Posted on Mar 3, 2013

Tiny Monsters Breeding Guide Boreal Monsters

Thanks to Michelle, Nathan, CMX and Wendy for the pictures and info on this page

Normal Version

Boreal Egg Normal Tiny Monsters

Tiny Monsters Boreal Growth

Mythic Version

Boreal Mythic Egg Tiny Monsters

Tiny Monsters Boreal Mythic Growth

Boreal Status


There is a special form of this monster (ghost) available on the Halloween, you can see it at Ethereal Boreal Page.












Earn Rate (Min)

8 9 10 11 13 17 23/24 31/32 42/44 58/60

Food (x4)

40 85 125 165 205 245 285 325 365 MAX

Total Food needed

0 160 500 1000 1660 2480 3460 4600 5900 7360

EXP: 2660 EXP

Sell Price:  800 Coins

Habitat: Ice and Fire

How to obtain: Buy for 235/1175 diamonds

Breeding/Hatching Time: 8 hours (written 12 hours inside the game, but it’s wrong)

1st hibernation (lvl. 4):  5 hours

2nd hibernation (lvl 7): 19 hours

Breeding formula:
[0] Frostember + Fire/Hallow/Ice (got it on 3rd try)
[0] Frozenflame (and its other form) + Fire/Hallow/Ice
[0] Snowbluff + Bug
[0] Merry + Ice/Fire
[0] Inferno + Iceflare
[0] Bug + Memorial
[0] Bug + Ice
[0] Dimspike + Sun
[0] Frozenflame (other forms) + Frostember
[0] Frost + Bug
[0] Flower + Frost
[0] Aurora + Fire
[0] Gift + Frostember
[0] Iceflare + Merry
[0] Leave comments if you get this one 😀

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251 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Breeding Guide Boreal Monsters”

  1. Jovi says:

    Got mythic boreal (about 4/5th try)with mythic fire and frostember both lvl 8
    you also can got frozenflame with this.

  2. KW1738 says:

    I got it first try with level 5 Magma and level 5 Ice!

  3. Shannon says:

    Cinder Lv 5 + Tundra Lv 5

  4. Pasquali says:

    Magma and Ice on second try, in that order.

  5. Calbat5040 says:

    Hey noob what are the odds of getting a mythic boreal on the first try?

  6. julymarie123 says:

    Got it with elder star and dawn after like 8 fire eggs

  7. HorseMom says:

    Dawnlegacy Lvl 10 and Dawnhorn Lvl 8 = Boreal (8 hours hatch time and confirmed Boreal.) Best of luck guys!

  8. ? says:

    I got Boreal trying to get frozenflame, I used Magma + Silk

  9. lizzie says:

    I got a mythic verson with elder fire lvl 8 n elder ive lvl 7 xxxxx

  10. AimeeKay says:


  11. lara says:

    i’ ve got something really weird. i tried for a boreal with a frostember and a iceflare. and it took 8 hours so i thougt it was a frostember. but it turned uit to be a boreal. but the store says it takes 12 hours. does anyone know how this comes?

  12. crack says:

    Got it first try with frostimber and frozenblaze

  13. Maika says:

    Dawn + Iceflare

  14. Chips says:

    Finally got it 2nd try with Frostember and Mythic Fire.
    After 10 tries with snowbluff and flare getting lots of lights, shadows and elder plants.

  15. Cj says:

    I use snowbluff and flare and. I keep getting boreal not air

  16. shaRni0794 says:

    fire and tundra :)

  17. mouse says:

    Is it possible to get by breeding two regular boreal monsters?

  18. Lindsey says:

    I was trying to get a frozenflame, got frustrated, and tried fire and snowbluff… The egg hasn’t hatched yet, but I did get a positive match on the boreal egg I found on this website. Thank you! 😀

  19. july says:

    Iv tryed a million times with fire n frostmember any more tips ?

  20. TinyMonster Lover says:

    Frostember and Fire got me 4 of the Boreal Monsters. Hope this helps :)

  21. ollysets says:

    It takes couple of fires, breeding frostember + fire. Trust me keep selling them you will finally ger boreal!!!

