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Tiny Castle Summoning Guide New Creature Satyress

Thanks to Fridolin, Irina and others for the pictures and data

Tiny Castle Satyress Egg

Tiny Castle Satyress Growth

Satyress Status

Tiny Castle Mountain Element












Earn Rate

8 9 10 11 12 15 19 26 35 36

Feed (x4)

90 190 280 370 600 850 1105 1400 1745 MAX

Total Food

0 360 1120 2240 3720 6120 9520 13940 19540 26520


26 26 26 26 26 36 42 42 52 52


48 48 48 48 48 72 86 86 110 110

Lvl 10 => 11 food = 5712

Lvl 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Earn Rate 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46
Feed (x4) 1499 1573 1651 1733 1819 1909 2004 2104 2209 MAX
Total Food 0 5996 12288 18892 25824 33100 40736 48752 57168 66004
Attack 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62
Defense 113 116 120 123 127 130 134 137 140 144

Mythic Satyress

Tiny Castle Mythic Satyress

You can get this form when leveling it up from level 14 to 15. After tuck in process you can retry for 45 jewels (if you don’t get it on 1st try). According to klaw, the chance to obtain this form only about 20%. To level this creature past level 10 you need temples. Read about temples on THIS PAGE.

Habitat: Mountain

Buying Price: 157.000 Coins

Selling Price: 3910 Gold

Experience: 279 XP

Hatching/Breeding time: 26 hours

Tuck in time (baby lvl 4): 10 hours

Tuck in time (Teen lvl 7): 12 hours

Baby: “Don’t mess with me”
Teen: “Do I have to battle?”
Adult:  “Yeah sure, bring it on”

Breeding Formula:
[0] Satyress + Satyress (just buy it from the shop :D)

You need to unlock Standing stones first on 3rd islands first.

How to Obtain Satyress

Satyr Path Tiny Castle

You need to unlock magic mountain to get Satyress. Here is the path to go there. The big purple cave is not mountain magic, but it’s obstacle and need 2.5 millions to remove, hmm we got  a lot of job to do guys :D. It’s up to you want to choose 1870 or 1875 path. I suggest you to take 1875 path because you need to take Ice Golem anyway.

Tiny Castle Breeding Guide Main Page

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69 Responses to “Tiny Castle Summoning Guide New Creature Satyress”

  1. sam says:

    The mythic version has the funniest attack lol rock on

  2. Justin says:

    Noob it looks like mythic version might have been limited because it’s gone from my logs beside the pic of the regular. Maybe this isn’t true cause it takes so much food for the mountain creatures and they wanted 17 just to get the bronze.. don’t know about everybody else but that’s a lot to ask for in a week time or whatever if it was limited chance to get mythic version..guess I’ll see when I get the temple to bronze and can level up to 15 to see if it gives me the option ..just letting you know they removed the blank picture or might just be mine anyway thanks for the website so I can see if anyone else is seeing it gone

  3. Klaw says:

    I posted the data information last night for the Satyress level 10-20 and also mythic Satyress data, so that people would know what food etc they require, but my post seems to have gone missing :(

  4. Barbarab says:

    Ok does anyone have any real answers for me this noob person doesnt wanna answer anything just tells ya go to this page and that. If i could do that i wouldnt b asking questions. I cant find all these hundreds of pages nor do i have the time to look for them all. Part of my questions had partly been discussed right here so dk y someone cant just give me an answer a real answer not a look here. This is a blog where ppl talk ask questions and suppose to get answers so can someone please help Thanks

    • noobbgodlike says:

      thousand pages??? I already point you to the right section that you need to look.. if you still don’t find them useful then ok. Good luck :). I can only do this far to help you.

      • Barbarab says:

        Ok ive been on the page but none of combos have worked for some reason on the sylph, this page is awesome and very helpful with breeding esp but the 3rd island was being discussed right here and if answer is known not sure y i cant just get it since had already been duscussed with others. I can understand if ur unsure of breed times etc saying dont remember so y can look here to find that but to say that for every question??? but was hoping even someone else would tell me but guess ill try to find this 1 of 1000 pages

    • Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

      Barbarab, if you go to the main page of Noob’s website, and go to breeding guide, it lists all the creatures available. All you have to do is click on the creature you are trying to get, and go to that page. All breeding is random, so even if you try the combos given, they might not work for you. Noob maintains several game websites, so he does refer many gamers’ questions to a certain page, instead of answering the same question over and over again. I agree it takes a little time to familiarize yourself with this website, but it is well worth the time to do it. I have been using Noob’s websites for Tiny Castles and Tiny Monsters for over a year, and have found them very helpful, and very up to date. He depends on receiving info from other gamers to keep them up to date, and any info received about a creature, a temple, or whatever else is immediately posted on the appropriate page. His websites are a lot more helpful than Tiny Company’s. If you play these games, you have to have patience. Nothing is immediate or guaranteed in these games, even if a certain combo worked for most people who post on the site. As everyone who’s posted on Noob’s websites says, the games can be frustrating, but when you finally get the result you were hoping for, it’s great.

