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Tiny Monsters Breaking the Dawn Quest Guide

Thanks to Draelan and Ehlana for these quest info

Tiny Monsters Breaking the dawn Quest Icon

A New Monster

What is this ice-related monster (Dawn) that Becky speaks of? Hatch it to find out!
Reward: 50 XP and 5 Diamonds

The Dawn Tree

Plant the Dawn Tree to welcome the Dawn Monster!
Reward: 50 XP and 100 Food
Note: Dawn Tree is in Decorations for 5,000 coins.

Breaking the Dawn

Don’t tell me we’re getting twilight monsters later XD….

[1] Collect from habitats 5 times.
Reward: 50 XP and 500 Food

[2] Harvest Nimbus Grapes, Golden Guavas, or Premium Grapes 3 times.
Reward: 50exp, 100 food

[3] Hatch an Ice Hybrid.
Reward: 50 XP and 500 Food
Note: Auto-completes if you already have an ice hybrid.

[4] Buy 3 Ice Flowers and a Frost Geyser
Reward: 50 XP and 340 Coins
Note: Ice Flower costs 7,600 each and Frost Geyser costs 570,000 coins. (Total = 592,800 coins)

[5] Breed an Ice Hybrid and a Mythic monster to hatch something.
Reward: 50XP and 500 Food
Note: I had an Icefloe monster already in my hatchery from attempts to breed another Devotion monster. (Used Water and Mythic Tinsel) So I’m not sure if this quest absolutely requires the ice/mythic breeding combo, or if hatching anything will do, as is sometimes the case.

[6] Have one of the Dusk associated monsters! (Dusk, Duskfang, Duskhorn, Dusklegacy, etc.)
Reward: 50 XP and 100 Food

[7] Have a Dawn monster!
Reward: 50 XP and 100 Food

[8] Have level 10 Dawn Monster
Reward: 50 XP and 2/10 diamonds

A Dawn Frozenflame

Evolve your frozenflame into its dawn form.
Rewards: 50 XP and 2/10 diamonds

Light of Dawn

Thanks to WarehouseX3 for these info

[1] Have a frozenflame baby or teen
Rewards: 50 XP and 100 Food

[2] Collect from Habitats 10 times.
Rewards: 50 XP and 50 Food

[3] Hatch a Fire-Ice hybrid
Rewards: 50 XP and 340 Coins

[4] Earn 50,000 coins
Rewards: 50 XP and 500 Food

[5] Hatch a Mythic Ice Hybrid
Rewards: 50 XP and 100 Food

[6] Buy an Ice Circle
Rewards: 50 XP and 500 Food

[7]  Have a Level 10 Dusk- Related monster (Make sure it’s out from Hall of Champions)
Rewards: 50 XP and 100 Food

[8] Have a Level 10 Dawnfang
Rewards: 50 XP and 1/5 diamonds

The Dawn Song

[1] Have a Lighthorn Monster, baby, or teen.
Rewards: 50 XP and 500 Food

[2] Harvest Food 10 times
Rewards: 50 XP and 340 Coins

[3] Hatch a Mythic Light Hybrid
Rewards: 50XP and 100 Food

[4] Have adult Lighthorn
Rewards: ???

[5]Have level 10 Dawnhorn
Rewards: 50 XP  and 1/5 diamonds

The Dawnhorn !

Evolve your Lighthorn to its Dawn form!
Rewards: 50 XP and 1/5 diamonds

The Dawnlegacy!

Evolve a Legendary to the Dawnlegacy!
Reward: 50 EXP and 5 diamonds

Battle for the New Dawn! 

Thanks to Draelan for this quest info

[1] Have a Legendary Monster, ready to evolve.
Reward: 50 EXP and 500 food
Note: Auto completed for me. I have a Legendary ready to be evolved into Legacy form, since I anticipated a Dawn Legacy form.

[2] Harvest Crops 20 times.
Reward: 50 EXP and 340 coins

[3] Buy 2 New Decorations.
Reward: 50 EXP and 100 Food
Note: I’m not sure if it’s bugged and there are suppose to be new decorations available to buy to complete this, or if it means you simply have to buy 2 decorations, but I got quest completion by purchasing 2 Gold Butterflies and placing them on my mountain. (Gold Butterfly costs 0 coins, so I guess I’m using “purchase” in the loosest sense of the word.)
Note (from noobbgodlike): I belive what they mean by “new” is any new decorations (CMIIW)

[4] Collect from habitats 10 times.
Reward: 50 EXP and 500 Food

[5] Have a Dawnlegacy Monster.
Reward: 50 EXP and 340 Coins

[6] Have adults of ALL Dawn and Dusk Monsters!
(Darksilk, Dusk, Dawn, Dawnfang, Dawnhorn, Duskfang, Duskhorn, Dusk and Dawn Legacy)
Reward: 50 EXP and 5/25 Diamonds

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83 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Breaking the Dawn Quest Guide”

  1. GjFjDjCFj says:

    I completed the final quest, Battle for New Dawn, put all the Dawn types in an Ice Habitat and all the Dusk types in a Dusk habitat, but haven’t seen any special animation yet.

  2. Frozentime says:

    Is the frozen geyser still in game? I couldnt find it

  3. Bryan says:

    When do I get the dawn farm?

  4. Queen Of Illusion says:

    on the #6 LIGHT OF DAWN Quest, Does anybody know what the ICE CIRCLE is ? I need to purchase it but theres NOTHING in my decors called an Ice Circle. Im Stumped..

  5. ilana says:

    There was a quest that had 25 diamonds for having level 10 of 3 monsters, Aurora, and 2 others. Now it’s not there? Did it go away? Thanks!

  6. Stephanie says:

    So for catching a mythic ice hybrid I got a mythic frost an it didnt complete the quest does it need to be another element besides ice?

  7. Jennifer says:

    I have a question: on number 6 of the battle for new dawn quest, do they mean mythic versions, too?

  8. Wun says:

    I have to reach all adults, but can not complete [6]. Why?

  9. Wun says:

    6] Have adults of ALL Dawn and Dusk Monsters????

  10. lmhajh says:

    Re: Battle for the new Dawn part 6, I had all of the monsters mentioned above, but it wasn’t until I hatched both the dawn and dusk version of the legacy that the quest cleared for me. It took a small fortune of diamonds to complete but I’m fortunate to have had them. This may not be the case for all versions of this game so others might be lucky. But if you are stuck and don’t have your Dawn or dusk legacy, you might need them to clear this quest. On the plus side, I also cleared several other quests. Good luck to all and remember, it’s just a game. 😉
    And Noob Thanks again for compiling this and other tiny Co websites. I would not have been anywhere near where I am without all your help. You totally rock!!

  11. ALF0525 says:

    Help please! I can’t find the ice circle in the decorations section.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Make sure you search it carefully, if still can’t find it then follow fix error section.

    • colorkoala says:

      It is a green square of grass designed to mimic a crop circle where aliens suppossedly land their spaceships or something like that… ps there are different ones for many elements, im not sure they are all there, but ice should be.

  12. TinyWho says:

    #6 battle for the new dawn what are ALL of the dusk dark monsters?

  13. Diane aam8 says:

    Hi Noob. Great job. On the quest hatch a mythic hybrid. I got the mythic dawn horn but it didn’t clear.Please I have lot of others hybrids also. Thanx.

  14. Alex says:

    Does this mean we have to have a dusk monster and a dawn monster before we have dawn frozenflame?

  15. Torres says:

    Need little help here, which one is the ice related monster becky speaks of?

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