  22. Brian Georgis says:

    Level 10 ice and level 8 bug monster

  23. Jackie says:

    I was breeding frostember and fire monsters hoping to get a frozenflame when after a medley of fire monsters I suddenly got 8 hours. I knew frozenflame was 7 hours but when I got the egg it looked like Boreal. I checked the game though and it says Boreal is 9 hours… Is it a glitch?

  24. Jamie B says:

    Got a Mythic Boreal with Bug and Gift in that order. Both Level 10 on iPad

  25. Lairecay says:

    Sorry, I bred Ice and Magma to get Boreal.

  26. Janiee657 says:

    I got one with a level 10 Frost and level 10 Fire

  27. Tyler says:

    I got mythic one with fire+frozenflame

  28. CRose1989 says:

    I have tried and tried to get boreal. I got fed up and bored trying to used crystals and bought him.

  29. Bloodrose says:

    Just bred Frostember with mythic Frostember and got a Boreal. Some kind of glitch, I guess?

  30. cooolboobs says:

    Strike+Frost= Boreal.. I seem to remember Boreals being hard to come by.. lately everything I breed either gives me a Boreal or an enigma. .

  31. Leeta says:

    I got him with frostember & mythic Fire!! Both
    Level 10. Yay finally!

  32. Carina says:

    Just bred a magma and frost and breeding time is over 1day and 2 hours?? Any ideas what it could be?

  33. CRose1989 says:

    I tried for boreal and I got a mythic cinder with bug level 10 & memorial level 8. First try.

  34. Christine says:

    Does anyone know how to get the spectral brimstone ghost monster?

  35. danimal says:

    just got it with level 5 mythic solstice and level 10 mythic iceflare. trying again and after about a dozen fires got 8hrs breeding time again.. fingers crossed for the ghost one..

  36. Game master says:

    Used wildfreeze lv10 + mythic boreal lv10 = AIR,so ticked,oh well,back to the drawing board.
    Good Luck All

  37. QuteMonster says:

    I got a ghost boreal whit
    boreal + frost

  38. Dee says:

    I made ghost boral with

    Frozenblaze + mythic fire.

    It took 7 hrs.

  39. Gail says:

    Can I breed the ghost version with regular and mythic boreal?

  40. baybidness says:

    Bug(10) and ice(10) gave me ghost egg

  41. Elijah says:

    When will you add ghost

  42. Jessica says:

    Lvl 10 Frozenblaze & lvl 10 Mythic Fire 3rd try all others Fire. Android version

  43. ladybuug says:

    flower (lvl 5)+ice (lvl 5) first try :)

  44. levi says:

    I got it by frostember and ice or fire. read how I got frostember. it was a very weird way

  45. Jacob Holland says:

    Magma + frost

  46. Elizabeth says:

    I had been trying various combinations for weeks and finally got it with the
    Memorial + bug
    Got it first try :)

  47. anya says:

    Taundra lvl 10 and fire lvl 10

  48. stormexodius says:

    I end up getting mythic boreal by breeding level10 frozenflame and level 5 mythic fire. After many many tries.

  49. Richard says:

    Hi noob am confused and I wanna ask if its a glitch in my game or something ,cause you say the hatching time for boreal is 8hrs but it’s actually saying 12hrs on mine ,any ideas ? And also I have tried so hard for it but it keeps eluding me

  50. Olesya Kaba says:

    Great website!!!
    Trying to hatch boreal… Mythic frostember on the left and mythic fire on the right… Got 8 hours just now… Will update as it hatches.

  51. godofawesomness says:

    I got 3 frost and magma, magma and ice, frost and fire.
    I wish yo could breed ice and fire :(

  52. heather says:

    Level 6 cinder level 10 ice gave me a boreal today

  53. Maggi says:

    On the game it says Boreal hatch time is 12 Hours? On iPhone, kindle and android.. Which is correct? 8 or 12 hours?

  54. Ikr says:

    Flower and frost gonna try

  55. Dmmsrm says:

    First try with zephyr and solar flare! Trying for elder…..

