try and got a kitsune :)

  203. edwina says:

    u mistake on faun…. is centaur with garden nymph the right simbols..not garden nymph with centaur..if u understand me…i started with garden nymph with centaur, and then I saw that you were wrong…so i lose time for nothing..please add information about faun …thank you..mine are arranged differently … why?I’m playing in android…

  204. Luke says:

    Possible update required- I got 12 hours exactly from putting a genie and treant together. I think it will be an imp (finally) because there’s no chance of it being a sylph (as per the chart above)… Hopefully I’ll keep u guys updated :)

  205. LCBJennifer says:

    Have to wait tmw in order to get Faun because I’m in breeding time in order to get Minotaur right now. I gotta have Faun before it expires lol since its a Limited.

    • LCBJennifer says:

      WHOOHOO I got Faun!! Via Wisp+ Centaur both lvl 10 on 2nd try. Tried first time I got Treant lol.

  206. Flump says:

    Faun – centaur + treant

  207. tiny addict says:

    Hi I need help fixing my game my dust hold is invisible and showing as just n hr glass ..also whenever I go to open the chest u get randomly from doing food or clearing objectsit doesnt add it to my dust. Jewels and its frustrating exspecially the jewels. My game tends to play up on opening. not closing when asked or closing when not promoted .
    how can this be all fixed???? Can some one give me the breeding matches for using the tinycastle app on samsung galaxys3 its android jellybean. I follow the ipad/iphobe oness ect and they dont seem to work… im new to this sooo help wud be greatly appreciated as ive ritten before and dont seem to get answered on the questions I ask percificly. .. oh another quick question why do they put majics first /second on a creature fir exanple treant abd wisp r same but swaped if it doesnt matter which side they r put in on summoning tree then why arnt they both the same??? Answers wud be greatly appreciated again..thanx look forward to finding out as im on lev 19 and still find it impossible to breed animals I need. I thort left wud be the most important and right the least on summoning tree with creatures hybrid majics but its not working that way. Even on the chart for say a naga its vol then des but peopke put des then vol and still get it???? Im lost with it and tryin to get faun tried 5 times already no luck wat am i doin rong???

    • noobbgodlike says:

      To fix all things you have been described follow fix error sections on the main page. Position doesn’t affect result of your breeding. Next time please use paragraph (enter) when creating long comments like this.

  208. Madracer27 says:

    Does anybody have any info on the faun besides the magics it has? I kinda want one so that I can continue my collection of rare monsters.

  209. Belissima says:

    Finally got faun. Fire nymph and kitsune. Both lvl 10. Both breed and hatch time of 2.45.

  210. LCBJennifer says:

    Any info on Fauns?

  211. LCBJennifer says:

    Hey Noob I’m breeding both Teen which are Imp and Satyress. Guess what? The timer shows 1:00:57:50. I’m little lost on the timer.imd explain what it stands for? Many thanks :)

  212. Camilo says:

    I have the game in my iPad but i want to continue the game in my iPhone. can i continue the game in my iPhone without loose all my progress?

  213. madzy says:

    though I banish expert or stronger minions with imp I am unable to complete that quest .. I don be any Cyclops left. :(

  214. jojo says:

    Do you know that your example doesnt match the elements. You said Garden Nymph and Centaur is a fairy. ;)!?

  215. Madracer27 says:

    I got some piksy data. Levels 1-4 food requirements are: 85, 180, 264, and 350. It has 45 defense and 24 attack for levels 1-4 and the tuck in time (baby to teen) is 10 hrs. Hope that helps. :)

  216. TinyAddict says:

    Ok, I’m at a total loss!!! I just mixed a Minotaur and a Marid and got a 16 hour summoning time!! What in the world would it be??? I’m gonna go nuts wondering till I finally break down and spend the gems to find out! 16 hours is just too long to sit here going crazy! Lol

    • noobbgodlike says:

      16 hours is between marozi or naga.

