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Tiny Castle Tinyco Guide Level Up Reward


  • Maximum level is 40 ( for now)
  • Leveling is quite hard since level 17, see this “homes exp guide” to see tips about leveling
  • Can’t buy large farm on level 16, see THIS TIPS to buy it :D.

Level Up reward


The Chart is not usable on newest tiny Castle Patch (1.1). Some known info;
[0] at level 31 maximum habitat is 31
[0] at level 26 maximum habitat is 27
[0] at level 29 maximum habitat is 30

Tiny Castle level up reward icon

LVL Reward
1 Garden Nymph
2 Centaur
3 Griffin
Small Sky
Max Homes +1 (3)
4 Phoenix
Dream Room
Starlight Cypress
 Max Homes + 1 (4)
5 Treant
Sumoning Tree
Upgrade Castle (1)
Max Homes +1 (5)
6 Fire Nymph
Cyan Flower Patch
Courage Keep (1)
Max Homes +1 (6)
7 Cockatrice
Sweetgrass Patch
Max Homes +1 (7)
8 Wyrm
Red Flower Patch
Max Homes +1 (8)
9 Cactus Dryad
Large garden
Little Oasis
Max Homes +1 (9)
10 Bast
Queen Palm
Upgrade Castle (2)
Max Homes +1 (10)
11 Sphinx
Castle Birdhouse
12 Manticore
Max Homes +1 (11)
13 Genie
Large Forest
Yellow Flower Patch
14 Naga
Crystal Patch
Max Homes +1 (12)
15 Nereid
Large Sky
Waterlily Fountain
Upgrade Castle (3)
16 Triton;
Large Farm upgrade
Watchtower Tree
Max Homes +1 (13)
17 Lochness;
Large Volcano
Golden Flowers
18 Kirin
Max Homes +1 (14)
19 Water Leaper
Large Desert
20 Rakshasa
Castle Upgrades (4)
Max Homes +1 (15)
21 Nothing (only 1 jewel)
22 Max Homes +1 (16)
23 1 Jewel
Max Homes +1 (17); READ NOTE [1] BELOW
24 1 Jewel
Max Homes +1 (18)
25 1 Jewel
Castle Upgrades (5)
Large Beach and Mountain homes unlocked
26 1 Jewel
Max Homes +1 (19)
27 1 Jewel
Max Homes +1 (20)
28 1 Jewel
Large Polar
New coins, food, and Dust storage upgrades
29 1 Jewel
Max Homes +1 (21)
30 1 Jewel
Castle Upgrade
31-40 +1 Jewel
Note [1]: you get + max home not because of level up but because you find either polar or mountain (CMIIW). I listed it on level 23 since I got mountain habitat on level 23.

Tiny Castle Summoning Guide (Main Page)

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158 Responses to “Tiny Castle Tinyco Guide Level Up Reward”

  1. Lucinda says:

    Level 34 – I just got there and received new coin, food, and dust storage upgrades again. Anyone else?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Yeah, no need to worry, the guide above is based on the old version of tiny castle, I can’t update the guide since I don’t replay the game from level 1 again and my level is too high :).

  2. Rosemary says:

    Please can someone help me? I have looked every where and can not find out about the Quest for a Polar home. It say’s to do the into the Tundra quest, but I can not find anything about it. :-(
    Not even on the Quest page.

  3. peopletwo says:

    How can we tell how much XP is needed to level up and also how much we already have in XP? I can’t find anything in the game that lets me know much I need to finish a level

  4. faye says:

    I have been stuck at level 24 for weeks. Cant amass enough to buy the crooked tower as I max out storage.. have 2 each for coins and dust. Right now all I want to do is get to 25 to upgrade the castle rather than invest more in upgrading storage. Is there something one must do to get the next level?

  5. Kaji says:

    Almost finished level 39. Stubbornly have kept at it. Have almost all creatures except Kapre, Neriad and extra Sylphs. Bought nothing. I’m not certain why I kept going because the rewards certainly aren’t plentiful and breeding is illogical and too time consuming. When I hit 40 I quit and will be thankful to do so. This could have been so much more fun if breedings made sense, times were shorter, healing time was predicated on good shots, there were more quests and if XP point totals were known instead of just a circle.

  6. anniem24 says:

    Can anyone help me. I have been stuck at level 27 for the longest time. I have the polar and mountain and still at level 27 the circle completely filled but does not go to level 28. Is this normal?

  7. Jack says:

    How do you get enough xp to get to level 35 to unlock the fog just by banishing minions? I’ve cleared the third island and only on level 31?? What do I spend my dust and money? Should I just concentrate on getting the few creatures I haven’t got? Hope you can help.

  8. Mudx01 says:

    I am at Level 40, does XPs gets stored on the server or not?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Probably not (based on what they did on level 35), but probably yes too (due too many complaint before). So, I don’t know to be honest.

      • Mudx01 says:

        Hmmm! Then i should probably just go and clear all the debris on my 3rd island. If they count XPs then i will get some but if not, my island will at least be clean. Its a win-win.
        P.S. My 3rd is a mess. Full of debris and minions. And also Noob you are a rockstar \m/

      • Mudx01 says:

        I contacted TinyCo about the XPs on level 40 and this is what they said…

        “We’re very sorry but we’re afraid we do not have the ability to save XP. We apologize for the troubles and thank you for your time!”

        • klaw says:

          Thanks for getting it in writing. I didnt think they would, as they didnt for Levels 25, 30 in the past. Despite them telling us that it would be saved.

  9. Scopey says:

    So what happens when you get to level 35 and can finally clear the remaining fog on the third island? Do you discover any new secrets? Is there another confrontation with the Evil Queen? Do you finally find Wendy? Or do you just clear the fog, banish the minions underneath, and go back to what you were doing? I’m about halfway through level 31 right now, and I’m wondering how hard I should work to level up. I have all creatures except Basilisk and Hippocamp; I’m maxed out on homes; I’m WAY maxed out on dust… other than trying for my last two creatures, there doesn’t seem to be very much left to do. Is level 35 something to look forward to?

  10. Jaded says:

    Level 36 – +1 Jewel

    Actually, do you still need this? I’d hate to think I’m spamming your comment section with unnecessary information >.<

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