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Tiny Castle Tinyco Iphone Guide Leviathan

Tiny Catle Leviathan Egg

Tiny Castle Leviathan Growth

Leviathan Status

Beach Tiny CastleDesertTiny Castle












Earn Rate

6 10 14 18 22 25 28 30 32 32

Feed (x4)

100 205 305 405 700 910 955 1002 1052 MAX

Total Food

0 400 1220 2440 4060 6860 10500 14320 18328 22536


16 16 16 16 16 19 22 26 29 32


30 30 30 30 30 38 46 53 61 69

Available at level 17

Habitat: Desert and Beach

Buying Price: 700 Jewels

Selling Price: 4393 Gold

Experience: 322 XP

Hatching/Breeding time: 19.5 hours

Tuck in time (baby lvl 4): 8 hours

Tuck in time (Teen lvl 7): 10 hours

Baby: “Greetings”
Teen: “if you don’t mind”
Adult: “care for a swim, your majesty?”

Breeding Formula
[0] Siren + Bast (1st try)
[0] Water leaper + Firework fairy (not recommended)
[0] Lochness + Cactus Dryad
[0] Siren + Bunyip
[0] Siren + Genie
[0] Bunyip + Lochness
[0] Bunyip + Sphinx
[0] Nereid + Sphinx
[0] Rakshasa + Cactus Dryad
[0] Triton + Bast
[0] Manticore + Lochness
[0] Lochness + Adlet
[0] Leave your formula by commenting below :D

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143 Responses to “Tiny Castle Tinyco Iphone Guide Leviathan”

  1. Tristan says:

    Bast and Swan Maiden first try

  2. dastardly777 says:

    cactus dryad + water leaper first try (:

  3. jen says:

    Manticore and siren… three times in a row both are teens not sure if that makes a difference was trying for rakshasa

    • brumcruzr says:

      Thank you so much for this suggestion….the other day I tried so many times I was getting ready to throw my phone!!! lol!!! But I saw your suggestion and tried it…and first time got my Leviathan (finally!!!) Thank you again for a frustration save!!!

  4. Michelle says:

    Triton and bast. First try

  5. gummybear says:

    I got a Leviathan using Hydra and Owlman (first time ever using these two)

  6. carol says:

    Siren & bast first try Android phone

  7. Leslie says:

    I got two: Water leaper + Manticore and Siren + Manticore (trying for a hippocamp)

  8. aCreolePixie says:

    on my hundredkazzilonth time trying to get sylph I think I got leviathan with teen bast and teen siren….. oh well

  9. sexy chic 69 says:

    Adult bast and adult triton. 1st try on my Kindle fire

  10. Milena says:

    got the second leviathan with Siren and Leviathan :D

  11. psyche says:

    Teen rakshasa + teen bast

  12. Jordan says:

    I got a 19.5 hr summoning time with siren on the left and fire nymph on the right…it’s there any other creature with 19.5 hrs?

  13. Jordan says:

    Marozi right and triton left = leviathon

  14. Lawren says:

    I got another leviathan when trying for basilisk using marid and bunyip. Very frustrating. :( I also tried to summon a hippocampus or firework fairy when it come out, but all I managed to summon was another leviathan by using manticore and bunyip.

  15. Lawren says:

    I got it with a teenage bunyip and a teenage kirin. Trying to go for an adlet.

  16. BOBALINA says:

    Teen Siren + Teen Cactus Dryad (on iPad)

  17. ajh1716 says:

    Just mixed Fireworks Fairy and Lochness trying to get an owlman and I am pretty sure with the summoning time I am getting a Leviathan

  18. Luis says:

    Lvl 10 Triton and lvl 5 Marid twice in a row

  19. koi doll says:

    after getting 2 sphinx eggs in a row with the bunyip + sphinx combo, i decided to switch it up with bunyip + manticore and just got 19.5 hours summoning time! just got my leviathan =D yay!

