Posted on Mar 25, 2013

Tiny Castle Summoning Formula Banshee

Thanks to Fridolin and Frank for these pictures and data

Tiny Castle Banshee Egg

Tiny Castle Banshee Growth

Banshee Status

Tiny Castle Mountain ElementGarden Tiny Castle












Earn Rate

7 8 9 10 11 14 18 25 33 34

Feed (x4)

130 275 400 530 925 1500 2100 2900 3490 3664

Total Food

0 520 1620 3740 7440 13440 21840 33440 47400 62056


40 40 40 40 40 49 56 64 71 80


74 74 74 74 74 93 111 133 152 170

lvl 10 to 11 food: 14.656 food












Earn Rate

35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44

Feed (x4)

3847 4039 4240 4452 4674 4907 5152 5409 5679 MAX

Total Food

0 15388 31544 48504 66312 85008 1E+05 1E+05 146880 169596


82 84 86 88 90 92 94 96 98 100


175 180 185 191 196 201 207 212 217 222

Habitat: Mountain and Garden

Buying Price: 629 Jewels

Selling Price:  1423 Coins

Experience: 500 XP

Hatching/Breeding time: 28 hours

Tuck in time (baby lvl 4): 14.5 hours

Tuck in time (Teen lvl 7): 17.5 hours

Baby: “shhhhh”
Teen: “Can you hear me?”
Adult:  “Get your earmuffs ready”

The monster is quite rare so hang in there, I got it on 1st try using Puck and sylph but I have tried about 5-7 times using other formula.

Breeding Formula:
[0] Treant + Satyress
[0] Satyress + Garden Nymph
[0] Puck + Satyress
[0] Satyress + Fairy
[0] Puck + Sylph (1st try)
[0] Satyress + Triton
[0] Satyress + Holly Dryad
[0] Imp + Satyress
[0] Piksy + Sylph
[0] Please leave your formula

Tiny Castle Breeding Guide Main Page

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188 Responses to “Tiny Castle Summoning Formula Banshee”

  1. jrg12584 says:

    Saytress and fire nymph 1st try

  2. Cynthia says:

    This s my last quest and every combo I have tried since Christmas ends in a puck. But I will keep trying while I gather enough jewels to transform ome of my special monster forms.

  3. Fopperu says:

    gargoyle+garden nymph first try

  4. Mrs . Black says:

    Puck & Satyress gave me the Banshee :) I allso got a Gorgon with this same combo switched around !♥

  5. Kjell Rilbe says:

    Bred from Fire Nymph + Tengu. 28 hours.

  6. jaden says:

    I got it with garden nymph and satyress… first try!

  7. gummybear says:

    Made Banshee with wisp and puck!

  8. Melissa says:

    Satyress & puck 1st try

  9. vulcanak says:

    Thanks I think saryress and fairy worked for me too! I got breeding time of 28 hours 17 mins

  10. Erika Gilpin says:

    I just about threw my phone trying everything to get this creature. Finally got it with saytress and fairy :-)

  11. Sassymami1981 says:

    Tried four times using Puck & Satyress… No such luck… 1st time using Android & Satyress 1d 3h 59m 59 secs (29 jewels)….yay!!! Hope this helps another android user

  12. Awheel3er says:

    Second try using puck and sylph. 28 hour wait time!!!

  13. 3ke says:

    And at last, level 20 Banshee stats: attack 100, defense 222, coin 44

  14. MartianGirl says:

    Used Puck and fire Sylph. Banshee egg in the nursery!

  15. 3ke says:

    Level 19 Banshee stats: food 5679, coin 43, attack 98, defense 217.

    Oh, so close but not enough food right now.

  16. Kesia says:

    Got it on 2 try, i used elder treant + gargoyle!

  17. Mien89 says:

    Satyress and Triton, first try.

  18. 3ke says:

    Banshee Level 14 stats
    Food 4452
    Coins 38
    Attack 88
    Defense 191
    Level 15 tuck in time is 17 hours 30 minutes

  19. DanielleH says:

    Satyress + garden nymph! First try! 😀

  20. Lee Morris says:

    Senior Garden Nymph (L) + Teen Puck (R) just got me the 28 hour time! Banshee is the only one that is 28 so I believe I got one! I am on the IPad if that matters.

  21. Anita says:

    I got Banshee with adult Yeti and adult Fire Nymph??? Was trying for Zmey… on android, Motrola Electrify. I can see how, sine it does combine garden and mountain, but it’s not a combination I would have thought to try…

  22. Katie says:

    I got a banshee using a Satyress and a Wisp first try!