  56. jessisue72 says:

    Got with Magma + Frost wasn’t even trying for Boreal

  57. Grace (sugargerbil) says:

    Finally got it on 13 try with frostember and fire. Got 1 mythic frozenflame 10 fires and 1 mythic ice.

  58. Grace (sugargerbil) says:

    Onmy breeding time it says 12 hours?!?

  59. jokemon says:

    Hooray i finally got my first Boreal and i wasnt even expecting it!

    I used Holly + Firework

  60. Ammaar says:

    [0]ice and magma

  61. Ammaar says:

    sorry i ment ice and magma first go

  62. Ammaar says:


  63. Andy Miguel Jochum says:

    I got my Boreal with lv 5 frostember and lv 5 burst

  64. TinyFreak says:

    Frozenflame+Mythic Fire

    Got it on first try.

  65. Spongespider says:

    1st try from Mythic Fire [Lvl 8] + Wildfreeze [Lvl 8]

  66. mavcbr says:

    Frost + Magma

  67. Helcatt says:

    Just got it with tundra and cinder. I want even trying for it as I bought one of the packs once I read on here that the surprise egg was boreal….


  68. Madeaw says:

    i got boreal from tundra lv 10 + bug lv 10 on android

  69. Carley says:

    I have tried everyone of these combos for weeks
    Now trying for Boreal and time and time again
    Have only got frostember, air, fire, shadow and
    Firework as result.

  70. Brandi says:

    I got this on first try using lvl 10 magma and lvl 10 silk on android

  71. Izzy 4713 says:

    I got it by adult wildfreeze + level 10 fire

  72. Tiffany0660 says:

    Ice (L) + Mythical Flare = Boreal (Currently 2x-5x increased odds of getting a rare monster)
    Frist try = Boreal
    Second Try = Boreal
    Third Try = Frozenflame
    Fourth Try = Will update when hatched – 8 hours (Boreal or Frostember)
    ***Used Diamonds to speed up some times, worth the few bucks***

  73. Douglas Man says:

    Level 5 tundra + magma

  74. Leenie says:

    Level 10 Fire+ Level 10 Splitfire

  75. Debula says:

    I just tried Aurora lvl 10 with solstice level 7 got 8 hr…lets see if this works (crossing fingers)

  76. Iman says:

    Merry and solstice give me boreal and frozenflame

  77. Shadow says:

    Breeding Fire with Boreal you can only get another Boreal or a Frozenflame , so anyways its awesome 😀

  78. Monti says:

    I breeded frostember and frozenflame and Got 9 hours, Any ideas? :)

  79. Cassie bull says:

    Got it with wild freeze and fire first try

  80. AH6584 says:

    Just normal version using Fireworks & Frostember
    Got Mythic version using Mythic Fire & Frostember

  81. Kendra says:

    Frozenblaze + Solstice got me Boreal. But I noticed in the market Boreal says it takes 12 hours to hatch but in reality it is 8hours.

    • Deb, PipSqueaky says:

      I got boreal with wildfreeze level 10 & solstice level 10 on Android. It was a nice sutprise since I didn’t have it before and was trying for fireworks. :-)

  82. Tomas says:

    Frozen flame and frost ember first try

  83. Beka says:

    Solstice and mountain first try

  84. marcelo12 says:

    Got with solstice level 8 and mythic frostember level 10

  85. fearciuil says:

    Got one with Memorial 10 + Independence 10, trying for my second Elder.

  86. Tiny says:

    Yes finally i got it with mythic iceflare + mythic fire. Was trying for a mythic frozenflame again to get the other forms. I was doubtful when i saw 8hrs breeding time because frostember share the same. Happy! 😀

  87. Garrison says:

    fire + merry = boreal . was trying for solstice

  88. gigifst says:

    Got it: frostember + mithic fire 2 nd try
    i was trying for frozenflame…but thats ok i wanted this one for a long time
    This site is the best thanks a lot

    • Kikka says:

      Got it: INFERNO (10) + MEMORIAL (10)
      I was trying for Tempest and LEGENDARY above all… but that’s ok :)! I waited for him too for a long time!

