Posted on Mar 16, 2013

Tiny Castle Summoning Tips Fire Golem

This is my favorite creature on this game. So badass

Tiny Castle Fire Golem Egg

Tiny Castle Fire Golem Growth

Fire Golem Status

Volcano Tiny CastleTiny Castle Mountain Element












Earn Rate

8 9 10 11 12 15 19 26 35 36

Feed (x4)

135 285 420 555 790 829 870 913 958 MAX

Total Food 

0 540 1680 3360 5580 8740 12056 15536 19188 23020


42 42 42 42 42 58 67 67 74 83


77 77 77 77 77 115 138 138 156 176

Habitat: Mountain and Volcano

Buying Price: 649 Jewels

Selling Price: 5865 Coins

Experience: 419  XP

Hatching/Breeding time: 28.67 hours (28 hours 40 minutes)

Tuck in time (baby lvl 4): 15 hours

Tuck in time (Teen lvl 7): 18 hours

Baby: “Stomp”
Teen: “I didn’t mean to”
Adult:  “hmm, if that’s all”

Breeding Formula:
[0] Djinn + Satyress (1st try)
[0] Phoenix + Satyress
[0] Minotaur + Phoenix
[0] Imp + Satyress
[0] Please leave your formula

Tiny Castle Breeding Guide Main Page

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168 Responses to “Tiny Castle Summoning Tips Fire Golem”

  1. CP says:

    Satyress + Minotaur

  2. ExitP says:

    Satyress and teen rakasha

  3. raska says:

    Wyrm and Satyress ,first time!

  4. sam says:

    Is this the strongest monster in the game?

  5. Lee Morris says:

    Phoenix and Earth Golem first try!

  6. Aeryk says:

    Minotaur and Salamandra first try on android.

  7. Claire says:

    Tengu and minotaur

  8. Lalala says:

    Puck + rakshasa, first try!

  9. Ralfy says:

    1st try with satyress on left and kitsune on right got me fire golem was trying for earth golem though

  10. Tiffyree says:

    First tried Djin and Satyress but got a Minotaur. So then I tried Minotaur and Satyress and got Fire Golem !!!!

  11. gummybear says:

    Made a Fire Golem on first try with adult Raksasha and adult Satyress

  12. Abdou says:

    The faire golem is a good creature

  13. Abdou says:


  14. Kristie says:

    Satyress adult + fire nymph adult first time

  15. Saim Haroon says:

    Saytress + raksasha 1st try fire gulam 2nd try salamander

  16. ASD says:

    Zmey + Satyress

  17. paige says:

    Adult pheonix + adutl banshee gave me fire golem on first try

  18. Abdou says:

    Phoenix+tengu=FIRE GOLEM

  19. kitkat says:

    I was trying for a Vily and got a Fire Golem using Yeti and Minotaur on a Kindle Fire.

  20. Jaded says:

    Level | Feed (x4) | Total Feed
    Level 1 | 135 | 0
    Level 2 | 285 | 540
    Level 3 | 420 | 1680
    Level 4 | 555 | 3360
    Level 5 | 790 | 5580
    Level 6 | 829 | 8740
    Level 7 | 870 | 12056
    Level 8 | 913 | 15536
    Level 9 | 958 | 19188
    Level 10 | Max | 23020

  21. weetiepea3 says:

    Teen pumpkin head & teen satyress on a Samsung 28hrs 40min first time

  22. dennis says:

    Water leaper & Satryress first time

  23. Rose says:

    Yeti + Minotaur (= Fire Golem)

  24. Samuel says:

    After many tryes…Salamander + Minotaur!

  25. Lori says:

    Phoenix and salamandress got me 28 hrs and 40 minutes just now… :)

  26. beth says:

    Got it with salamander and minotar. First try too and I believe this might be the best combo because 1 there is only fire and mountain 2 the quests make you get these first and finally I keep getting it :)

  27. Mayaelyn says:

    I have a kindle fire and just got 29hrs on breeding the salamandra and yeti I combo. I cannot find anything else with the same time and elements. Wondering if that could be a fire golem but the breeding time is confusing me.

  28. Dragonflydream says:

    Fire Nymph & Puck… first try with this combo after many other failed combos.

  29. momoffour says:

    I got the fire golem using satyress on the left and Phoenix on the right on my first try although I never did get worker cent

  30. Julianne Vela says:

    Dijin and Satyress 3rd try.

  31. McDevilish says:

    2nd try with Water Leaper/Satyress (first one was a minotaur)

  32. Pink Lady says:

    Got this with rakasha and satyress! 😀

  33. erica says:

    Finally got it with dinji n saystress. Been trying for 3 months. Sooooo happy. :)

  34. Mrs.Black says:


  35. Lawren says:

    I got it on the first try with a satyress and a genie when trying to go for a minotaur or fire salamandra.

  36. Kendra says:

    I finally got the breeding time(divided by two cuz of the 50%breeds right now) with salamandra + yedi. Was hoping for Villy or Fire Golum so totally happy! :) and I got it right after I got the new Johunn as well!

