Posted on Jan 25, 2013

Tiny Castle Tinyco Breeding Guide How to Get Hippocamp

Thanks to Isaih for the pictures :D

Hippocamp Growth Tiny Castle

Hippocamp Status (Thanks to Sassy for the info)

Sky Tiny CastleBeach Tiny Castle












Earn Rate

8 9 10 11 12 15 19 26 35 36

Feed (x4)

125 255 380 505 800 1300 2100 3010 4515 MAX

Total Food

0 500 1520 3040 5060 8260 13460 21860 33900 51960


19 19 19 19 19 23 23 30 34 36


35 35 35 35 35 44 44 63 72 84

Available at level 14

Habitat: Sky and Beach

Buying Price: 1600 Jewels

Selling Price: 4880 Gold

Experience: 800 XP

Hatching/Summoning time: 20 hours (1.02 update)

Tuck in time (baby lvl 4): 10 hours

Tuck in time (Teen lvl 7): 10 hours

Baby: “Hippo”
Teen: ” What can I do?”
Adult: “How can I help you, your majesty”

Breeding Formula:
[0] Mermaid + Peryton
[0] Triton + Peryton
[0] Manticore + Lochness
[0] Water Leaper + Sylph
[0] Triton + Siren
[0] Nereid + Fairy
[0] Siren + Kirin
[0] Sylph + Lochness
[0] Manticore + Lochness (Finally 3rd try)
[0] Bunyip + Sphinx
[0] Lochness + Peryton
[0] Gargoyle + Rakshasa
[0] Other Siren formula
[0] Leave your formula please (I know you can get this monsters by breeding any monsters that have garden and beach magic on its attribute but I believe there are different formulas on every device that have higher chance)

Tiny Castle Breeding Guide Main Page

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264 Responses to “Tiny Castle Tinyco Breeding Guide How to Get Hippocamp”

  1. CP says:

    Finally sylph + leviathan (after 3 tries)

  2. Ewa says:

    Pegasus and Raksasha, 1st try
    pegasus was an adult, rakshasa a teen

  3. Ok hope this helps someone. I think perserverance is the key. I tried many combos with no luck including the popular triton and fairy until i was about to give up. I then decided what the heck. I’ll just keep doing the triton and the fairy. Well 1st time I got triton, 2nd time fairy, 3rd time neriad (which i also needed) and 4th time – hurray – hippocamp! Both triton and fairy are seniors and I’m level 31′

  4. cheeko111 says:

    It took me forever to get one and now in the last 2 weeks I’ve gotten 5 more while trying to get Undine.
    Since they’re rare I’m going to feed them to level 10 and store them just in case they decide to evolve it later.
    Mostly used Fire or Ice Sylph + Water/Ice creature.
    This way I could get Undine or Green Dragon as well.

  5. Elein says:

    Gargoyle + Siren on first try but was trying to get undine but been trying to get hippocamp for a while so im happy :)

  6. pokemoner says:

    Cockatrice+kirin 1st try :-)

  7. Amanda V says:

    Finally after a year of trying! !!!!!!! Triton and fairy.

  8. bobby1687 says:

    I finally got the hippocamp, with swan maden & neried!!!!!!

  9. Erys says:

    Woohoo!!! Swan Maiden and Nereid first try, after trying for almost a year :-D

  10. Dubblecp says:

    Got hippocamp by accident witha adult triton and adult fairy

  11. emlou says:

    Finally after so many months of various combos!! Elder Fairy & Senior Kirin 3rd try.

  12. ReeRee says:

    Got it for my tablet with a kirin and a siren

  13. nickys1108 says:

    Siren + Roane Fed up of these got 4 now, trying for a swan :-( no tasks to do either, game getting boring…

  14. Meredith says:

    Got one using siren(L) Nereid(R) on the second try. First time was a fairy. He’s hard to get so good luck and I hope this formula works for anyone trying for Hippocamp :)

  15. kittywitchy says:

    Adult Alcyone and Elder Siren on Apple Mini iPad

  16. Sizzilin says:

    I honestly think different devises give different results. I’ve been trying to get this dang thing for seven MONTHS honestly I’m so irritated I want to do illegal things so which ever Tiny Co employee decided to make this creature impossible for me to summon! Ok so that’s a bit drastic but you get my point lol so my question is has anyone successfully summoned one on a android S3?? If so please let me know your combo! Thanks ;)

  17. Saim Haroon says:

    Adult sylph and adult Triton first try got Nereid 2nd try got hippocamp

  18. Mrs.Black says:

    I got Hippocamp with Pegasus & Lochness…….

  19. carol says:

    Got it with Wyrm & Rakshasa on Android. Thanks for the help.

  20. ASD says:

    Tengu + Roane

  21. Sherri says:

    Finally got one with lochness and zephyr!

  22. Anna says:

    I have 19 hours and 30 mins. Does this count as a hippo. or what creature was this time?

  23. Wassy786 says:

    Just got it with manticore and lochness, took ages just kept trying with other combos and got it with this one

  24. Mien89 says:

    Is this a rare creature?! Because I’ve tried and tried and I cannot get this one! I just need him and the Nereid and. I’m so ready to just give up on both!

  25. castle-fan says:

    I finally got a hippocamp with a wyrm and rakshasa (2nd try). Love this site, by the way!

    • Sassymami1981 says:

      First try with this combo, thanks castle-fan for sharing. I was about to give up trying!!! 19h 59m can’t remember sec but I believe 59 too

    • Teresa Erickson says:

      I also used your formula that you posted earlier in order to get Hippocampe and I got it on the first try. Thank u. Good luck to everyone one else.

