Posted on Jan 12, 2013

Tiny Castle Tinyco How to get Siren

Thanks to Silena and others who have sent these pictures 😀

Tiny Castle Siren Egg

Tiny Castle Siren Growth

Siren Status

Sky Tiny CastleBeach Tiny Castle












Earn Rate

7 12 16 21 25 29 33 35 37 39

Feed (x4)

50 105 155 205 500 1000 1800 2300/
3300 MAX

Total Food

0 200 620 1240 2060 4060 8060 15260 24460 37660


19 19 19 19 19 27 30 30 34 38


35 35 35 35 35 53 63 63 72 81

Available at level 14

Habitat: Sky and Beach

Buying Price: 1120 Jewels

Selling Price: 4880 Gold

Experience: 195 XP

Hatching/Breeding time: 18 hours

Tuck in time (baby lvl 4): 7 hours 46 min 40 sec (Strange number but it’s true)

Tuck in time (Teen lvl 7): 10 hours

Baby: “Well, hello there”
Teen: “tra lalalaala”
Adult: “Ready for a solo”

Breeding Formula:
[0] Nereid + Fairy
[0] Nereid + Sylph
[0] Fairy + Mermaid (Just got 10.5 {triton} from this formula….. or maybe it has same summoning time as Triton 😀 ??)
[0] Triton + Fairy (5th try)
[0] Peryton + Mermaid
[0] Lochness + Peryton
[0] Mermaid + Sylph
[0] Sphinx + Lochness
[0] Fairy + Lochness
[0] Triton + Wyrm
[0] Raksasha + Wyrm
[0] Leave your formula please (I know you can get this monsters by breeding any monsters that have garden and beach magic on its attribute but I believe there are different formulas on every device that have higher chance)

Tiny Castle Breeding Guide Main Page

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293 Responses to “Tiny Castle Tinyco How to get Siren”

  1. klutzygrace says:

    Got Siren on the first try with Adult Party in and teen Swamp Troll

  2. veronica says:

    Got it on first try with raksasha on left and gargoyle on right, both level 8 adults.

  3. Cassandra Sunshyne says:

    (LEFT) Adult Triton (lvl 8) + (RIGHT) Senior Pegasus (lvl 11) = Siren :)

  4. JawBreakerzz says:

    I got my Siren on the 2nd try with Triton on left amd Pegasus on right (both adult)

  5. Fopperu says:

    Siren+kirin first try

  6. Fopperu says:

    I don’t know how many times I tried (definetely more than 3), but I finally was able to get the siren using a sylph and triton. Hope this helps.

  7. Darisa says:

    Adult peryton and teen swamp troll

  8. SPDRMAMMA/Sonjams1 says:

    Got 18hrs with Karin + Cockatrice…hoping its Siren!

  9. Barbarab says:

    Ok they have that short breeding time going on so is it exactely half the breeding time? Meaning if i have a 6 hr and something breeding time it would normally b a 12 hr?? On my game for siren it has water and sky on here it has sky and water which is right? I bred mermaid and american griffin any ideas with this short breeding time? Im trying for siren

  10. spencer says:

    Dear noob i got my siren yesterday night only but i cant see it . I restarted my device several times but still everything is worthless !

  11. Clazza says:

    It’s so annoying! Ive tried almost everything. I have found the most successful(or near successful) is a sphinx+lochness but the problem is I get all excited for an 18hr time then I get angry and frustrated when it comes out as owlman. It has happened to me twice now >.>

  12. sam says:

    Hippocampus an leviathan ( I’m sure I spelled that wrong :) ) first try

  13. Elizabeth says:

    First try with level 5 peryton and level 5 mermaid on android!

  14. JawBreakerzz says:

    Got siren on my first try with Triton on left and Fairy on right. Both level 8 adults. It surprised me since my boyfriend has been trying for a while to get the Siren…

  15. Christy says:

    I think I got one of these. Manticore + Lochness. I’m not sure yet but the breeding time is right and I wanted to post this before I forgot what monsters/creatures I was breeding. And I, too, was trying for a Hippocamp.