      • TinyAddict says:

        It was a stupid Naga!!! Like I didn’t get enough of those while I was trying to get a Marozi! Oh and while I was beating my head against a wall trying in vain to get a Djinn! Finally gave up that fruitless venture for fear of brain damage! Grrrr I hate when I can’t get a dang monster! *facepalm*

  217. Michelle s says:

    Just got a mountain piksy with saytress and treant, I believe it was 25 hrs.

  218. poobah says:

    Just wondering if the only way to purchade ingame jewels is using only credit card some ppl dont like putting that info over websites… so if there is another payment way plz let me kno

    • noobbgodlike says:

      you can use itunes gift card :D, but it’s not available on every country and you need your itunes country matched with the gift cards :D

      • poohbah says:

        I dont play threw iphone/apple I play threw my galaxy s3 I think thats still android operating system?? wat system is threw galaxy s3???? im in Australia and dont have I tunes account I dont want one unless ill be able to buy jewels as others I have gotten before wernt granted to me. Can u tell me how to get this dun so I can get jewels plz

        • noobbgodlike says:

          hmm, for android I am not sure, but I never heard things like android gift card so maybe you need to use your credit card.

        • Delcenia L. Dames-Tucker says:

          I use my Android device (Samsung Note II) to play, and if you have a Google account you can make purchases through your Google wallet. You can set up your credit card of choice in your Google wallet ( and set up a password so you don’t make any purchases by accident) to make all of your TinyCo game purchases.

        • kassi says:

          Buy a visa gift card for online purchases

  219. madzy says:

    I don have Cyclops to banish using imp. pls help out

  220. Rendarphil says:

    Got 25 hr breeding time with Satyress + Kapre.

  221. Madracer27 says:

    You may wanna fix the mountain piksie’s name on the breeding result chart. Lol

  222. kriddle says:

    hi I was wondering why at face value breeding seems to be easy. like matching up each hybrids element together to create a new breed eg sky and desert, but when u actually go to match up ur creatures.. wat u think shud come out doesnt .how do you know what the dominate element is for each creature ( I assumed it wud b the first one eg wisp is garrden/forest and dom shud be garden but it doesnt work that way really??? please explain… also when you summon them I thort it wud matter wat is on the left and wat is on the rite but ur pairing creatures table seems to be the opposite eg to get a wisp u wud put say gar nymph on left and centur on right but alot of them r bakwards for the summoning elements.?? also does being a teen or adult have a say in wat element comes first for breeding???? I have been trying to breed a few diff creatures with different combos and end up with something that has nothing in common with the elements ive just bred??? im starting to think it is down to what creatures parents elements r to what that creature breeds but unless u right down what u used to get each one there is no way of knowing. if that is the case then it shud tell u wat creatures r their parents in the box telling u what element it is… what hapens if u want an imp and u put wisp which is garden/forest with craeature of forest/volcano does forest become canceled out or no1 element??? sorry for such long comment but really need to find out the ins and out of breeding n elements, as its frustrating me nevet getting what Im supossed to especially when its such a long wait for eggs ect and u can’t cancel summoning once started which I think shud change. same as discarding unwanted eggs before hatcing or the options to do this. I used to really enjoy this game until I’ve tried hatching 5 diff types of creatures and always get what I have already got even with diff combinations getting a bit long in tooth. if u could please explain all this and consider adding a disgarding option on summoning tree n nursery it wud be fantastic so much better. looking to hearing from u..

  223. Leesa says:

    Just got a 25 hour with level 10 Satyress and level 10 Centaur any idea what it could be! I’m thinking new mountain piksy

  224. MJ says:

    Just wondering if there is a reason on your egg breeding chart, why you switched the sequence of the djinn’s magic? In my game it is desert, volcano same as the genie, but not on here. You have so much accurate info, just wondering. Thanks

  225. Pengerwin09 says:

    Hey it could just be my web page, but most of the eggs and names are mixed up. For example, it says naga where a marazoni egg is. There are two firework fairy eggs at different times with one being a nereid. Is this normal?

