Posted on Jan 19, 2013

Tiny Monsters Breeding Guide Dimspike Status

Born at 18 January 2013

Normal Version

Tiny Monsters Dimspike egg

Tiny Monsters Dimspike growth

Mythic Version (Thanks to Brenda)

Tiny Monsters Dimspike mythic egg

Tiny Monsters Mythic Dimspike growth

Dimspike Status













Earn Rate (Min)

12 13 19 29/30 41/43 55/57 67/70 77/80 82/86 84/88

Food (x4)

410 825 1235 1645 2055 2465 2875 3285 3695 MAX

Total Food Needed

0 1640 4940 9880 16460 24680 34540 46040 59180 73960

Habitat: Shadow and Ice

How to obtain: Buy for 125/625 diamonds

Experience: 7680 EXP

Breeding/Hatching Time: 13 hours

1st hibernation (lvl. 4):  7 hours

2nd hibernation (lvl 7): 17 hours

Breeding formula:
[0] Shadow + Ice
[0] Blackice + Shadow/Ice (got it with “+ ice” on 1st try)
[0] Tundra + Shadow
[0] Aurora + Blackice
[0] Aurora + Brimstone
[0] Aurora + Embershade
[0] Leave Comment if you know more formulas

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177 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Breeding Guide Dimspike Status”

  1. Laralax says:

    Finally! Got one with Mythic Shadow and Elder Ice. Been trying for months!

  2. Sage63 says:

    Got one! Shadow and Tundra, both lvl 10…!

  3. Tiny Jake says:

    Mythic Shadow (5) and Tundra (10) 2nd try.

    • Irelynn says:

      Today I did a teen black ice with a teen ice and it got me 13 hrs I will say if I got one

  4. nightcookie (tiny Id knightcookie) says:

    After about 5 tries, got with black ice and ice

  5. noish says:

    First try with aurora lvl10 and blackice lvl10!finally after zillionth attempt

  6. Brody says:

    OMG Finally with Marine & Shadow! Yeej ;))

  7. xThat says:

    Frozenblaze (lvl10) + Sonar (lvl5) got me 13 hrs

  8. Barb says:

    Been trying to get this one off and on for a long time. All I ever get is blackice after blackice after blackice. I am pretty sick of blackice. I need a lucky combo :)

  9. ris11 says:

    zephyr + mythic shadow gave me blackice

  10. darkdisneyprincess says:

    Grimfreeze & mythic shadow

  11. TinyNice says:

    I got it with flurry (5) and eclipse (10) twice in a row.

  12. julia7601 says:

    I got dimspike with shadow and ice on the first try, but I’m level 28 and it says I cant unlock it until I’m level 32 or something. Does this mean I cant buy it until I’m level 32 but I still can breed it, or is it just a lucky glitch. (Even though I have it, I just want to know)

  13. tarvin890 says:

    I play on android and my game shows it can be bought for 625 diamonds. Why is it different for different devices if it’s still the same game? Thanks for all your help!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hi, the game has 2 hidden version small and large (you can’t choose which version you play). All new players are using the “large” price (most veteran players that using old device still get the small price, but it will be changed to large version when they switch into newer device). However all rewards (diamonds) for the large version area also 5 times larger than the small version.

  14. Eerie says:

    Just got one with Lvl. 10 Ice & Lvl. 10 Sonar.

  15. natla says:

    After almost 1 year playing this game I decided to give yet another shot to breed this monster. The one I just couldnt get. And yesterday I bred shadow and ice and today I see the dimspike egg al last! With the easiest fórmula!!! :D

    • Bloodrose says:

      Me too!!! :) When I am not trying for current limited monsters, I was trying for this ever since Becky’s quest. That was a while ago and finally with shadow and mythic ice. I am so happy!

    • sweetlil199 says:

      I also got it, using mythic shadow & mythic ice.

  16. Elyksir says:

    I tried soooo long to breed him, on ipad, without any sucess ……. At all……
    And yesterday finally got a mythic one with Phantom lvl 10 and Darkscale lvl 8
    Im soo happy and what a surprise cause i was trying to breed Etheral Brimstone !

    Everything come on time for those who wait i guess!

    Good luck to all for breeding and waiting !

  17. Scotter331 says:

    How do you get air from Blackice and Gift unreal makes no sence at all

  18. DivA-AnnA says:

    After months of trying, I FINALLY got it with Shadow and Frost, both Lv. 10!

  19. Michelle says:

    Got it second try with black ice and mythic ice!! Woohoo!

  20. Rachel (73192913) says:

    Aurora and Flicker. First try :) Good luck

  21. Roxas says:

    Will not work with blackice and ice/shadow. Tried many times, only results in ice or shadow.

    • Raine says:

      I tried this combination soooo many times as well. Wasted probably 100+ diamonds just speeding up the processes, to no avail. At one point I had one Blackice in the breeding den while 4 others were incubating. Was ridiculous.

  22. Daria says:

    Got it with Blackice + Ice! Second try :)

  23. Aeryk says:

    after trying all of the formulas listed above numerous times, I finally got the dimspike.

    freeze(l) + shadefin (r) 1st try

    on android

  24. MimiMonster says:

    I don’t believe it! I was just about to try two hybrids and hated the thought of air……so I tried black ice and gift and got 13 hours! It is a dimspike….this monster has been the absolute bane to me for the last 6 months…..on iPad if it matters!