  23. 3ke says:

    Level 13 Banshee stats; food 4240, attack 86, defense 185, coin 37/minute

  24. 3ke says:

    Level 12 Banshee stats: food 4039, attack 84, defense 180, coin 36

  25. Phasw says:

    Bast and gargoyle first try

  26. 3ke says:

    Data gain for the Banshee is going to be slow as I try to bring her up to level 20.
    Level 11 stats, attack 82, defense 175, earn rate 35/minute, food 3847.
    This will take a while…

  27. bluey07 says:

    Pumpkinhead and satyress.. 1st try.. :)

  28. harmoneyyhwh says:

    I got mine for the very first time I ever tried with puck and fairy. Surprised how easy I got it since I have tried more than 30 times for a sylph to no luck but just tons of fairies and have tried almost all combos listed here and more of my own.

  29. Bobbiel says:

    fINALLY… Got the Banshee. First try with combo. Adult Fire Golem and Senior Wisp. 28 hours which van only be the Banshee. Just when I was ready to throw in the towel

  30. Claudia says:

    Does anyone know how far the banshee levels go? Im on level 12 and its getting awfully pricy to feed her 4039 apples per bite/tap. Wondering if its worth feeding her, i currently am.

  31. McDevilish says:

    2nd try with Puck/Garden Nymph!

  32. Jeff (Android High Price) says:

    I try 4 times the combo: Satyress + Holly Dryad and got 4 times this message: Server Error! Your realms were not feeling the love, try again! So now this combo is block, impossible to make. I try at home using commercial grade fiber optic internet connection and the best commercial grade router. I got this message offen at work in the past with my Ipod 4, was 1 bar or nothing all the time because I work outside near a free internet cafee (often to much people use the connection). But my Android wifi is to powerfull to got this message again Yahou!!. Nice day noob

  33. 3ke says:

    Banshee’s tuck in time for level 11 is 17 hours 30 minutes. I forgot the food but it was over 3000.

  34. hani says:

    adult treant + adult gargoyle..1st try using this formula..

  35. Dragonflydream says:

    Triton & Puck… first try with this combo.

  36. Kim says:

    Puck lvl 10 and Slyph lvl 19 finally gave me Banshee

  37. Kit Kat says:

    1st try using Satyress and Imp on a Kindle Fire.

  38. mlcbutterfly says:

    First try satyress and fire sylph. I don’t even have a puck yet HAHA!

  39. Soran says:

    I have also managed to get Banshee with Puck and Sylph on the first try, on the iPhone :)

  40. boddabob says:

    you should add the things for lvls 11-20

  41. Tim says:

    Level 14 Banshee: 88 attack, 191 defense with an earn rate of 38/Min. Feeding costs to next level is 4,452 per feeding.

  42. Tim says:

    Banshee Level 17: Attack is 94, Defense is 207. 41/Min earn rate. 5,552 feed cost to the next level.

  43. Tim says:

    Banshee Level 16: 92 attack, 201 defense with an earn rate of 40/Min. To get to level 17, feeding is 4,907. I didn’t keep track of levels prior, sorry.

  44. Dubblecp says:

    What’s up with the ice sylph and electric sylph also the fire sylph? Has any one gotten these creature. Why is there a spot for them in the creature folder.

  45. Lawren says:

    I got this one with a puck and a sylph during double chance offers. That was the second new creature I got during double chance offers. The first was salamandra.

  46. Kris says:

    Satyress + garden nymph – first try :)

  47. xoxgirl says:

    Why my Bashee doesn’t speak? In fact of them don’t say anything including owlman and he use to say something.

  48. heartless says:

    Satyress and Patriotic Mermaid 1st try 😉

    • Jeff (Android High Price) says:

      Thanks heartless for Satyress with Patriotic Mermaid combo I got my second Banshee second try, first try was Puck. NOOB do you need informations for this monster. Nice day all people here.

      • noobbgodlike says:

        If you have level 1-10 data then you can give me the info (please submit it once you have completed it, not level by level) :D. Thanks.

        • Jeff (Android High Price) says:

          Don’t be worried noob It’s not my Kind to give level by level, I give lots of stuff in 1 shot, you know I’m very busy so I’m very professionnal here. I will give you level 1 to 10 in one message very professionnal manners when Banshee is ready to put in Habitat and have reach Level 10. I will try to give you that this week. 100% garanteed you will have it, I promised, Jeff. I never play with sounds, at work I need my ear to be able to play my games almost all the time,I’m used to play no sounds, so I hope you don’t need something reliate with sounds, I know, I’m very lucky to be able to play at work. PEOPLE HERE: If your device is slow, play without sounds it’s help. Nice day :)

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Hehe, thanks :D. No need for sound, sayings are just bonus :D. I also play with no sound, that’s why I tend to forget to write the sayings :D.