  226. Sarah says:

    Anybody else seen a very large increase in feeding quantities over rhetoric last couple of days?
    They almost seem to have quadrupled the number of apple required. Its taken me ages to get my lil ones to teens :-(

    Please help

  227. Erkalie says:

    Got 27, 3 breeding time with cockatrice+satyress hoping that its a gargoyle and not another minotaur… Got a minotaur waiting to hatch already… :-/

  228. Quad samurai says:

    The Gargoyle as a adult says ” shiny as a statue.”

  229. Mistyçloak says:

    Got a 16 hr time. What could it be ?

  230. Phalkona says:

    Baby gargoyle says, “I’m hiding.”
    Teen gargoyle says, “can you see me?”

  231. Madracer27 says:

    Since there’s no page on the gargoyle, I guess I’ll post a bit of info here. Food requirement (lvl 1) is 151 tuck in time (baby) is 10.5 hours. Also it has 50 courage and 27 attack for the first four levels. (same as minotaur?) Once the page is set up, ill add a little more info.

  232. Quad samurai says:

    The gargoyle as a teen says ” can you see me.” As a baby she said ” I am hiding.”

  233. Bassy says:

    I was wondering, if i breed 2 fire nymphs, can i cross those to get an imp? Or will 2 of the same always give me the “same” result? Thanks ppz

  234. Phalkona says:

    Baby gargoyle says, “I’m hiding.”
    Baby picture to follow

  235. nade says:

    Does anyone know why all of the food amounts have shot up massively, over 3000 just for one quarter of the bar for level 8 sphinx??

    • noobbgodlike says:

      yeah, they just ninja update the game ( Hope it’s a glitch and will be fixed soon)

      • Jade Harley says:

        Even the farm dispenses more food than it used to (for the longer waits, at least). If they actually meant to make feeding unreasonably hard, I hope they reconsider soon…

      • Dee says:

        Ah, I’m glad to hear it’s not just me. I was wondering why it was so hard raising my creatures all of a sudden. My level 8 Triton wants 3129 food per feeding! That’s a whole days worth of harvest! o_O
        Hope they change it back soon. :-/

  236. Quad samurai says:

    Noob I hatched the gargoyle as a baby it says ” I’m hiding “

  237. bonnie says:

    Triton with teen android and rakshasa I was trying for a nerid but like everyone wants a triton so, hey- ho

  238. Jay and bob says:

    Puck with Nanak 1day 17 hrs or 83 diamonds . No clue does not fit time charts.any ideas ?

  239. Jade Harley says:

    My level nine Bast is asking for 3875 food to go up another notch in her level… it was 300-something before she went to the courage keep for a little while, but now that she’s out, I can’t get it to change back to what it should be TT~TT
    Is anybody else having this problem?

  240. Mellissa says:

    Not sure what I got. Breeding time is 1 day 3 hours and 17 minutes. I tried breeding satyress and sylph. Any ideas?

  241. misti says:

    Well I just bred my satyress with my Griffin and get 1 day 3 hours and 18 minutes. As far as I no should be the gargoyle. Will update in 27 hours. Both level 10.

  242. lilhoonie says:

    how do i get ‘perfect’ hits!? i never can…and what do i need to do or who do i need to use to grt past the queen?

  243. Robinhood says:

    Okie… Confirm a Gargoyle, Satyress with griffin… Breeding time same as Minotaur…

  244. tritterbugg says:

    I got a 27hr 18min time using satyress and griffen which wasn’t a usable combo before maybe gargoyle!!

  245. Madracer27 says:

    Does anyone have any information on the new gargoyle? I want to try and get one but I don’t want to use the wrong combination and end up not being able to use my summoning tree for a long time.

  246. bonnie says:

    I’m a seriously low level (13) but I got loads of rare creatures ( I know its normal) that are for like level twenty.I can breed loads of things but HOW THE HECK do I get a stinkin lochness!!! I will try more combonations on your site. Are there anymore first tries? I’m trying my best but I WILL get one and will say when I do. :)

    • Annabanana says:

      I’ve been trying for Adlet and oilman before the third island and million new creatures popped up and stopped. But, I made a list of all possibilities and was slowly going through them: bunyip/leviathan + centaur, leviathan + treant, and bunyip + Peryton were all first tries. I’m still going through the whole list (before I post all my million possibilities on the individual pages) but, you can at least have those. Check the individual pages and try those as well, but, yeah, these were first tries. And my little fire nymph is now my bane at the 2x summoning period. Any help on those three would make me peaches and cream.