    • Teresa Erickson says:

      Has anyone noticed when trying to summons a specific creature that they share at least 1 element and then the other element of each creature make up the elements needed to summons ur ceeature? I know I’m not making sense but let me explain EXAMPLE …..Wyrm (sky/volcano)+Rakshasa(beach/volcano)=Hippocamp(sky/beach). I’m just pointing that out I just I noticed that was kinda interesting. If that’s the formula that they’re using then maybe it’ll be a lot easier to summons our creatures which would be kind of cool instead of getting 5 fairies b4 getting what ur trying for. Good luck everyone.

    • Teresa Erickson says:

      Now the show us what we can get in the treasure chests that pop out and one of the items is a stlph egg……has anyone ever gotten him thru the treasure chests????

    • Shiree says:

      Thank you I got hippocamp with this combo :)

  26. Dreams2Knight says:

    Got mine with adult Peryton and adult Bunyip. First try on iPad.

  27. gigifst (Tiny ID) says:

    Lochness+ peryton 3rd try…after many many other combos.
    Hope it helps

  28. Adam says:

    just got Hippocamp by breeding peryton and siren, waiting for it to hatch now :)

  29. Yardeni says:

    I’ve been trying to get this for over a year! and finally on my 2nd try with manticore and regular bunip both lvl 10 – I got it! and I’ve tried every combo on comments so thanks to the last commenter! :D

  30. scwthillary says:

    Just got a Hippocamp by breeding a Bunyip and Manticore. I was trying for the Loveless Bunyip. :-)

  31. Jennie Whitten says:

    I just for sure got my hippocamp using the teen waterleaper first then the teen sylph. Second happy breading

  32. Nakago says:

    Gave up on trying for this, was trying for the Loveless Bunyip. Used Manticore (adult) + Water Leaper (teen) and got Hippo! I’m on S G Note 2. Tried all the formulas mentioned above and none of them worked for me.

  33. Bobbiel says:

    FINALLY I just got either a hippocamp or a nereid. I used an adult Sylph and adult Triton. It’s 20 hours so it could be either. I will be totally happy with either. I have finally realized that it doesn’t matter what you breed. This game is fixed but I am addicted so I’m screwed. I know one thing if I continue to get Tritons and fairies every time I breed something I might delete this app. It’s little happy moments like this that keep me around

  34. edawg says:

    Got my hippocamp using cockatrice (level 10) and nereid (level 20)

  35. mlcbutterfly says:

    First try siren + sphinx = 20 hrs

    I need a manticore too so I was hoping for one or the other with this combo (~: it worked!

  36. Lawren says:

    Yuki onna and water leaper resulted a 19 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds timer this morning. This is the elusive hippocampus. The only missing opposite creature in the encyclopedia is the elusive hydra.

    • Lawren says:

      Not only I did that, but I aimed for this creature when I gave up on basilisk. I got this on my second try with yuki onna (left) and water leaper (right) and the first creature I got on the first try is another cockatrice with water leaper (left) and yuki onna (right).

      • Mrs.Black says:

        Wish me luck I’m in the same boat , going to try for hippocamp using your formula You used above after my 12 hrs is up for the WORKER CENTAUR …..still wasn’t able to get the Basilisk or the Vily but I will eventually get them ;) ( using IPad )

        • Nelnel09 says:

          I have not been able to get a siren or hippocamp and I have iPad and iPhone , hoping you get yours and if so can u help by sharing . I will help you if I can. Good luck!

      • Nelnel09 says:

        I tried this on my iPad and iphone 2 times and got cockatrice. This is so frustrating.

        • Mrs.Black says:

          I sure will if I get lucky I will be sure to post for you what formula I used , and good luck to you as well :)

      • Nelnel09 says:

        Got my basilick on 1st try using yuki onna on left and leith an on righting my I phone. Try it, hope it works for you…

        • Mrs.Black says:

          Thanks sweety I used the NANUK & MARID combo before I got this formula , happy we both got the BASILISK !!!! Now I’m trying for the ENENRA.. I haven’t had any luck I keep getting a ZEPHYR 12hrs probably because I used the YUKI ONNA WITH ZEPHYR formula!!!!!! I’m going to try next YUKI ONNA & ALCYONE ……good luck Nelnel09 :) I will post back if I get him before the time is up :)

  37. Taishb81 says:

    I just got mine with Pegasus and Kirin as well! So excited after trying got almost month.

  38. J Silva says:

    American Griffin+Siren=Hippocamp
    On Samsung Galaxy S3

  39. Andy Miguel Jochum says:

    I got one with pegasus + kirin

  40. Kells says:

    Manticore + lochness 3rd try have me siren I’m happy though cuz I didn’t have that one either ^_^

  41. Erkalie says:

    Just wondering anyone with Samsung galaxy s2 that got this one? If so what combo did you use? Working on noobs idea about different combo for different device… tried every combo on here multiple times and no luck….

  42. Chakacool says:

    I FINALLY got a Hippocamp. I used an adult fairy and nereid repeatedly until I got one. I would say that it took about 6-8 tries, I lose count. I got a bunch of fairies and tritons first. I got a 20h breeding time and was terrified that I had gotten another nereid. But nope a hippocamp. Try that and just stick with it until you get it!!

  43. CattyBB says:

    After trying for aaages I finally got one!! I’m on iPod. I followed someone’s suggestion to just stick with the same breeding pair and went for Manticore and Siren. I got sphinx,
    siren, two bunyips then success!

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