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Tiny Monsters Autumn Limited Monster Formula

Thanks to Julio, Sheila, and Aliasnc for these pictures and info

Aumtumn Limited Monsters

1st appearance: 25 November 2013 – 16 December 2013

Normal Version

Tiny Monsters Autumn Normal Egg

Tiny Monsters Autumn Normal Growth

Mythic Version

Tiny Monsters Autumn Mythic Egg

Tiny Monsters Autumn Mythic Growth

Autumn Status













Earn Rate

7 13 20/21 26/27 33/34 38/39 43/45 46/48 48/50 49/51

Food (x4)

45 95 140 185 230 275 320 365 410 MAX

Total Food needed

0 180 560 1120 1860 2780 3880 5160 6620 8260

Habitat: Plant

How to obtain: Buy for 132/660diamonds

Sell Price:  5.625 Coins

Exp: 12.000 EXP

Hatching Time/Breeding time: 13 hours

1st hibernation (lvl 4): 5 hours

2nd hibernation (lvl 7): 20 hours

Note: Only have one element (plant). It should be easy to breed if you have Joy, Blushbug, or Elder plant. If you breed plant with those monsters you should only have 2 possible results (plant or autumn). For those who haven’t got these monsters simply try use plant hybrids with plant.

Breeding Formula:
[0] Plant + Flower/ bug (recommended, since failure only make you wait for 4 hours)
[0] Gratitude + Harvest
[0] Tree + Bug
[0] Leave your successful formula on the comment

Tiny Monsters Breeding Guide

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247 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Autumn Limited Monster Formula”

  1. Raziel says:

    Is this monster out this year? I see this website and the game are still stuck on Valentines day…

  2. matt smith says:

    I used lvl 8 mystic plant and lvl 10 flower

  3. Lynn says:

    I just breeded gratitude and harvest and got 48 hours. Don’t want it! Don’t need it! So much for getting autumn!

  4. xxfrogxx says:

    Got Autumn with plant and blushbug :)

  5. Idk says:

    Has anyone gotten it with plant and blue joy? Or is this a wasted combo?

  6. mycodale says:

    Just finished breeding 2 autumn monsters together expecting to get a mythic version. . Instead ended up waiting 13 hours for another regular autumn.. I was already kinda Angry that my latest enigma turned into one of these. . But now I have 3… doesn’t breeding 2 of the same monsters give you the mythic version??

    • noobbgodlike says:

      NO, who said that?
      to get mythic you need to fill the orbs to the max(increases the chance, NOT 100%). Using 2 same monsters only guarantee you will get that exact monster (if it happens to be mythic).

  7. TinyAddict says:

    Hundreds of Plant, Bug, Tree, and Flower monsters later it looks like I can add Autumn to my list of unobtainable critters! I seriously think I’m going to save myself the frustration and just stop trying for the limited monsters! I missed Harvest, Wingwitch, Grimbolt, Etherial Boreal, Wraith Windstone, Eclipse…I’m sure the list goes on…it’s so frustrating!!! Just GRRRRRRR, LOL

  8. Android Big Diamonds says:

    Why are some mythics so hard to get? Been breeding 2 normal autumns together for about 10 times now and finally with the increased 3x chance I finally get mythic. I’ve even been filling the orb with maximum red and then half to max blue over the top of it (about 7 million coins worth)

    I’ve given up trying to get mythic shadow breeding 2 shadows together because 15 attempts is enough wasted time.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I don’t know why but it’s just like you said, rarer creatures mythic form are harder to obtain.

    • Scooter331 says:

      Hi ABD half your luck I can’t get any of the xmass ones let alone a mythic version I belief mythics are more random then the limited ones I used to fill the orb to bot like you not worth it so I just put in a bit now then and seems more effective my partner who has just started playing again after a long break can do nothing wrong she now has all the xmass ones and thanks giving and half those are mythic. Hi Noob sorry to put this here but am rushed for time as usual I read that to get what would be island 6 if you count the social one you have to get to level 200 not sure about that but anyway I’d like to take this opportunity to say Merry Christmass , happy holidays or how ever it’s said in your life be safe and have a wonderful start to 2014 a special thanks to Noob for all you do in all your guides simply “AWSOME ” mate thanks again regards Scooter331.