  247. LCBJennifer says:

    Hey Noob I want to ask you abt creatures fightings and shield. Will they increase after max lvl in each level? For example I am at lvl 19 and their fightings and shields increase after their lvl reach max lvl. If so will Buynip be able to defeat Scary Hob “brown witch” which is at 126 shield and 42 fighting and Buynip at 46 shield and 22 fighting?

  248. Kathie says:

    Hi guys! I hate to admit this, but I really don’t get how the chart works. I want to breed a Marozi. It is desert and Volcano at 16 hours. So now I need to find two “parents” that add up to 16 hours right? But do they have to have only desert and volcano in them? Or can they have other attributes as long as together they don’t go over the 16 hours and each has one of the original desert and volcano breeding attributes in it?

    I need more detailed instructions for this stuff lol…

    Thanks in advance!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      This chart is not used to breed a creature but to know the result of your breeding, but you can also use it to breed the creature that you want. Say, you want marozi, go to marozi and follow the marozi link to go to its page, after that try formula that listed.

  249. chase says:

    I deleted my game to fix a glitch downloaded it and everthing were sand clocks doesa nybody know how to fix it

  250. Soran says:

    I have just experienced a very odd thing, I summoned a creature and got a time of 12.25 hours so I assumed it was a Triton, but it turned out to be a water leaper, which was odd as there was no volcano magic involved. I was wondering if this had happened to anyone else? Is it a glitch or is it like on Tony Monsters where sometimes you could get monsters that had different elements (eg. Breeding the air monster from mountain and tree monsters)?

  251. Sarah says:

    So I have a picture of the yeti egg but I’m not sure how to send it to you?

  252. Ttt says:

    Noob do you have all the creatures except the new guys yet? ( the creatures from the third island)

  253. Quad samurai says:

    Hey anyone know a fast way to level up I just hit level 21 I have all the quest done minus the ice pagoda and hatching or even breeding a Adlet I am trying just need to earn exp to get more dust I am maxed at 4150 I know once I rematch max dust I can banish a minion to add more but till I get max what can I do other then clear items and collect dust?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      there is no fast way to level up, for more info about leveling up visit leveling up tips on the main page. dust can be only be obtained by 3 ways.
      1. magic well
      2. banish minion
      3. buy them from tinyco

  254. Sobie says:

    Got a 2 day breed time with the Minotaur and Marid, not sure if its a Yeti or Vily but it’s one of them. I’ll let you know in 2 days

  255. LilFizzie says:

    New monster- Ice Golem bred with Manticore = 41 hour breeding time. Possible Nanuk? Will post results 41 hours from now :)

  256. Theresa says:

    I’m stuck on level 18 I already banashed the queen an have third mt. but it won’t let me get past 18. An every time I breed something I get whatever I have

  257. Eddy says:

    Hey,do you know about chests that appear after clearing an area? Like the spikes and cracks just past the first bridge? Well I just opened 3 back to back. If I knew how I would have took a pic of them b4 I opened them. What came out suprised me. First was lots of experience points,then a couple of gems,had 0 now I have 12,go figure.I also have been on a killing spree trying to get cyclops to come back. Will get back after I kill all I see or can get to.

  258. Starr says:

    Banshee was 28

  259. Starr says:

    I think I may have bred a banshee using a wisp and a satryss -27 hours I think it was

  260. Ri says:

    This chart is priceless! Just what I needed. Great work.

  261. K says:

    Puck + Sylph = Banshee 28hrs

  262. Noreyali10 says:

    I got a banshee! I think the summoning time is 25 hours! I got a pic of the egg! How i can give it to you?

  263. Jay and bob says:

    Spinx and ice golem 1 day 23 hrs or 95 diamonds to hatch.