  16. Cutie 123 says:

    I just can’t get it

  17. mysticado says:

    I was able to get it on my Iphone 5S directly after the first try with:

    I tried it once and boom – 18h breeding time!

  18. missfoxy2u says:

    Got it with Triton and Peryton trying for hippocamp

  19. Tiffany says:

    I got it with fairy and triton (2nd try) both adults

  20. illy says:

    First try was on accident but swan maiden and gargoyle, both teen. Was just breeding to have something in there :)

  21. Danielle says:

    Pegasus and lochness

  22. Danielle says:

    genie and mermaid

  23. Danielle says:

    I am going to try what Nora said about the fairy and triton.

  24. jewls says:

    Trying for Swan Maiden but got Siren, which I also needed, using Leviathan and Pegasus. Just don’t get the ones I am actually trying for or well back to the breeding pen. 😉

  25. Julie D says:

    Gargoyle + Lochness = Siren 1st try!


  26. psyche says:

    Level 10 gargoyle and level 6 triton. Siren was not what I was going for, but I’ll gladly take her, lol!

  27. sexy chic 69 says:

    Finally got it with adult slyph & adult triton…….yeah…..on my Kindle fire

  28. Lucifel says:

    Got Siren and Hippocamp with Nereid + Sylph formula. (FIRST TRY BOTH) :)

  29. Lawren says:

    The siren’s buying price in the shop is now 1,120 jewels (same as the fire nymph’s buying price in the shop in the current Tiny Castle version). I looked it up in my game.

  30. Siv says:

    Pegasus and Kirin first try

  31. Meredith says:

    Was trying for leviathan and got siren instead on first try with Bunyip+Sphinx

  32. Lawren says:

    I don’t think you can’t get siren by breeding a fairy and a mermaid. If you do so, this will only yield you six eggs: triton, patriot mermaid, nereid, garden nymph, mermaid, and griffin. The fairy + mermaid formula should be crossed out, because you can’t get a siren by using a basic creature.

  33. Alex says:

    Got from hippocamp and sylph, first try :)

  34. Jennie Whitten says:

    I just got the siren on my first try on this combo lochness first then Pegasus both teens after receiving three owl men from the combo manticore first then lochness second have fun

  35. Lawren says:

    First try: triton and sphinx. This is the sixth opposite creature I got.

  36. Aeryk says:

    pegasus + kirin first try on Amdroid

  37. zoe says:

    Hello I have summoned a sieren on tiny castle but there’s no body of the sieren to be seen only the little picture that shows the sieren

  38. Lara says:

    Finally got 18hrs with senior fairy and triton.

  39. Matt Angelo says:

    Lochness lvl 10 + Pegasus lvl 11 = Siren first try!!

  40. Lady Jade says:

    Was trying for Hippocamp with Slyph and Water Leaper and got Siren breeding time on the 1st try.
    I’m on Android

    • jennie says:

      For the sylph mix teen Pegasus with with the second garden nymph you got named Bella don’t forget the part keep trying this solution It just worked for me you will get your sylph and remember teen Pegasus first then adult Bella the garden nymph it won’t work with the first garden nymph that you received I hope this help let me know thanks

  41. Chary says:

    Finaly Fairy + lochness = siren first try

  42. JawBreakerzz says:

    I tried for WEEKS to get a Siren cuz of her high fighting stats. Tried every combo I had more than once, I was fixin to give up..than I noticed I hadnt tried one of my limited edition creatures that happened to hve an air element. This combo FINALLY worked for me…

    Level 9 Triton on the left, Level 6 Fifework Fairy – yay!!!!

    • koi doll says:

      similar thing happened to me. i just got the wonderful 18 hour summoning time with Patriot Mermaid and Fairy. I had planned on using Nereid, but decided…the last time I used my Patriot Mermaid to get a limited creature, I got it…so.. Went for it and now waiting 18 hours for the beloved egg, then baby =D

  43. whizzkid says:

    Pegasus + Kirin = Siren (first try) on a galaxy s3..yayyy!! 😀

  44. sobejane says:

    Got it first try with Manticore and Lochness. I was trying to get a hippocamp but hey, works for me(:

  45. castlemage says:

    just tried teen Sphinx on left, and teen Triton on right. gave me 18 hours, hoping its a Siren.

