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Tiny Castle Wyorld Tree Quest Guide


Tinyco said that this quest is available for all players above level 20. If you’re above 20 and still don’t get the quest, then follow fix error section on the main page. Thank you and enjoy the game.

Please be patient on the crystal quest (any element),  The crystal spawn rate maybe will get harder as the quest progress.

“Fire is much harder to get than earth, which is harder than sky, which is harder than beach.”

It’s pretty normal (I just got the crystal after 10 times of harvesting), so it’s not a glitch (unless you farm 100 times and still no result). If that’s really what happen to you then follow fix error section on the main page.

Wyrold Tree Quest
(Building Treasures)

Tiny castle Wyorld Tree Quest

You need to finish a certain quest first, to unlock this quest. The quest tells you to plant ever apples 5 times, if you have upgraded all your farms to the large version, then you can simply plant Cheeries (1 minute food).

You need to gather 3 things, they are

[1] A Fragment

[Part 1]

Rewards: 3500 EXP, 75 dust, and 9000 Coins

Fragment can be obtained by simply finishing

[a] Tree budgeting: Simply gather 500.000 Coin from your habitat

Tips on Getting Crystal

Tiny castle Gather Crystal

You get this crystal simply by taking Coins from your habitat (BEACH ONLY, and it’s not 100% chance), I find that habitat with coin icon generates the crystal more frequently than habitat with no coin icon. So, just wait until you can see the coin icon appear above the habitat. The crystal will pop beside the habitat like treasure chest.

[Part 2]

Rewards: 4000 XP, 75 dust, and 9000 Coins

[a] Buy Starlight Sapling
[b] Buy Starlight Oak
[c] Gather 5 Sky Crystals (Same as water crystal but you need to gather from sky habitat)

[Part 3]

Rewards: 4500 XP, 75 dust, and 9000 coins.

[a] Place a rainbow crystal (1000 dust)
[b] Collect 5 earth crystals from garden habitat. (same process as water crystals)

[Part 4]

Rewards: 3000 XP and Fragment

Buy the Twisted Belltower (for 1450000 gold)

[2] A Piece

[Part 1]

Rewards: 9000 Coins, 75 dust and 3000 XP

[0] The piece is completed when you harvest ever apple/cheery 5 times. But the game will simply freeze when you tap the “next quest” button. To avoid this simply tap (X) on the top right of the screen.

[Part 2]

Rewards: 4500 XP, 75 dust, and 9000 coins

[0] Raise Leshy, Zephyr, and Marid to level 10.

[Part 3]

Rewards: 5000 XP, 75 dust, 9000 Coins

[0] Find Volcano Crystals (like you did on water crystals) from volcano habitat.

[Part 4]

Rewards: 6000xp and the piece.

[0] Buy the dinaryp pyramid for 3000 dust

[3] A Paper

[Part 1]

Rewards: 8000 xp, 75 dust, 9000 gold

[0] Banish 10 minions. Appeared after you have finished Fragment part.

[Part 2]

Reward: 10,000 XP, 75 Dust, and 9000 Coins.

[0] Get 5 perfect hits

[Part 3]

Rewards: 2,500 XP,  75 Dust, and 9,000 coins.

[0] Banish 3 minions each with Leshy, Marid and Zephyr

[Part 4]

Rewards: 5000 XP

[0] Place garden shed (Decoration section 3000 dust)

[Wyorld Tree Materials]

Rewards: 5,000 XP, 75 dust, and 9000 coins.

[0] Gather Starlight orbs from minions. Starlight orbs are dropped from minions/tornado. It’s quite rare in my game (only found one from banishing 6 minions; 4 of them are the master troll).  The orb will spawn like treasure chest, so don’t forget to tap it :D.

Tips from Klaw

There seems to be a higher chance of getting an orb with a perfect hit. There also seems to be a higher chance of obtaining an orb if you can banish the minion in one fell swoop. Most of the times I banished a minion with one perfect hit, I would be rewarded with an orb. I managed to rack up quite a few pretty quickly using this technique.

[No kingdom is complete]

Reward : 15000xp 75 dust and 9000 coins.

[0] Complete all quests above to unlock this one. Build the Wyrold tree. (Its huge make plenty of space for it). Costs 4100 dust.