  264. Christine says:

    I did Madrid n cyro and got Nanak , it’s a white fur with a belt around it.

  265. Credo says:

    Puck baby say; was and a bey
    This is waht I think he say.

  266. Jay and bob says:

    Breeding leviathan with ice golem got breed time of 1 day 16 hrs . Have no idea from then charts above . Any ideas ?

  267. CRKdQn says:

    Mixed Satyress & Garden Nymph and got a 25 hour hatch time. Any ideas?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I get this result too :D. But still don’t know.

      • 52laru says:


        • CRKdQn says:

          Yep, it looks like a Puck! Thanks! Now, I’m waiting 27+ hours for my Minotaur. These breeding times are a little ridiculous…

        • Lolo says:

          I know I keep thinking it took me over 74 combos to NOT get a our new world order that would equate to well over three months…Oh well maybe its best if just stop thinking about it…lol

    • Pingu says:

      Omg i can fight the evil Queen and she is super strong she has 80 health and 40 attack geez and she is allergic against manticore but away i have a sylph and a manticore add me on gamecenter k1ngpingu :) add me

  268. gina says:

    Getting bored with this game. Takes to long to build up dust to do anything.. and outragous amounts to clear land.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      You can breed new monsters and banish minions :D

      • Jay says:

        I can’t banish minions at the mo as none have appeared on any islands for 2 days and only one the day before. Anyone else get this problem?

    • Cj says:

      I have dust, but no where to keep it, or money. I run out of storage then can’t accumulate enough money to build anything…very frustrating.

      • Annabanana says:

        Buy expensive items and keep them in your inventory. It’s not 5 items, its 5 types, so I have like 30 of the ponds for instance. Yes, okay, you end up losing half when you sell, but your bank still accumulates the money. So, you get past the maximum. i suggest doing that anyways, you never know when in the future you might need spare cash laying about. Also, depending on your level, you may be able to upgrade by clicking on the banks (as opposed to the market), you could always have the opportunity to buy new banks. Or work on levelling up. Nearly everything gives you exp.
        As for dust, killing minions gets you past the dust maximum. When you kill them, give it time, new ones pop up. My fire golem eats them up without dealing with healing and I’m guessing the new ones do too (nanuk for example). The tornadoes block you from getting new minions to kill, so always make sure you cast those out.

  269. Credo says:

    I put in a Satyress teen and Garden Nymph

    wat can it bycome???

    I let it know.

  270. Filthy J. Jackson says:

    Just got a 28 hour something breeding time. Got two minotaurs with satyress with Cupid then American griffin. Now I got the golem with satyress and kapre. Pretty stoked :) loooooong wait though haha. Few days before I can even hatch it =P they should make sure they don’t make every new creature this long of a wait. Air and water monsters were pretty long waits in tiny monsters but at least some of them were under 20 hours.

  271. Lisa Hollis says:

    Do you got a hippocamp pepole.

  272. trista says:

    Has the update been released for android yet? My broken bridge is missing too however I dont think my game has updated.

  273. Mayra says:

    How can I send you a picture of Fire Golem? I can’t see where I can download a picture. I have plenty of pictures I can share I just don’t know how to download it onto your site.

  274. Megan says:

    I’ve reached the third island and had a ton of dust left over so I cleared a good amount. Just disappointed in how long this new island is making everything take… I have to wait over a day to hatch anything and over 3 to 4 thousand in dust to clear anything. I’ve been very patient with this game because I really like it, but these new times are a bit insane… Noob please help, is there anyway to reduce these time in an update soon? I can appreciate the rarity of the animals, but these times are killing the game… There’s nothing to do but collect money….. How about a place where you can train ur animals, make the stronger ect?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      you have many things to do,
      1. breed new creatures.
      2. Banish minions to get more dust
      3. buying and selling habitat

      A place that need you train the monster is quite good idea but it will becomes a chore after a while (imagine you need to train every single creature…). The rate of progression is already good IMO. Yeah, it will take about 1-2 weeks progress to pagoda after unlocking satyress but remember it’s a breeding simulation game :D, not an action games.

