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Tiny Monsters Breeding Guide Elemental Legacy Monsters

Legacy Monsters

Important Things:

[0] You can obtain these monsters by leveling your legendary up to level 9 and then hibernate it on dream room
[0] You’ll get a random element, but you can change the element when the monsters have finished the hibernation process (it costs 5/25/ 125  diamonds; It’s random).
[0] Although they have fire, air, etc element, they only can live on special/any legacy habitat, so build a lot of special/legacy (elements don’t matter) habitat :D.
[0] You can breed Legacy + Legacy to get another legendary, so you don’t need to keep your legendary on legendary form.
[0] Haven’t got legendary ?? Visit this link and try the formula
[0] You can’t breed legacy/legendary monsters with other monsters beside legacy/legendary.
[0] Have other tips?? just leave them on the comment, and I will add them if it’s useful. :D. Thank you for other people who have contributed info below.

Sell Price:
Air (15600 Coins)
Earth (27000 Coins)
Dusk, Dawn & Electric (15600 Coins)
Fire (11400 Coins)
Ice (19200 Coins)
Light (12600 Coins)
Plant (16200 Coins)
Shadow (24600 Coins)
Water (16800 Coins)

Element Picture Hibernation Income level (min)
Air    22  74/77 (M)
(thx to Sheila)”Can live in habitat that have Ice element”
 Tiny Monsters Normal Dawn LegacyTiny Monsters Dawn Legacy Form Mythic  22 80/84
(thx to Chris)”Can live in electric/dusk habitat”
 Tiny Monsters Dusk Legacy FormTiny Monsters Dusk Legacy Mythic  22 80/84
Earth    22  46/48 (M)
Electric    22  80/84 (M)
Fire    22  110/115 (M)
Ice    22  50/52 (M)
Light    22  84/88 (M)
Plant    22 59/61
Shadow    22 53/ 55 (M)
Water    22 48/ 50 (M)

Tiny Monsters Breeding Guide Main Page

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566 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Breeding Guide Elemental Legacy Monsters”

  1. Tee says:

    Has this happened to anyone else>… Tap on Social option, scroll all the way down to Random Visit’s… Sometimes it’ll do just that, but other times it will say “person opted out of Social” (or something like that) but I will get a free monster that’s ready to hatch! Most of the time it says X hours, but there is those rare occasions it’ll be ready to hatch n I get it!!

  2. Jolly boy says:

    I have a legacy egg in the nursery ready for hatching but when I try the game crashes- any advice please?

  3. noble says:

    Got it with frost and frostember in this order first try

  4. rick says:

    I have just got a dawn monster but how does it become dawn legacy ???

  5. Saxony says:

    You know how the monsterpedia will have a space on top for the regular version of a monster, then underneath it, it will have a space for the mythic version of the monster? Well this is the case for the different versions of my legendary monsters…all of them except the shadow legacy. All that is there is the space for a regular shadow legacy. There is no space below for a mythic version. Is it just a glitch in my game or is it like this for anyone else? The regular, and mythic, shadow legacy is the only legacy version I am lacking. I’ve spent about 350 diamonds re-evolving it over and over (at 5 diamonds a try you can see that I’ve been trying for a very very long time). Is the shadow legacy version available all the time, or can you only get it at certain times? Am I missing something, or not doing something right? Any help or advice is greatly appreciated! Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you all have a beautiful day!!!

    • eaoates says:

      What about your Lightlegacy? I have the same thing for both light and shadow legacies. No space for a mythic version. I wouldn’t spend any more diamonds on it because who knows what’s going on with this game since the developers have abandoned it.

  6. Crandi321 says:

    If you add the dawn/dusk trees or orbs does it really raise your chances of breeding them? I put a whole bunch around my legendary habitat and I hatched 3 regular legendaries and a mythic one and a shadow all in a row. Could that be from the also?

  7. gardenersdaughter says:

    I just got my very first Legendary Monster. What do I breed to get a second one?

  8. Khadence says:

    I have all Legacy except Dawn and I’ve wasted over 300 diamonds trying to get it. Has anyone gotten any recently? Am I just really bad lucky?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      bad luck and it’s really hard to get 2 from those many forms.

      • Khadence says:

        Yea I figure noob. But I also realized I didn’t have the Dawn monster while trying for the Dawn legacy so that was prob the problem. Also I never got a light legacy and I’m wondering if it’s because I never raised my light monster to level 10. Do you think this affects me getting the light legacy? Just a guess. Got the Dawn now so I’m going to try for Dawn Legacy again…

      • fatriza says:

        In my first time i got legendary monsters i really happy and i feed him till lvl 9 and i tuckhkm… and u know what? Igot the dawn legecy in my first time get he legecy i thinks its a common monsters and not hard tk get tht but when i read all this comment i really 2 happy to knkw tht i got dawnlegecy in my first time evo legendary minsters

  9. Manaal says:

    Plant legacy 27 hrs
    Water 28 hrs
    Dawn 26 hrs
    Electric 26 hrs
    Shadow 41 hrs
    Earth 45 hrs
    Fire 19 hrs
    Ice 32 hrs
    These r all the legacy monters hibernation times i dont know dusk light n air

  10. samuel says:

    Finally got all legacy monsters plus the dawn and dusk legacies.

  11. Kitten says:

    Hi noob!! I would just like to point out (I am not sure if someone already has) that all the legacies have different hibernation times for their final form (ie. For my fire legacy it took 19 hours to evolve, water legacy took 28 hours, and my air legacy took 26 hours) maybe this could be a helpful tip??

  12. Loretta Doughty says:

    I just got to the Ghost festival quest where it says lets build the ghost festival grounds. I bought the festival grounds. Then I got to the last part of another quest and it said to build a legacy habitat. I only have 1 habitat I can buy, but there are 2 quests that says to build something. What is going on?

  13. Debstoy says:

    Noob I just evolved a mythic legendary and got a regular water legacy? Wouldn’t a mythic egg give me a mythic legacy? Is this a glitch? I have another mythic egg but now am Leary about evolving it. I am disappointed I didn’t get a mythic.

    Thanks for all your hard work. I really appreciate it. Even more so now since your site was down for a while. I really missed it.

  14. Yvonne says:

    Have all my legacy (not counting mythic) except Fire Legacy. My legendary is stuck in hibernation costing 5 diamonds a go. Me thinks there is a conspiracy against me getting this elusive monster.

    • SweetNSxy says:

      I have all the legendry’s except for light I have been trying for days been wasting all my diamonds trying to get this monster with NO luck why?? I also have NOT had any luck getting any mythic legendry’s how do I get them?? PLEASE HELP..

      • noobbgodlike says:

        It’s all about chance, nothing you can do about it. For mythic version, fill the mythic orb to the max and then breed 2 legendary together (still need to try multiple times).

  15. Loretta Doughty says:

    Thank you

  16. Loretta Doughty says:

    Can you breed 2 mythic legendary monsters and get a mythic legendary monster?

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