Posted on Jun 10, 2013

Tiny Castle Yuki Onna

Thanks to Haigiggs and Ehlana for these info and pictures

Tiny Castle Yuki Onna Egg

Tiny Castle Yuki Onna Growth

Yuki Onna Status

Sky Tiny CastleTiny Castle Polar Element












Earn Rate

9 12 15 17 17 18 25 30 40 50

Feed (x4)

120 250 380 510 935 1200 1337 2600 3900 MAX

Total Food

0 480 1480 3000 5040 8780 13580 18928 29328 44928


41 41 41 41 41 60 60 70 80 90


80 81 82 83 85 101 119 145 165 190

lvl 10 to 11 food: 10.416












Earn Rate

52 54 56 58 60 62 64 66 68 70

Feed (x4)

2734 2870 3013 3163 3321 3487 3661 3844 4036 Max

Total Food 

0 10936 22416 34468 47120 60404 74352 88996 104372 120516


97 99 101 103 105 107 109 111 113 115


195 201 206 212 217 223 229 234 240 245

Habitat: Polar and Sky

Buying Price:  410 Jewels

Selling Price:  6158 Coins

Experience:  304 XP

Hatching/Breeding time: 22 hours 16 minutes 40 seconds

Tuck in time (baby Lvl 4): 13 hours

Tuck in time (Teen Lvl 7): 15.6 hours

Temple Tuck in: 15.6 hours

Baby: “….(nothing)”
Teen: “brrrrr”
Adult:  “huargh….”

Summoning formula:
[0] Alcyone + Ice golem
[0] Ice golem + Tengu
[0] Ice Golem + Griffin
[0] Try Alcyone / Zephyr formula
[0] Leave your formula on the comment section

Tiny Castle Breeding Guide Main Page

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163 Responses to “Tiny Castle Yuki Onna”

  1. Erin says:

    I got this accidentally with ice golem and griffin :)

  2. dastardly777 says:

    Accidentally got this one trying for Zmey with Ice Golem and Cockatrice. This formula has given a different result every time I’ve tried it, though (Yukki Ona, Zephyr, Alcyone, Moon Hare)

  3. Lawren says:

    My other baby yuki onna has a unique saying now. She used to be silent, but makes a shivering noise now. Here’s how the baby’s saying goes:

    Baby: “Buhuhuhuh…” (shivering)

  4. Michelle says:

    Ice golum and tengu

  5. Miauw says:

    Finally with fairy + pine dryad

  6. Aims says:

    Lockness and marid first try

  7. Andiidna says:

    Finally!!! Fairy and snow nixie

  8. jewls says:

    Got the lovely lady finally with Griffin & Ice Peryton yeah ;D

  9. chibilita says:

    Thought she was supposed to be rare? Literally everything I am putting in is giving me one of these…as pretty as she is it is getting a bit annoying haha

  10. Dreams2Knight says:

    Griffin + Ice Golem…was trying for Zephyr

  11. chibilita says:

    Hippocamp and ice golem got me one of these

  12. Amy says:

    Sidhe and gargoil first try

  13. Carol S says:

    Peryton + Ice Golem, was trying for Icy Peryton. Guess another Yuki isn’t bad, except the wait.

  14. Lee Morris says:

    I got one my first try on the iPad with Adult Leshy on the left and Adult Peryton on the right! Was trying for the Icy Peryton but needed the Yuki Onna so I am happy!

    • Teresa Erickson says:

      In an attempt to get Ice Peryton I mixed Peryton+Ice Golem, in that order and got a summoning time of 22hrs 17 mins. According to ur charts that time is for a zmny and Yuki Onna. Well, volcano isn’t an element, so looks like I got Yuki Onna. WOOHOO!!!!!

  15. carol says:

    Griffin & Selkie 1st try Android phone

  16. Lawren says:

    Sidhe and cupid gave me an 11h, 8m, and 20s during half breeding. I know that 6h is alcyone/zephyr, 1h is fairy, 5.5 is sylph, and 11h, 8m, and 20s is either yuki or zmey.

