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Posted on Jan 3, 2013

Tiny Castle Tinyco Homes Exp Guide and Leveling Tips

Leveling Tips

You need a lot of amount EXP since level 17 above. Here are a few tips to increase your level:

  • Try not maximize your Homes count, so you can build multiple homes at once. ( I suggest you to reserves empty homes for buying and selling).
  • You can also get EXP from decoration, but there is only one decoration that worth buying (Castle Birdhouse; the price is 17000 and rewards 120 XP) (Waterlily Folly). The price is 199.000 gold and gives you 1000XP, you can sell it to get half of your money and buy another one immediately. Unless you’re able to buy 2 waterlily folly per hour (2000 XP per hour), you’ll get better result by buying Large Desert.
  • Don’t bother to buy Little Oasis and Queen palm since they’re only gives you 200 XP and 220 XP. Other decorations also only give you pathetic amount of EXP :D.
  • Clearing obstacles is not recommended since they’re too expensive since “ninja” update but you still need to clear the field, so do it when you have unused money :D.

BEST LEVELING METHOD (Thanks to Phurry and Tarabella 08)

  • Tiny Castle Birdhouse
    By buying Castle Birdhouse, EXP/Coins rate is 0.0488 exp per coins so it’s more efficient than large desert and other decorations. The downside is you need to click “decorations” => “Castle Birdhouse” etc and it’s very tiring…. Just for comparison one large desert can buy 18.83 castle birdhouse, rounded to 18, so the total exp is 18 x 830 = 14940. It doesn’t differ that much… so I still suggest you to use Large Desert (largest EXP/hour) to level up 😀 and spent your extra money on Castle Birdhouse :D. It’s not working since they ninja patch the game … it only gives 120 XP now.
  • You can also use buy and sell your courage keep;when they’re not is use (thanks to Harden13). You can buy Courage keep for 4500 gold, So:
Data|C.Keep 1 2 3 4
Price 4500 9000 13500 18000
EXP 619 1238 1857 2476
EXP/hour 309.5 619 928.5 1238
EXP gold 0.138 0.138 0.138 0.138


Buy and sell Large desert until you reach level 25 and then switch to large beach from level 25 onward.
Habitat lvl Time Price EXP Exp/hour Exp/Coins Cap Max Coins
Beach (L)Tiny Castle Large Beach 25 7.25 1400100 23671 3264.966 0.016907 4 10000
Polar (L)Tiny Castle Large Polar Habitat 28 19 2200000 53923 2838.053 0.02451 4 30000
Desert (L)Tiny Castle Large Desert Habitat 19 7 611000 14405 2057.857 0.023576 4 40000
Mountain (L)Tiny Castle Large Mountain 25 16 1300000 29680 1855 0.022931 4 40000
Polar (S)Tiny Monsters Small Polar 19 9 1100000 15447 1716.333 0.014043 2 13000
Mountain (S)Tiny Monsters Small Mountain 19 8 610000 11261 1407.625 0.018461 2 15000
Volcano (L)Tiny Castle Large Volcano Habitat 17 6.25 409000 9911 1585.76 0.0424232 4 40000
Sky (L)Tiny Castle Large Sky Habitat 15 6 252000 7391 1231.833 0.029329 4 10000
Beach (S)Tiny Castle Small Beach Habitat 5 6.25 162000 7055 1128.8 0.043549 2 4000
Forest (L)Tiny Castle Large Forest Habitat 13 5.75 185000 5245 912.1739 0.028351 4 8000
Garden (L)Tiny Castle Large Garden Habitat 9 5 152000 2071 414.2 0.013625 4 4000
Desert (S)Tiny Castle Small Desert Habitat 5 5 64000 1812 362.4 0.028313 2 8000
Volcano (S)Tiny Castle Small Volcano Habitat 4 4.25 16000 168 39.52941 0.0105 2 8000
Forest (S)Tiny Castle Small Forest Habitat 2 0.03 4000 28 840 0.007 2 2000
Sky (S)Tiny Castle Small Sky Habitat 3 0.5 7000 28 56 0.004 2 6000
Garden (S)Tiny Castle Small Garden Habitat 1 0.05 2000 4 80 0.002 2 300

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184 Responses to “Tiny Castle Tinyco Homes Exp Guide and Leveling Tips”

  1. Oswald says:

    I’m now Level 28 and have coins 19259234 and jewels 6260. Do you know where can I find the Shale Heights quest to unlock the Mountain Temple?

  2. peggy says:

    nood I need help, I’m on level 22 and trying to get the Volcano temple. It says that I need to complete fire walk with me. I do not see it in my quests and do I need to clear all the fog on the 2nd Island. thanks

  3. Raktavan says:

    I’m level 29 now and still not very good at earning coins 😉

    BTW, is there any reason why one should keep speed levelling past level 30? Aside from the 10 jewels there don’t seem to be any more rewards. (So the max number of farms possible is only 9?!?)

    • noobbgodlike says:

      IIRC, to clear all the fog you must be at level 30.

