Posted on Mar 23, 2013

Tiny Castle Summoning Guide Nanuk

Thanks to Fridolin , Irina and Wendy for pictures and info

Tiny Castle Nanuk Egg

Tiny Monsters Nanuk Growth

Nanuk Growth

Tiny Castle Polar ElementDesertTiny Castle












Earn Rate

8 9 10 11 12 15 19 26 35 36

Feed (x4)

175 375 550 725 1125 1345 1412 1482 1556 MAX

Total Food

0 700 2200 4400 7300 11800 17180 22828 28756 34980


59 59 59 59 59 72 81 95 104 117


108 108 108 108 108 135 162 194 221 248

Habitat: Polar and Desert

Buying Price: 699 Jewels

Selling Price:  8798 Coins

Experience: 457 XP

Hatching/Breeding time: 47 hours

Tuck in time (baby lvl 4): 19.5 hours

Tuck in time (Teen lvl 7): 23 hours 24 minutes

Baby: “Armour”
Teen: “When do we fight?”
Adult:  “Armed and ready your highness!”

Breeding Formula:
[0] Ice Golem + Cyno
[0] Ice Golem + Djinn
[0] Marid + Cyno/ice golem
[0] Marozi + Ice Golem
[0] Manticore + Ice Golem
[0] Please leave your formula

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113 Responses to “Tiny Castle Summoning Guide Nanuk”

  1. Glover says:

    Cactus dryad + ice golem

    • Avi says:

      Got Nanak first try with Ice golem on the left and owlman on the right. Hopes this works for people

    • Nicole says:

      Teen yeti and teen owl an.. First try breeding time is 1Day 22hrs and 59 sec… Could be this or the other 40+hour ice and desert

  2. Lesha says:

    Finally got it with Marid and Basilisk!

  3. brobones says:

    Level 20 attack 129 defense 325

  4. CP says:

    Finally. Left marid + right leviathan. I did the other way and I kept getting bunyip and leviathan.

  5. Dreams2Knight says:

    Ice Golem x Cyno. It took many attempts with this cross, but I finally got it.

  6. brobones says:

    Level 19 317 and 127

  7. Bekah says:

    Zmey + Genie after months of trying = 47 hours!!!

  8. Jason says:

    Anyone have the level 20 stats for nanuk?

  9. Amy says:

    Finally after weeks and weeks of trying I used every match I could think of including all that was suggested and nothing. I got it first try on my iPhone but finally after more than a month I got Nanuk on my Android using Sidhe + Bast. I don’t recall which was on which side but it was finally first try! Yay!

  10. Mandalore says:

    Tuck in time lvl 10 same as Basilisk 23h 23m 58s

  11. Heather says:

    No luck with any of the main formulas, and got more marids than I ever care to see again. But, I finally got Nanuk!!!! It took forever, but I got it using SIDHE and BAST! Hope this helps anyone else struggling with this guy! He’s definitely a tough cookie.

    • Shiree says:

      I got Nanuk with this combo 2nd try :) thank you

    • poisnprncess says:

      I’ve had zero luck with almost every formula here. I’m only missing the Nanuk & Vily & I’ll have every creature. It’s incredibly frustrating. Gonna give this formula a shot, I’ll keep my fingers crossed & pray I get the 1 I need. :) Id like to say, even with the MANY failures, this site has still provided very valuable information & I’ve gotten most of my creatures from here. So thank you to any & all who have a hand in keeping this site going. You are appreciated. :-)

  12. Siv says:

    Ice golem and Marid (both adults) on first try.

  13. Jason says:

    Ice golem + owlman =nanuk

  14. ardelius says:

    Ice golem + owlman (1st try)

  15. McDevilish says:

    First try with Ice Golem/Bunyip

  16. Gigi says:

    Manticore (teen) & Ice Golem (adult) – first time with this combo. Thanks for this site!

  17. Lawren says:

    Marid and bunyip resulted nanuk on first try. I got it before the before the basilisk got released. I received a slush troll quest after raising my nanuk to Level 10.

  18. kendra says:

    Sidhe + leviathan gave me another nanuk…. I just tried sidhe + bunnyp and got another 47 hours so hope its the basilisk now

  19. CattyBB says:

    Maerid & Ice Golem, first try on iPod.

  20. Laura says:

    1st try. Ice golem & marozi

  21. Nikki says:

    Leviathan and sidhe first try!!

  22. Heather says:

    I am on a roll! Third new monster in a week! I used Marid and Leviathan.

  23. BohobeadMomma says:

    At long last and during 50% breeding time!
    Ice Golem + Marid

  24. Jaded says:

    Level | Feed (x4) | Total Food
    Level 1 | 175 | 0
    Level 2 | 375 | 700
    Level 3 | 550 | 2200
    Level 4 | 725 | 4400
    Level 5 | 1125 | 7300
    Level 6 | 1345 | 11800
    Level 7 | 1412 | 17180
    Level 8 | 1482 | 22828
    Level 9 | 1556 | 28756
    Level 10 | Max | 34980

    Level 6 Attack: 72
    Level 6 Defence: 135

  25. 3ke says:

    Vily & Adlet got me Nanuk! Yay!