  89. HippyChicks says:

    ICE FLARE (10) on LEFT & FROSTEMBER (10) on RIGHT got a mystic on Samsung. I always keep my orb with something in it so the mystic is just by chance. :-) Now going to try for the regular one with same combo. X my fingers got 8 hours again.

  90. marisja says:

    Was trying for memorial with burst and gift then got this one..happy because it was a total surprise. .first egg in 5 weeks wich I didn’t allready had…i’m on android..greatings from holland!! Player marisjaaa

  91. Camille Perrier-Ferland says:

    Cinder and ice !!

    • Andrea says:

      This worked for me as well…was trying for marine. Awesome surprise though…as thought had another frost.

  92. luke says:

    adult holly (christmas limited monster) with teen inferno

  93. Möbius says:

    Cinder + ice trying for memorial….

  94. misti says:

    How come it says the hatching time is 12 hours in the market when its only 8? Really happy I got it though. :)

  95. Skeah says:

    Snowbluff and iceflare

  96. mjk says:

    got it with flicker mytic lvl 10 and frostember lvl 10… Was trying for frozenflame so go my hopes up and then crushed. But looks like this is hard to get too so dont mind now :)

  97. Amber says:

    Tried to get this monster for several weeks about a month ago and nothing. Incidentally got this monster when trying for something else. Bred mythic frost and sun monster on iPad :) woot woot!

  98. Dm818 says:

    I got it with magma + ice, I got 8 hrs again with magma + frost. Hope it’s frostember this time!

  99. BondGoddess says:

    Frost (10) x Magma (10) @ level 17 BUT it was on an android emulator as that combo hasn’t worked on my kindle…hmmmm

  100. Jonathan says:

    I just got Boreal with Mythic Fire (left) and Frostember (right), I was going for Frozenflame but what ever still got something good. XD

  101. Kinu172k says:

    Got it :) frostmenber + mythic fire. Gd

  102. Deminio says:

    First try with merry and silk.

  103. KittyKat says:

    Merry-lvl 10 & Bellows-lvl 10

    1st try with this combo =^..^=

  104. Selena says:

    Jubelee+luck-boreal lv8 lv10

  105. Barb says:

    The same thing happened to me. I just got a Boreal and its 8hrs?

  106. ChickenFried says:

    My breeding time for Merry and Fire was 8 hours, so I assumed it was frostember. Surprisingly, I got boreal instead! 8 hours breeding and hatching instead of 12 like it says in the store description. Anybody else had this?

  107. Mary says:

    Has anyone else’s Boreal monster disappeared after breeding? Mine bred with frostember, but never returned to the habitat :(

  108. Brooke says:

    First time with frostember and fire

  109. pa says:

    Mythic ice + frostember on Android after 10 tries with fire and frostember

  110. wcole08 says:

    Mythic ice +mythic wildfreeze on kindle.

  111. wellwishes says:

    finally! After a looooong time – same order –

    mythic fire and teen frostember

    tried four other times with adult frostember and got all fire monsters, one mythic and LOVE the hatch time but teen gave it first try.. yayz! Was trying for frozenflame but even better:)

  112. Katie says:

    Flare + Merry monsters got me one

  113. obdent2yah says:

    Level 10 Mythic Flower and level 10 Mythic Silk. Was trying for an Enigma or Purple Joy, I gave up trying for the Luck…Thank you so much for this site! I am soon happy!

  114. Gary says:

    Level Ten Bug And Silk

  115. TM says:

    Finally! Mythic flower and Tundra gave me Boreal. Now if only I could get Enigma… This guide has been very helpful. Thanks to all that post and try to help others :-)

  116. hillary101 says:

    Mythic Flower LV10 + Teen Tundra Lv 5 1st time!

  117. Ahni says:

    Got it with Frostember + Fire.

  118. B109 says:

    Bug and Tundra 2 nd time

  119. Isai says:

    Merry and Fire

  120. Nathalie says:

    i get it with sun+ice 😉

  121. KK says:

    frost & flower = boreal both lv 10

  122. Transberry says:

    Just got this holly and flower trying for luck. Got another 8 hr mythic brewing now.