  9. storm says:

    Yay after quite a few times of getting earth and plant I finally have Autumn using lvl 5 Gratitude and lvl 5 harvest. :D. Don’t give up you could still get Autumn.

  10. Hecate1983 says:

    Tried every single combo and kept getting Plant and Tree! I finally chose Level 10 Mythic Flower and Level 10 Blossom Monster…13 Breed time! Yes! Finally! I thought that the “Increased Breeding Chances” was a joke until now! Good luck everyone, try to get one before the day is out.

  11. Emily says:

    finally got mine with bug and harvest! :-)

  12. TM says:

    Got mythic with reg autumn and reg glee. Whoopie!

  13. Asherlea (TinyCo Id:- Asherlea) says:

    Mythic plant + Mythic flower I got one plant with 17min hatch and then Autumn :)

  14. Benj says:

    What means “……. + flower/bug”


  15. Hecate1983 says:

    Duh! Oh man guys, don’t breed a Blue Joy and Glee! Got an 11 hr breed time: another Blue Joy! I forgot that breeding those two together would give me another Joy. I wasn’t thinking…just breeding two monsters with ONLY a Plant Element! Arrggh! Hope I get one of these cute guys, I just got a new device the other day and had my game transferred because I am one of the unlucky ones who hadn’t been able to play since the Update in July. Glad to be back and I am so far behind that I really appreciate everything you do here Noob!

  16. KAREN says:


  17. Fang Rose says:

    I got it with a mythic bug and mythic plant

  18. fuzziducky says:

    Have tried to get my second one 30 times with Autumn+plant… is it even possible? All i get is plant!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I don’t know, but it shoudl be possible unless they ninja change the breeding mechanism.

      • DeadEd says:

        Actually, you’re less likely to get what either monster is. For example, with a bug & plant, I mostly get flower. So with Autumn and plant you would get plant, plant, plant… why not try the way you got it the first time? Did it take 30 hours the first time.

  19. Julie says:

    Got it with Harvest and Glee. First try. :)

  20. Jordan says:

    Got two in a row with lvl 5 silk left and lvl 7 bug right

  21. Ltfbshb says:

    I got one by breading a flower and a bug monster. I got it first try. But I was really looking for the air monster.

  22. Tarabella08 says:

    So, after what seemed like millions of failed attempts to get Autumn, I finally kinda gave up and decided I might as well try to kill two birds with one stone and try for Autumn and Snowstorm at the same time, so I bred mythic Bug and mythic Pollen and what do ya know?! I finally got an Autumn!! Haha I was so happy because I thought I’d never get one! It’s always when you stop trying that you finally get what you’ve been wanting :) I was going to buy this one if I couldn’t breed one before the time’s up because he’s so cute :) plus I have like 2,000 diamonds saved up lol

  23. mashkin80 says:

    OMG! Luck+ Renewal gave me 13 hours at least! For a second try with this combo. Good luck to all! :-)

  24. mashkin80 says:

    Can’t get it. I’m tired of these trees.

  25. hayley says:

    Flower and plant in that order both level 10

  26. Nunya says:

    Both lvl10 btw

  27. Nunya says:

    Tree+mountain. Got me 13hrs and I got a mythic 1 on first try

  28. ravengirl says:

    Wasn’t even trying for autumn but managed to get two in a row with mythic mountain and glee both level 10

  29. Mr.3b2dy says:

    Finally, I got 13 hours after thousand of trys on many formulas and every time I get tree monster, so I tried a formula of my own and it worked as I hope ,, enigma + gratitude

  30. Catnafiddle says:

    Finally, atleast I hope. Level 10 plant and Level 9 Mythic Pond. 13 hours and it is Mythic.

  31. newbiesoup says:

    the normal and mythic egg are both astoundingly gorgeous, and i want to put it in my hall of champions.

  32. Dawn says:

    Got this on the first try with a level 6 Silk and a level 10 Tundra. Thanks to the person who posted that formula!!!