  275. LilFizzie says:

    Got the new Minotaur-bought a Satyress, got her to level 10 then bred her with a pheonix level 10.

  276. Kloe says:

    I put Water Leaper & Peryton in the tree (both adults) and got a time of 11.5, but I’m not sure if I’ll get a Kitsune or Wyrm… has anybody else tried this??? If so, what did you get???

    Hoping for Kitsune :-D

  277. Lambchop says:

    wisp and Bast got me a cactus dryad 4 hrs 30 mins Apple iPad.

  278. Lambchop says:

    3/8/13. Naga and Genie= Kirin on iPod in 19 hrs 45 mins. Was trying for Djinn. Noob, thank you! What you’ve done is amazing. The time and effort is sincerely appreciated by this senior citizen.

  279. Siekick says:

    WTF… It won’t let you breed the satyress with ANYTHING… Not even volcano magic (which it shows as the only combo avaiable for the satyress)

  280. Siekick says:

    I think the satyress is 31 hours.. Or around there to hatch… Just hatched one & evolving to teen takes 10 hours — FYI

  281. darkumbra says:

    Does anyone know what happened to the tower-bridge-thingy on the second island? Vanished yesterday I think, leaving the whole stretch to be cleared for only 1000 dust. Besides, nearing lvl 20, how far does the game go? Thanks for answers.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      umm , sorry I don’t understand the tower thing that you talked about.

      • darkumbra says:

        On the second Island, you know the one with dessert and volcano, was on the right side, there where third island can be seen a broken tower and bridge, similar to the one that connects the first and the second one.When touched it said lvl 18 required and to clear the stretch 2750 dust I think it was. Yesterday evening it disappeared and the whole right side can be cleared for 1000 dust. Just wondered why this happened.

    • 3ke says:

      That’s part of the update. We can reach the 3rd island now after you reach level 18. That broken tower thingy was a broken bridge but not anymore.

  282. DR says:

    Do you know where we need to explore to open the Satyress and Ice Golam?

  283. Ekatarina says:

    I got Wisp on my first try! I mixed Garden Nymph and Centaur( in that order) and got on first try!!!!
    Now I’m trying to get the Marozi and can’t seem to get it. Does anyone have any breeding combos
    that worked? I’m breeding Naga and Cyno now and got the right breeding time but it also happens
    To be Naga breeding time. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :)

  284. pixie says:

    anyone else hatched the new Android monster? ….how cute…lol

  285. Heather says:

    Why is it that everytime I summon something 98 percent of the time I get one of what I’m breeeding with? It shouldn’t give me a wisp when I breed pegasus and wisp together. Annoying.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      just unlucky :D keep trying.

    • Lolo says:

      Using that combo you actually have a high chance of getting a Wisp…in the future to get an idea of what you could potentially summon (excluding those famous glitches) you can plot your choices based on the creatures used …example based on your current combo a Wisp is comprised of Garden/Forest and a Pegasus is comprised of Sky/Forest therefore you have a chance of summoning the following …Fairy/Sylph(S/G), Pegasus/Peryton(F/S), and Treant/Wisp(G/F)…hope this helps…

  286. Phalkona says:

    I got the Djinn!!!!! I bred adult cactus dryad with adult naga (in that order). Breeding and hatching time both 6h15 minutes. Cheers =)

  287. ed says:

    Won’t allow me to breed some there a reason why? Like fire with garden, and forest with that normal?

  288. mindy says:

    how to summon the american griff?

  289. Diane says:

    Rakshasa and Leviathan ( both level 10 ) for Marozi. This was on an iPad btw.

  290. Annabanana says:

    Trying naga and genie… Hoping for the marozi… 16 hours. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  291. 52laru says:

    got Marozi with lev 10 Phoenix and lev 10 Adlet that order

  292. LilFizzie says:

    Oh my folks…. We have MORE than a few bugs
    In this little game we like so much! 13.5 hours
    And got a CACTUS DRYAD! Outside of constantly
    Getting tritons so much (even when combo doesn’t
    Match up) now I’m getting cactus dryads-4 in a row
    To he exact and once the summoning formula
    Wasn’t even close…..
    :( think I’m givin up. At least with tiny monsters there
    Is SOME predictability…. Really like this game too

  293. panncakes says:

    Just got 3 hours and 44 mins with Pheonix and peryton, gonna post later what egg it will be.