    • castlemage says:

      it’s a Siren

      • castlemage says:

        food at level 7 is only 1150.

        she has leveled quite fast, and powerful already. my favorite creature

      • castlemage says:

        got her to level 9 and banished the queen first try.

      • castlemage says:

        tried Sphinx and Triton again and got another Siren.

        this should help on 3rd island. as noob says, we got a lot of work to do there.

        my tablet is android with ice cream sandwich

    • Nelnel09 says:

      I tries this on my I phone but keep getting leviathan. Dang it! I need a siren or hippo but can’t seem to get it on my iPad or iPhone. Any suggestions, please help!

      • Meadow_the_FireNymph says:

        I got my second hippo with bunyip and sphinx in that order during the double summoning time. Could be an undine however. If you ever get a siren let me know! I desperately need one.

  46. Awesome dude says:

    Siren food lv 8 – 1350 food

  47. Yu Kanda says:

    Teen Sylph teen Triton first try.

  48. Soran says:

    Alycone and hydra (both teens) on my first try, I don’t need her as I already have her but hopefully it might help someone else knowing this formula :)

  49. BohobeadMomma says:

    How would that happen? There is no water in either f those.

  50. Samuel says:

    Sylph + Coral nixie.

  51. Heidi says:

    Peryton and mermaid – first try!

  52. Neptune says:

    Was trying for a Sylph and got a Siren with Peryton and Triton. It can’t be the owl man because there’s no desert element.

  53. Tesla says:

    I bred triton and manticore and got 18 hr summoning time hopeing and praying that its a siren “well not really”

  54. Joey says:

    How do u make a sirin I need a formula

  55. Lindsay says:

    Using a teen Shinx and a teen Kirin I got a Siren first try! Being teens may or may not have something to do with it.

  56. diana says:

    I got sir in with pegasus and kirin first Try 😉 yey yey yey yey yey yey

  57. nelson1235 says:


  58. Awesome dude says:

    The siren is beach and sky not sky and beach and the hippocamp is sky and beach not Beach and sky

  59. Quack1947 says:

    Pegasus and sphinx but not sure I have siren or owl an.

  60. Fahad says:

    i got siren….Bye Sphinx=lochness…1st try..

  61. Lisa PH says:

    I got siren with bunyip and wyrm. Yes!

  62. katie says:

    Sphinx and Triton 18 her breeding time gotta be this still trying for a sylph but I’ll take it I need one of these too

  63. Cassidy says:

    Got it with manticore and lochness first try

  64. Christy says:

    Just got 18 hours with manticore and triton

    • BohobeadMomma says:

      I got 20hrs with this combo (hippocamp or nereid). I need both so no complaints 😉

    • Heather says:

      I used triton + manticore and got 18hrs! Been trying so many times and got fairies and tritons galore (with fairy and triton). I tried a better combo above and got siren on the first try!

  65. Lillylollypop says:

    I can’t get one :'( aaaahhhhh!

  66. -A says:

    I keep getting Kirin ahhh

  67. mama-B says:

    Manticore + Lochness= siren. Was trying for hippocamp and got siren instead but that’s ok siren has better stats to beat the queen than hippocamp :)

  68. Noora says:

    Fairy(L)+triton(R)= Siren

  69. Nicole says:

    Titan + Gargoyle = Siren!!! I was hoping for a Neraid, but this is awesome too!

  70. pookie1205 says:

    Got 18 hrs with Bunyip and Lochness. Fingers crossed… Also I’m on android.

  71. Nikki says:

    Just got an 18 hour summoning time … Cockatrice + triton…… Keeping fingers crossed. I’ve been trying for months !!!!

  72. jpater says:

    iPhone. Sphinx + Triton, 1st try after failing too many times w. other combos

  73. Arie says:

    I got 18 hours with adult Peryton (L) and adult Kirin (R). I think it`s a siren.