        • Jeff (Android High Price) says:

          :) Like me, now I understand why you never know about sayings and demand people :). At first I play on Ipod 4 so huge difference in performence no sound on that device, but now my device is to powerfull to see a difference. My banshee is in Hatching processe now around 27 hours left before in habitat. I let my food go up for that and ready. I will chek your web site do have approximated how much I need to go level 10. Nice day :)

        • noobbgodlike says:

          yup, I always forget, and then aww it already in adult form XD. Thank you 😀

  49. Jenny M says:

    After a bout a million tries, I just got my Banshee using a Puck & a Satyress. Good luck everyone.

  50. jenny says:

    Hydra and sylph on android

  51. ejj says:

    adult satyress and teen patriot mermaid (first try ;))

  52. BettyBoobs says:

    Gorgole and garden nymph 😀

  53. mike says:

    banshee rocks

  54. koi doll says:

    adult puck + adult graden nymph during the 2x summoning event! =D also wanted this really badly!

  55. Ahni says:

    Puck + Garden Nymph. First try with that formula, but I’ve been trying for a while.

  56. Heather says:

    Gargoyle and wisp

  57. Carter says:

    Satyress + Nereid = Banshee

    Ooo. She is very scary but cute!

  58. Adam says:

    Just got it using mtn piksy and garden nymph, took quite a few tries

  59. kelvin says:

    I just got it with satyress and garden nymph (first try) I’m so luck ..thanks for this site !!

  60. laocas01 says:

    Satyress and Siren

  61. MadCat says:

    Went the simple way with satyress and garden nymph. Got her on the 2nd try :)

  62. thebookfaerie says:

    Tried several variations for days now and kept getting Pucks.

    Finally, with a Mountain Piksy + Garden Nymph I have a Banshee! :)

  63. bindi6 says:

    Got Banshee first try:

    Piksy + Tomten

  64. Terri says:

    Don’t kill me… I got banshee without even trying. Teen imp and satyress. It was my third time breeding satyress, was just trying for either stone and forest or stone and fire.

  65. bb says:

    Satyress n nereid first try

  66. Steven McWhirter says:

    I was trying for a hydra but instead I got the banshee. I used Puck and Nereid first try. I guess since I didnt have either so it worked out for me anyways.

  67. Crystal dragon says:

    Adult bast and teen gargoyle got me a banshee . 1st try on Android .

  68. tiny lishi says:

    literaly first try ever got banshee with satyress and faun.

  69. Crystal dragon says:

    Satyress + Imp = Banshee 1st try :-)

  70. 3ke says:

    Minotaur & Fire Nymph. Was trying for a Fire Golem but I didn’t have a Banshee yet. Yay!

  71. spirecreations says:

    YESS!!! I think I finally got one with Level 10 Nereid and Level 5 Coral Nixie!!! Nice!

  72. Coral Nixie says:

    Put Coral Nixie and Garden Nymph in the breeding combinations. I did that and now I have a level 2 Banshee!

  73. Awesome dude says:

    I got 1 day 59 hours and 59 secs with satyress and triton

    Do you know what I got ? Banshee, puck or hydra or coral nixie?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      check summoning result chart

      • Awesome dude says:

        I don’t understand the chart

        • noobbgodlike says:

          I already write instructions on how to read the chart. Please read it and ask which part you don’t understand

        • Awesome dude says:

          I’m not really good at maths so its hard to understand what 27 hrs mean
          It would Take me at least five mins to work it out
          P.s I’m yr7 and I’m really bad at maths I try and be good but yeah I get some wrong

        • noobbgodlike says:

          27 hrs = 27 hour. It’s not that I don’t want to help you, but it will be hard for me to explain it to you. I already did my best on the text above. My suggestion is to take your parent with you and ask them to explain it for you :D. I believe you will understand about it with your parent assistance.

        • Awesome dude says:

          It’s ok all good

        • Awesome dude says:

          Also it was puck!!!

        • Terri says:

          27 hours is 1 day and 3 hours.

          1 day is 24 hours, so you just add the 3 hours to it. 24+3=27.

          Another example: If you 1 day and 4 hours in game, it’s 24+4, which equals 28.

          Think of the “add” as a plus sign :)
          Hang in there with the math, it’s very useful for life! At least through, say geometry. Some really neat jobs require more, though.

          I know word problems are the hardest but they’re the most useful for situations you run into in real life (like when you want to paint a room and need to figure out how much paint you need).

        • Terri says:

          Arg, typos. When I said “add” sign I meant “and”. So, think of the “and” in the game as a plus sign.

          Actually, you could think of it as “add” instead instead of “and”, so “1 day add 3 hours”. Heh. Just noticed that works too. Remember that 1 day is 24 hours!

