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Tiny Castle Tinyco Guide Level Up Reward


  • Maximum level is 40 ( for now)
  • Leveling is quite hard since level 17, see this “homes exp guide” to see tips about leveling
  • Can’t buy large farm on level 16, see THIS TIPS to buy it :D.

Level Up reward


The Chart is not usable on newest tiny Castle Patch (1.1). Some known info;
[0] at level 31 maximum habitat is 31
[0] at level 26 maximum habitat is 27
[0] at level 29 maximum habitat is 30
[0] at level 40 maximum habitat is 31

Tiny Castle level up reward icon

LVL Reward
1 Garden Nymph
2 Centaur
3 Griffin
Small Sky
Max Homes +1 (3)
4 Phoenix
Dream Room
Starlight Cypress
 Max Homes + 1 (4)
5 Treant
Sumoning Tree
Upgrade Castle (1)
Max Homes +1 (5)
6 Fire Nymph
Cyan Flower Patch
Courage Keep (1)
Max Homes +1 (6)
7 Cockatrice
Sweetgrass Patch
Max Homes +1 (7)
8 Wyrm
Red Flower Patch
Max Homes +1 (8)
9 Cactus Dryad
Large garden
Little Oasis
Max Homes +1 (9)
10 Bast
Queen Palm
Upgrade Castle (2)
Max Homes +1 (10)
11 Sphinx
Castle Birdhouse
12 Manticore
Max Homes +1 (11)
13 Genie
Large Forest
Yellow Flower Patch
14 Naga
Crystal Patch
Max Homes +1 (12)
15 Nereid
Large Sky
Waterlily Fountain
Upgrade Castle (3)
16 Triton;
Large Farm upgrade
Watchtower Tree
Max Homes +1 (13)
17 Lochness;
Large Volcano
Golden Flowers
18 Kirin
Max Homes +1 (14)
19 Water Leaper
Large Desert
20 Rakshasa
Castle Upgrades (4)
Max Homes +1 (15)
21 Nothing (only 1 jewel)
22 Max Homes +1 (16)
23 1 Jewel
Max Homes +1 (17); READ NOTE [1] BELOW
24 1 Jewel
Max Homes +1 (18)
25 1 Jewel
Castle Upgrades (5)
Large Beach and Mountain homes unlocked
26 1 Jewel
Max Homes +1 (19)
27 1 Jewel
Max Homes +1 (20)
28 1 Jewel
Large Polar
New coins, food, and Dust storage upgrades
29 1 Jewel
Max Homes +1 (21)
30 1 Jewel
Castle Upgrade
31-40 +1 Jewel
Note [1]: you get + max home not because of level up but because you find either polar or mountain (CMIIW). I listed it on level 23 since I got mountain habitat on level 23.

Tiny Castle Summoning Guide (Main Page)

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160 Responses to “Tiny Castle Tinyco Guide Level Up Reward”

  1. Nicole says:

    Hi noob. After level 32 when do u get more habitats? Filling up spaces with new monsters and would rather not store monsters after taking the time to level them up to 20.

  2. Lucinda says:

    Level 34 – I just got there and received new coin, food, and dust storage upgrades again. Anyone else?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Yeah, no need to worry, the guide above is based on the old version of tiny castle, I can’t update the guide since I don’t replay the game from level 1 again and my level is too high :).

  3. Rosemary says:

    Please can someone help me? I have looked every where and can not find out about the Quest for a Polar home. It say’s to do the into the Tundra quest, but I can not find anything about it. :-(
    Not even on the Quest page.

  4. peopletwo says:

    How can we tell how much XP is needed to level up and also how much we already have in XP? I can’t find anything in the game that lets me know much I need to finish a level

  5. faye says:

    I have been stuck at level 24 for weeks. Cant amass enough to buy the crooked tower as I max out storage.. have 2 each for coins and dust. Right now all I want to do is get to 25 to upgrade the castle rather than invest more in upgrading storage. Is there something one must do to get the next level?