  74. Mike says:

    I just tried wyrum and triton and got a egg that won’t hatch for 19 1/2 hours what could it possibly be

  75. Kendra says:

    Finally got the 18hour summoning time with adult fairy on the left and teen water leeper on the right!!!! YAY!!!!

  76. Brittney Wineholder says:

    Got it with adult fairy on (L) and teen Hippocamp on (R)

  77. Mody says:

    I need a sure first try formula for this sireeen plzzzzz on android

  78. Awesome dude says:

    I used triton and wyrm to get siren

  79. Ash says:

    I got her with Sylph and Triton first time

  80. Eddy says:

    Siren lvl 9 defence is 72 attack is 34 not 81 / 38. It fools you to thinking its the later. But really doesnt give you the max until youve maxed out to lvl 10. Thought it was important.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Thanks for the correction.

      • Eddy says:

        My apologies, I spoke too soon. Not that the info was incorrect,just that Ive come to realize that all the monsters when level up to 9 will make you think that its maxed out till you either use in battle or go back after to feed again to find the origional numbers were incorrect. Its not till you do max their levels to 10 that all is final. Tricky someTimes, if your not paying attention that is. To take this further I will check my figures and watch closely to see but I believe it does it everytime you level up. Will keep you updated on my finds. Oh btw your doing a really good job keeping this updated with more than one game to listen to all theese players. Have a great day.

  81. Boosya21 says:

    Teen triton + adult Pegasus. First try!!!!

  82. Lillie says:

    Neireid + Fairy got me siren… On second try 😉

  83. Amanda says:

    Finally! 18 hr with Fairy and Lochness. I can’t imagine a glitch that would give me owlman on this combo so Eureka! I was sick sick sick of tritons and perytons and lochnesses on the other combos. I was trying for nereid but I’m not looking a gift horse in the mouth.

  84. MartianGirl says:

    Cupid and Water leaper (iPhone) first try.
    Just got 18 hrs – yay! Should be a Siren.

  85. Hailey says:

    Adult Pegasus and adult kirin

  86. Kait says:

    I’d just like to say, that Sphinx x Triton formula is awesome and works great. First try it got me the Leviathan, which I needed and could not get for the life of me. Second try, it got me the Siren.
    Awesome. So thanks to everyone who mentioned it.

    • Kendra says:

      I used this formula to try for the siren, got a 10hour wait on the 50% faster summoning day, ergo a normal 20 hour wait. So I am fairly positive it’s a hippocamp. This is an awesome formula for these harder to get creatures!!!!! Thank you so much!

  87. JJ12 says:

    Siren feeding
    Food level 1: 4×50
    Food level 2: 4×105
    Food level 3: 4×155
    Food level 4: 4×205
    Food level 5: 4×500
    Food level 6: 4×1000

  88. Soran says:

    Manticore and lochness, three times in a row with the iPhone, typical when I’m not trying for her lol!

  89. Angelicswtnss says:

    Leve l6- 1000×4
    Level 7- 1800×4

  90. Lysi says:

    Food level 8 : 2300
    Food level 9 : 3300

  91. Mandalore says:

    Sphinx + Lochness = Siren!!! I am still trying to get a Slyph before rare monster weekend is over.

    • Mandalore says:

      I also got Sirens buy using Peryton + Triton, Triton + Pegasus, and Fairy + Triton. I was using the first two to try for the Slyph or Kirin but to no avail.

  92. Korie says:

    Correction. Lochness and peryton gave me 6.5. Think it’s another peryton. Can’t remember how I got kirin.

  93. Korie says:

    Lochness and peryton gave me kirin after LONG wait time. But I also needed kirin.

  94. antonio says:

    Siren= perytron + lochness. Both level 10, 1st try on android. I was trying for a hippocamp, but ill take her.I didn’t have one before.

  95. kindredcon2 says:

    While trying for something else, I got siren with cactus dryad and lochness, both were level 10.