  294. Eddy says:

    Ive got a problem. I got a manticore egg no place to put it. Ive maxed on habitats, in fact i have an extra forest habitat. Why or how can i sell it? Cant upgrade it or sell it have 2 which have 2 individuals each so cant get rid of. I wasnt trying for manicore(typical) im level 14 about 2/3 full xp.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      choose move and you will see sell option on right part of the screen. for your 2nd questions, it’s hard to get perfect hit so keep trying. Don’t 2 times to ask 2 questions, just make them into one comment.

      • Eddy says:

        Wanted to ty for info previously given to me,thanks. Now I have a curiosity? Im barely a lvl 15 and ive got a lochness dont remember what combo I used but isnt that suposed to not come out till lvl 17 I believe I read. How did that happen? I know it wasnt what I was trying for, it allways does that, why? Also let everyone know that theres no cheats in fact if you try you get a virus instead(popups galore). Yes I was stupid trying to take shortcuts and now suffering.

      • Eddy says:

        New problem. A few days ago I maxed out my coins so I up graded my sky habitat, well everything went well it completed upgrading then today i was looking around and found that my upgrade was taken back and kept my coins I used for the upgrade which cost me 252,000 coins thats a long time waiting for. I know this is something I cant controll, so I turn to you for help once again. Thank you Eddy

      • packetnews says:

        To get perfect hit. You have to hit earlier. What you thought was center hit was actually.

  295. mindy says:

    how to summon the sylph??? I did so many times and I got fairy??? :( plz help!!!!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      go to sylph page and try the formula that listed on that page. Sylph is rare monster so it’s hard to get it even you’re using right formula.

    • Lolo says:

      Quite a few players including me bred a Sylph using the Wisp + Pegasus formula…in addition sometimes it’s helpful to try the same formula at least 3 times consecutively before moving to a diffrent formula…
      Hope this helps…

  296. Heather says:

    Does it matter if you breed one that has one sign and one with two? Which ones will be dominate or will it be random? Example….the cupid is volcano and sky…if I need a combination of volcano and garden what’s going to happen here? Sorry I am a new player I’m level 11 now

  297. LilFizzie says:

    Finally an American Griffin :)
    Griffin + Holly= American Griffin
    I also got 11.5 hrs breeding time

  298. Heather says:

    So I have managed to get every monster that wasn’t unlocked yet on my game and now I can’t seem to get anything ezcept what I already have! On ipod level 17. When I breed I keep getting the same monster as what I breed with. Why must this game torment me??? I got cupid tho funny huh?

  299. Siekick says:

    I havr gotten EVERY creature EXCEPT the hippocamp & the kitsune… Both of those are proving EXTREMELY difficult for me to get

  300. Polly says:

    Please help I cannot get a siren ,owlman ,nereid imp, or loveless bunyip &the new griffin !!!!

  301. Annabanana says:

    Been trying desperately for the patriot griffin, as well as the anti valentine bunyip and by some weird miracle have gotten the Nereid and Siren I’ve been coveting for weeks and weeks. ^u^ apparently sphinx was quite the helper.

  302. Schumi says:

    need a hint to breed fire nymph & wyrm. Thnx in advance!

  303. jett says:

    I bred an adult peryton with adult bast and got a summoning time of 6.15 hours. Any clue?

  304. Angela says:

    I used a triton and cactus dryad. Time is 13 hrs 45 mins. is it a bunyip? Thats what i was trying for. I did check the chart but in some of the comments I thought it said bunyip was 19 hrs and 30 or 45 mins ?

  305. Belissima says:

    Aghrr. I need a wyrm or imp on one of my iPads and got another Cupid instead. And last iPad still doesn’t have Cupid. I need to send some creatures around to my other devices. Lol.