          Saying “and” in a word problem is basically code for “add”. If someone says “1 and 1 is 2” it means “1+1=2”.

  74. Ana C. says:

    Faun and Satyress worked for me on the 1st try (iphone)

  75. Steel Lizard says:

    So frustrating when you mix two and get one of the players!!! Mix Triton and Banshee = Banshee . Argh !

  76. Mandalore says:

    Satyress + Triton = Banshee. I had all but given up hope I had tried this combo before but it got me several Pucks. I still need a Hydra and Coral Nixie though :(

  77. Kendra says:

    28 hour breeding time using faun and satyress. This is my first try for anything forest or garden magic mixed with mountain. I was expecting a mountain piksy or a puck but and very happily surprised!

    • Kendra says:

      Damn it I just got my second one using satyress and triton. I was hoping for a puck or hydra. Kind of sad that I have a couple banshee and no puck lol.

  78. Sheila says:

    I used Satyress and Triton. First try :)

    • Orangutan says:

      Thanks for that combo, I just got 28 hour breeding time, has to be a Banshee.

      So now I’ve had three breeds in a row to hit monsters I didn’t have. Salamandra, Yeti and now Banshee. The random number gods are smiling at me. Or given the amount of food I now need, perhaps the random number gods are laughing at me.

  79. Charles Dairo says:

    Garden Nymph + Satyress

  80. pixie says:

    Triton & Minator first try.

  81. Lara says:

    Was trying for Puck with Satyress and Garden Nymph (both level 10), but got a 28 hour breeding time, so Banshee it is!

  82. jojo says:

    I think that the Banshee is more garden element for primary and mountain for second element. The puck is really true but the banshee…? Oh and I got a banshee first time with sylph and vily (I think its a glitch). Also with sylph and puck :)

  83. zephyral says:

    gargoyle + puck

  84. kassi says:

    Minotaur and sylph

  85. Missy says:

    I got a banshee on the first try with adult garden nymph and teen satyr in that order. 😀

  86. whammytammy says:

    Food for banshee. 1. 130. 2. 275 3. 400 4. 530. 5. 925. 6. 1500. 7. 2100. 8. 3455. 9. 4895

  87. Dedee says:

    Puck and Garden nymph… first try on android… then again today is a 50% time & “lucky” breeding day (time shows 14 hours, so x2 = 28hrs)

  88. stephy says:

    I got t first try satyress + garden nymph.

  89. Smurfette says:

    My banshee is Level 6 attack 49 defence is 93 you say for level 6 it’s attack 56 defence 111 Did you get bad info or is there something wrong a glitch ??????

  90. Ratchet says:

    Level 1 – 130 food
    Level 2 – 275 food
    Level 3 – 400 food
    Level 4 – 530 food

  91. Smonky28 says:

    Lvl 8-9 –> 4355 x4 food

  92. packetnews says:

    Finally got one with piksy and sylph after tried all of these formulas

  93. qw says:

    Puck + Treant, first try

  94. LadyphoeniX says:

    I tried for this but got 1 day 3 hours….. Any ideas what it is?
    Is there a breeding time search page rather than just by creature name? As I find them hard to trawl through them all looking at the breeding time

  95. Truevintage says:

    I got a banshee using teen gargoyle and adult sylph. At least I think it’s a banshee. I have 28 hrs to find out.

  96. Terra says:

    Satyress and imp first try, was trying for a fire golem got banshee

  97. MPowered says:

    Satyress and treant. Both lvl 10 on iPad. First try.

  98. vanyelashke1980 says:

    lvl 10 Satyress + lvl 10 Garden Nymph first try. 28 hours breeding time so according to the chart it can only be Banshee.

  99. LilFizzie says:

    Finally 29 hour breeding time :)
    Holly and yeti

  100. Phury says:

    Satyress + Sylph

  101. AnimalLover23 says:

    Garden Nymph + Satyress 1st try

  102. Alvary says:

    Adult Imp x adult Satyress

  103. marvi says:

    First try, Satyress and Android.

  104. Jjm says:

    Puck (l8) and wisp(l10) gave me 28hrs. Should be banshee right? :-)

  105. Robinhood says:

    Got 1day 4hours with Satyress with imp(1st try).. Should be banshee…

  106. T says:

    Hi I got banshee with Sateress and Holly Dryad.

  107. Haydee says:

    1st try satyress and triton.

  108. gseauton says:

    Satyress + Wisp finally got it for me!!!!!

  109. Sunshine says:

    The adult Banshee says, “Get you earmuffs ready”…. If you wanted to know

  110. TheRoyaals says:

    I’m glad I could help!! In 10 hours I’ll tell you what the adult banshee says~~

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