  96. Soran says:

    Horay! After so many tries with many combinations I finally have managed to get the Siren with Neried and Fairy! It was my second try with that combination and I’m playing on an iPhone if that helps anyone :)

  97. Tarasa says:

    Ive tried so many combos on getting a siren is there a combo that really works that you would suggest

  98. George McLean says:

    Have tried all above… STILL no Siren… Am on my 4th try round of each!!!!!! I’ve had absolutely no luck with any creatures since January… The only new ones I’ve got,… I’ve had to buy… I’ve used all my Birthday & Christmas money & my Mum isn’t happy with me

  99. William says:

    Lochness + sphinx = siren, first try…:-)

  100. kittycupcake says:

    FINALLY got a Siren with Sphinx and Triton (first try with that combo).

  101. whammytammy says:

    Got it finally with fairy and lochness in that order. On android good luck. Hope this helps

  102. Felicia says:

    I just got 18 hour with Water Leaper and Cockatrice first try!!!

  103. kittycupcake says:

    ughhhh so many tritons! i’ve had to sell at least 8 tritons so far trying to get the siren.

  104. vanyelashke1980 says:

    Finally! Adult Triton + Adult Fairy and got 18 hours breeding time. I think this was the 3rd try with this combo.

  105. Jaded says:

    My Siren’s earn rate at Level 10 is 37 only :(

  106. Stitch says:

    Cupid+nereid =siren 1st try

  107. Melissa says:

    Sylph + Bunyip

  108. Jaded says:

    Water Leaper + Sylph

  109. Meg says:

    Manticore and Bunyip

  110. Dee says:

    Just got Siren with Lochness (lvl 8 or 9) + Wyrm (lvl 10). (Android)

  111. Aprille says:

    Sphinx & Bunyip

  112. L says:

    Got it finally with level 10 Cupid and level 10 Triton

  113. Nikki says:

    Teen Hippo and Bunyip… IOS

  114. Gummi bear says:

    Hey I just got a bunyip whith sphinx and lochness

  115. anongirl says:

    Cupid & Triton

  116. TheRoyaal says:

    Peyton and lochness first try 2 times trying to get hippocamp

  117. Jellybeans says:

    I summoned a fairy and triton I got 18 hrs
    I checked the chart 18 is for siren and owl man.
    Thinks its siren !!! Yeaaaa!!! I

  118. vinay says:

    teen android and mermaid

  119. Princesse Morgane says:

    Triton & teen sphybx first try

  120. Princesse Morgane says:

    Triton & teen sphynx first try

  121. Shawna says:

    I just put (left side) Lochness & (right side) Peryton and got a 18 hr summoning. It’s either Siren or Owlman. I’ll post & let ya know which one it is.

  122. UniqueXpuzzle says:

    Got it with Triton and Fairy first try, gunna try for a second one with the same combo!

  123. jett says:

    Lochness and peryton, 18hr summoning time. First try :-)

  124. spirecreations says:

    I used Sphinx and Triton, got a Siren first try!

  125. chin says:

    Peryton+ nereid 1st try

  126. Mkj00 says:

    I think I got it whit fairy and triton 1st try!!

  127. Ana C says:

    Fairy + Lochness (First try)

  128. Rae says:

    Cockatrice x Triton

  129. Pegs138 says:

    Tried adult fairy and teen water leaper got 18 hr breed time. Owl man or siren will update in 18 hrs :)

  130. jett says:

    Sylph and mermaid, summoning time of 12.25 hours ?

  131. Felin says:

    Fairy and Lochness. 12.25hrs :/
    Will update tomorrow!

  132. Jennifer says:

    I just got an 18hr breeding time with Fairy + Lochness. It’s my first attempt breeding a Siren….. Here’s hoping for a Siren….

  133. Gaetz23 says:

    Sphinx and water leader 2nd try. I have an 18 hour hatch time though

  134. Sarah says:

    nereid and fairy, and I got a seiren for 20 hrs version .2

  135. Shaz says:

    Manticore and lochness first try

  136. Raawr says:

    Sylph+lochness=siren on first try

  137. Gean341 says:

    I’ve been trying to get the Siren for a week now trying every option I can do multiply times to no avail. Not sure what else to do. Ready to give up and forget about this one.