  6. Kaji says:

    Almost finished level 39. Stubbornly have kept at it. Have almost all creatures except Kapre, Neriad and extra Sylphs. Bought nothing. I’m not certain why I kept going because the rewards certainly aren’t plentiful and breeding is illogical and too time consuming. When I hit 40 I quit and will be thankful to do so. This could have been so much more fun if breedings made sense, times were shorter, healing time was predicated on good shots, there were more quests and if XP point totals were known instead of just a circle.

  7. anniem24 says:

    Can anyone help me. I have been stuck at level 27 for the longest time. I have the polar and mountain and still at level 27 the circle completely filled but does not go to level 28. Is this normal?

  8. Jack says:

    How do you get enough xp to get to level 35 to unlock the fog just by banishing minions? I’ve cleared the third island and only on level 31?? What do I spend my dust and money? Should I just concentrate on getting the few creatures I haven’t got? Hope you can help.

  9. Mudx01 says:

    I am at Level 40, does XPs gets stored on the server or not?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Probably not (based on what they did on level 35), but probably yes too (due too many complaint before). So, I don’t know to be honest.

      • Mudx01 says:

        Hmmm! Then i should probably just go and clear all the debris on my 3rd island. If they count XPs then i will get some but if not, my island will at least be clean. Its a win-win.
        P.S. My 3rd is a mess. Full of debris and minions. And also Noob you are a rockstar \m/

      • Mudx01 says:

        I contacted TinyCo about the XPs on level 40 and this is what they said…

        “We’re very sorry but we’re afraid we do not have the ability to save XP. We apologize for the troubles and thank you for your time!”

        • klaw says:

          Thanks for getting it in writing. I didnt think they would, as they didnt for Levels 25, 30 in the past. Despite them telling us that it would be saved.

  10. Scopey says:

    So what happens when you get to level 35 and can finally clear the remaining fog on the third island? Do you discover any new secrets? Is there another confrontation with the Evil Queen? Do you finally find Wendy? Or do you just clear the fog, banish the minions underneath, and go back to what you were doing? I’m about halfway through level 31 right now, and I’m wondering how hard I should work to level up. I have all creatures except Basilisk and Hippocamp; I’m maxed out on homes; I’m WAY maxed out on dust… other than trying for my last two creatures, there doesn’t seem to be very much left to do. Is level 35 something to look forward to?

  11. Jaded says:

    Level 36 – +1 Jewel

    Actually, do you still need this? I’d hate to think I’m spamming your comment section with unnecessary information >.<

  12. Jaded says:

    Level 35 – +1 Jewel, still 31 homes.

  13. Jaded says:

    Level 34 – +1 Jewel, still 31 homes.

  14. Jaded says:

    Level 33 – still +1 Jewel, 31 homes.

  15. Cassia says:

    Lvl 31 only gives one jewel.still 31 habitats

  16. Bishomalo says:

    Hi. I’m lvl 11 and have the large forest unlocked…seems thay change this stuff a lot.

  17. Bastet says:

    I reached level 28 yesterday, so:
    level 27 max. 28 homes,
    level 28 max. 29 homes.

  18. Angelicswtnss (angelswtnss) says:

    I’m at level 30, my max habitat has been increased to 31.

  19. SnoopyRN50 says:

    I just hit level 30 and, despite my not doing the last 2 upgrades after reading of endless unresolved problems other players were having, I did receive an additional 10 habitats, bringing my total from 21 to 31 habitats at this time.

    I have been lobbying TinyCo. for months to increase the number of habitats we are allowed to have, and while I doubt I had anything to do with their finally giving us a very generous increase in habitats, I am so grateful that we finally, finally have much more adaquate room for all our beloved creatures. I have had to sell many of my creatures, some were even at Lvl 10 already, due to lack of space as TinyCo. continued to add more and more creatures but refused to give us adaquate habitats for them, and I am so happy and relieved to know that I will not be forced to sell another creature again for room. Now I can actually choose which creatures to keep and which ones to sell.