    Got blue joy and legendary same formulas the last couple days too.

    Will keep trying for lick.

  123. Kawiii says:

    Just got it twice in a row with level 10 frost and level 10 flower both normal second was mythic.good luck on getting it

  124. TheRoyaals says:

    Is not limited

  125. Nick says:

    I got Boreal first try with inferno and ice while trying to get frostember. Nice surprise!

  126. Rachel says:

    just noticed the adult no shiny boreal has a troll face.

  127. Eddy says:

    Like I have said before, I never get what im trying for. Like this boreal, I was trying for frostmember? Never even herd of it before now. Got it if thats good or not just wish when I go for something with a formula thats to get what im after thats what I get. Im getting burned out not getting the quest itims esp.before times up. A lot of the times if I do get what im after its after the time limit so I dont get the payoff for all the time ive invested into it,all wasted and nothing to show. You tell me to go to their formula page to get the creature and I get something else like whose idea was it to have so many creatures with the same formula? Too confusing if you ask me, and I really have been trying to make this work for me, but evetfully I will give up with a heavy heart. Sorry to vent on you just dont know what to do? I do not like not having so lack of controll in anything I do.
    I know cant have controll in everything but it sure helps when you do, also enjoy the game a lot more if I did know how its comming arround. I will stop now,hope these words help some. Eddy

    • noobbgodlike says:

      check your shop, see if boreal available. if it’s not available (you’re using kindle fire or not having new update) then I can’t help you. breeding formula was never meant to successful on 1st try. You need to try multiple times.

    • Tiny1214 says:

      Dear eddy , don’t be so down. It happens. I along with other gamers I’m sure don’t get all monsters. I never finish all the quests. I watch noobs site Dailey and keep myself ready for quests. It’s not a conspiracy. I was denied blush and love until chsnces were slapping me in the face. I lost diamonds and I was mad and crushed !!! But I got back up and was ready. I did this quest do increase my chances. I bought over a embarrassing amount of gems to get those cuties ! DENIED! So I feel your pain dude. Noob doesn’t have all either but he still takes care of us so keep the faith my friend. Good things come to those who wait. This may be a denial but maybe you hit the jackpot on a better payout. Take care ok. :)

  128. georgena says:

    got it with mythic fire and frostember

  129. LC says:

    Got it with magma and zephyr

  130. kim says:

    I have Android and Boreal is still in my market. :-)

  131. Jay says:

    I don’t have the Boreal monster in the market anymore but it is still a quest. Do you think I can still breed it or is it a limited time monster?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      ups, I jsut checked it and it’s not available on the market….. I don’t know whether it’s limited or not but if it’s limited they should tell us before… I don’t know what happens to tinyco recently…. hope it will be back soon.

  132. Zaymom says:

    Finally got Boreal with help from Jonathan…… Used level 10 plant and level 10 mythic ice! Thanks for posting your successful breeding combinations!!

  133. erica says:

    Can i still summon boreal even if i cant see it on my monsters page. I have android. I went to see all the monsters and hes gone. Was it just a limited monster?

  134. garrison says:

    do you think I should trie snowman and fire cause that is how I got my first merry

  135. garrison says:

    I knew there would be a combination where my favorite monsters consisted of up there merry and iceflare are tied for second favorite favorite is vapor

  136. lrd says:

    FINALLY…boreal w fire and frostember after 75+ tries on android don’t give up-keep trying

  137. Jonathan Mathey says:

    Got it with flower (fire/plant) and ice first try.

  138. Jonathan Mathey says:

    Got it with flower (plant/fire) and ice first try.

  139. David Peters says:

    I got this monster with a Level 7 Tundra Monster and a Level 5 Mythic Cinder Monster!

  140. Akao says:

    Question: is there a difference how to brede if u are on a Ipad or On an Android ? If that is so, can i get a link to Ipad ‘How to breed?”