  26. Matt Angelo says:

    Ice Golem + Bast
    First try!!

  27. Jaded says:

    Marid + Owlman

  28. LineDK says:

    Manticore and Vily – first try

  29. erica says:

    Got it with ice goldman n bast

  30. Caitydidz says:

    First try with lvl 10 Vily and lvl 10 Cyno (:

  31. Dragonista says:

    Got it with ice golem and leviathan!

  32. Klaw says:

    Yay finally after about 14 failures (was beginning to hate Marids) I got my nanuk (well a 1 day 23hrs). :)

    Used ice golem and Owlman. This was double chance w/e though…. or it could have just finally been my turn to get one.

    So now to get vily, hippo, and fire nymph. .. And the new one They don’t make it easy do they.

  33. Danabfly says:

    Finally! I have gotten a ton of Marids trying to get this guy, the formula that worked was bunyip and ice golem :)

  34. southernbren says:

    Finally got enough dust to unlock ice golem!
    First try at breeding –
    teen ice golem & adult leviathan gave me nanuk

  35. Missy says:

    Teen Ice golum+ Adult Naga= 47 hours.

  36. Monkey42 says:

    Just to let you know that Experience earned is 457 points. At least, it is on Android.

  37. Gagi1270 says:

    Hey Noob,
    To update the “sayings”….. Teen Nanuk says “When do we fight?”

  38. Kendra says:

    First time breeding my ice giant. Used marozi and ice giant both adults gave me 1day, 23 hour summoning time so must be the nanuk.

  39. Gagi says:

    Teen Marid + Adult Cyno (4th try…….3 Marids, then Nanuk)

  40. Angelicswtnss says:

    Ice Golem and Owlman both level 10.

  41. Danny collinge says:

    Adult yeti + adult leviatham
    Breeding time 1 day 22 hours 59 minutes

  42. Sheila says:

    Ice Golem + Adlet
    Both level 10. First try :)

  43. deb says:

    teen ice golem + adult genie = nanuk.

  44. F1 says:

    Ice Golem + Cactus Driad (Adults at Lv 10)… Breeding time is 1 Day, 22 Hours and 59 Minutes (47 Hours)… Hopefully it’s a Nanuk with that summoning time…

  45. Meagan says:

    Ice Golum and Owlman first try

  46. whammytammy says:

    Feeding guide nanuk 1. 175. 2. 375. 3. 550 4. 725. 5. 1125. 6. 1495. 7. 2200. 8. 3250. 9.5001

  47. Keeshond-gal says:

    Finally got Nanuk using Marozi and Ice Gollum!! I’m on an iPod touch, by the way.

  48. Combination hunter says:

    Nanuk that is in the dessert eh?

    Horrible History has ALL oh yeah do you know how to drive?

  49. Paul López says:

    Ice golem + djinn first try 23.5 half breeding time :)

  50. Candace says:

    Level 9 feed is 5001

  51. Falme says:

    Teen Ice Golem + Teen Bast – first try

  52. Orangutan says:

    I hate all those people get it on the first try, I’ve tried 10 times and still do not have a Marozi.

    Oh, um, Cyno + Ice Golem = Nanuk. First try.

  53. Candace says:

    Level 8 feed is 3250. Yikes!

  54. Candace says:

    Level 7 feed is 2200

  55. AngYas says:

    Can you say frustrated? Ugh I keep trying for the nanuk and all I keep getting is the marid. With such long breeding times it is so frustrating.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      hold on my friend :D, try new monster creature pilsky, it’s quite easy to breed and will give you a fresh air 😀

    • Amaranth says:

      I feel your pain. I have gotten 13 Marid’s in a row. I’m soooooo frustrated . They need to let us have anther breeding den with these long breeding times…

    • MadCat says:

      I was trying for a marid or hydra but got nanuk on the first try.
      With Ice Golem + leviathan.

  56. Giggles says:

    Ice G + Bast…I was trying for a Marid (I already have a Nanuk). :(

  57. Donk says:

    They changed the feeding amount for level 10 to 5001 x 4.

  58. Sairapayne says:

    OMG haha like the bear in goldcompass ? Sorry for My bad English

  59. Michelle says:

    Ice golem & sphinx

  60. Rachael says:

    Got nanuk with bunyip and ice golem

  61. Siekick says:

    Manticore & ice golem (both lvl 10) 1st try after previously trying a different combination

  62. gseauton says:

    Ice Golem + Adlet first try!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Umsiem says:

    Manticore and ice golum first try. That never happens for me. I’m excited to have such a powerful creature!

  64. Gregorbat says:

    Marosi + Ice Golem = Nanuk

  65. Smosh says:

    You mean tiny castle not tiny monster there isn’t any monster like that in tiny monsters

  66. Tiny says:

    i assume it’s from tiny castle typo

  67. Tiny says:

    new monster??

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