Tiny Castle Breeding Guide Main Page

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148 Responses to “Tiny Castle Wyorld Tree Quest Guide”

  1. Jessica says:

    I’m not understanding how to get the 3 pieces of paper. It is cut off for all 3.

  2. Jack says:

    Finally got the tree after 3 days trying to get fire crystals. What do we do now?

  3. Jojo says:

    I am on a Kindle Fire and can’t read all of the quest instructions. I get the first 2 lines but it cuts off the rest. Anyone know of a way around it? Kind of frustrating.

  4. lisa says:

    The quest “Philip fury” starts with 5 perfect hit against minions.
    Some time all the instructions don’t come out …

  5. klaw says:

    Hi N00b.

    I was late starting this quest due to being busy with work last week and not updating my game to the latest version, so some notes and observations from a late arrival.

    Ive been carrying out a bit of testing as I go along as I’m in no rush to complete these quests as there’s nothing much else for me to do in the game anyhow.


    The crystals do not appear to spawn unless you collect when a coin icon is showing above the habitat. So far Ive tried 6 batches x 100 (600) attempts to collect coins without an icon and its not produced a single crystal.

    The odds of getting crystals do increase & do get harder as you go through each stage. Fire is much harder to get than earth, which is harder than sky, which is harder than beach.

    I seem to have had more luck getting a crystal if the habitat is at its maximum coinage when you collect. ie it seems to be more likely that you will get a crystal if the habitat has been left over-night.

    There doesn’t appear to be much difference between the odds of getting a crystal from building a new habitat and from collecting full coinage.

    • klaw says:


      Orbs can be obtained by fighting minions and clearing tornadoes.

      There seems to be a higher chance of getting an orb with a perfect hit. There also seems to be a higher chance of obtaining an orb if you can banish the minion in one fell swoop. Most of the times I banished a minion with one perfect hit, I would be rewarded with an orb. I managed to rack up quite a few pretty quickly using this technique.

    • klaw says:

      Some info to help complete what you have missing so far.

      [3] A Paper –
      Part 2 Phillip to the Battlefield – Get 5 perfect hits. Reward = 10,000 XP, 75 dust, 9000 coins.
      Part 3 Designs are Mine – Banish 3 Minions each with Leshy, Zephyr & Marid. Reward = 2,500 XP, 75 dust, 9,000 coins.

    • klaw says:

      Some more info on Part [2] A Piece.

      This quest was triggered after completion of the Wyrold Tree Materials Quest (not Wyorid).

      You have that its triggered by harvesting everapples/cheeries, but the apples/cheeries trigger the “A Piece” quest. [Part 1]

      If you think about it, it makes sense that completion of one banishing minions quest triggers another set of banishing quests.

      As already correctly stated, [3] A Paper is triggered when [1] A Fragment is completed. These quests both involve harvesting crystals.

      The Wyrold Tree Material Quest requires 20 orbs (not 10 ) which can be obtained from banishing minions or tornadoes.

      • noobbgodlike says:

        I have cleared Wyrold tree material but don’t get the part 2 of “piece quest”, I believe it’s another thing that trigger the quest (or maybe my game is glitched).

        • Nandho44 says:

          I got the same strange behaviour to. Paper and Piece quests disappeared unfinished at part 3 and 2 respectively but when I passed Fragment part3, Piece part3 and paper part2 showed up again and i was able to finish this two quests. Hope I m clear !

      • linda kindle says:

        So nice of you to help us! Thank you

    • klaw says:

      Finally this is being picky, because I know how much work and effort which is put into this site on behalf of others, but I found the quest in it’s layout above hard to read and follow.

      Much of this is down to the formatting and how there’s no continuity as regards to center and left align of the quests. This makes everything look a bit strange how some quests are centered yet others are aligned to the left.

      The font colors looks a bit odd too – for example the bright pink [a] and [b] in a Fragment Part 1.