  33. trueroyalty says:

    *does the dance of a thousand happies* Finally!! After trying for nothing but Autumn since it came out, I finally have the little bugger! Blue Joy level 5 and Blossom level 5. It took about 90 Plants to get him, but at last, he is mine! Mwa-ha-ha, and so on and so forth. 😀

  34. Vananner says:

    I tried a ton of planet/earth + plant/earth or plant combos (like Harvest + Plant, Blossom + Tree, Graditude + Plant, etc.) and was only getting Tree monsters. Finally I tried Renewal + mythic Flower and got a 13 hour hatch time on the first try.

    • Zombiefreak911 says:

      OMG! Thank you so much for this formula!!!! Been trying to get autumn since it first came out. This got me 2 elder earths in a row then an autumn. :)

  35. Candi Mandi says:

    How long is this monster available? I can’t get it and it’s making me very upset!

  36. jnoggle says:

    Steadfast and plant first try

  37. Matt Smith says:

    Getting a mythic Autumn with level 10 mythic plant and level 10 gratitude monsters.

  38. Reva says:

    All of us are like gamblers in a casino! So I saw that the Thanksgiving challenges were over, and gave up trying for an Autumn monster (cute little leafy fox!). I decided to breed for a surprise air monster and crossed my level 5 Pollen bird thingie, and my level 5 Mythic Bayou alligator thingie, and Knock me over with a feather! an Autumn egg is incubating in my nursery! GO FIGURE!? I guess they both had plant elements, but seriously! Who would have guessed those two?!
    Noob do you think that the Tinygods are more likely to bless you with the desired egg at the last minute? I got Grimboldt on Halloween night too

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Thanksgiving end??? Where did you saw that announcement?ANyways, COngrats for your Autumn :D.

      • Reva says:

        all of my Thanksgiving missions disappeared so I thought it was over! Back to trying to breed Elder monster and waiting for Christmas goodies :)
        I have 2 Autumn monsters now! 2 turkeys , one gourd guy, no missions left with those monsters. But I don’t get upset. I think it’s fun to try until the last minute.

    • Viet says:

      Lmao, I figure things will come when you expect them the least. I gave up on plant + flower/bug for fast waiting. It turned out I waited 3 days of 4 hours non-stop in vain. I decided to WHY NOT go for mythic monster that I don’t have. 1st day I went for plant + lushleaf full orbs BOOM normal fox appears and a mythic lushleaf on 2nd try. 2nd day I moved on to plant + eeriewood and a mythic eeriewood with full orbs and a normal eeriewood on 2nd try. Today I went for plant + pond with full orbs fully expect to wait 22 hours in case normal or mythic pond appears. It turned out a mythic autumn LOL. I indeed really forgot about the fox and went over this to check what kinda monster has 13 hour breed time with plant and water elements haha.

  39. Fran says:

    Got it with plant and mythic bug!

  40. Courtney Aycox says:

    I got one using a plant and bug monster. Trying for another one, but no luck yet. Going to try bug and flower next. ::fingers crossed::

    • lyraluna says:

      I’ve been trying to get mystic but I can’t and it’s driving me crazy. I don’t remember how I got it the first time.

  41. Mr.3b2dy says:

    Can we use plant + plant for this monster ?!

    I have tried everything, but I didn’t get it )’:

  42. Amy says:

    Just tried plant + love = 12 hours 59 minutes and 41 seconds on my lg Optimus g android! I hope hope hope it’s Autumn! I’ve tried nearly every combo I can think and so far no Autumn! I will let you know once its hatched! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  43. A V says:

    I got my 2nd harvest w/ plant and flower. It took about 10 tries. Good luck keep it simple w this monster.

  44. Viet says:

    Since it’s appearance, I have used plant and bug/flower/renewal during daytime for short wait time and plant and lushleaf/sunspike/eeriewood with full orbs for a chance to get mythics before I go to bed. I got a mythic lushleaf to complete many light hybrids related quests and FINALLY an autumn breeding 6 hours ago before I went to bed with plant and eeriewood. I just need another autumn and another ugly looking squash monster then I can slowly breed them together to get their mythics. Good luck to all with autumn, not hard just take a while if your luck sucks.

