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Tiny Castle Summoning Guide Phoenix and Mythic Phoenix

Tiny Castle Phoenix Egg

Phoenix Status

Volcano Tiny Castle












Earn Rate

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8  9  10

Feed (x4)

20 45 65 85 105 125 145 175 250  MAX

Total Food

0 80 260 520 860 1280 1780 2360 2480  2780


9 9 9 9 9 11 13 14  16  18


16 16 16 16 16 20 24 27  31  35

Mythic Phoenix

Thanks to tinycastle wikia for this picture (Little fireball)

Tiny Caslte Mythic Phoenix

You can get this form when leveling it up from level 14 to 15. After tuck in process you can retry for 45 jewels (if you don’t get it on 1st try). According to klaw, the chance to obtain this form only about 20%. To level this creature past level 10 you need temples. Read about temples on THIS PAGE.

Available at level 4 (Skull cavern needed)

Habitat: Volcano

Buying Price: 1300 Coins

Selling Price: 155 Coins

Experience: 175 XP

Hatching/Breeding time: 1 hour

Tuck in time (baby lvl 4): 2 hours

Tuck in time (teen lvl 7): 2 hours

Baby “Bobo”
Teen “Oh, Hey!”
Adult “Oh, what are you looking at?”

Breeding Formula:
[0] Phoenix + Phoenix
[0] Just buy this monster 😀

Tiny Castle Breeding Guide Main Page

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29 Responses to “Tiny Castle Summoning Guide Phoenix and Mythic Phoenix”

  1. Jaded says:

    Level | Feed | Attack | Defense
    6 | 125 | 11 | 20
    7 | 145 | 13 | 24
    8 | 175 | 14 | 27
    9 | 250 | 16 | 31
    10 | MAX | 18 | 35

  2. Lawren says:

    I just got the mythic form on second try by evolving my second one named Ember.

    • Joey says:

      Has anyone noticed the strength stat on the Mythic Phoenix is 73, but when you battle with her she can only inflict 19 damage with a perfect hit? Same as the ordinary Phoenix. Worked the same with the Mythic Griffin as well. Have to wait on some keeps to open, but am guessing it is the same with the other mythical. Glad I wasn’t battling anything powerful!

    • Lawren says:

      I just used mine on a red demon during the release of mythic desert and beach hybrids and she inflicted -73 damage instead of -19 damage on the demon. This also happened to the mythic Cyno and gryphon too. Instead of -18, the great inflict is -66 now caused. This is a recent change, due to all feedback. Mine must be recommended against brown trolls for now.

      Previous note: The second mythic set was not programmed to inflict -73 damage; it was programmed to inflict minor damage like its regular counterpart and prevent you from winning the battle. For now, it is recommended for players to use it against all master minions such as muck, ogre, or goblin.

  3. castlemage says:

    got a Mythic Phoenix on second try. she is beautiful, and sparkles too.

  4. colorkoala says:

    You cant breed a phoenix and phoenix together, at least not on mine, you can only buy it, and breeding only can produce hybrids from my experience

  5. Arrowyn says:

    Correction needed: lvl 7, attack 13, defense 24

  6. Arrowyn says:

    Lvl 6 — defense 20, attack 11

  7. Felicia says:

    Food Lv 8-250

  8. Gixxer says:

    Food level 8: 250

  9. Zarine says:

    It funny and frustrating. I hv the same problem. Can’t buy volcano or dessert since asked to complete fog and fire quest. Which quest is this?

  10. Kathleen Boorman says:

    The adult says:”oh, what are you looking at?”

  11. Sweden says:

    Im on level 9 at Tiny Castle. I did find skull cavern before and now I bought Phoenix egg but I cant hatch it cause I cant buy a volcano 🙁 I dont understand why?
    How can I be able to buy a creature but not be able to buy a house for it?
    When I try to buy a volcano I get this messeage “Complete Fire and Fog goal to unlock”. I cant find nothing like this in the game.
    How to fix that? 🙁

    • Lolo says:

      This means you need to access the Quest called “Fire and Fog” and follow the directions to unlock the item.

      • KAtush says:

        I don’t have such a quest looked everywhere and I have another egg to hatch so I’m stuck!!!
        HELP PLEASE!!

        • noobbgodlike says:

          ?? what’s the relation between this quest and have another egg to hatch?/ If you’re able to hatch phoenix then you should be able to buy the volcano too.

      • NaiveBeaver says:

        Thanx, CAP!
        The question is HOW to unlock quest “Fire and Fog”? Which quests do you need to complete before “Fire and Fog” will appear at quest list?
        Maybe somebody knows…

  12. Sapphire24 says:

    I thought the baby said “Poof poof”?

  13. Thu-Thao says:

    Tuck in time:
    (teen lvl 7 to adult): 2 hrs or 5 jewels
    Heal time (adult): 1 hr, costs 7,360 coins to heal

    Baby “Bobo”
    Teen “Oh, Hey!”
    Adult “What are you looking at?”

  14. Squindelin says:

    Level 9 – feed185, earn 9, defense 31, attack 16

  15. Guedo says:

    lv10 ratings on phoenix are as follows 10coins per min, defense 35, attack 18

  16. Rhiana says:

    Level 10 10/min 35 shield 18 attack.

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