    Thank you so much, TinyCo. Now I can only hope the reviews for this latest upgrade are favorable so I won’t be in fear of downloading it. So far I’ve been hearing of some serious problems, though, including more people who’ve lost their game and have not received any help from TinyCo. I honestly hope these problems are fixed soon, but I really wish that TinyCo. would get their act together and actually hold off on releasing these upgrades until after they have worked out all the known bugs and issues. It’s insane to me that they keep releasing these new upgrades knowing they have bugs and also knowing they do not have adaquate support staff to deal with all the support tickets that come in as a result of their incompetence.

  20. Sarah says:

    I’m on level 26 and have 27 max habitats after the update

  21. Mudx01 says:

    At level 34, after the update, maximum habitat is 31.

  22. newbie says:

    I reached level 35 and the reward is +1 jewel, waiting to level 36.

  23. Toni says:

    How do you level up your creatures ?

  24. Famed Jewel says:

    I just got to level 28. I got the +1 gem and unloked large polar. However, I don’t see any options to upgrade courage keeps but I did notice that I can upgrade the gold, dust, and apple storage facilities.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      what I mean by keep on the post above are a places that used for keeping (like gold, food, etc). Sorry for the languages 😀 will change it now. You can get new courage keep at level 30 (when you have upgraded the castle though).

  25. Tayton says:

    Reward for level 31 is…………………… +1 jewel.
    I was hoping for a new house

    • noobbgodlike says:

      ….. reward so…. Thanks for the info though.

    • Klaw says:

      Blah also disappointed about no more homes All you get is the one jewel and a message screen that says “unlocked” with a big empty box :(

      Where’s the promised stuff for those players over level 30 that they said we would get via their facebook page last week?

      Tiny co – I am not impressed at you telling porkies about the rewards… Nor the fact that you backed down (lied) about how level 30 players would continue to accumulate XP until you sorted ou the higher levels… and then gave us nada.

    • JeffCity says:

      Level 32 +1 Jewel and unlock Small Bush at 1700 dust give 600 xp and sell at 4250$. From Level30 all habitats full, 4 eggs ready to place in habitat, Yuki Onna in breeding den ready to become egg. I have all monsters but Pine Driad. Take so much time to level up without able sell and buy habitat. I think Level 30 to 35 no habitats reward but +1 habitat at Level 35 but hop more or have Hell of Champion in Tiny Monsters. Level 9 food was 4895 now 2900 for Vily. Adled noe 1150 food Level 9, Marid now 1585 food at Level 9. Minotaur 1700 food at Level 9. Nereid 2005 food at Level 8. Puck 1565 food at Level 8. Owlman 1190 food at Level 8. All this change June 27 at Eastern Usa Time Gmt -5

  26. SnoopyRN50 says:

    Hi noob, In a comment you wrote here on May 18 you said you had just reached level 28 so you didn’t yet know all the stats on the Keep Upgrades, but you would post them later.
    I was wondering if you did post them yet, and if so, where. I’ve checked all of the links and I’ve not been able to find the info on these, and since I’m now more than half way through Lvl 27 I’m really wondering what the upgrades will cost so I can plan for them.
    Thank you for your help, as always! :)

    • noobbgodlike says:

      No, I haven’t 😀 I am searching the data from level 1-30 castle upgrades. I will do my best to update it when I find it.

      • SnoopyRN50 says:

        Thanks, noob. Just to be clear, I meant the Level 28 Keep Upgrades, not the Castle Upgrade, which I can’t do again till level 30.

        From the chart once I hit Level 28 I will be able to upgrade the Keeps, which means the food, dust and coin storage, right?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          yup, right :D. I have only upgraded coins vault (it’s maxed on about 2.5 millions IIRC). I never reach maximum since I keep buying and selling large desert XD.

        • Fridolin says:

          This was originally posted April 19, 2013 at 03:51

          Level 28 opens up for upgrade of your storage buildings.

          Huge Food Pantry cost 1.102.500 coins and ads 1000 to capacity, so it can hold 6000. Build time is 1 day 26 min 40 sec. New name is Huge Super Food Pantry.

          Huge Dust Vault cost 1.775.000 coins and ads 1250 to capacity, so it can hold 2950. Build time is 1 day 26 min 40 sec. New name is Even Greater Dust Vault.