  45. Gill says:

    I got Autumn with plant & elder plant you might, like me get loads of plants first but at least you only have to wait 17 mins to hatch it. Your’ll know if you’ve got Autumn when the hatch time is 13 hours

  46. dinogma says:

    How did you get elder plant, ice, and fire?

  47. Carol S says:

    Have a new galaxy tab so don’t have many limited monsters. tried all above combos with no success. gratitude and harvest were easy but i Do Not recommend combination. got one shadow and just got 26 hr time (another air). no autumn here.

  48. Amy says:

    I just got my first one on the first try using Steadfast + Gratitude! Yay! Finally! I feel like I’ve tried every combo available and spent over $50.00 hatching and incubating. I’m using iPhone 4s

  49. SomethingElseToo says:

    Mythic Plant & Yellow Joy, both level 10.

  50. blueace9871 says:

    Got it with joy (r) + elder plant (l) 1st try

  51. aliagonzales says:

    Got the egg with lvl 10 Mythic Plant and lvl 10 Flower

  52. Dee says:

    I finally got atum with

    Lvl 10 luck + lvl 10 mythic plant.

    This was after countless tries and combos. I’m not sure if it is the combination or the “random chance”. But, it’s there now. It’s not a bad combo. Most if not all of my results were plant. So 17 min. :)

    Happy thanksgiving.

  53. kelitacu says:

    tree+mountain= gratitude
    tree+mountain= harvest
    tree+mountain= autumn
    tree+mountain= mythic autumn :-)

  54. Silverwind says:

    I’ve just got 13 hours with plant unity & plant unity. Fingers crossed

  55. YoungMommaCass says:

    I tried an adult Joy and Jubilee and got a blue Joy.egg. Didn’t know that was possible this time of year.

  56. I.D. iceFreezoe says:

    It took forever to get this monster, (countless plants, trees, and even one air) but I finally got this monster! The formula that worked for me in the end was plant+flower and that was after at least 20 plants. It’s all thanks to you Noob that I got this monster! Thank you for making this awesome website! :) 😀

  57. heather says:

    After trying and failing for days with joy and plant combo, I decided to evolve my joy to adult overnight and try a different combo- low and behold that was what I needed! lucky me :) level 10 mythic plant and level 10 bug- 13 hour breed time, yay!

  58. Fran says:

    After many plants, finally got 13 hour breed time with Blushbug and Elder Plant, :-)

  59. kpop says:

    Got Autumn with Level 10 mountain and Level 8 Tundra. So cute!

  60. Valerie says:

    I got 13 hr with Mythic Tree level 10 + Mountain level 10. I believe I got an Autmtumn. When I look up the breeding hours, I don’t see any other possibilities. Very excited!

  61. basaro says:

    Getting my second one was WAY harder than my first. First one I got using Blushbug+Joy on second try.
    Then I used similar (plant-only) combos like Elder-Plant+Blushbug, Joy+Elder-Plant,Joy+Blushbug and only got 25-30 PLANTS IN A ROW! So many I lost count. :(
    But then I tried Bug+Elder-Plant and got it on first try.

  62. FischMonster says:

    I got Autumn using Blushbug + Plant. It took me a few tries, but the great thing was that I only had to wait 17 minutes between each attempt! Nice formula if you have Blushbug.

  63. ID = BesoConchita says:

    Bug + Mythic Plant ….finally.

  64. A V says:

    I just got mine with the simple plant and flower combo. Thanks to everyone’s comments I am happy with my game again.

