Posted on Jul 2, 2014

Tiny Monsters 4th of July and Golden Independence Quest

Thanks to Draelan for these quest info

Golden Independence

Tiny Monsters Golden Independence Quest

[1] Hatch the Independence, Firework, and Star monsters to unlock the Golden Independence.
Reward: 250 exp, 100 coins
Note: If you already have Independence and Firework, you just need to hatch Star. Just bring them out of your Hall of Champions if you have them stored.

[2] Hatch the Golden Independence Monster!
Reward: 200 exp, 15 diamonds

4th of July

Tiny Monster 4th of July Quest

[1] Hatch the Star Monster! Try Fire and Electric!
Reward: 200 exp, 150 food
Note: Breeding time is 10 hours, same as Strike.

[2] Farm a red crop twice, and a blue crop twice!
Reward: 600 exp, 1000 coins
Note: For red food I use Toadshrooms (15 minutes), and for blue I use Eggplant (2 hours; it’s purple IMO). Those foods can be found on large farm

[3] Harvest three times from red, white, or blue habitats.
Reward: 200 exp, 150 food
Note: I can confirm that Ice and Fire habitats work. Also, it’s 3 total, not 3 of each

[4] Place an Independence Decoration from the Decorations Shop!
Reward: 200 exp, 150 food
Note: I got quest completion with Balloons, the cost of which is 750 coins.

[5] Have Level 10 Independence, Firework, and Star Monsters!
Reward: 800 exp, 15 diamonds

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  1. lisa m says:

    This why the game sucks.
    1.Last 2.5 weeks bred independence firework got inferno and star dust over and over again.25 x
    2. No warning that they were leaving no last chance just gone.
    3. The ones that were supposed to be gone were celestial and are still here why???

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