          Huge Coin Bank cost 3.985 dust and ads 500.000 to capacity, so it can hold 1.200.000. Build time is 1 day 26 min 40 sec. New name is Huge Super Coin Bank.

        • SnoopyRN50 says:

          Fridolin, I can’t thank you enough for posting that for me! That’s exactly what I wanted to know so I can be ready to do those upgrades as well as the Large Polar Habitat. I apologize for not being able to find this information despite my looking for it, so I really appreciate your taking the time to post it here for me. 😀

          This is gonna be one very expensive Level to hit!! LOL!! 😀

        • Fridolin says:

          Your welcome

  27. Wendy says:

    Hi folks!!!

    For all the people who have reached level 30 a long time ago, the server didnt saved our accumulated xp points. Ive contacted tiny Co and this was their answer:

    “Hi Wendy,
    We’re so sorry for the mistake, but we were given the incorrect information and XP was not being saved. I’m so sorry for the inconvenience!”

    That answer kept me unsatisfied. So i responded back.
    I have asked for a compensation but did not recieved an answer yet. I will keep you noticed.

    • Tayton says:

      Tinyco: we lost the information, sorry about the mistake.
      Translation…. Crap we dont have any content prepared for level 35, lets say we lost the exp so we can buy ourselves a few weeks to throw something together

  28. AnimalLover23 says:

    This game is starting to fustrate me. I am breeding all the animals and nearly have all of them but I don’t have anymore habitats. Leveling up is so hard and takes so long. I haven’t tried your tips I’m going to but this is ridoucouls they have ruined the fun of these games. Why would you have made it so hard to level up I mean at least allow us to store monsters or something I had to sell alot if my duplicates cause I needed space. Ohh well I still can’t stop playing it tho lol

  29. SnoopyRN50 says:

    I am so impressed with all the info you have managed to gather and organize for us in this site, noob. I wish I’d have found this a long time ago, but it’s really helping me so much now, and for that I thank you so much!

    I am confused about one thing I saw here:

    27asd 1 Jewel Max Homes +1 (20)

    What does the “asd” stand for or mean? I have looked at many posts but have been unable to find the meaning of this.

    Thanks again for your help.

    Oh, and do you have any idea how I can change my stupid Christmas Photo here by my name?? I have no idea where this site originates from, so I don’t know how to change it, but you have no idea how embarrassing it is to me that this pic is being used. It certainly is not my Facebook photo! LOL!

  30. Madison says:

    I am in level 25 and have tried all your strategys to move up levels and it is not working.What should I do?

  31. linda k says:

    There are many helpful hints on your site that have helped a lot. I have not been able to fine anything on how to save dust.
    There are certain places where I need 4000 in dust to clear the fog and I can only hold around 2000 in my vault.
    Any ideas. Thanks

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Read how to get mermaid section on the main page. I have written about dust on that page.

      • linda k says:

        Thank you

        • linda k says:

          What if I buy another dust bank and upgrade. Will that give me more storage?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          you can only have limited number of storage, buy those but you need to do what I told on how to get mermaid soon if you still hit the wall after buying those.

      • linda k says:

        Thanks again. I got mermaid a long time ago and knew about the storage holding more by blanishing minions or buying dust. I was looking for another way. You are great and so helpful. Keep up the good advise.

    • Madison says:

      You should put all your monsters on the first and second island.Then,you leave out all the monsters on the third island.After you get maxed out for dust you can then banish the monsters on the third island.When you win they give you dust no matter what.You can then overflow your dust as high as you want to with banishing.It works all the time for me

  32. Tim dugan says:

    Is there anything else after 25 or just breading and fighting minions? All dust possible is gone

  33. Tayton says:

    Question, can you complete level 30 or just achieve it? i have been 30 for 4 days and have well over 1,000,000 exp in level 30 and my exp meter hasnt moved.

  34. markie says:

    what does the keep upgrade do on level 28? i just hit 25 so it’s gonna take a while for me to get there.