  138. Sassy says:

    Tuck in time for baby to teen is correct. Weird, but correct.

  139. Ryan says:

    Lochness and manticore just got me siren!

  140. Katelyn says:

    I got the Siren by using an adult fairy and a teenager lochness!!!

  141. Danabfly says:

    Another formula that worked for me to get a Siren is Rakshasa + Wyrm

    • Gagi says:

      I think I have the worst luck of anyone…..Still trying for a Siren (and Nereid):

      Mermaid + Fairy = Triton (12.5 hours for some reason?)
      Mermaid + Fairy = Triton (12.5 hrs again)
      Mermaid + Fairy = Triton (12.5 hrs…now I give up)
      Lochness + Fairy = Treant
      Triton + Manticore = another 2:45 summon time :-(

  142. 52laru says:

    finally 16.25 fairy Loch Ness
    both lvl 10

  143. Aki says:

    Triton + Manticore

  144. Catty B says:

    Mermaid + fairy, second time around!

  145. Rhiana says:

    Lochness and fairy got 16.25 hours.

  146. Mimi says:

    Sphinx and Triton…

  147. Zach says:

    Adult quote:”Ready for a solo!”
    I think they all have to do with singing

  148. Rachael says:

    I got siren on 1st try with triton and manticore!! On iPhone FYI. I think some combos work better on different devices :)

  149. cheeko111 says:

    Lochness + Sylph

  150. Ethan says:

    Adult fairy and teen Triton for me worked 1st go

  151. Jen says:

    Lochness and fairy. Both adult. 16.25 and waiting

  152. Siekick says:

    Also got one with sylph & nereid first try

  153. coffeecat says:

    I get one with Triton + Wyrm formula. First try

  154. Siekick says:

    Manticore & Nereid

  155. Stschw says:

    Does the combo Fairy + Mermaid produce anything Else then Tritons?

  156. Sarah Z says:

    Got this with Triton and Manticore!

  157. garrison says:

    avalable at lvl 14

  158. AngYas says:

    I got it with fireworks fairy and rakshasa first try.

  159. AngYas says:

    After trying all the other combos I got it with fireworks fairy and rakshasa first try.

  160. josh says:

    Here is a list of my monsters which ones should I breed to get Siren?1 sylph,1 fairy,1 firework fairy,1 Peryton,1 pegasus,1 griffon,1 Nereid,1 kitsune,1 imp,1 fire nymph,1 cactus dryad,1 holly dryad,1 tomten,1 garden nymph,1 centaur,1 phoenix,1 cockatrice,1 genie,1 naga,1 water leaper,1 rakshasa,1 lochness,1 kirin,1 treant,1 cyno,1 mermaid,1 sphinx,1 bast and a Owlman egg

  161. Irina says:

    Lochness + Fairy, got 16.15 summoning time 1st try.

  162. Daina says:

    Water Leaper & Fireworks Fairy 1st try

  163. MoeOooo says:

    I think I got it at 5th try. 16.25 hours with adult triton & adult fairy. XD

  164. Dragongal says:

    I used triton and n\manticore, got Siren on first try.

  165. Red says:

    I got one with a water leaper + slyph
    I was trying for a neireid.

  166. Sabrina says:

    Triton x fairy worked for me the first time. Thank you all so much for this site!!!!! 16 hours and counting!!!!

  167. Bindi6 says:

    I summoned a Siren the first try with
    Nereid + Sylph.
    Time: 16.15
    Jewels to hurry up: 33

    • Sabrina says:

      How did u get your nereid? I have over 100 tries no success

      • Bindi6 says:

        Hi Sabrina,

        Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. I used
        Water Leaper + Triton to get Nereid. I was lucky
        and got it the first or second try. I haven’t had any
        luck trying to get a second one. Have you gotten one
        since your comment? If not, just keep trying. I have
        been fortunate and summoned all the creatures.
        Currently, I am breeding my second Siren. Good luck!

  168. Scotophorous says:

    Lochness and fairy. First try

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