  65. caffiend1 says:

    Tried mythic plant and elder plant after 5 plants got 22hr breeding time asuming its a nother elder plant

    • Jeff (Android Low Price=Apple High) says:

      it’s very interesting for a people needing a second Elder Plant. Fail is Plant 18 minutes, very rare fail are so short :)

  66. I’ve gotten it twice (once on both games: tablet & phone) using Joy lvl 10 & Mythic Plant lvl 10….but I lost track of how many tries it’s taken…great thing is the only other option is plant…a 17 minute wait or 1 diamond cost. Good luck to all, hope this helps and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! : )

  67. I.D. iceFreezoe says:

    It’s taking me so long to get this monster! On my android account I got it first try with Plant+Bug but on my iOS account (iceFreezoe) I can’t get it! In total 4 Flowers 1 Mythic Flower and an Air monster, no Autumn monster. :( Is anyone else having this many problems with this monster or am I just horrible unlucky? :(

  68. scorpiobabe says:

    After several tries, Flower L10 + Blushbug L10 on iPhone.

  69. Vanmier says:

    I was able to get Autumn on the first try with Lvl 10 Mythic Plant + Lvl 10 Graveleaf. :)

  70. Jaelandrea says:

    Plant + Blushbug (It took four or five tries, but I got it.)

  71. gigifst (Tiny ID) says:

    Regular autumn lvl 5 + mythic plant lvl 10 3rd try.
    1st and 2nd tries were mythic plant…not so much waiting time

  72. Beatrixa says:

    Gratitude and Plant just gave me 13 hours.

  73. MissLadyJo says:

    Mythic Plant lvl 10 + Elder Plant lvl 8 (5000 Mythic Cave) = Mythic Autumn

  74. Eerie says:

    Got two Autumn monsters with Lvl. 10 Elder Plant & Lvl. 10 Mythic Plant. Only had about 7 plant fails in-between.

  75. Shoki says:

    Mythic Plant lvl 10 (R) + Flower lvl 8 (L) On Kindle Fire, First Try

  76. erica says:

    Was trying for two days now with plant n blushbug all i kept getting was a plant…..decited to try plant n elder plant and i got it….phew thought i would never get it. Good luck everyone.

  77. Amberbduuh says:

    Adult level 10 blue joy and level 10 Plant got me Aumtumn monster

  78. HippyChicks says:

    Finally go one on Samsung Android, using Glee L 10 left & Mystic Plant L 10 right. Did it again got plant. I think if you just keep trying you will get one, tried Jubalee, but only plants. Try mixing it up it might help, I am going to try Jubalee again and see what happens. :-)

  79. I.D. iceFreezoe says:

    I have really bad luck. :( I tried plant+bug and got mythic flower, I tried tree+bug and got regular flower. Oh we’ll, didn’t have mythic flower yet so I guess that’s kind of a good thing. :(

  80. kuss says:

    yeah!! second time with mythic plant L10 and mythic Bug L10!!!

  81. Dion says:

    Blushbug and plant both lvl 10. If it fails you only have to wait 18 mins.

  82. Jonaxyn says:

    Eeriewood (8) + Sunspike (5) , first try

  83. MythicMonsterGirl says:

    Autum + Plant = Autum, or Plant. That’s how I got my second Autum.

  84. eguy says:

    I got the autumn monster by doing flower (right) and mythic tree (left) on second try (I used the mythic tree to also get gratatude and harvest.)

  85. Ned Flander says:

    I’ve tride every plant monster i have and still no automn monster this is making me mad i now have a millon plant monsters and the whating is to long i havent got a 13h breeding time yet >:-(

  86. Stella says:

    Tree +mountain

  87. tryordie says:

    I got one with Bug & Graveleaf.

  88. FucDup says:

    Mythic plant L10 and elder plant L10 first try

  89. SkyTheWolf says:

    I have a mythis gratitude and I have 28 more all sold except mythic lol

  90. Traci says:

    I got a 13 hr breed time with mythic flower and bug. So we’ll see… I really want this one. My son’s name is Foxx :)

  91. Samuel says:

    Got Mine with mythic plant and joy first try 13hrs

  92. Roy van Peer says:

    I used mythic tree lvl5. and Blossem lvl 10

  93. 3derydr says:

    No luck with plant and blushbug after nearly 20 tries, but I finally got 13 hours with blushbug and mythic renewal-here’s hoping.

  94. willowlafaye says:

    Got mine by breeding lvl 10 Joy with lvl 10 Plant, took five trays, but didn’t take too long since they only made plants with a seventeen minute wait.