  35. Fridolin says:

    Level 30 reward.

    1 jewel
    Castle upgrade.

    The castle upgrade cost 383.000 coins and 1680 dust, and takes 24 hours or 146 jewels.

  36. Marco says:

    I’m on level 25 with 18 homes max. I noticed that I could purchase another home and place it in my inventory. I was wondering if you knew, after it is done building, would I get the XP for this home as well? Or, do I only get the XP if the home is in play? Thanks! BTW, love your site! It’s helped me a lot! :)

  37. Ted says:

    Level 29 gives you +1 habitat. (21 total)

  38. Luke says:

    Great pages! What’s the highest earning, easiest/fastest to create, creature that I can stick in a habitat to constantly produce gold? I’ve got 8 large garden habitats of garden nymphs but that habitat only holds 4k of gold so I have to come back every 12 minutes to clear them… Better to use sky or volcano which can store more… I don’t have mountain yet and only recently bred my first mermaid… Thanks!! Oh and silly question- is there another natural unending source of dust apart from the well? Thanks again!!

  39. Ted says:

    Level 28 unlocks a free jewel and the large polar habitat. It also unlocks the final upgrade of all storage units, although these are not noted on the level up screen.

    Sadly, no new home or quests. :(

  40. Candace says:

    I have been meaning to tell you I love your sight. Thanks for all your hard work. Anyway, I am confused about how you list max homes for level 23. I am level 22 and can have 17 homes. I already found polar and mountain magic though. Did I just get lucky and you normally can’t get 17 homes at level 22? I have had the option to have 17 homes for a while so I may have even been level 21….I was waiting to see what monsters TinyCo was going to release.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hmm, I am not sure about the level thing too.. The fact is when I level up to level 23 I didn’t get the max homes and then suddenly after the update and I got mountain magic my max homes increased by one like on the guide above :D. I am glad my work is useful to you 😀

      • Candace says:

        Just sent you a screen shot labelled “level 22 screen shot with polar and mountain homes”. Just in case you needed to see it.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          I already have them 😀 the only habitat that I need now is large polar. I already have large mountain and beach, but I haven’t got time to update the guide (too busy with elder and blossom from tiny monsters, and not forget about mountain Piksy XD)

  41. Fridolin says:

    Level 26 reward. Allready sent to you once.

    1 Jewel
    +1 Max Homes

    Level 27 reward. Made it 5 minnutes ago.

    1 Jewel
    +1 Max Homes. Makes a total of 20 homes.

  42. Wendy says:

    Hi noob,

    Level 25 is,
    1 jewel
    1 courage keep
    And 1 farm.

    No extra home. 8(

  43. Kathleen Boorman says:

    Noob, I’m at level 14 and I have 3 quests and to upgrade the coin bank, food pantry and the dust vault, when I click on them, I get the move and info icons, but NO upgrade icon on any of these three buildings.Please tell me if something is wrong.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      it’s because you haven’t upgrade your castle, wait until level 15 and upgrade the castle after that you can upgrade your bank. The quest is ot meant to be solved immediately just relax :D.

  44. Ehlana says:

    Hey Noob,

    Home number 17 becomes available at level 22 when you complete the quest that allows you to create a polar home.

    Please note that you have marked level 24 twice in your list – jump from 22 to 24 then 24 again :)

    • noobbgodlike says:

      ah, thanks for the correction, but I don’t understand about home 17. DO you mean that you get +1 homes by finishing that polar quest?? The limit of habitat on the past at level 23 is 16 and after the patch my caps is increased to 17, so I assume it’s because of level up reward (because I haven’t got the polar habitat). Maybe we get +1 after we have finished polar and mountain habitat?

      • Ehlana says:

        Hi Noob,

        Sorry for the late reply :)

        Yes I got the extra habitat (17 total) on level 22 on the Ipad as soon as I finished the Polar Habitat. On the iPhone the number increased to 17 once I completed the Polar habitat but I was already level 23 on the iphone.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          ah ok, I think the bonus habitat is obtained from unlocking the mountain or polar magic ( I got the extra habitat after unlocking magic mountain and got no extra after unlocking polar)

  45. Wendy says:

    Level 24 is 1 additional home and 1 jewel.

