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Tiny Monsters Autumn Limited Monster Formula

Thanks to Julio, Sheila, and Aliasnc for these pictures and info

Aumtumn Limited Monsters

1st appearance: 25 November 2013 – 16 December 2013

Normal Version

Tiny Monsters Autumn Normal Egg

Tiny Monsters Autumn Normal Growth

Mythic Version

Tiny Monsters Autumn Mythic Egg

Tiny Monsters Autumn Mythic Growth

Autumn Status













Earn Rate

7 13 20/21 26/27 33/34 38/39 43/45 46/48 48/50 49/51

Food (x4)

45 95 140 185 230 275 320 365 410 MAX

Total Food needed

0 180 560 1120 1860 2780 3880 5160 6620 8260

Habitat: Plant

How to obtain: Buy for 132/660diamonds

Sell Price:  5.625 Coins

Exp: 12.000 EXP

Hatching Time/Breeding time: 13 hours

1st hibernation (lvl 4): 5 hours

2nd hibernation (lvl 7): 20 hours

Note: Only have one element (plant). It should be easy to breed if you have Joy, Blushbug, or Elder plant. If you breed plant with those monsters you should only have 2 possible results (plant or autumn). For those who haven’t got these monsters simply try use plant hybrids with plant.

Breeding Formula:
[0] Plant + Flower/ bug (recommended, since failure only make you wait for 4 hours)
[0] Gratitude + Harvest
[0] Tree + Bug
[0] Leave your successful formula on the comment

Tiny Monsters Breeding Guide

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251 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Autumn Limited Monster Formula”

  1. Devonte says:

    So we can’t breed for this monster

  2. Raziel says:

    Is this monster out this year? I see this website and the game are still stuck on Valentines day…

  3. matt smith says:

    I used lvl 8 mystic plant and lvl 10 flower

  4. Lynn says:

    I just breeded gratitude and harvest and got 48 hours. Don’t want it! Don’t need it! So much for getting autumn!

  5. xxfrogxx says:

    Got Autumn with plant and blushbug 🙂

  6. Idk says:

    Has anyone gotten it with plant and blue joy? Or is this a wasted combo?

  7. mycodale says:

    Just finished breeding 2 autumn monsters together expecting to get a mythic version. . Instead ended up waiting 13 hours for another regular autumn.. I was already kinda Angry that my latest enigma turned into one of these. . But now I have 3… doesn’t breeding 2 of the same monsters give you the mythic version??

    • noobbgodlike says:

      NO, who said that?
      to get mythic you need to fill the orbs to the max(increases the chance, NOT 100%). Using 2 same monsters only guarantee you will get that exact monster (if it happens to be mythic).

  8. TinyAddict says:

    Hundreds of Plant, Bug, Tree, and Flower monsters later it looks like I can add Autumn to my list of unobtainable critters! I seriously think I’m going to save myself the frustration and just stop trying for the limited monsters! I missed Harvest, Wingwitch, Grimbolt, Etherial Boreal, Wraith Windstone, Eclipse…I’m sure the list goes on…it’s so frustrating!!! Just GRRRRRRR, LOL

  9. Android Big Diamonds says:

    Why are some mythics so hard to get? Been breeding 2 normal autumns together for about 10 times now and finally with the increased 3x chance I finally get mythic. I’ve even been filling the orb with maximum red and then half to max blue over the top of it (about 7 million coins worth)

    I’ve given up trying to get mythic shadow breeding 2 shadows together because 15 attempts is enough wasted time.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I don’t know why but it’s just like you said, rarer creatures mythic form are harder to obtain.

    • Scooter331 says:

      Hi ABD half your luck I can’t get any of the xmass ones let alone a mythic version I belief mythics are more random then the limited ones I used to fill the orb to bot like you not worth it so I just put in a bit now then and seems more effective my partner who has just started playing again after a long break can do nothing wrong she now has all the xmass ones and thanks giving and half those are mythic. Hi Noob sorry to put this here but am rushed for time as usual I read that to get what would be island 6 if you count the social one you have to get to level 200 not sure about that but anyway I’d like to take this opportunity to say Merry Christmass , happy holidays or how ever it’s said in your life be safe and have a wonderful start to 2014 a special thanks to Noob for all you do in all your guides simply “AWSOME ” mate thanks again regards Scooter331.

  10. storm says:

    Yay after quite a few times of getting earth and plant I finally have Autumn using lvl 5 Gratitude and lvl 5 harvest. :D. Don’t give up you could still get Autumn.

  11. Hecate1983 says:

    Tried every single combo and kept getting Plant and Tree! I finally chose Level 10 Mythic Flower and Level 10 Blossom Monster…13 Breed time! Yes! Finally! I thought that the “Increased Breeding Chances” was a joke until now! Good luck everyone, try to get one before the day is out.

  12. Emily says:

    finally got mine with bug and harvest! 🙂

  13. TM says:

    Got mythic with reg autumn and reg glee. Whoopie!

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