  20. Louis says:

    LV 5 700
    LV 6 910
    LV 7 955
    LV 8 1002
    LV 9 ?
    LV 10 MAX

  21. Louis says:

    Food lv6 700

  22. nelson1235 says:

    Siren and manitcore first time (was trying for this the first time and got it yay)

  23. Lolafrye says:

    Kirin + genie first try, both teens

  24. mary says:

    Fireworks & … I’ll comment later when I go back into the game because I was deciding between two of them, but pretty sure this is the one in going to get. Will let you know for wure when it hatches. (:

  25. Artichoke Dimbo says:

    I did mermaid teen + genie teen and got 19.5 hours. I’m not sure if I got leviathon or rakshasa. I’ll post what I get later.:)

  26. Pepperinmaheye says:

    Blast + Water Leaper = Leviathan

  27. Pepperinmaheye says:

    Lvl 7 triton + Lvl 7 naga =19:30 rakshasa or levIathan?

  28. Fahad khanzada says:

    Siren+sphinx taking 19.5 hours sure it will b leviathan..

  29. CavemanChris says:

    Cactus dryad and lochness, first try!!!

  30. infinity says:

    rakshasa and owlman in first try

  31. Devdutta says:

    Mermaid and Djinn first try.

    • Bella says:

      I was trying for a Manticore but I got 19.5 hours.
      I suspect that it is a Leviathan.
      I used a adult sphinx and a teen triton.
      Hope this helps.

  32. Britni says:

    Teen Lochness + Teen Adlet

    I got desperate trying to get a Leviathan, so I just threw these two together and got a 19.5 hour breed time! Seeing how there’s no fire element involved, I must have gotten my Leviathan! I finally got my Bast, now I just need my Owlman and Neriad!

  33. Tennelleepoo says:

    Manticore and a triton without even trying for it..

  34. dj says:

    Sphinx + Siren

  35. Cati says:

    Adult bast and teen rakshasa.

  36. MartianGirl says:

    Finally – 19.5 hours with teen Bunyip and Adult Kirin.
    Must be a Leviathon, right?

  37. Arie says:

    I got 19.5 hours with adult siren and adult bast. Was expecting either sylph or manticore.

  38. Kendra says:

    Darn it!!!! I had a 20 hour wait time with Siren and Blast so I thought it was a Neirad which I have been trying to get since I unlocked my water…. Must have been a glitch about the time cuz I got a leviathan. I need her, but it was still a lil disappointing!

  39. Awesome dude says:

    Not again why does tiny castle have sooooooooo many glitches
    When I put my leviathan in its habitat it goes back to the place where all my other games are.
    Should I fix error section again

  40. Miri says:

    Water Leaper and Naga by the 1st Try

    Good Luck!

  41. Awesome dude says:

    I was trying for hippocamp with sphinx and bunyip and I got 19hrs and 30 mins and I thought I had raksasha but I saw that it didn’t have fire in its combo and now I realise it was leavithan!!

  42. Monica Daikai says:

    Adult Nereid + Teen Bunyip 19.5 first try. Very happy camper(:

  43. Princessduh says:

    Sphinx + siren got me 19.5, been trying for this one a while

  44. Thu-Thao (TT) says:

    Lvl 8: 3005

  45. Lillie says:

    Lochness + cactus dryad first try !

  46. Eugene says:

    Lv 9 – 5005

  47. jokemon says:

    Yay i believe i got this one by breeding Water Leaper and Sphinx (it shouldnt be Rakasha so it must be Leviathan)

  48. Alicja says:

    Level 5 – 700
    Level 6 – 1125
    Level 7 – 1520

  49. Mandalore says:

    food lvl 8 = 3005

    • Mandalore says:

      Lochness + Owlman netted me another Leviathan. I was trying for an Adlet or Kirin though.

      • Amanda says:

        Thanks for this one. Got 19.5 hr summon first try…yay leviathan. It’s the first formula that’s worked for me in over a week. Stupid Nereid *sigh*

      • Luke says:

        Hmmm… I keep getting Lochness for this combo (third time in a row)

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