  95. VoxTab says:

    PlantElder10 + BlueJoy10 = 13 hours on Android GalaxyTab. Best of luck to you all. Feeling very thankful.

  96. basaro says:

    Hi noob,
    sell price 5625

  97. Lisa says:

    Blushbug and mountain

  98. TinyWho says:

    Pretty sure I got one with level 10 mythic blushbug and level 8 jubilee 13 hours, so it fits

  99. tenryusan says:

    I use lvl6 teen m.plant+lvl8 adult elder plant and i got 13hour breedng..could it be autu

  100. AH6584 says:

    Got mine with Gratitude and Harvest.

  101. nothing says:

    Elder plant and plant. 3rd try..first two was plant monster. So only 17 min. Waiting time.

  102. Jetson26 says:

    Luck + plant

  103. Jeff (Android Low Price=Apple High Price) says:

    Very thanks Noob for the Plant+Joy or Blushbug or Elder Plant. I take my Plant mythic Level 10 with my Joy (Purple) mythic Level 10 and I got Autumn 13 hours around 9 try. All about 8 first try was plan or plant mythic. Will use this combo to get my second Autumn. So very nice trick just need to be patient. It’s rare limited monster you have 100% chance to got it, feel very good after to much limited monsters in october :)

  104. Draelan says:

    Well, don’t I just feel silly. I completely forgot Joy and Blushbug were pure plant types. Glad I looked at this page.

  105. FelipeBD says:

    Lv 10 Gratitude + Lv 10 Harvest. I was going for Elder Plant and got this one 😀

  106. myliddleones(tiny id) says:

    Mythic plant (level 10) + Steadfast (level 10) on second try. First try gave me Gratitude. Good luck all and Happy Thanksgiving!

  107. jokemon says:

    Got mine using Blushbug and Mythic Joy… took about 3 or 4 times though

  108. booster4s says:

    Plant&Joy doesn’t work in 7 attempts.
    Success with Plant&Glee, 2nd try.

  109. Slozado says:

    Jubilee and blushbug both are just plant elements. Worst case scenario is plant which I believe is 11 minute wait time.

  110. Steph says:

    What’s does the fox say…it says it tired of getting trees!!! Tried the plant + flower and got 13 hours…finally!!!

  111. Christine says:

    Plant(10) & flower(10) on 1st try

  112. Erradan says:

    I got him without trying with level 10 plant and level 10 gratitude. Trying to get a mythic harvest but no luck! Maybe if I breed gratitude AND Autumn he might be born! Goodluck on your breedin’ guys! 😀

  113. georgena08 says:

    finally got 13hr breeding time with lv 10 yellow joy and lv 10 mythic plant after many plants. android

  114. EnelyaIsil says:

    Got one with elder plant + plant second try. First try was a plant so it doesn’t waste too much time

  115. TSwiftville says:

    I did tree and steadfast 1st try

  116. kittynya says:

    joy + plant, first try :)) thanks! 😀

  117. Richard says:

    Got both my mythic and regular all from Mythic plant and mythic bug it took a few tries but when the mythic came (got the mythic first) the regular followed right after it .so guys try Mythic Plant and Mythic Bug mine were both level 10. Thank you

  118. MarinaKotik says:

    blue joy + mythic plant
    first try

  119. futrtrubl says:

    Couldn’t we do the same thing as for Hallow just Elder Plant and Plant instead of Elder Fire and Fire?
    So no (relatively) long 4 hour hatch-time monsters if it fails, just 18 minute Plants and our Autumns.

  120. Prin says:

    Mythic Gratitude + Mythic Harvest = Autumn

    This worked twice in a row.

  121. PrincessJ143 says:

    Mythic plant and Mythic joy both level 10 in my second try. :)

  122. 3paw says:

    I did mythic flower(lvl 10) and lvl 5 gratitude got 18 hr. Have any idea of what it is no match in chart. Thanks this is a fantastic site. Loads of help!

  123. Autummgirl says:

    Bless you Noob!!!! You’re website is amazing! Plant + Bug got me Autum first try. Thank you! :) :) :)

  124. arika no hana says:

    I got Autumn with plant + flower both 10 3rd.