  141. Thai says:

    First try with mythic fire lv.10 and mythic fr

  142. adge says:

    First try with lvl 10 fire and lvl 10 frost

  143. hawgneck says:

    Boreal fo-real ! frozenblaze lvl10 and mythic frostember lvl 10 on android of course!

  144. sarah73 says:

    I have tried countless combinations and multiple tries with the monsters that others combined to get this monster , yet still I have yet to breed it. I’m playing on the nexus 7 which is an android based tablet. Does anyone else play on this tablet that has been successful? If so are there any recommendations? Thanks for the help! :-)

  145. Blerewerluu says:

    Got it twice first try with lvl 10 fire & lvl 10 frost

  146. Leop says:

    Fire (level 10) ans Merry (level 10). At the second try !

  147. Vanessa says:

    I got a boreal in my nursery with L10 mythic frostember and L10 mythic Ice :)

  148. kingvirgo says:

    Mythic fire + wildfreeze

  149. pultzergeist says:

    Iceflare on left, Mythic Ice on right

  150. Ri says:

    Got this with mythic fire & Ice glare (version of frozenflame) on first try. Yeah!

  151. Jessica says:

    YAY! FINALLY! After numerous combos resulting in Frostembers I got Boreal w/ Lvl 10 Sun (left) & lvl 10 Gift (right) Android

  152. tony wars says:

    I GOT HIM SECOND TRY WITH GIFT AND FROSTEMBER!!! my friend love boreal and hes extremely mad at me for geting him

  153. -Z3N0MS- says:

    I got a mythic Boreal With Mythic Fire Lvl 10 + Merry Monster Lvl 10 1st try 😀 Boreal is not so rare after all ^^. First I thought it was a Mythic Frostember, Then i got suprised, and i said: What’a Fuuuck. I wasn’t sure it was Boreal, and i checked Boreal’s page and i lokked at The mythic egg and it was a Boreal after all :DD But i bosted The mythic Luck with 500 000 Coins 😀

  154. VPH says:

    Tried Flurry & Flare on Android last night and woke up to surprisingly, the Boreal egg. See you in 8hrs.

  155. Evilbear22 says:

    I got first time using frostember and mythic fire

  156. Stormdreamer says:

    Finally got Boreal egg……Yay!
    Bred Fire lvl 10 with Frostember lvl 10
    Now to work on my love monster :)

  157. shane says:

    I tried a few combos with no success. I tried flower x frost, got it first try

  158. gramms151 says:

    Used L 10 mythic fire and L 5 frostember getting Boreal the first time on the iPad. Trying for Frozenflame. Used same combo on my iPhone and got mythic Boreal. Again trying for Frozenflame.

  159. chibbs says:

    Iceflare and Merry..

  160. Jay and bob says:

    Finally frozenflame teen with ice took forever but finally.

  161. Rene says:

    I got mine with Mythic Frost & Mythic Flower. I’ve been using that combo to get a Legendary (which worked, btw) and Boreal was one of the other results. :)

  162. Noe says:

    Wow got it on first try with frostember and ice

  163. Brooke says:

    First try with bug and frostember

  164. Sara says:

    I got one with frostember and fire (both lv 10) straight after getting a frozenflame with one or two fires between I was trying for another frozenflame lol :-)

  165. Susan says:

    After trying over and over with many pairs, I got a Boreal monster with a level 10 Merry and a level 10 Mythic Ice. Yay!!!

  166. Any says:

    Trying for Boreal but I got mythic Love using flower and frost both lv 10

  167. Lei says:

    Oh my! I am trying to get this Boreal through Snowbluff and Bug. I got another Love!

  168. Rhi says:

    got it with snowbluff and bug cheers!(Tried Frozenflame and Ice first but got ice)

  169. Michelle says:

    Flower (10) + tundra (10) first try not even try for it, was looking for legendary

  170. Mike says:

    Mythic of this one is not that good.
    and i like the kid version, i think i will not evolve this for some time :)

  171. yaya81 says:

    yay me I got mythic Boreal 1st try with regular fire level10 on left regular frostmember level 6 on right

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