  37. castlemage says:

    woohoo got breeding time for Fire Golem finally, with Gargoyle and Imp, both teen.

    tried quite a few times for this creature, lol

    if there was satyress in tree, it was always minotaur or salamandra

  38. Cjh999 says:

    satyress+fire nymph=fire golem

  39. Awesome dude says:

    I got it with satyress and genie! with genie on the left and satyress on the right!

  40. Kymb19 says:

    Got him with Kitsune and Puck. Yay!

  41. amethystwolf says:

    I just fed my golem up to level ten…. And level nine only took 1600 each time!!! Did they drop the food back down? :)

    • noobbgodlike says:

      what??? nice tinyco… if it’s true then I need to change the food again. What are they thinking TAT? They never do something like this on tiny monsters.

  42. Theresa says:

    I got this with gargoyle and imp frist try

    • indarkplaces says:

      worked for me.. first try. thank you so much had been trying this for for ages. Gave up and decided to try again and used this recipe first.

  43. 3ke says:

    I think I just got Fire Golem with Salamandra & Water Leaper. The 2 are in the Magic tree at the moment. Will notify when confirmed then its on to the rest.

  44. anastasia says:

    Djinn & teen satyress first try. Was hoping 4 minotaur, but this is great too! Android

  45. Irina says:

    Djinn + Satyress worked for me.

  46. Kahea413 says:

    Satyress and djinn first try. That order and both level 10. :)

  47. NoTasha says:

    Mountain Piksey + Cockatrice

  48. Heather says:

    Minotaur and phoenix first try

  49. Ana C. says:

    Cupid and Satyress on 1st try (iphone)

  50. Dylan says:

    Water leaper + Satyress = Fire Golem. First Try.

  51. lisa says:

    Adult rakshassa + adult satiress = 1d 4h 39m and seconds… must be him – first try

    • MartianGirl says:

      Just got the same time so must be fire Golem with that combo too. Also first time!
      So pleased to breed something other than gargoyles…

  52. Gagi says:

    Adult Satyress + Adult Phoenix

  53. Desma says:

    I got mine with Minotaur 8 / Satyress 10

  54. Tommy1Tone says:

    Satyress and Wyrm got me my first Fire Golem :)

  55. Theo says:

    Puck and rakshasa first try

  56. gamingfreak says:

    puck + fire nymph = fire golem

  57. Soran says:

    I got this guy with salamandra and the Minotaur :)

  58. Joey says:

    If u want a Minotaur and u keep getting a fire golem try the formulas backwards

  59. lw says:

    Satyress and wyrm first try

  60. Dee says:

    Phoenix + Satyress (on Android)

  61. sparrow says:

    Puck and Marozi!

  62. Nicole says:

    I THINK I just got my FG with Puck and Water Leaper I think everyone has a special magical breeding creature that’s unique to their kingdom. I have the best luck with my Water Leaper — he was also able to breed my beloved Fire Nymph and a couple of other much wanted creatures. Another player had a lot of success with her Treant, but he’s never been helpful for me. My advice is to find your own kingdom’s MVB Most Valuable Breeder.

  63. markie says:

    djinn + satyress = fire golem

    first try on android

  64. Miri says:

    Minotaur + Water Leaper

  65. capac says:

    Puck and Cockatrice! Yay! FINALLY.

  66. Liz says:

    Naga + satyress first try (this order)!

  67. Mandalore says:

    I got my second one with Imp and Satyress

  68. Deb says:

    I have gotten four of this guy! After the first one, I was trying for Minotaur and Salamandra and kept getting fire golems. Satyress + Imp/Fire Nymph combos. I think I got one with Satyress + Marozi, but I don’t remember for sure

  69. Alex says:

    Wyrm +satyress

  70. Mandalore says:

    Saytress + Fire Nymph = Fire Golem

  71. BabyG says:

    I got this one with the phoenix and minotaur.

  72. Missy says:

    Teen satyress+adult phoenix=fire golem (in that order) :-) first try. I’m really liking the whole half breeding and double your chances promotion! Thank you Noob!

  73. zephyral says:

    Fire golem : puck + fenix

  74. whammytammy says:

    Djinn and satyress first try on android phone

  75. JJ12 says:

    Wow, I lucked out! First try with Pheonix and satyress. After seeing all the comments on how hard it was getting it, I thought I was gonna have a hard time!

  76. MiSfiT_MoNsTeR says:

    1 – 135
    2 – 285
    3 – 420
    4 – 555
    5 – 925
    6 – 1500
    7 – 2100
    8 – 3455
    9 – 4895

  77. Kobe says:

    I tried Genie and Satyress. It gives me 1 day 4 hour 40 seconds. I think it’s Fire Golem.

  78. Flump says:

    Just bred teen yeti on left with adult minotaur on right and got 28hr 40 min breed time fingers crossed

  79. Harry says:

    This fire golem is rare and soooooo expensive to upgrade. Level 9 to 10 is at 4,895!

  80. monkeybutt888 says:

    I got unexpectedly lucky: Fairy & Genie (both lvl 10) gave me Fire Golem on the first try (I was going for Fire Nymph). It’s weird, there was mountain element. Maybe volcano can sometimes substitute mountain?