      • Raktavan says:

        I haven’t experienced any problems with clearing the fog so far. The level requirements seem to be removed.

    • Nicole says:

      Noob I need help! I need to know if something is wrong with my game. Ok, so I have Tiny Castle on my ipad as well as my android phone. On my ipad, I am not as experienced(level 15) but the dust vault, coin bank, and the food pantry is on Simple and will not let me upgrade. I have the challenges that say upgrade to the Nice dust vault, coin and food, but when I click on all three they only say move or info! Help! I need to upgrade them so I can hold more but it’s not an option! I’ve looked at the info on the website but can’t find anything! Help me Noob! Please!?

  4. Raktavan says:

    Hello noob,

    Thanks for the list, that has been very helpful. But I think for newer player it might be better to buy small beaches because of their superior exp/coins outcome: If one can only buy of these large homes a day, the building time or experience per time rate doesn’t really matter.

    I currently have up to 4 home spots I can use for experience building. If I use small beaches, I spend 648,000 coins and get 28,220 exp. after 6 hours. This way I can harvest experience points twice a day for close to the same amount of coins (compared to large beach).

    I can see that this would not work out for everybody but maybe it’s helpful for some players to get to their next castle upgrade (and therefore the next farm) sooner 🙂

  5. lisa says:

    Good morning, I just bought a castle birdtree and it gave me 120 xp.
    Perhaps it has been an up date and they do not give 820 xp anymore.

  6. MissIdash says:


    Some people commented that they had obscene amounts of money and dust. I am level28, I can only get two dust vaults and two money vaults. I have updated them as far as I could and I instill limited to 1575000 gold and only 4200 dust. This has made it rather difficult to get very far on island 3. Does anybody know anything about how I can be allowed more storage room for gold and dust?

  7. Caroline says:

    Please help. Read posts on increasing xp but I cant sell my homes or courage keeps. They only say move or info when I click on them. What do I do?

  8. Perry says:

    Noob, I have not seen the info anywhere and I spend lots of time in your brilliant guide. Can you tell me what the highest level is currently and also the max homes? Thank you for all of the effort you put in to help all of us gamers!

  9. Firebreather says:

    I was wondering what you’re supposed to do for the uncover the sky temple quest,when i click on it it just goes to the store menu and I’m not sure if I’m supposed to buy the sky castle or what?!?!?!

  10. Jennifer says:

    Has anyone noticed that when you sell a small beach, you are getting less coins than stated? When I sold my last four small beaches, I was asked if I want to sell it for 81,000 coins, the amount floated up was 706 coins.

  11. Rae says:

    What can I buy for DUST that will yield XP? I know I can buy stuff for dust and then sell that stuff for coins and then buy things that yield XP using those coins, but I’d like a more direct route. Not looking for highest possible yield–just something convenient.

  12. EmmaSurf says:

    If this info is available please excuse my request but I can’t find it. I need to know a) how much xp I have (orb only shows purple as it fills but no numbers) b) how much xp is needed at each level c) xp for decorations etc since a lot of the old posts show the higher values that Tinyco took away. I am stuck on 24 and I wasted a lot on water follies since I didn’t realize the value had changed. I also got 4k xp when I cleared a ship hull so perhaps that’s the best way to go. I can’t do polar yet and I have bought a lot of volcano beach desert but appears they have lowered values. (I am chasing all minions I can but due to my creature level I have to stick with island 1 and 2 minions).


  13. Jujuman92000 says:

    You want XP very fast 🙂

    Build then sell “Large Polar”

    You can do that with every “home” but I recommend polar or mountain

    You need to “concentrate” your creature on their “home” (even “full it” with 4 creatures)….

    I’m level 31, so I can build and sell 2 polar every 3 days

    I hope my english is’nt so bad 🙂


  14. abcde says:

    Here is my best level up-strategy for higher levels: After you have reached the 3rd island and gotten yourself some really powerful creatures that can beat anything on the 2nd island with just one blow, move all your homes to the second island. Why? Because the game generates most of the minions close to the homes, and the minions on the 2nd island give so much more experience points than the ones on the 1st.

    • skimono says:

      Great tip. I even get the Evil Queen. You get 10000 xp for it.

      • abcde says:

        Isn’t it great! I would estimate that my method doubles levelling speed.

        About the evil queen, I put a farm right next to the bridge to the third island, and tshe has appeared three times so far.

        Yesterday (9 sept 2013) I reached level 34.

    • castlemage says:

      this really works. moved most of the homes to second island, and it got full of minions.

      moved just 1 polar home filled with sidhe’s to 3rd island, and had 3 minions there this morning.

      good tip for more xp

      • abcde says:

        Followup: It took 28 days to go from level 34 to level 37, that is, a little more than 9 days per level.

        I log in about 3 times a day, and I do not “cheat” by paying for anything. After a while, I moved some of the homes to the third island. I am trying to find the right balance between 2nd and 3rd island homes, so that I do not run out of courage keeps.

        Fun detail: once I got three evil queens simultaneously, standing next to each other.

    • Rachel says:

      Brilliant idea! This will help me so much.

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