    • Elyksir says:

      Oh thank u ! I guess it s a magic recipe. Im on ipad too and i cant get that monster. Just like u i tried sooo many times! When my breeding den is empty i will try that recipe!!

    • Bloodrose7 tiny I'd says:

      Me too! I’ve been trying so long I can’t even remember how long it’s been. I have been trying random combos lately just for the heck of it. I’m gonna try this formula cause I’m on iPad too.

    • DivaCup says:

      Was reading all of your dimspike posts bc my best friend is trying to breed the elusive dimspike. So far he has gotten 10 black ice and 4 air eggs and 3 shadow eggs and 2 elder earth eggs. He is going to try aurora and shadow next, I think. Grats to you for your persistence. Your texts gave me hope that we can get one, too, eventually.

  25. Bloodrose says:

    Do you think that the increased chances for rare monsters include Dimspike or does it only increase the ones pictured? This has been the most elusive little sucker for me!

  26. Elyksir says:

    Im desperate. Im on ipad and have been playing now for a while and still no dimspike! But a lot of blackice shadow and aquavil. Can somebody please give me a magic recipe?

  27. Tiny id: svein83 says:

    Got it on the first try with lvl 5 aquaveil and lvl 10 icefloe. Lucky :)

  28. TinyHoni says:

    Hi There, is this Ice + Shadow as it shows on the result chart with the eggs, or Shadow + Ice like it show here? Thank you

  29. Deminio says:

    I think I got it because I have 13 hours breeding , mixing aurora level 10 with mythic shadow 10 for the 6th time. Before I got 4 black ice and a shadow.

  30. Brandi says:

    On Android first try with 10-Ice and 5-Shadow

  31. Iniminimoshimo says:

    It costs 625 now.. Damned, I was hoping I could just buy it.
    I’ve also been trying for months, but it gets me nothing but Blackice.

  32. socialstupid says:

    Aaaaaaaah!!! I think I finally got it with mythic 10 ice and 10 lighthorn!! I have been trying FOREVER and don’t swear, but almost did over the literally fifty plus blackice!! I hope this worked!

  33. Shadow says:

    Aurora ( 5 ) + Mythic Shadow ( 5 ) = Dimspike 2nd try
    The 1st one was Black Ice :)

    • MimiMonster says:

      Black ice and more black ice no matter what combo I try or how many attempts on iPad

    • Cheryl J says:

      OMGoodnes, OMGoodness. I think I finally got a Dimspike. Thank you Shadow. I got it using mythic aurora (lv10) and shadow (lv5). It hasn’t hatched yet, but I think by the egg this is it.

  34. Kaylee says:

    Aurora and shadow first try

  35. kiskill says:

    I got it with shadefin and Ice :) good luck guys

  36. Shadow says:

    this is surely been the hardest monster to get . For crying out loud , i got a legendary and a frozenflame before the dimspike …

  37. MimiMonster says:

    You can tell I’m getting desperate when I start trying some crazy combos off other sites. Eeriewood and merry, eerie wood and shadow, gift and shadow, are all busts. I’ve used just about every mythic shadow monster I have with no luck. I’m up to 5 legendary that are all different and still no dimspike. This game really makes no sense.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Breeding is all about chance XD, I suggest you to try other monsters first.

      • MimiMonster says:

        The problem is I don’t know what else to try. Everyone says if you try a combo too many times and fail, then move on. I’ve tried all the combos listed at least five times including all the poster suggestions with nothing but black ice results. I started crazy combos since none of the logical ones are panning out. I can’t progress on this quest.

        • Bloodrose (Bloodrose7) says:

          I know what you mean! Me too! Im having the exact issue. This has gotten so frustrating, it’s comical now.

  38. whammytammy says:

    Try auroa and mythic shadow worked first time both 10lv. Took me a while

  39. Ania says:

    Thanks dvd… tried your combo and it worked after 3rd try! Wooooohooo can finally move on in the game!

  40. Ellen says:

    Still trying for this one

  41. Got it with teen frostbeam and adult shadow

    • Surfing says:

      Yet another black ice. I can’t believe that this has been the hardest monster for me in the whole game. Been trying on and off for months. I got legendary multiple times and still no dimspike. Even marine and memorial were easier.

      • Bloodrose says:

        Don’t agree with you on the memorial monsters because I never got them. I totally agree that thIs stinker of a monster is super hard!

      • Ania says:

        I agree! Me too…have been trying for months to get this one so i can complete the quest with no luck! :(

  42. dvd says:

    Tried many combos with no luck then got on 1st try with Iceflare and Shadow

    • MimiMonster says:

      Yet another black ice. Both my monsters were mythic but it still didn’t help. Must be up to 50 tries over the last few months.

  43. Danabfly says:

    Aurora and mythic shadow

  44. gigifst says:

    After i tried all combinations with hibrids i finally got it with the base…really?? Lol mithic ice+ shadow both teens…
    This game is really a surprise…

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