  81. Ratchet says:

    Fire Golem is 2100 for level 7

  82. JJ12 says:

    Who is more rare? Minotaur or fire golem?

  83. Madracer27 says:

    Just got the 28.67 hr summoning time with the phoenix and satyress combo. Gotta love that 2x chance rare summoning event! Woo!

  84. bonnie says:

    Well apart from minions, my cupid has come in handy! I think this guy is my fave cuz he is cool and smashes minions better than cupid! Tnx 4 the formulas :)

    • TxPhantom says:

      Thanks Bonnie. I did just that, lvl10 satyress and lvl 10 Cupid got 28 hours+ for summoning time. Hopefully fire golem.

  85. Jeff buchignani says:

    Can someone help me with this I have all the other monsters with the new elements. I cannot get the fire golem to save my life!!!! Can someone tell me what worked for them I tried all of the combos on here

    • Sam says:

      The Satyress and the Water Leaper combo got me one

    • pat says:

      Satyress wyrm its the only knew crearure ive gotten since satyress

    • packetnews says:

      Jeff, were you able to get one yet? Can you share your formula? I’m in the same boat. Tried every formulas mentioned here and got nothing. Not sure what to do next…. is 2x day coming soon?

      • noobbgodlike says:

        I doubt it… IIRC it’s been 2 months before the last 2x day appear last time.

        • packetnews says:

          Finally got it with water leaper and minotaur. I was planning to go with this combo a few times because there are only two possible outcomes but got it the first time. Hope this will help someone. Now i’m stucked at level 30 with all the creatures and all debris cleared. Nothing else to do… any leveling tips on how to get pass level 30?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          I believe it’s the limit for now.

        • packetnews says:

          Just a quick update. I tried the same combo again and got a rakshasa… lol

        • dave says:

          To level up, my trick is to keep building
          then selling expensive habitats. Leveling up
          does seem slow in this game…

        • noobbgodlike says:

          it’s what I have written on the leveling up tips section.

  86. Gregorbat says:

    Saytres + Cocktrice worked…finally something I could use the 14 Cocktrices for!

  87. Carol S says:

    Minotaur and Phoenix 1st try! on android

  88. Stefie says:

    The baby says “stomp”.

  89. Ceecil says:

    Rakshasa & Satyress finally worked after trying several other combos.

  90. Krys says:

    Kill me now!!! omg I keep getting freakin Minotaur every formula here twice every time was Minotaur I’m as sick of seeing him as I was cockatrice a while back when trying for Cupid I believe. Help :\

    • noobbgodlike says:

      lol, I can’t give you any tips except to keep trying. But I know how you feel since the summoning time is very long.

      • Krys says:

        Tell me about it! I actually stopped playing tiny monsters altogether because of ridiculous breeding/hatching times and even more absurd amounts of food needed to level monsters up

        • Keenan Walls says:

          I’m having the exact opposite problem I’m on my 3rd fire golem in a row and I cant get minotaur

        • packetnews says:

          Dont let it stops you. Try the clock trick to get the breeding and growing instantly.

  91. grace d says:

    I got a 28.67hr breed time with Satyress and Cockatrice~

  92. Mattie says:

    Minotaur and satyress first try. :)

  93. Siekick says:

    Rakshasa & satyress

  94. TheRoyaals says:

    Adult: “hmm, if that’s all”

  95. Sherman says:

    Got this with fire nymph adult and teen satires on iPad.

  96. Fi c D says:

    Got one with genie and satyress! Rare for me to get a quest one so quick!

  97. Christinapap says:

    I got this with satyress and cupid. Takes 28hrs and another 28hrs to hatch. Shit long

  98. bindi6 says:

    Naga + Satyress = Fire Golem 1st try

  99. pamelala says:

    Naga + Satyress 1st try :)

  100. michelle s says:

    naga and satyress= fire golem 1st try

  101. Jenny LaVada says:

    The teen fire golem says, “I didn’t mean to!”

  102. Filthy J. Jackson says:

    I love this guy! He’s definitely my favorite so far. I’m glad I got him 3 rd try, unlike banshee where I’m already on my 5 th try =P

    • noobbgodlike says:

      yeah, it’s also my favorite, besides from his cool appearance he can also kill any spawn minions on 1st and 2nd islands with one hit (saving money and fast dust)

      • PG says:

        you can kill minions with any monster without healing… you just need to get out of the game right after attacking by pushing the home button once, then double-click the home button and close tiny castle.
        now start the game and banish the same minion again, his defense is now lower because of the previous fight.
        you can repeat that, till the minion is defeated.

        it takes a bit time too, but not that much as healing-time does. and it’s free 😉

  103. Kelly says:

    Satyress and Marozi gave me Fire Golem on the first try! Yay!

  104. JJ12 says:

    Fire golem + Pheonix/cyno??? Do you mean fire nymph? But what does desert magic have to do with it?

  105. Gregorbat says:

    Notice the tornado? Click on it and you clear some space…cost a little dust though.

  106. Jojo Legeaux says:

    Teen Minotaur + Phoenix first try

  107. Credo says:


    can that be this one?

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