    Level 23 is nothing except for 1 jewel

  46. 3ke says:

    Since I got to level 20, I actually got to build a second vault, bank, & pantry because when I upgraded the castle it said “+1 storage”. I just have to upgrade my 2nd dust vault to Big Dust Vault before they’re maxed for level 20.
    Not sure if this helps, but after upgrading castle at level 20, you get double the storage. You just have to upgrade them from the starting level to reach your available max.

  47. Wendy says:

    Hi noob,

    Max level is now increased at atleast level 35.
    When i tap on the castle (third island), it tells me that i have to be on level 35.


  48. Stschw says:

    Level 23 is just one jewel

  49. Belissima says:

    Hey noob, you didn’t mention the coin bank, dust vault and the food storage here. I know that at lvl16, you can upgrade the coin bank again. That’s really important for upgrading to large farm which also unlocks at lvl16. I don’t remember when the first upgrade or when we’re allowed to build those storage facilities though.

  50. Alchemy says:

    Siren and Hippocamp unlock at level 16.
    Leviathan and Lockness unlock at level 17.

  51. Alchemy says:

    I just got to level 16 the other day and it didn’t unlock the Large Farms. Says I have to upgrade castle. Which I can’t do until I reach level 20.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      hmmm, If I rememeber correctly you can upgrade your castle at level 15 after upgraded castle, are they doing a ninja update again?? Btw have you upgraded your castle at level 15?if no then you need to 😀

    • Belissima says:

      After you get to lvl16, you can upgrade farm for 378k when you farm isn’t busy. After you harvest, you will see the upgrade option along with move and grow, etc

  52. josh says:

    just saw you say manticore available on level 8 and 12 just in case you not notice

  53. Martho says:

    How to get lvl 21? My nice dust vault is full and i cant use the dust anywhere. Cant sold it either…

  54. Trudydaman says:

    Level 22 bonus is 1 jewel and +1 max homes (for a total of 16)

  55. Phury says:

    21 gives you 1 jewel noob. That’s it.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      ok, thanks for the info 😀

      • Esher says:

        I just got that one jewel, and then in two different successive rewards, 940 more jewels!

        No one else has mentioned that at level 21 so I don’t know if something is wrong, but they showed up in the quests, with nothing needed to do. I hope they don’t take them back!

        • AngYas says:

          How did u get 940 jewels?

        • Esher says:

          I don’t have a clue! :) I had just gotten to level 21, and two rewards showed up. It was right after the 1 jewel for leveling up, then like 140 jewels then seconds later another 800 jewels. I only had 8 jewels, since I had accidentally hit ‘finish it now’ a lot in the beginning. So the addition was really obvious.

          I was tempted to use it to buy one of the hard to get creatures, but I was thinking they were setting us up for the 3rd island. Also, then I wouldn’t have anything to strive for! :)

  56. Tee says:

    I bred a rakshasa at level 13. It doesn’t even show up on the creatures page.

  57. Taz says:

    I also have Water Leaper at lvl 16. So how does it really work?
    Swish mermaid 5, carnelian cockatrice 5 –> water leaper


  58. Taz says:

    I have a lochness, i’m level 16.

    I got it like this:
    Swish, mermaid 5, wings pegasus 5 –> Loch ness

    So this is a bug in the game or the table.


  59. Phury says:

    I so noticed I can upgrade my simple vaults to nice vaults. Not sure if that is new for 20 it if I just didn’t notice before.

  60. Phury says:

    Just hit 20 yesterday noob. You get an extra habitat (15 total), can buy Rakasha (610 jewels), and upgrade the castle. When you upgrade the castle you can buy a 7th farm (large or small), buy a second dust vault (basic and costs 31,000 coins), buy a second food vault (basic and costs 31,000 coins), buy a second gold vault (basic and costs dust, I think it was 120), and buy a 4th courage keep (4,100 coins). Next castle upgrade is at 25 it says. There were no new decorations or anything.

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