  5. Barbarab says:

    I am only on level 16 and got the marozi lol but no was wondering about the 3 island playing on android and read prev comments that we cant get to it?? Y? How will we get ice creatures or get to the mt. etc? I still have no slyph on main game and dk y, have tried almost all combos more than once most of em so what is going on there? I got on 2nd game easily without even trying or knowing what a sylph was

  6. Cinci says:

    Food for lvl 5: 600, for lvl 6: 750.
    I play on android.
    (Hope to remind and note the others food requirements)


  7. Heather says:

    I just bred Minotaur and triton together and it gave me a satyress…. Really???

  8. Mater says:

    Need help.

    On level 22, 3rd mountain unlocked last week at level 21.

    I have 2 coin banks, both upgraded but each only holds 700,000 so 1.4 mil.

    I’m at the rocks, it takes 2.5 mil to clear and I can’t upgrade either coin bank.

    What do I need to do

  9. Awesome dude says:

    Horray I’ve finally got to the standing stones not to mention that the mountain home costs sooooooooooo much!!!!!!!! Does anyone know a good way to get tengu?

  10. jojo says:

    My sister said that the satyress and the faun are brother and sisters.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      hmm, I don;t know about their mythological stories on the real world :D. But since they’re resemble each other , maybe yes :D.

      • Random mythology says:

        A faun means satyr in Roman they are basically the same thing im guessing they made it because that wanted a male stayr

  11. Mary Bargh says:

    Getting fed up with this now…you can only buy satyress and ice golem with gems…what about those of us who enjoy the game but cannot afford or wish to spend money on buying creatures/gems? How are we supposed to continue without downloading hundreds of unwanted games and signing up to things we don’t want. I understand a few gems but when it gets to the thousands per creature it is a joke.

  12. kassi says:

    Level 9 food is 1745

  13. JJ12 says:

    Satyress Feeding
    Food level 1: 4×90
    Food level 2: 4×190
    Food level 3: 4×280
    Food level 4: 4×370
    Food level 5: 4×600
    Food level 6: 4×850
    Yeesh, it’s gonna be hard leveling it up

  14. zephyral says:

    lvl 8 is 1400 food per feed to lvl 9

  15. pirelli says:

    hey noob, you should also put how long it takes for them to heal at the top of the page near the tuck in times. Just a thought.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      There is special section called healing times for that (still not updated with new monsters). I will consider it later (to put it on each page). Thanks for suggestions.

  16. Tarasa says:

    Ill be able to tell you how much food one i explore because i just to explore the stone thingamamobs

  17. val says:

    guys,if ur playin on andriod n u dont hav a fire nymph,we? i hav a fomula that could most likely work for u,put in a cupid n imp in dat order (mines were in lvl.10) n wait,by the in playin verion 1.0.2 on andriod

  18. person says:

    I’ve got a question I really need to know. HOW ON EARTH ARE U ABLE TO GET ALL THESE MONSTERS?!? it must be really hard running a blog!!! so if you have all of this info, does that mean u have every single monster ? (except ones bought by cash) do you buy these with diamonds or what? damn, it must be crazy trying to get all this info, and ur lucky you do because if I tried to run a blog, I wouldn’t be able to get all monsters and information! lol :)

    • noobbgodlike says:

      There are other people who have helped me when creating this blog :D. So, it’s all thanks to them :D. On this game I don’t have 3 monsters; Marozi, Yeti and Vily

  19. wyrmkiller says:

    This sucks playing on android, I can’t create a creature strong enough to beat a tornado called fog monster (?) My best creature even at Max level gets very low chance… need this mountain n ice creatures baaaaadly

  20. Morgan says:

    My Satyress doesnt have a name. Does anyone else have the same problem?

  21. Felix says:

    Do you have to be higher than level 20 to have enough coins to get through the above path? How would you get that many coins to clear island 3 debris?

  22. TheRoyaals says:

    Adult Satyress healing time is 6 hours.

  23. Jay and bob says:

    Just bred saytess with Cupid got 1 day 3 hrs and 15 seconds.

  24. Jake says:

    What level do you need to be to make the bridge to the third area? 20?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      you can cross the bridge after defeating the evil queen. If you’re asking about level I guess you’re playing on android? android can’t reach third islands yet.

      • Blair says:

        (Android)On my game to clear that patch of fog where the bridge starts it says level 18 required. But I’m no where near ready to go to the third island. Lol.:D I JUST got the mermaid.

  25. ObiWong says:

    6 hour Heal Time with 52 Attack and 110 Defense

  26. Maus says:

    Naga + Satyress = 1d 03h 20m

  27. JJ12 says:

    Isn’t there a way to get Minotaur by breeding a satyress with a fire element or something?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I believe no, but I can be wrong. If it’s do-able it probably requires 2 hybrids and I believe it’s easier to just buy it from the shop. Maybe you think you don’t need to unlock mountain but even if you are able to breed it, you still need a habitat for them to stay :D.

      • JJ12 says:

        True…I don’t have a satyress yet but I was just wondering since I saw a pic of a Minotaur with mountain and volcano symbols

        • noobbgodlike says:

          ah sorry, I was sleepy when moderated your comment last time.. and I read it wrong ( I read can I get satyress by breeding??). Yeah you can get it, You can simply use phoenix + satyress to get it but I get fire golem from that formula. One more time sorry for wrong answer.

  28. pamelala says:

    Adult say: yeah sure bring it on

  29. cheeko111 says:

    Adult – “Yeah sure, bring it on”

  30. 3ke says:

    The adult Saytress says “Yeah sure, Bring it on”

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