      Perhaps a suggestion that the quests are kept in the original [a] [b] format, but any tips and hints are put in italic font but still the same white color.
      Too many bright colors make it very hard to read for some whose sight isn’t perfect 🙁

      Thanks for listening and for all that you do on here 🙂

    • klaw says:

      Oops forgot to add the trigger quest in which you gather 5 everapples or cheeries is irrc called Ludwig’s Folly

      • klaw says:

        and just noticed, I cant see that you have the reward info for the “building treasures” quest. Its 5,000 XP, 75, dust , 9000 coins.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Thanks for all your helps and suggestion :D. I have made change s on the post above. If you have more suggestions then you can contact me again.

  6. southernbren says:

    Finished the quest and wanted to share what helped me get all of the crystals much faster. Put the creatures that produce the most coins per minute in the habitats that you are wanting crystals from. I had to jockey them around a bit but it will speed up the time it takes to have the coin appear over the habitat. Definitely wait until you see the coin before collecting as you will have a much greater chance of getting the crystal. Hope this helps!

    • southernbren says:

      oh, one more thing. I did not need to click “use” in the quest before collecting from my habitats. It gives the crystals without that. Just wait for coin icon.

      • Klaw says:

        I think perhaps you misunderstood. You need to click USE when you have collected all 5 crystals in order to complete the quest.

        You don’t need to click use when you harvest coins from the habitats, the crystals spawn randomly when you click the coin icon.

  7. vanyelashke1980 says:

    I’m assuming you need to complete the 3 Fragment Steps before it gives you the Piece quests? I’m working on collecting the earth crystals and haven’t seen any other quests for the Wyorld Tree Quest steps other than collecting the Starlight Orbs which I have 13 so far.

  8. Elaine says:

    Finished this quest! Wow this Wyorld tree is massive. If you don’t have much room it will be very difficult to place. It is wide and tall so will block out gardens behind it. Finished quest in 2 1/2 days so not too hard. Having a much harder time getting pumpkinhead!

  9. Hannah Taylor says:

    Anyone else having a problem getting the Earth Crystals ? I haven’t found one yet it’s really starting to bug me 🙁
    Any idea on how to Complete the Building Treasures Because no matter what I try just can’t seam to do it! 🙁

  10. nelson1235 says:

    Oooooo I see why I wasn’t getting I didn’t complete the one quest plant 5 ever apples.(I keep forgetting to plant them) and when I did the quest just randomly came and scarred me there was so much all at once….

  11. Lawren says:

    Patience please. My leshy is stabilized in a hospital after fighting a troll. I can’t play every moment of the day to complete the quests. There’s eleven hobs in my game and a lone troll. I only got one inactive hospital in my kingdom. If I mess up with the troll first with the zephyr, I must wait until tomorrow.

    Update: All the hospitals are in use. There are six creatures in use: yuki onna, zephyr, tengu, ice golem, leshy, and jotunn. They are all stabilized until tomorrow.

    Now all the hospitals are in use, I must go to sleep too. Then, I can play again tomorrow morning after I get a chance before going to school (return creatures, scare off a non-polar minion, etc.).

    • Elaine says:

      I find that if I use Adult Nanuk to fight all the minions except the polar ones I never have to put a monster in the Hospital! It’s only when clearing the polar minions that I have to use a different monster to battle or Nauk to take out the high point ones. I keep 2 Nanuks so I always have one available to take out the weaker minions.

  12. kendra says:

    I can’t get any air crystals from my air habitats. How do I get them?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Just keep trying, it’s quite rare. Make sure the habitat is full with coins when you tap it.

      • kendra says:

        Been doing that for 24 hours now. I have gotten one crystal from the habitat but also I got one from a chest. So up to two crystals now 🙂

    • kassi says:

      Build a bunch of small sky habitats til ur habitat quota is full (they don’t take long). Some of them will give u crystals when finished if u don’t get all 5 then sell and build again keep doing this until u have them all. I got 4 from doing this and only 1 from just collecting from the existing ones so its definitely the quickest way to go.

      • kendra says:

        I will have to check my quota again but I think its full. I have all normal creatures except the chimera, and many limited ones along with 4 sylphs. I got 3 sky crystals now. Its taking forever with just the 3 sky habitats I have.

        • kassi says:

          There aren’t enough creatures in the game to fill up all 31habitats even with all the exclusives. R u sure u have them all filled up cuz u could probly condense ur creatures make sure there’s 4 on each habitat and u will probly be left with ones u can sell if u wanted to. The volcanoes crystals are even harder to get so u might want to consider using this strategy if u can or its gonna take forever.