  17. faye says:

    The wyrm and roane (not sure I spelled that right) first time… of course I was tyring for the zephyr for the quest but I’ll take her

  18. Anna says:

    Is this a rare creature? It’s hard to get her. Tried almost all the combos.

  19. LiquidHippie says:

    I got it with Zephyr and Alcyone first try!

  20. Sandy says:

    I as trying for nereid whith Sidhe + Rakshasa, but i got a 22h 16m 40sec breeding time. So, i think it’s a yuki ona.

  21. Aeryk says:

    ice golem (L) + senior fairy (R) on Android – first try

  22. Sunyata says:

    Got it first try with gargoyle and zephyr!’

  23. Shanna says:

    Hey I got the yuki onna with Gargoyle and Ice golem, first try. If that is of any help to anyone. :)

  24. nickys1108 says:

    I got it with gargoyles and Leahy, Leahy on the left.

  25. Sarah says:

    Marid and manticore is a yuki onna for me!

  26. Anugrah Sukumaran says:

    Sylph + Ice Golem = Yuki Onna (First try! Yayy!! :D)

  27. indarkplaces says:

    american griffin and ice golem

  28. castlemage says:

    siren and sidhe gave me 22 hours 16 min 40 sec. should be yuki-onna

  29. login22 says:

    lvl 17:
    food – 3661
    attack – 109
    defence – 229
    earn rate – 64

    lvl 18:
    food – 3844
    attack – 111
    defence – 234
    earn rate – 66

    lvl 19:
    food – 4036
    attack – 113
    defence – 240
    earn rate – 68

    tuck in time: 15h 36m

    lvl 20:
    attack – 115
    defence – 245
    earn rate – 70

  30. momoffour says:

    First try used a sidhe and a sylph on kindle fire hd

  31. Erica says:

    Level 11. Earn 52, food 2734, attack 97, defense 195

  32. Erica says:

    Tuck in time to level 11 is 15 hr 36 min

  33. anastasia says:

    First try with griffin & ice golem, but tried SEVERAL other combinations first . I’ve been trying for this one since i had ice habitat, on and off ! Yeay! Now on top zepher! ( once yuki ona hatches…).

  34. MimiMonster says:

    Ice golem and Cupid second try… maybe I can try for that limited enenra!

  35. linda says:

    nutz my alcyone and zephyer on kindle gave me an ALCYONE…there’s another day i wont get back

    • linda says:

      Okay who’s pulling my leg? It took me forever to get the alycon and now 15 times I got it!!! Lol. Its a shame she is so cute.

      I think I will try to get neried or if I really want to punish myself ….the villy ;-)

  36. Kit Kat says:

    Just bred this one using Alcyon and Zephyr using a Kindle Fire.

  37. linda says:

    Evening. Where is this new sky tower? Do we have to clear only brush? Rocks? Thanks for tip on enenra.

  38. Carol S says:

    Finally, after hundreds of tries, I got my yuki-Onna with Siren and Sidhe. At level 31 I only need Nereid and Basilisk! Patience has its virtues, don’t give up!

    • Jennie Whitten says:

      For the neired go for your rashaka first pick her first then cactus driad second let me know I hope this helps

      • Carol S says:

        tried it and got leviathan, s0 i used cactus dryad first and leviathan second, got 13:42:20 so i think its loveless bunyip, which i don’t have, so thanks!

  39. Wildgoose says:

    Just tried Alcyon and Zaphyr. Breeding time 22 hrs 16 mins 40 secs. Will update once done.

  40. CattyBB says:

    Ice golem & gargoyle, both adults, 2nd try on an iPod.

  41. Kahea413 says:

    I used level 10 gargoyle and level 10 yeti and got it. First try!

  42. Addie says:

    I got it first try with level 8 Forest Nymph and level 10 Griffen

  43. Lawren says:

    I got it on first try with ice golem and griffin. Trying for alcyone, but got it instead.

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