Posted on Mar 2, 2013

Tiny Castle Tinyco Summoning Walkthrough Djinn

Born at 28 February 2013

Tiny Castles Djinn Growth

Djinn Growth Status












Earn Rate

2 2 3 4 6 6 7 9 9 11

Feed (x4)

60 120 170 200 450 900 1650 2800 4405 MAX

Total Food

0 240 720 1400 2200 4000 7600 14200 25400 43020


12 12 12 12 12 14 20 20 26 26


22 22 22 22 23 26 38 38 45 45

Habitat: Volcano and Desert

Buying Price: 575 Jewels

Selling Price: 1021 Gold

Experience: 249 XP

Hatching/Breeding time: 6,25 hours

Tuck in time (baby lvl 4): 4 hours

Tuck in time (Teen lvl 7): 5 hours

Baby: “Whee”
Teen: “Look, how big I am”
Adult:  “Haha, I can defeat anything”

Breeding Formula
[0] Genie+ Naga (Got it on 1st try :D)
[0] Phoenix + Owlman
[0] Kitsune + Cyno
[0] Cyno + Phoenix
[0] Genie + Phoenix
[0] Water Leaper + Genie
[0] Genie formula
[0] Naga formula
[0] Marozi formula
[0] Leave comments if you have successfully bred one

Tiny Castle Breeding Guide Main Page

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148 Responses to “Tiny Castle Tinyco Summoning Walkthrough Djinn”

  1. laini says:

    Genie + Naga…first try (android)

  2. Danielle says:

    I really need to reset my game how can I iv been away got to long

  3. missfoxy2u says:

    Water leaper and genie

  4. Saim Haroon says:

    Finally got it with cyno and kapre both are adults

  5. carol says:

    Just got Djinn with genie and naga. Android phone. Thanks for your help. Just love the site and help you get on here.

  6. Bmcguffie says:

    Finally! After months of trying I got a Djinn today with Naga and Genie. Must have tried this combo at least 100 times, but today it worked!

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Oh my gosh. finally after weeks of trying. I got it my djinn with adult genIe and en saga

  8. kassi says:

    I got one with salamandra and cyno

  9. Andy Miguel Jochum says:

    After thousand of genies I got my djinn finally with kitsune and cyno. Thanks for this formula :)

  10. tinycastleaddict says:

    After multiple tries got djinn today with Bast & Phoenix on second try :) .
    Both are adults .

    Device – Android

  11. FireFrost says:

    Used level ten phoenix and level five owlman on kindle fire

  12. Lawren says:

    I remember a long time ago in May. I got another djinn when trying for a fire nymph.

  13. ardelius says:

    finally got djinn with cyno + phoenix after tried so many times..

  14. Ruffian says:

    I wanted to hatch a Manticore with Cyno and Wyrm, but I got a Djinn :-)

  15. McDevilish says:

    Cyno/Phoenix, first try, after many attempts with other combos.

  16. Lawren says:

    I received a djinn a long time ago and I forgot the combinations of what I got, trying to go for an opposite creature. I failed the djinn raising quest when the djinn was out.

  17. Cjh999 says:

    what is everybodys most sucsessful way to getting a djinn?

  18. J says:

    I got it with cyno +Phoenix

  19. Lady Jade says:

    Finally after weeks of trying got my Djinn with Gennie and Naga. I had tried this combo several times before, with both as teens. But it didn’t work until my Gennie was an adult. I know the general consensus is that it’s completely random. But it working the first time after my Gennie was an adult seems like more than coincidence to me.

    • james says:

      Your right had a teen genie and a teen naga tried so many times to get djin and i feed my naga till 7 and tucked him in and as soon as i took him out the dream tower i summond him and my teen genie and i got the djin first try idc what they say they least one has to be an adult to get him in the genie naga formula

    • Selena3089 says:

      I tried a genie with naga twice. It got genie

  20. marie2313 says:

    Used a Phoenix and an owlman n got it

  21. castlmage says:

    mixed Genie with Cactus Dryad, and got Djinn finally.

    just wanted him to breed with satyress in hopes of getting fire golem.

  22. Pepperinmaheye says:

    Cyno + Kapre = Djinn

  23. Surfing says:

    I can’t get djinn….I can’t use Kitsune since those are the two I am missing. I get nanuk and other harder ones first try but still no djinn, even on 2x summoning day. I need him to complete quest and am running out of time. Cyno and genie gave me 16 hour breed! Darn it. Genie and naga gave me nothing but countless naga. Almost opened all winter isle and this djinn is a stubborn thorn with Kitsune.

    • Pepperinmaheye says:

      Did you get imp and fire nymph? Send me all your trials so i get the ones i am missing email me at
      I got kitsune with treant + cockatrice in that order yesterday

  24. Ali says:

    Adult genie and adult marozi. (In that order) Finally! I’ve been trying for weeks!

    • BohobeadMomma says:

      Tried this 3 times and got 3 nagas. Anyone need a naga?

      • noobbgodlike says:

        LOL, keep trying :D don’t give up.

        • BohobeadMomma says:

          After months of trying every combo, we finally got him today with Kitsune + Cyno! :)

        • medusa-x5-452 says:

          does anyone know if there is a higher likelihood of success, percentage-wise, if you repeatedly utilize the same breeding combo…. in hopes of getting one of the more elusive monsters??
          for example, am I more likely to get the djinn, by continuing to use of a genie + naga = ____________. I have been getting numerous genies (on different equations) & yet I really hope to acquire the djinn.
          if anyone has good intel on this question (noob or tiny perhaps?) please let me know!! thanks in advance for your time, I appreciate any & all suggestions. And of course I’ll keep on trying…!

        • noobbgodlike says:

          from my experience, it is different for every person’s devices.

    • Selena3089 says:

      Seriously how I suppose to get a marozi!!!!

  25. Lillylollypop says:

    I tried Cyno and kitsune,cyno and kitsune then kitsune and Cyno and I finally got it whoop whoop:-)

  26. Giggles says:

    This is my last creature on my quest list – I have been able to get all of the rarer ones but djinn as managed to allude me time after time! I keep getting genies and nagas! :( But I’ll keep trying! :)

  27. Sheila says:

    Genie & Cactus Dryad

  28. Abbé says:

    Cynon and genie worked first time for me :)

  29. wawah darmawan says:

    my combination, cyno X kitsune.
    i already got Djinn twice with this combination.,

    i used on android, :D

  30. Liza says:

    I just got it Rakshasa and Adlet it´s fantastic)))

  31. Gjjellyfish says:

    Pheonix and cactus dryad ( first time )
    In this order otherwise it won’t work

  32. wulfs says:

    Cyno (L) + Phoenix (R), finallllyy!
    p.s. on anroid

  33. linda k says:

    Cyno and genie after trying five other combinations

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