      • Tm says:

        Any idea if this works with volcano crystals too?
        2days of collecting coins and only 1 crystal found 🙁

        • kassi says:

          Yes it works I had to build 12 smalls b4 I got them all

        • kendra says:

          Yea I didn’t realize the last update increased my habitat amount. 🙂 got 3big volcano now and 4 lil ones. Have gotten 2 gems in the last 6-8 hours for volcano

        • Elaine says:

          I moved all my Monsters with a volcano element to fill the habitats while trying to get the crystals and did get all my crystals after that. It really is a patience thing!

  13. Aaronsmom says:

    I found if u get perfect hits u get orbs faster

  14. Aaronsmom says:

    I got everything pretty easy but I can’t get the gems out of fire is any1 else having this problem

    • Superfliguy says:

      Same issue for me….have only got one so far

    • Lol (iOS 7) says:

      Yes, I have been waiting since about 19:00 yesterday to generate the Fire gems… so far I have only obtained 3 in over 24 hrs…sheesh…this really put a damper on finally getting some new content… ;(

    • lulu says:

      I was having this problem too but I finally got one this morning. I think the crystals are just slower to get because the volcano habitat holds more coins than some of the other habitats.

    • Rendarphil says:

      Same here. I’ve been collecting all day from them and can’t get crystals. This is quest is keeping me from progressing. I’m sure they’ll eventually come. In the meantime I’ll keep fighting minions. I’ve been overrun with with them.

    • Elaine says:

      I also got everything easily until it came to the fire crystals. I got 2 yesterday and haven’t been able to get any since. I built extra habitats and waited for the coins to be full and still no luck! Very frustrating! Between this and not getting the monsters I need I have almost had enough with Tiny Castle.

      • Elaine says:

        Did get all my fire crystals and finished the quest quite easily. It really is a patience thing! Now I have nothing to do after getting the Wyorld tree other than trying to get pumpkinhead and a couple other elusive monsters. Think I finished the quest too fast . Lol

    • Rendarphil says:

      Two days and still no gems from fire habitats. I’m hoping that when I do, they all come at once. This is stretching my patience. :/

  15. Lisa says:

    On the glitch of the game freezing or clashing when there is a quest complete, I bought a starlight tree, I have lots of wishes so it was the big one, I don’t know if it would work with any of the others, and the quests cleaned up. Hope that helps others.

  16. Lawren says:

    Sometimes, a minion gets a chance to drop orbs. I’ll give you tips:

    Don’t fight until you see hordes of minions. Wait at least two to four hours.
    Not all minions drop orbs (the fog monster and evil queen for example).
    Use any creature to scare weak minions (such as the vily) in one hit (clumsy cyclops to junior hob).
    Finish all unfinished minion quests to make more minions spawn (“The Ferocious Five” for example).
    A good offer may help you get a better chance to get orbs (the “Twice the Minions” offer).

  17. lol (ios 7) says:

    I seemed to be stalled on the “Spell Breakers” quest …so far I have not received any Fire Crystals from the Volcano habitants…luckily I did not exhaust my quota for habitants so I am going to try building 2 large Volcano habitants in hopes that the new habitants will generate these elusive Fire Crystals…Good luck my fellow Castleteers & As Always Happy Kingdoms!!!

  18. Len says:

    I finish the wry old tree and start the next quest, then get bumped out

  19. Liz says:

    After air crystals the next is 5 earth gems from garden habitat and purchase of rainbow crystal in decorations for 1000. Dust.

  20. anastasia says:

    I got 16 orbs, one after the other, but haven’t gotten anymore. Maybe change from vily?? Also, I’m up to gathering garden crystals, even bought an extra, no crystals yet… And I am still 1/4 on all the quest! For one, I still have to get that darn zepher, but shouldn’t I be showing SOME progress? Have I encountered a glitch? Thanks for all the help on the page! 😀

    • anastasia says:

      Well, sorry, I guess, even though they’re showing 1/4, the quests ( except for getting zepher) are in my completed previous quest section. I noticed this happened before. Sorry to waste your time..I should’ve looked further before asking.

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