  125. npnd says:

    Elder Plant and Blush bug
    First Try
    Galaxy 3

  126. tinybubbles says:

    voltleaf + plant

  127. Sammybelle27 says:

    Elder plant and mountain!!

  128. Michael says:

    Looks more like a Tiny Castle’s desing rather than Tiny Monsters’.

  129. cheeko111 says:

    Mythic Glee + Elder Plant (iPad)
    4th try, 1st 3 attempts were all Plants

  130. Sara says:

    Third try with Mythic Joy (Purple in colour) with Mythic plant, first two tries netted me with plant monsters, a nice and easy breed now back to the much harder harvest monster!

  131. Brad says:

    1st try with luck 10 and glee 10. Now back to trying another 1000x for Harvest .

  132. shaybayy91 says:

    Lvl 10 mythic flower and lvl 5 mythic tree first try

  133. Josie says:

    Since I didn’t have any of the limited Plant-type only monsters I used M.Renewal+M.Plant and got three in under 10 tries altogether.

  134. gigifst (Tiny ID) says:

    Mythic plant lvl 10+ mythic glee lvl 10

  135. Msweet44 says:

    Wasn’t even trying for Autumn but lv 10 Mythic Flower (Left) and lv 10 Tree (Right), [first try btw]

  136. deb says:

    Got it on the third or fourth try using plant + blushbug. Fails all were plant so not too much wadted time. I love the mythic version….hopefully I can get one

    • Wstangle says:

      After a few plants got 13 hours, thanks

    • 3derydr says:

      Lucky. Been trying for the last 6 hours for this one using plant and blushbug. Nothing but plant monsters the whole time. I’ve been logging into the game every 18 minutes for 6 hours…ugh.
      Do you have to finish the new set of quests that involve harvesting crops to unlock Autumn? Or is it available now and my game is just being stubborn?

    • Carol S says:

      finaly after countless fails with mythic plant and every other plant like purple joy and elder earth, i got 13 hr breeding time with this combo, mythic plant and blushbug on Android!

  137. Katie says:

    Mythic plant (L10) and Mountain (L10) first try. I tried mythic plant/elder plant about 10 times got nothing, glad I tried the other combo.

  138. Melinda says:

    Got mine with mystic tree and blossom

  139. Eileen says:


  140. Jessica says:

    Blushbug + Joy

  141. Leslie says:

    Got air early hopefully I got it out of the way and I can keep trying without anymore 26 hour eggs. I think the Autumn monster is beautiful I hope I will see him soon. Good luck to all.

  142. Gamemaster says:

    Flower + Blushbug = 13 hours on the iPad

  143. Tyler says:

    Thanks noob for the suggestion, plant+flower I got one on my second try! :-)

  144. EEK says:

    Blue joy and blushbug (both level 10 —and I’m on an iphone 5 for those who like that info) gave me a 13 hour breed time. Hopefully it’s Autumn so I can get back to trying for the Harvest monster! Thanks for the great site Noob! :)

  145. Chelsea says:

    Got my second one with plant and glee. Gonna breed together to get a mystical one

  146. Darlene says:

    I used glee and blushbug. The third try worked and since you cannot breed either I only created plant that was a 17 minute wait.

  147. Chelsea says:

    First with plant and blushbug

  148. basaro says:

    Blushbug+Joy on second try. Easy monsters are a nice break sometimes :)

  149. Diane says:

    Mythic Plant and Harvest =Autumn

  150. Kendra says:

    Used plant level 10 (left) and mythic mountain level 10 (right) and got a mythic autumn first try. My orb was only a little over half full. Hope this helps :)

  151. Debula says:

    I tried glee with Jubilee and got 11 hr so it must be a blue joy. I don’t recommend that combo

    • ravengirl says:

      It’s because the Glee and Jubilee are spree forms of the Joy so they are all the same. Try breeding any form of the Joy with a Blushbug if you have it which is also a one element plant monster. That’s what I am going to do every 18 min until I get an Autumn.

  152. Kimi says:

    Elder plant & mythic plant

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